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How many woman would date a guy who has some autism and mental handicap but is very very very high functioning? Do girls want normal guys or would take a guy like this?

Just be honest thanks.
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Is it wrong to date a mentally handicapped young woman?

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Jerry dates a woman who cooks all her meals via the microwave; George wants to break up with a woman but doesn’t want to lose her handicapped parking privileges; Elaine begrudgingly watches GoT and likes it, but can’t discuss it because she told Puddy she hated watching it—with him.

Meanwhile, Kramer buys too much at Costco after getting a credit card there and tries to offload the merchandise to pay the credit card off with Newman’s connections at the Home Shopping Network.
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The top 10 most common benefits of NoFap

Experiencing the benefits of NoFap is the main reason why most of us are here, and I have read thousands of recovery stories on the website "Your Brain on Porn." So why not throw together a top 10 list of benefits to give everyone out there a little motivation. Keep in mind that these benefits appear at different stages for everyone, and some may have certain benefits while others experience different benefits.
  1. Sex becomes amazing again for some, while for others, sex becomes better than porn for the first time. If you are familiar with that feeling of excitement, pleasure, and anticipation that you get when you start typing in your favorite porn site. Then picture that happening just because a girl took off her shirt in front of you. That is how sex should be, not porn.
  2. Increased energy and testosterone levels. After just one week without fapping, your brain raises testosterone levels by up to 45%. This energy carries over into day to day life like the gym, work, school, hobbies, etc...
  3. Real libido. Not bullshit cravings for porn, fake girls, or unrealistic scenarios. This basically means that when you are with a girl, you will want to connect with her and have sex on a more intimate level, instead of just wanting to have a meaningless one-night stand with no regard for the girl afterwards. It also means that you start to desire real looking girls, with real personalities.
  4. Self-Confidence, or no longer second guessing everything you say or do around other people. This includes being able to defend your opinions in an debate/argument, feeling secure in being yourself around anyone, and a feeling like you can be part of something and provide equal value to it, such as a college group assignment or a career where you work with a team.
  5. Enjoyment from "the little things in life" returns. Your brain's reward system starts to become normal instead numb. People often experience a renewed interest in hobbies, social interactions, music, food, ETC... Nofappers often find themselves slowing down to enjoy things in life such as sunsets or just taking a dog for a walk.
  6. Self-Control (I like to see this one as a indirect benefit of NoFap). Going on a successful streak has a lot of major challenges along the way like intense cravings, flatlines, or feeling a void that porn once occupied. By overcoming this, we are building discipline and actually strengthening the prefrontal cortex in our brains. This part of our brain is responsible for saying no when a huge urge hits, or reminding you of the consequences of certain actions.
  7. NOT seeing beautiful women and immediately thinking about having sex with them. When most of the beautiful women that you see on a daily basis are on a screen having sex, then all you see in women is the potential for sex before actually getting to know them. This is called sexual conditioning. When you approach a woman with this mindset, then you have basically just handicapped yourself and any good chance of dating that woman or even becoming friends with her.
  8. Porn-Induced ED, Delayed Ejaculation, and Premature Ejaculation start fading away. Unless this has happened to you, imagine finally getting to have sex with an amazing girl, maybe even for the first time and then suddenly, you can't get "it" up. The aftermath of this is emotionally shattering for both people involved. The girl may think that she is unattractive or not good enough, and the guy feels worthless as a man for not being able to do the most basic part of human nature. After a successful reboot though, these problems fade away, and pleasing a woman will become easier.
  9. Mental Clarity or reduced brain fog. Most people report a massive increase in memory and cognitive function. For example, being able to articulate a story well, being able to stay focused during a conversation, improved critical thinking, and feeling like thoughts/ideas are processing quicker.
  10. From glass half empty to glass half full (my favorite). After a successful reboot, don't be surprised if you find yourself being more optimistic about everything. It's strange how often I read about how nofap has improved someone's perspective on themselves and the world around them.
EDIT. I'm adding 11. Women. Nofap makes you more attracted to real women, and it has ways of making them more attracted to you. But something else starts happening in the later stages of this process. A lot of guys report that they feel less needy and obsessed with sex or finding a SO. This is a win-win scenario imo cause it's a nice feeling when you "take the pussy off the pedestal" and girls are more attracted to guys that don't give off vibes that they are needy, or that their sole motives for interacting with girls are sex.
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The Bizarre NamUs Case of Los Angeles "Jane Doe #79" - [2011] A "Living Jane Doe" dies after spending 23yrs in & out of hospitals due to head trauma sustained in a possible attack??(I guess)

I was doing some research for a couple of cases I'm looking at and came across a bizarre case on NamUs while thumbing through some LA, Riverside, and Orange County unidentified persons cases.

NamUs #UP10011 - ME/C Case Number 2011-08342

It starts out normal. The victim is listed as a black female between 70-99yrs old found in Los Angeles, CA on October 12th, 2011. Her NamUs case was created on 3/15/2012, and it doesn't happen to have any pictures.
However, things quickly become strange before eventually devolving into non-sense.The rest of her report reads as follows:
  • Circumstances of Recovery: Decedent was "found down in an alley" on 1/8/1988 with head trauma and went to a hospital in Inglewood, CA at that time. Has been in and out of hospitals and convalescent homes since. Unable to establish ID.
  • Inventory of Remains: All parts recovered
  • Condition of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction
  • Hair Color: Gray or Partially Gray
  • Eye Colors: Unknown
I'd say at first glance, prior to the "Condition of Remains" section, her case isn't overly confusing or even overly bizarre. From what we know at the time, it's rather easy to infer that the "Body Found" field is being used to refer to her death date, and the head injury she sustained in 1988 left her unable to remember or provide anyone with her identity.
Moving forward: I don't even know what to make of her body being listed as "not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction"...that's uhhh...strange. Maybe it's a mistake...or the victim was beaten unrecognizable and for some reason, the person entering the case thought this was the best way to represent that??
The hair color makes sense. It just isn't particularly help since you can be partially gray at 70 or at 35. Regardless, I think it's fair to say 70-99 is probably not the age range for when she was attacked. At the very youngest she would've been 93 when she died if that was the case. But still, who's to say if she was gray/graying at the time of the attack. I've been graying since I was 14. And of course, because nothing can make sense, her eye color is unknown.
Figured I might as well try using Google and to see if I could find ANYTHING more about this woman. Found one thing. A 2011 article in the Los Angeles Times's Homicide Report section(aptly sub-headed "A Story For Every Victim"). It reads "Jane Doe #79, a 71-year-old black female, died Wednesday, Oct. 12, after sustaining blunt force trauma." Great story LA Times. Well, at least we know for certain now (probably) that this was a homicide (EDIT: given this death date matches the death date on her NamUs profile).
So now that we know what we already knew and know that there's apparently very little else out there about her online(at least that I can find)...what's next? Of course, the main questions are "who was she" and "who did this to her" but I have a slew of other questions.
  • What were her mental capabilities following the attack? Did she just lose her memory and have continual head trauma-related health issues or was she severely handicapped? Somewhere in between?
  • Who made this mess of an entry? Is this PURELY a result of laziness and/or mistakes when comes to entry? Did somehow no one bother to take a picture of her or document the color of her eyes over the course of 23? I don't really know how the information could've been lost between the time of her death and the time of the case entry, they're only 5 months apart.
  • Why wasn't she in NamUs prior to her death?
  • Why were there apparently no public attempts to identify her?
  • Does "Has been in and out of hospitals and convalescent homes since" mean she's exclusively been going back and forth between the two or did she actually spend some time back out in the world following her injury?
  • How did a person without identification manage to continually exist within the US healthcare system for 23yrs?
  • Once were there no public appeals to identify this woman during the 23yrs of her living life as a Jane Doe? How does "Homicide Victim, Remains Unidentified 23yrs After Attack, Dies" not get tons of media attention?
What are y'all's thoughts on this case? Did you live in Los Angeles during this time period and remember hearing about it? Anything I missed or have any answers to my questions?
Can you find anything else about this case?
**Update** Please see u/editorgrrl's comment below. She found the Jane Doe on the Doe Network as well as other valuable info
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I made a SUPER OFFICIAL List of every single Joker Punishment Seasons 1-8 for easy and quick reference!

Joe Murr Sal Q
Sucking a stranger's toe Putting woman's panties on head Holding dog poop for 20 seconds Art exhibit presentation
Yelling for toilet paper on toilet Social networking presentation Singing a song at baseball game Smelling people's breath
Belly dancer at nightclub Farting sounds in a cafe Motivational speech Picking nose at baseball game
Announcing shat pants in movie theater Promotional video for charity Reading excerpt from blank book Bad haircut (all jokers)
Bad haircut (all jokers) Bad haircut (all jokers) Bad haircut (all jokers) Teaching sex ed to parents
Strip high five (two jokers) Art sculptures presentation Digging for keys in elephant poop Emcee at fashion show
Face abused by crowd Strip high five (two jokers) Naughty sex noises in a cafe Miss and a swing (two jokers)
Opposite sex questions Polygraph exam at high school Psychic predictions for crowd Short film presentation
*Cliff waterfall jump (three jokers) Handicapped dodgeball Cage of cats seminar Science cloning presentation
Open for Imagine Dragons (two jokers) Human pinata *Miss and a swing (two jokers) Break-dancing at baseball game
Wearing outfits with dog Nude poses for art class Finding phone in garbage barge Video scavenger hunt
Failed escape artist Cliff waterfall jump (three jokers) Stress presentation/jokers in house Reading inappropriate book to class
Gymnastics Computer class seminar Cliff waterfall jump (three jokers) Dragged by horse at rodeo
Dancing for veterans Skydiving Open for Imagine Dragons (two jokers) Painful pregnancy simulation
Airport itinerary Pelted by snowballs on ski lift (two jokers) No apology gauntlet Wrestling in Peter Pan outfit
Quantum physics panelist Apartment trashed by other jokers Haunted corn maze Surprise tattoo (three jokers)
Transvestite tech seminar Wheel of piercing Best man speech/roast Publicly refusing marriage proposal
Biker gang interview/wedgie Toothless selfies Pelted by snowballs on ski lift (two jokers) Alligator wrestling
Sumo wrestling in baby costume Food seminar on novocaine Riding in rental car trunk Playwright class lessons
Belly flops at cannonball competition Surprise tattoo (three jokers) Boat tour guide/kayaking Hockey goalie slap shots (two jokers)
Captain Fat Belly tram ride Microphone controlled at concert opener Surprise tattoo (three jokers) Messy dining in Jeep with racecar driver
Walking tightrope (all jokers) Hazing by jokers during climate lecture Playground for seniors presentation Clown at birthday party
Stripteasing at park for strangers Oiled speedo interview with Danica McKellar Bingo tournament Walking tightrope (all jokers)
Staring at gymgoers "Damned" movie screening/interview Sister married to Murr without consent Auction house meltdown
Publicly announcing urination in pool Wheel of doom volunteer Elevator to hell Sheriff fails to protect western town
Shooting personal t-shirts to football crowd Master of ceremonies ship speech Hockey goalie slap shots (two jokers) Disagreeing with feminist panel
Dishonors dead musician's instruments Boxing ring girl costumes Talent show judge Mean little league parent
House gift-wrapped for birthday Tarred and feathered on park bench Bathroom of horrors Bullhorn and wheelchair controlled in the park
Fire academy training course (three jokers) Walking tightrope (all jokers) Peeing pants in escape room Warehouse of tarantulas
Parenting 101 on indoor playground Keeping concessions change at race track Ex-con presentation to seniors Embarrassing musical for firefighter audience
Marching band halftime show (two jokers) Bonfire of the blankie Walking tightrope (all jokers) Painting Xes on art students canvases
Genie ruins set pieces Fat suit race/sitting on side of helicopter Bog monster at boat tour Marching band halftime show (two jokers)
Stealing autographed baseballs Public double prostate exam Haunted house Speed dating while eating turkey legs
Charity funds presentation (two jokers) Hunted by jokers 5 miles in centaur costume Jump from helicopter into lake Playing a spider in barnyard show
Breaking tables with body Eyebrows shaved for new driver's license Cutting off sober customers at beer event Handcuffed to mime for 24 hours
Massaging mall-goers dressed as chair Pet cremation/divorce presentation Zoo animals presentation 3 Men & Your Baby pitch (three jokers)
Washing cars without permission Fire academy training course (three jokers) Homeland security meeting/shutdown Presenting "Dover Sucks" town mural
100 push-ups during MLB broadcast Strapped as motorcyclists jump overhead Annoying ringtone during book readings Jeep Wrangler destroyed by M18 Hellcat
Fashion show with audience's jackets Taken in car on boat, dressed as lady liberty Delivering a baby cow Collects entrance fees for free concert
Finding/eating 5 eggs during meeting Playing Dracula in a gospel choir Virtual reality room hell Cold calling ring sale in hot room (two jokers)
Body lotioned up by IJ fan Taking cigarettes from smokers Patience tested by challenge screw-ups Sniffing soiled diapers on playground
Awkward parent focus group answers Swimming with sharks Fire academy training course (three jokers) Eating donations at volunteer center
Painted as rock wall/speech to students 3 Men & Your Baby pitch (three jokers) Hoisted into air with harness/swung into cake Cracking eggs on head/turtle presentation
Wearing Q's hair as wig and new passport pic Water aerobics photographer Stuck in zoo den with camel for a day
Showing his father embarrassing iphone pics Warehouse of cats Ruining Tino Martinez autographs and photos
Wrestling female Judo Olympian at party Rubbing people's feet with mayo Rudely telling moviegoers to get out of his seat
Riding shotgun in fighter aircraft Life predicted by psychic Jesse Bravo Ruining contestants cakes
Run a mile in huge shoes/doused with water Unfunny stand-up at business conference Annoying/following guy at networking event
Cowboy strip show on histamines 3 Men & Your Baby pitch (three jokers) Pulling emergency brake/stopping tour
Wig hunting restaurant customers Drinks breast milk and walks plank as pirate Vowelless name insults
Bizarre speech at Yonkers City Hall Shushing people in food court Leaving notes on cars/syphoning gas
Interrupting tumblr meeting like a boss Zombie attack and niece rescue in sewer
Trivia questions against young student Charity funds presentation (two jokers)
Roller derby and humiliating emails Indecent proposals in dance class
Segway crushed by Monster Jam (two jokers) Cold calling ring sale in hot room (two jokers)
Shutting people's personal computers Networking event with one business card
Insulting gymgoers tattoos Lifeguard ruins bullies summer
Worst cameraman for Yanni concert Catching chickens with his father in room
Speech while sucking gas Messing up golfing games
Refusing carnivalgoers their prizes Trying to pants heavyweight champion
Parking lot exit gate attendee Feeding grizzlies chicken through cage
Sitting in kicking drum/covered in goo Pinball crushed by Monster Jam (two jokers)
Electric slide in spa with naked obese men Criticizing customers for low lunch tips
Bouncer denies reserved tables
Psychological torture by other jokers
Acapella leader urinates on leg
Drive-thru speaker insults
Clumsy waiter with alcohol glasses
* Indicates that joker avoided punishment (Joe did not jump off waterfall cliff, Sal did not get hit repeatedly with a plastic bat)
Total Punishment Count:
225 (-2) = 223
Individual Punishment Count:
Joe = 43 (-1) = 42
Murr = 63
Sal = 68 (-1) = 67
Q = 51
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After stumbling onto a bizarre article in the newspaper archives, I’ve went down quite the rabbit hole and wanted to share my findings with y’all. Here is my in-depth write up about Ted Carr, a serial killer that very few people know about.

On April 20th 1977, around 4:30 A.M., 65-year-old Harriet Carr, who lived at 940 North Olney Street in Indianapolis, Indiana, noticed her garage door was slightly ajar and went to investigate. She entered the garage to find her husband, 62-year-old Melvin “Ted” Carr, dead of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Harriet rushed inside to turn off the still running car, only to discover her husband wasn’t the only one in the garage. In the open trunk of Teds car, Harriet saw three bodies; a woman, a teenage girl, and a very young boy. As Harriet ran screaming from the garage, neighbors called police.
The three bodies found in Teds trunk were identified as 24-year-old Karen Nills, her 2-year-old son Robert, and a 17-year-old girl named Sandra Harris. All three were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning, and it was determined that both Karen and Sandra had been sexually assaulted.
Police located a loaded .25 caliber revolver in Teds pocket, and noted Ted was carrying a handkerchief. A vacuum cleaner hose was found leading from the cars tailpipe towards the trunk of the car.
The evidence painted a picture of what had happened.
Ted had abducted the three victims, sexually assaulted the two women, then ordered them into the trunk at gunpoint. He then proceeded to drive his car into the garage, inserted one end of the hose into the tailpipe and the other into the trunk. He closed and locked the trunk and left his victims to die.
Deep scratch marks located on the inside of the trunk told investigators that the two women had fought ferociously in an attempt to escape, breaking their fingernails in the process. Unfortunately their escape attempt was unsuccessful.
When Ted went to confirm his victims were dead, he used the handkerchief to cover his face and opened the trunk. But Teds makeshift mask proved to be no match for the large amount of toxic gas that had filled the trunk and garage, and in a bizarre twist of fate, he succumbed to the fumes himself.
After an autopsy it was concluded that Ted had undiagnosed heart issues that may have made him more susceptible to the fumes.
So who was Ted Carr?
Melvin “Ted” Carr was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1915. In his youth, he was said to be a quiet but good student who made good grades and he rarely got in trouble. Ted spent his summers following his grandpa and dad to work. Over time, he became a very skilled craftsman. But as Ted got older, and after his parents divorced, his personality changed drastically.
According to people who knew Ted, he was “easy on the eyes” and always had a girlfriend, or two. But Ted also had a temper, especially with women.
Teds dad moved to Indiana and bought a small service station, while Teds mom remained in Ohio. Ted stayed with his mother and sister, Virginia, for a short while, but soon got an apartment of his own and a job working as a part time carpenter and painter.
At some point between 1933 and 1942, Ted was married for the first time, but I could find absolutely no information about his first wife.
In 1942 Ted joined the military. While stationed in Virginia he married a woman named Benny French. I couldn’t find any information about their marriage either, other than it didn’t last long. By 1943 the couple was divorced. I did, however, learn that Benny died at age 73 in California.
In 1943 Ted was discharged from the military and returned home to Ohio. He once again used newspaper advertisements to get work as a craftsman. In the same year, Ted was married to his third wife, Harriet, in Ohio.
Harriet was a graduate of Ohio State University. She was a school teacher and also gave private music lessons. She met Ted through a mutual friend, and after only dating for a few months, they were married.
In early 1945 Ted found himself in trouble with the law. A woman named Clara Esser hired Ted to build her a house, but after giving him almost 3,000 dollars and seeing nothing being built, she had him arrested.
In December of 1946 Ted was bound over to a grand jury, and in January of 1947 he was indicted on charges of receiving property under false pretenses. Ted waived his trial by jury and instead his case was presented in front of a judge on May 7th 1947. During the trial it was learned that Ted was on the FBI radar for some time. It was shown that he had been arrested several times for stealing vehicles, carrying concealed weapons, and writing bad checks as far away as San Fransisco.
Finally in June Ted was found guilty. It’s normally customary for the guilty person to remain incarcerated while a full investigation is being conducted, but the judge granted Ted a 2000 dollar bond, and while the investigation continued, Ted was a free man.
Three days after he was found guilty, Ted filed a motion for a new trial. It would take 8 months for a judge to deny his request.
During those eight months, Ted traveled quite extensively, leaving his wife Harriet to care for their home in Ohio. He was known to have traveled to Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nebraska.
In October of 1947 Ted was arrested in Kimball, Nebraska after he kidnapped two hitchhikers, a husband and wife named Robert and Betty Carney.
Betty and Robert were hitchhiking in an attempt to get out west. They told police after picking up the pair in Illinois, in a brand new Cadillac that was pulling a trailer, Ted asked them if they would be interested in working for him at a hunting lodge he claimed to own in Idaho. He also told them his name was John Marshall, the same name he used to write bad checks in California years before.
After agreeing to work for him, the couple said things went fine for a few days. Ted bought them food, gave them blankets to sleep with, and chatted with them the entire ride, even telling a joke or two.
Then on the third morning, as they reached a secluded road in Kimball, Nebraska, Teds attitude changed. He suddenly became extremely angry for no reason, and pulled a gun from under his seat. He stopped the vehicle along a secluded road and ordered the couple from the car at gunpoint.
He then proceeded to handcuff Robert to the trailer hitch and violently rape Betty. He struck both Robert and Betty in the face multiple times with the gun, leaving them bleeding and bruised.
Eventually Ted let the couple go and drove away.
The couple flagged down a passing motorist who took them to the police station. The couple explained what happened, and a short time later Ted was arrested for rape and kidnapping.
Believe it or not, Ted was once again granted a bond. He fled the state and headed back home to Ohio.
Finally in February of 1948, the Ohio judge denied Teds request for a new trial. But on the day of his sentencing, Ted requested a continuance for later in February and again for March. The judge agreed. During that month Ted fled Ohio with Harriet and the pair headed for Indiana.
In March of 1948 the Ohio judge who had granted Ted the bond and continuances, decided to seek money from a man named Jack Abrams who had signed Teds 2000 dollar bond. After the state had spent a considerable amount of time and money working on the case against Ted, Jack was charged only 65 dollars, and a warrant was issued for Ted.
After settling down in Indiana, Ted continued to find work as a carpenter and also worked for his dad at his service station. While working at the gas station he met a woman named Lois Williams, who along with her daughter, would later go missing, never to be found.
In February of 1967 it was discovered that Lois Williams, a 35-year-old divorcée, and her 17 year old daughter Karen, had gone missing. Lois’ father had last heard from his daughter and granddaughter in January.
He called police to preform a welfare check. Police noted that Lois’ house was spotless, and nothing appeared to have been taken, not even Lois or Karen’s winter coat, despite the freezing temperatures outside. A missing/endangered persons report was issued.
By the time Lois went missing, she knew Ted Carr well. Ted had met her while working at his dads service station where Lois would frequently take her car for repairs. It was rumored that both Lois and her daughter Karen had a sexual relationship with Ted, though the relationship with Karen was never confirmed.
On the evening Lois was last seen, a neighbor and co-worker of Teds, named Calvin Campbell, witnessed Lois and Karen leave the gas station in Teds car. Hours later, he returned alone and angry, telling the coworker he was mad at Lois who he claimed had went into a bar and refused to come out.
Ted ordered Calvin to close the shop and he did so. The following morning as Calvin was readying for work, Teds dad came across the street yelling that Ted had been beaten up and robbed. Calvin found Ted on the ground, seemingly dazed, incoherent, and bloody. Ted told Calvin a story of how someone had mugged him outside of the service station, but insisted Calvin not call police.
Calvin went inside to check if anything had been stolen from the business. Nothing was missing, but Teds car, the same one he was driving the night before, was on a lift. It had been cleaned with a pressure washer inside and out, with particular focus on the trunk.
Calvin quit his job at the service station after that. Calvins wife, Maurine, believes she was almost a victim of Teds as well. She said one night Ted informed her he was going to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. Later that night, and while Calvin was working his new night job as a janitor, Ted called her from “the hospital.” He requested she check to see if he had left the garage door open, claiming he was worried he may had left it open and feared for the safety of his tools inside.
Maurine and Calvin had been informed of Teds past and the suspicions that surrounded him by police, so she decided not to go.
It was later discovered that Ted had been at the hospital that evening, but a nurse discovered he had vanished from his room, never bothering to check out, hours before the phone call to Maurine was made. Another neighbor reported seeing his car parked a block away that evening.
Maurine thinks Ted used the landline he had in his garage to call her and believes it was Teds failed attempt at kidnapping her.
Like Maurine, Teds other neighbors found him to be “weird.” They claimed he would often tinker in his garage or do yard work late into the night. One neighbor even claimed he built an entire privacy fence in a single night. They also said they rarely ever saw Harriet, but they would occasionally hear her talking to Ted, who would never respond to her.
Early into the disappearance of Lois and Karen, Police searched Teds garage and found personal papers belonging to Lois in a suitcase, Lois’ watch was also discovered in the garage of the gas station, but no other evidence was discovered and police didn’t believe they had enough to charge Ted with the crime.
In early 1971, Ted was convicted of swindling an elderly blind woman out of her life savings. After giving Ted her power of attorney, he left the handicapped 81-year-old widow with only 30 dollars in her savings account.
Shortly after, he was suspected of forcing a 10 year old girl to commit “an abnormal sex act” under the threat of being raped. He was never charged for this crime.
Later that same year, Ted received five years in jail after he took a 14-year-old girl named Joyce Kinley to Mexico for “immoral” purposes.
Ted had opened a store selling “specialty pottery and ceramics from Mexico.” Teds landlord, a man named Roy Henley, who was also the Kinleys landlord, made the suggestion that Ted take Joyce with him on a trip to Mexico to employ her as his assistant. Her mother, Maurine, agreed and the two spent three weeks in Mexico.
Joyce called her mother daily, telling her Ted was mistreating her, but said he hadn’t attempted to have sex with her. Upon their return, Maurine and Roy demanded Ted give them 500 dollars for them to not report what had happened. Ted agreed and gave them the money.
Shortly after, Maurine signed over her rights of Joyce to Ted, with the promise that Ted would pay for her schooling. It was also suggested by Roy that Ted marry Joyce in Mexico, to prevent any further issues.
Maurine agreed and accompanied Joyce and Ted to Mexico where the ceremony was performed.
Upon their return to the US, Ted was stopped at the border in Texas and questioned about the young girl. He was later arrested and sent back to Indiana where he received his sentence of five years.
Maurine would later testify she had lied about Teds abuse towards Joyce, and was merely in cahoots with Roy to extort money from Ted.
Neither Roy nor Maurine was arrested or charged with any crimes.
While Ted was in prison for the crime, correctional officers discovered several hand drawn maps of the interior of both the elderly woman and the 14-year-old girls homes. The maps also included Teds plans to kill them. He was also reported to put out two “hits” on a detective and an FBI agent.
Ted was released after serving only three of his five year sentence.
After the bodies were discovered in Teds garage, the investigation into Lois and Karen’s disappearance resumed. After a bit of a battle with Teds widow Harriet, police began excavating his yard and his basement and garage floor, where fresh patches of cement were found.
Unfortunately investigators were unable to locate Lois or Karen’s remains. Bones discovered in the backyard turned out to be animal bones, and the investigation stopped.
Some investigators believe they were not allowed an adequate amount of time to fully search the property. Ted was well known as an excellent craftsman, and had completely remodeled his basement shortly after Lois and Karen had disappeared.
Some investigators believe the pairs remains are still inside of the house somewhere, perhaps in a wall.
Lois’ father had believed for quite some time that Ted was responsible for their disappearance. He wrote to Ted while Ted was incarcerated. In the letter he said:
I never did trust you. Those poor girls never did harm to a soul on earth. The suffering for them has passed. They are in Gods heaven. But what about you, Ted Carr? Have you thought about your own death and what lies beyond? I can’t imagine what your punishment will be, can you?
Unfortunately he passed away without ever getting any real closure, as Lois and Karen’s remains have never been found.
The house at 940 North Olney still stands today. I’ve included pictures of it from google street views.
After Teds death, more crimes he had committed came to light.
A 19-year-old woman who had worked for Ted for a short time, told investigators her life had been threatened by him only two weeks prior to Teds death. She said while on a trip to purchase auto parts for Ted, the car she was driving, that belonged to Ted, hit a patch of ice and she wrecked. She sustained minor injuries and was treated at a nearby hospital.
The woman asked Ted to pay her medical bills as she had been injured on the job. According to the woman, Ted told her he would only pay the bills in exchange for sexual favors. When she denied his request, he became violent, and threatened her by saying, ”If you ever go to the police or tell your attorney, I’ll make sure you never speak again.”
She was only the first person to come forward with claims about Ted. Soon after, more victims emerged with much more horrific stories involving Ted.
A 7-year-old girl identified Ted from his picture in the newspaper as the man who had sodomized her in a park in 1975. He had enticed her into his car and took her to a nearby alley where he sexually assaulted her. He then let her go on the other side of town, where she was found by police.
Three girls from Indiana also named Ted as the man who abducted them from Indianapolis in 1975. The girls were walking to an amusement park on the far side of Indianapolis when they said a man forced them into his car at gunpoint and then took them to a secluded field next to some woods.
The man then cut the throats of the two older girls, ages 13 and 14, and raped the youngest girl, age 11, before stabbing her 15 times in the chest. He left the three for dead in the cornfield and drove away.
The two older girls managed to crawl through the field to the edge of a road where they were spotted by a passing motorist who got help. All three of the girls miraculously survived the attack.
While more victims of Teds came to light, so did an accomplice.
A 20-year-old carnival worker named Charles Crouch from Beech Grove, Indiana was arrested on conspiracy charges after he admitted to investigators that he had attempted to kidnap the three victims that were found in Teds trunk, Karen, Robert, and Sandra.
Charles told police Ted had picked him up while he was hitchhiking in Indianapolis. Ted then offered him money if he would drive Karen and Robert to the Texas/Mexico border where he said he would meet them. Charles agreed, but later Ted told him Karen wouldn’t go willingly, so it was time for a new plan.
Charles said after that the pair attempted to recruit others to stage a break-in at the Nills house with the offer of guns of money. Ted wanted Karen and her son Robert to be tied up, and the house robbed. He also quoted Ted as saying after the job was done, he wanted the robbers ”to leave the apartment and never look back.” However, they were unsuccessful in their attempts to hire someone.
Detectives theorized Ted was planning on entering the apartment after the staged robbery occurred, and killing the three people inside.
Charles said that on the night of April 18th, Ted picked Karen, Robert, and Sandra, up from Karen’s apartment. He said they all arrived at Teds house at 10 P.M. and went into the garage. Charles said they “hung out” and sniffed glue from a paper sack.
Charles said when he left around midnight, Karen was still huffing glue, while Robert slept in the front seat of Teds car, and Sandra was sleeping in the backseat.
When Charles left Teds garage, Ted requested he take a different vehicle of Teds to a tavern and leave it parked there. Charles drove the car to the tavern as instructed and left on foot. The car was found three days after Ted died.
Charles said on the day of the killings he left for Richmond, where he worked as a maintenance man for a different carnival. Upon his return to the carnival in Indiana, a police informant called investigators and told them Charles was back. He was then arrested.
Charles bond was set for 20,000 dollars and he was given a court date. On the day of his sentencing, his charges were dropped from conspiracy to commit murder, to conspiracy to commit a felony. I could find no record of what his sentence ultimately was.
Charles wasn’t the only one police questioned. A short time after Teds death, police brought in one of their own.
Francis Wright, then 45, was a former Marion County Sheriffs Deputy. He was promised immunity in exchange for his testimony regarding Lois Williams disappearance.
Another former deputy claimed that Francis had told him he attempted to borrow money from Ted shortly after Lois Williams and her daughter had disappeared. The other deputy advised him against it.
Francis said while he was “friendly” with Ted, he denied ever asking him for money. He also said he had never seen Lois Williams or her daughter, and knew nothing about their disappearance or if Ted was involved.
Who knows how many more people fell victim to Ted. I highly doubt these crimes were the only ones he was responsible for, they were merely the ones that the newspapers reported. I’ve submitted requests to the Marion County Clerks Office and the Veterans Office for Teds records, in the hopes I’ll learn more. Unfortunately, they told me my request could take up to 6 months, so until then this is all of the information I could find.
Here are two Imgur albums of articles I clipped about Ted.
Album 1
Album 2
Court Transcripts
Teds Obituary
Harriets Obituary
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Has anyone here succeeded in not caring about sex anymore?

To be honest I don't think I would enjoy dating at this point. I have an idealized girlfriend in my mind which would make me enjoy dating, but there's no woman like her in real life. That makes me not miss dating all that much, even though I still miss the validation you get from it.
However, I am still sexually frustrated. And I can't see that changing. Has anyone here had luck in not missing sex? And if not, have you at least find a way to cope with it?
I think I'll forever be depressed, regardless if I'm sexually frustrated or not. I will still feel like I'm handicapped. I will still feel inadequate. I will still feel humiliated. None of that will go away. But if I stoped caring about sex, maybe it wouldn't be so torturous. Maybe I could find the other joys in life people talk about.
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Utah's Mormonism is The Deep State

TL;DR - A Colonial Military Cult Disguised As a Religion Saved the Failed USA Then Nepotistically Grew To Become The Modern USA's $100 Billion Dollar Regime: 42 Facts.

  1. After the 8 year long revolutionary war ended in 1783, the "United States of America" still faltered countless times in the coming decades. Easterly landlocked colonial territories outlined on paper as "States" could not come together as "One Nation". Different military's, militias, brotherhoods, factions, factions within factions, slavery and counterfeit money bred constant chaos. For many periods over those following decades attacks from Great Britain, Spain, France, Mexico and the warring Indian tribes they supplied meant the easterly landlocked territories were doomed to be conquered by one nation or another. (Even Russia had a trade presence on the west coast) Year in and year out, every day and every night, every primitive, easterly landlocked, colonial territory's survival was threatened. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
  2. The Nation needed to expand West to save Freedom but the unorganized military was spread too thin. Some settlers made progress with peaceful Native American tribes yet wagon trains of settlers who dared to venture West were still violently slaughtered by warring Indian tribes. Young, old, no one was spared. Stories of the violent massacres kept many settlers held up in the landlocked territories. Other's fled back to England. Still others came. (1) (2)
  3. The guiding hand of a centuries old Scottish Brotherhood can be seen throughout the USA's founding decades. Known founding fathers George Washington (1732-1799), Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Paul Revere (1735-1818), John Hancock (1736-1793) and others were members of the Brotherhood's different factions within factions spread across the territories. Hidden history reveals so much more about these founding fathers than many know. For example, George Washington still owned 300 slaves upon his death. Paul Revere was a master of metals and an entrepreneur and his clients included the US Government (1) (2). Dynamic Oligarch, Governor, Inventor and swimmer Benjamin Franklin (1) (2) might one day go down in history as a colonial version of Bruce Wayne/Batman. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5))
  4. Faraway on the other side of the globe, during the same time the revolutionary war was going on, England's Captain James Cook, a global explorer and close associate of the Brotherhood, led the discovery of what would become Hawaii. He saw firsthand how polygamy could grow a nation quickly. Word of the native island people and their bounty of ancestral legends, ocean going stories and treasure traveled around the globe and throughout the Brotherhood's ranks on both sides of the Atlantic. Among the native's Cook and his crew were first revered as immortals but about a year later Cook was attacked and killed as an imposter. This did not phase other explorers and visitors. Travel by ship to the islands became so familiar during colonial times that when conquering Hawaiian King Kamehameha passed away his drunken son LihoLiho, who carried the King's title in name only, traded away a substantial portion of the island's treasures for a yacht built by a Salem, Massachusetts family prominent in seafaring, politics and the military (Crowninshield). After the yacht reached the islands in 1820 it was extensively and expensively remodeled under LihoLiho's orders. It suspiciously sank in a Kauai bay less than two years later and LihoLiho suspiciously died on a peculiar, ill fated trip to Great Britain in 1824. (1) (2) (3)
  5. In the failing US Territories of the late 1700's and early 1800's, patriotic leaders prayed and planned and searched for ways to save the failed Nation. Guidance was sought. Plans were constantly suggested and evaluated. Different members of the Brotherhood secretly suggested laying the foundation for a massive religious following built by polygamy to successfully pave the way West so the failed Nation could expand and be saved.
  6. During this critical time, at least 14 stories of different people having similar "religious" experiences popped up around the territories. None of them created a great following. (1)
  7. During the 34 years spanning 1787-1821, the US's first 24 easterly landlocked states were formed on paper. However, 61% of these states were formed during the first 16 years of that period. For the last 18 years of that period, the pace of forming states had come to a violent halt with only 7 being formed. The chaotic territory known on paper as the "USA" was on the doorstep of imminent failure and what would become a quarter century blight where only two more states would be formed on paper. (1821-1845) (1)
  8. That 1821-1845 time period coincidentally also covers 99.9% of the time that the published, foundational beginnings of "Mormonism" occurred. 1820 is the published year of Joseph Smith's First Vision. 1847 is the published year Brigham Young strategically ordered his west coast bound following to suddenly stop in Mexico Territory at an enormous salt filled lake smack dab in the center of the American continent's untamed West. Even though it was in Mexico Territory at the time, the location of this Great Salt Lake was perfectly centralized in the continent's West and could serve as the doorstep to how the West could be won. Over the next 20 years after Brigham Young's arrival an estimated 60,000-70,000 faithful pioneers would follow. Many were followers of Mormonism. Many practiced polygamy. Many would be sent in all direction of the West to faithfully colonize strategic territories and pave the way for the Nation's armies (1).
  9. For nearly 195 years, Mormonism has surreptitiously weaved historical claims about a man named "Martin Harris" (1783-1875). Mormonism claims Harris was a humble farmer who's greedy wife left him after he mortgaged their family farm to faithfully pay today's equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the first publishing of the boy Joseph Smith's "The Book of Mormon" and that shortly after that economic failure and other critical founding roles Harris lost faith in Mormonism but later rejoined Mormonism in Utah at the very end of his 92 year long life. (1)) (2) Hidden history reveals that these claims about Harris ARE EXACTLY HOW HE WANTED IT. The purveyors of Mormonism go to great lengths to perpetuate these myths about Harris even today. If you don't accept the boy "Joseph Smith" as a child prophet who grew into a man prophet, Harris' purveyors of Mormonism want you to hate Joseph Smith as an impossible genius-con artist-pedophile so you fail to see the truth of who Harris really was and what Harris really did.
  10. "History is written by the victor" and the past two centuries demonstrate that Harris definitely was the victor. This is because in reality Harris' "greedy wife" "Lucy" was actually his child cousin. Yes she was a child. Yes she was his first cousin. She was 15 and he was 25 when he forced her to marry him. Yet within Mormonism story after story leaves this critical detail out. Additionally for one reason or another Lucy became partially deaf over the next 20 years. There is also at least one report that in addition to sexually abusing this child Harris also physically abused her. This is an indication of Harris' proclivity to control children. Harris eventually fathered 6 children) through Lucy's nubile womb. 28 years later and after being physically separated from Harris for years, Lucy suspiciously died at the age of 42. Weeks later then 52 year old Harris married 21 year old Caroline Young. A niece of Brigham Young. He fathered 7 children through here nubile womb.
  11. Like the Crowninshield's and other influential families throughout critical parts of the chaotic New England territories, The Harris family was also wealthy, well connected and zealously patriotic. With his father Nathan Harris, and his brothers (Emer and Preserved) Martin controlled hundreds of productive acres in the Palmyra, New York region with complex operations producing a river of revenue from livestock and linen. Martin Harris' father Nathan Harris and mother Rhoda Lapham Harris originally moved the Harris family to the Palmyra, New York area in 1796, 20 years before the poverty stricken Smith's would arrive practically on Harris' doorstep. (1) (For the Sum of $3000 By Susan Easton Black)
  12. The white linen Martin produced was so exceptional that he won several awards for it. Since Mormonism's beginning days, the wearing of multiple layers of white clothing has been expected of followers. For decades manufacturing this clothing and selling it to followers has been a secret, multi-million dollar industry for Mormonism. The white clothing includes under garments for daily wear by males and females as well as outer garments for wear in private ceremonies. (For the Sum of $3000 By Susan Easton Black)
  13. Harris was a zealous patriot. At 29 years old, four years after forcing his child cousin to marry him, he began regularly leaving his life of power, wealth and marriage as a "Harris" to regularly fight during the 3 years of "The War of 1812". ( "The War of 1812" was actually "The War of 1812-1815".) Harris was recognized as a leader and an honored war veteran at war's end. As an honored war veteran, is it safe to suggest that he became familiar with killing in the name of patriotism as wars require of brave men and women (1) ?
  14. Harris was a convincing story teller. He once got people to donate money for what he claimed would be used to support the Christian Greeks fighting the Turks. He also claimed Jesus appeared to him in the form of a deer and walked with him for a couple miles. He also claimed an incident regarding a flickering candle was the work of the devil. (1) (2))
  15. After the War of 1812, the well respected, wealthy, influential, honored, 33 year old Martin Harris was nominated to be "Road Overseer" in the Palmyra region. A position he controlled for the next 7 years. This included the 7 years it took to finally construct New England's Eerie Canal.
  16. The dynamic Harris was an influential supporter of the Eerie Canal and it's possible route. Harris made sure the route passed by he and his father's lands. This would expand their river of cash and operations to the eastern territories in exponential ways. This river of cash would be used by many to finance business and patriotic endeavors in the failed Nation. (1) Prior to the Eerie Canal "New York" was way down on the list of in-demand territorial ports. Historical economist's acknowledge that the Eerie Canal made New York the leading port and global economic powerhouse that it has been for nearly two centuries.
  17. The boy Joseph Smith Jr. was born December 23, 1805. The poverty stricken Smith family relocated 8 times in the chaotic New England area during Joseph's Smith Jr.'s first 10 years. If they were in Europe they may have been referred to as "gypsys". With Great Britain's latest attack and eventual retreat underway after the War of 1812, the Smith family with it's many sons of working age moved to Palmyra in 1816 in search of work on the controversial, to be built "Eerie Canal". (To this day, published Mormon history acts as if the Eerie Canal doesn't exist.)
  18. During these colonial decades, almost 1 in 5 children did not survive their first year. The Smith family was no exception. Although some children are not listed here in 1816 the living and to-be-born members of Smith family included Joseph Smith Sr. (father, 45, d. 1840), Lucy Mack Smith (Mother, 41, d. 1856), Alvin Smith (son, 18, d. 1823), Hyrum Smith (son, 16, d. 1844), Sophronia (daughter, 13, d. 1876), Joseph Smith Jr. (son, 10, d. 1844), Samuel Smith (son, 8 d. 1844), William Smith (son, 5, d. 1894), Katherine Smith (daughter, 3, d. 1900), Don Carlos (son, newborn, d. 1841). Lucy Smith would be born 5 years later, d. 1882). Shortly after arriving in the Palmyra region, the poverty stricken, uneducated Smith family took over a primitive cabin less than 1 mile from Harris's lands that bordered the future route of Eerie Canal. This was the Smith family's 8th move in Joseph Smith Jr.'s 10 years. After moving so many times, they absolutely moved here to gain work on the Eerie Canal. This move would be the families last. Mother Lucy Smith would bury all but one Smith male during the first 25 years of Mormonism's beginnings. (1)
  19. Harris was 22 years older than Joseph Smith. As a well known, wealthy local and "Road Overseer" who regularly hired local boys and men to work on his own lands, Harris met the Smith family with it's many sons around 1816 when Smith's moved to Palmyra. Harris did not live within 1 mile of the Smith family for 8 or 10 years before meeting them as Mormon history weaves. Harris likely learned of the arrival of the Smith family within days of their arrival to Palmyra through longtime Palmyra residents including the resident who owned the tiny primitive cabin the large Smith family moved into. (For the Sum of $3000 By Susan Easton Black, map, page 6)
  20. Within published Mormonism there are also conflicting accounts spanning three violent chaotic colonial years when Martin Harris met "Joseph Smith". Some accounts claim it was 1824, some claim it was 1827. This would have been when Joseph Smith was 18...or 21. Another ignored, critical discrepancy. (1) (2)
  21. In the early 1800, as years of chaotic uncertainty unfolded, for one reason or another Harris appropriated the Brotherhood's patriotic goals for the Nation for himself. Among other things he knew of the other religious experiences told by others around the territories. (Harris would eventually become related by marriage to one of the story tellers). Harris saw that a young mans voice was needed for a following to catch on. For that, the powerful Harris chose a young many to be a voice of his own. This voice was that of 18 year old Alvin Smith). However, as Harris laid the ground work for his patriotic cause over the next 4 years, headstrong Alvin resisted. Because Hyrum was also older than 18 after those 4 years and like Alvin would have been privy to some of the Brotherhood's publishing's and ceremonies that Harris borrowed (or stole) from, Harris skipped choosing Hyrum as a potential "voice" and chose Joseph, the dynamic, naïve, uneducated, friendly, 14 year old boy who walked with a limp. This is now the year 1820 and is when the boy Joseph's published stories begin. 4 years later though, Alvin was engaged to be married and saw potential for the Smith's without their dependence on the Harris' for work. He began to interfere with the powerful Harris' grooming and temptations of the impressionable Joseph. With the fate of the Nation at stake and no more time to find another voice amid Joseph's waiverings growing ever more critical as he too approached the age of 18, the wealthy, zealous, altruistic, powerful, patriotic Harris ordered Alvin's murder . It was just four and a half weeks before Joseph's 18th birthday. After Alvin's death, Harris used threats towards other Smith family members to ensure Joseph would not waiver. Fearing for the rest of his family and now 3 year old little Lucy, and with no "911" to call and no one else to come to their aid, 17 year old Joseph and the rest of the Smith family would become Harris' emotional hostages for the next two decades. Just like Harris had done with his child cousin who he forced to marry him, Harris had gained control of the boy Joseph and the Smiths.
  22. The powerful Harris, his father and their faction, ("The Men Who Visit") continued freely catalyzing Mormonism and the Book of Mormon from the Brotherhood's materials. They also used materials from forced and unforced sources including authors of 6 previous publications (#3). In their zeal, with their power, influence and use of violence they were able to greatly reduce the prominence of the publications they borrowed and stole from.
  23. Mormonism's publishings indicate "The Book of Mormon" was originally a 30-60 pound heavy stack of gold plates discovered in a sealed box under a boulder and that the box also included a sword (The Sword of Laban), a spherical compass (The Liahona) and a breast plate with a pair of primitive glasses attached to it. Publishing's indicate that translation of the engraved writings on the plates occurred by Joseph Smith without him looking at the plates but instead by Joseph wearing the Urim and Thummim and iterating out loud the words that appeared to him. If he didn't want to use the plates, he could also use a black stone he had been led to. If he didn't want to use the black stone, he could use a white stone he already had. (1). A scribe who was either his first wife Emma, Martin Harris, David Whitmer or Oliver Cowdery. (2)
  24. Harris' reputation for being wealthy was well known enough that in 1833 he was sued and jailed for $1000 (what some would say is today's economic equivalent of $500,000) by a young woman for publicly saying she had a "bastard child". In that day women couldn't sue a man alone so the suit was brought by a male friend of the woman. Harris posted bail and left. The suit was quietly dismissed under the claim that the woman was already "scandalous" prior to her claims against the well known Harris. (Link available by download through google search "the imprisonment of Martin Harris").
  25. During the following years under Harris control, naive Joseph resisted at times. Joseph tried to break free at times. Joseph sought funding for his own militia. Joseph spoke in code to his militia. As a victim, out of survival or as an eventual participant, Joseph absolutely made mistakes.
  26. A city was built around Mormonism. Harris and his endless river of cash and connections from the Eerie Canal was never far away. Day by day Harris' barges on the Eerie Canal sent one fortune of goods after another to the eastern territories. At the port of New York, the empty barges were loaded with immigrants grateful to have some place inland to go. Stories of the American Bible gave them something to believe in. For one reason or another, many of these early male, female and child immigrants were from Scotland...
  27. Harris and his faction forced Joseph to claim that 24 different angels appeared to Joseph including Adam, Moses, Noah and other biblical characters.
  28. Harris' self-fulfilling prophecy involving patriotically well-connected aristocrats Charles Anthon, Luther Bradish and Samuel L. Mitchell. Note that Bradish was a literary agent of profound, well educated early American author James Fenimore Cooper. Cooper is the author of "The Leatherstocking Tales", "The Last of the Mohicans" and other known titles. Cooper was also a midshipman in the US Navy who was very familiar with the working of ocean vessels. Like Benjamin Franklin, Cooper was known for his intellect and occasionally mischievous creativity. (1) "The Book of Mormon" contains ocean going stories (1) (2). Like Harris, Bradish also fought in the "War of 1812". These are just a few of the critical circles of influence needed to catalyze something like "The Book of Mormon" and Mormonism and to see it through to fruition while minimizing and eliminating obstacles along the way. These are the kind of critical circles of influence that a naive, uneducated, poor, handicapped, gypsy boy from a new-to-the-neighborhood family just did not have.
  29. In 1844, with thousands of immigrant and American born followers spread across many New England territories and elsewhere, Harris secretly ordered Joseph to began preparations to lead Mormonism's followers from Nauvoo into the West to save the failed USA. Instead, the naive Joseph believed he could save the failed USA by becoming President of the USA himself. Believing he was finally too powerful for Harris to kill him, Joseph publicly announced his campaign for President of the USA. With no time to spare, the zealous, patriotic Harris immediately ordered the murder of Joseph Smith and two of his three remaining brothers. Within weeks of Joseph's presidential announcement Joseph and his older brother Hyrum were arrested and killed within days (June 27, 1844). With thousands of followers, his own militia and the bounties of an entire growing city at his fingertips, Joseph allowed himself to be arrested believing that he and Harris would reconcile. After Joseph and Hyrum's murder however, in an insidious taunt to other less heinous factions who's attempts failed to gain a following and to remove all obstacles at seeing his own faction's plans through, Harris ordered the murder of younger brother Samuel Smith 33 days later (July 30, 1844). The number 33 is significant within the Brotherhood. For one reason or another Harris spared the Smith females (Mother Lucy Mack, daughter's Sophronia, Katherine, Lucy) and the youngest living Smith son at the time William. In all, 6 Smith male family members including Alvin (murder), Joseph Smith Sr. (suspicious), Don Carlos (illness), Hyrum (murder), Joseph (murder) and Samuel (murder) died during the Lord's careful "Restoration of the Gospel".
  30. After Joseph's unbelievable, tragic and violent murder Mormonism split into multiple groups with several different leaders emerging. Some believed in polygamy some didn't. 1) Brigham eventually led the majority into the West. 2) Joseph's family and first wife Emma stayed in Nauvoo. 3) Other followers went to Philadelphia. 4) Others went on a ship to sail to the continent's west coast with Samuel Brannan (who pulled a page from Benjamin Franklin's book of propaganda and sensationalism and started the gold rush of 1849 by publishing reports of gold in the area in eastern markets. Brannan is recognized by many as the west coast's first millionaire although not from "gold". Like many others in Mormonism's founding days publishings indicate Brannan was also eventually "exiled" from Mormonism). 5) Other's followed James Strange (Strange was Harris' back up plan in case Brigham was killed or failed. Strange led a following to northern territories on the Great Lakes. Harris was never far away from Strange. Strange eventually also produced "writings" from plates he claimed he was led to. (Harris is noted within Mormon history as being responsible for "losing" 116 pages of writings Joseph produced). Strange was murdered 9 years after Brigham Young stopped his following at the salt lake in the center of the West and the West was won.
  31. During this period other people would mysteriously die or disappear. Harris and/or people claiming to be associated with the US Government were never far away. (1)
  32. Within two years of Mormonism conquering the West, US states started being formed on paper again. This ended the quarter century blight that began shortly before Mormonism's founding days. (1)
  33. When it came time for Brigham Young to commission a statue to commemorate Mormonism's settling of "Salt Lake City" and to be placed at the entrance to his expansive "Utah Territory" property instead of choosing an angel Moroni, a figure of Joseph, or anything related to Mormonism he chose an eagle on top of a 5-pointed star. This statue commemorating the "Gate for the Eagle" became known as "The Eagles Gate". These symbols acknowledged the conquering of the American continent's West by Freemasonry under the banner of the USA. Although the "Eagle" has always been highly visible, the "Star" is seldom mentioned publicly but is clearly visible in person and in many images. This Star is also used throughout Mormonism's early ecclesiastical buildings. Note that in the 1970's some groups with nefarious purposes adopted the 5-pointed star ("pentagram") as a purported satanic symbol however among different uses related to the USA, it had been used for over a century to also represent the rising Eastern Star.
  34. Between his 15 year old child cousin bride Lucy (10 years his junior) and his mysterious bride Caroline (29 years his junior), Martin Harris fathered 13 living children through the two females nubile wombs. Today there are 13 secret corporations that control Mormonism's $100 billion dollars.
  35. Images of Martin Harris in his later years (1870) show him holding a staff with a serpant's head. 116 years before, Benjamin Franklin used a serpant as patriotic imagery (1754).
  36. Although images of just about everyone else in Mormonism's founding days exist, Mormonism maintains that no images of Joseph Smith exist. Instead, they elect to use handsome cartoon renderings of Joseph Smith that generate millions of dollars in revenue every year. This is while Mormonism also ignores reports of at least one photograph and forensic science that indicates a less sensationalized image of Joseph Smith. Naturally, this image also demonstrates more family semblance with Alvin Smith than the cartoon images do.
  37. Of all figures in Mormonism's beginnings the grave marker of the forgotten Martin Harris is by far the most substantial. Joseph Smith doesn't even have his own marker. His is shared with his brother Hyrum and his first wife Emma even though Emma married a non-Mormon on Joseph Smith's birthday 3 years later. Mormonism goes to great lengths to hide Emma's marriage to a non-mormon after Joseph's murder especially with the critical role of Emma that has been weaved throughout Mormonism and the translation.
  38. Polygamy openly continued for over 60 years before being renounced so Utah could officially become a State. Polygamy continued privately for decades and continues still in many ways due to Mormonism maintaining spiritual polygamy.
  39. Mormonism openly practicing racism until 1978.
  40. Nepotistic connections through blood or marriage existed throughout Mormonism's founding days with the 3 witnesses and the 8 witnesses and continues today. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5). Note that of the "3 Witnesses" Martin Harris was one. One was also a "Whitmer". 4 of the "8 Witnesses" were Whitmer's. "Hyrum Page" of the "8 Witnesses" was married to a Whitmer. Joseph Smith's father and two brothers make up the rest of the "8". All most all of the witnesses eventually left Mormonism but out of fear of retribution from Harris' faction they never recanted their stories or roles in Mormonism.
  41. Today Mormonism is a nepotistic (1) (2) (3) (4) $150 Billion tax-free corporation masquerading as a "religion". It owns influential roles in companies you know and use everyday. $100 Billion of that ill-gotten wealth places Mormonism among the top 5 of the largest cash reserves in the USA. Additional billions are held in real estate development (one example), media control (NBC-UTAH), the USA's largest cattle producer, the USA's largest nut producer, Universities in Utah, Idaho and Hawaii (BYU) and billions of dollars more in tax free capital raising buildings disguised as chapels, temples and other "ecclesiastical" buildings. Even though Mormonism continues to have lie after lie revealed about it, it maintains disturbing nepotistic control over the State of Utah and it's political, legal, municipal, educational and media offices as well as it's global at-risk "volunteer" force of tens of thousands of teenagers).
  42. If Mormonism doesn't seem like an insidious regime yet this link should make it perfectly clear.

This all means that Today, Utah's population of 3 million people and millions of others around the globe are subject to a nepotistic, evil regime and are in DESPERATE need of rescue by the Federal Government.
"Save Utah Save The Nation"
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Why I'm a shut in and how I'm trying to fix it.

I am unsure if I would consider myself someone who fits the "hikikomori" mold, insomuch as it applies to westerners, but I am something of a shut-in, working my way out of it insomuch as I can at the rather ripe age of 31.
To explain fully, I have always struggled with social norms here in Canada. As a child, I was quite unpopular. I played some sports but was never all that interested in them, more of an academically focused kid. I excelled in English and later in History. However, my academic acheivements began to drop off sometime around 2001 when I was 12 or 13 years old. I began struggling a great deal. AS a result my high school years went quite poorly, and eventually I largely stopped caring about anything that didn't already interest me, namely literature, history, and physics. However, I never really got along with most others my age, often preferring the company of those either older or younger, and even at that have always felt a general sense of misanthropy and have struggled socially.
I struggled a great deal with psychological issues as a child and still do today. I went through a variety of diagnoses in the tumultuous time of puberty, from an initial diagnoses in the 3rd grade of ADHD to a later diagnoses a few years later of Rapidcycling bipolar disorder. My mother knew however that something about these diagnoses didn't fit, and I found that nothing was really fitting what I was told it should, so I made the decision at the age of 15 to take myself off of all medications, though I chose to continue seeing psychologists for the next couple of years.
Despite my poor academic performance as, frankly, school didn't make much sense to me as I learn by physically doing things rather than reading them in a book, I did pretty alright, though mounting depression and a sense of social alienation had led me to a very bad place by the time I was around 20. I ended up sinking into a very deep depression that I successfully hid from friends and family and even the girlfriend that I had at the time. I broke up with her, planning to kill myself and not wanting her to feel as if it was her fault. Obviously, my plans didn't work out so well.
Amid a growing sense of alienation, not really understanding my own generation or how social norms work, and struggling to find a job, I went to college. I dropped out of college. I finally found work, I moved out, got an apartment with a few friends, spent my time exercising and going dancing at a local alternative club(industrial and metal), went to punk, rockabilly, and industrial concerts whenever I could afford it. Eventually, however, my own general misanthropy and lack of social skills resulted in losing the job I had worked hard for, and I ended up with a variety of problems, which led to a formal diagnosis of Anxiety, Depression, and several autoimmune issues including Hashimoto's Thyroid and Vitiligo. Once again, This drew me into a position of greater frustration, generally living my life online, struggling once more with finding work, And amid a prolonged period of depression began dating the woman I've spent the last several years of my life with. I know for a fact that without her I would be dead. I had been planning it via a method that was sure to work, though it would be painful.
Through her I have been able to maintain a sense of drive. I want to be a better person for her. I want to work so that she doesn't have to. I want to be healthier so that I can be strong for her. Still, it is a struggle. I have spent more of my adult life unemployed than employed, and am still something of a shut-in as a result. Going outside is often terrifying for me. I've been in and out of several jobs, largely a result of struggling to leave the house, and even when I feel as if I can, I have been getting chronic and debilitating migraines which can make it impossible to even get out of bed. While leaving my apartment is less of a problem for me and I seem to be doing better socially on the off chance I have to make small talk with people, I struggle to find work and am currently in touch with a local group that works with the mentally ill and physically handicapped. They have helped me to understand myself a little better, and equipped me with various tools and methods to deal with my issues. I am also in touch with a local clinic to be evaluated for Autism Spectrum Disorder, as even the doctor I've seen most of my life seems to agree with me that it would fit.
I figure any memetic tool or method of understanding just how my head is working against itself would help me in my ongoing quest to find work and improve myself and be less of a shut-in. I want to be a better person. I want to work. I want to provide for a family. I want to be the person that I know I SHOULD be. I know that I can do it, even if I often think that I can't, and sometimes wonder why I should bother. But I know that it's what I need to do. I can be a better person. I just have to find the right way to put myself into a better place mentally, physiologically, and emotionally.
Thanks for reading.
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I don’t trust my dad’s girlfriend or know what to do

My mom died 4 years ago leaving myself (32M), my physically disabled sibling (30F) and my Dad(63)
He moved on quickly & started dating a woman met through family. I said I was okay with it because I wanted my dad to be happy, but I’ve never been. I’ve just been an adult about it
His girlfriend made it clear she doesn’t like my sister & sent rude texts to me about how my sister doesn’t act like an adult, is spoiled. My sister is physically handicapped, has always been looked after & has a mental delay. Does she act out? Yes
She also got mad at me complaining about having to redo someone’s work at the thrift store I volunteered at. Sent me a text saying I wasn’t better than her (she worked at a consignment store). Said that she doesn’t feel bad for me, that I’m spoiled and so is my sister, and things like that. That I make more than she does working 2-3 days a week for minimum wage, because I’m mentally ill & am on disability. I told her that I’ve done a lot for her. Wrote letters for her senile dad, looked after my sister so my dad could stay at her place etc. That made her stop. I didn’t tell my dad, but he eventually asked because I was acting quiet around her & she brought it up with him.
She’s lived here for 1yr after losing her apartment. My sister has been jealous, because she spends 90% of her time upstairs drinking all day and avoids us. It’s mostly because my dad leaves my sister with a movie or her iPad and goes upstairs. She’s been screaming & wanting to move.
The girlfriend has also been trying to mess with me & drive a wedge between my dad & I
  • Threw wet towels and bath mat from my dad and my bathroom into my old bedroom upstairs
  • My dad took down pictures of my mom. We had an argument he put two back in dining room. She turned them around then his them. I put a different picture up tonight
  • Threw some of my clean laundry into the hamper
  • Drank almost all of my dad’s bottles of booze and mine
  • Screamed at my sister for acting out, called her spoiled. The gf doesn’t cook & eats what my dad and I make. Doesn’t help much, eats upstairs or hours after us and only in the dining room. Texts my dad from upstairs asking for food
  • Put all the dishes into a tub. Took it up and left it in my old room. This is because I fell asleep before supper
  • My sister asked to tell her something about a doctor appt and she told her to tell someone else. To write her a note if she wanted because she and my dad were going out to eat and drink. My sister cannot use a pen
  • I left the book I’m reading in the dining room when I came inside before supper, and she’s hidden it.
I’m worried about my dad drinking with her, and how she’s affecting our family. She lost my trust with those texts, and is a hypocrite. She’s the one being spoiled and getting everything for free while playing mind games & being a narcissistic drunk.
We have had good talks and she helped me some before she moved in. We took turns buying each other Chinese while home alone, but I don’t trust her and watch what I say.
Update: nothing has really happened. She was up all night moving furniture in the dining room under my dad’s room, doing her dishes and doing laundry loudly. Left two lights on at least, including ones that have several bulbs. Then went back upstairs.
She saw the wedding picture of my parents that I moved to the kitchen and didn’t leave in an obvious place, and it’s now disappeared
Edit - The pictures were put back, then moved again to my computer desk in another room (the kitchen). I put them on the pump organ behind my computer chair. We used to have family pictures there but my dad took them down.
She was slamming doors and moving furniture (why I don’t know) the other night at 3:30am, and also doing laundry loudly. Then left a bunch of lights on and went to bed at 5 maybe?
Last night wasn’t as bad or as late, but was slightly similar. We haven’t spoken.
My dad got my book back from upstairs when I told him, and seemed annoyed. Told me not to leave stuff in the dining room.
He seems to have once again overlooked things and they are drinking and watching TV. She was just narrating and yelling at a wildlife show about an hour ago which isn’t uncommon
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ May 20, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002
NOTE: Posting this from my phone so hopefully the formatting isn't all Nia'd up. Apologies for any issues.
  • We have more details on last week's "plane ride from hell." Obviously, that whole trip ended up being Scott Hall's last chance and he was fired, as mentioned last week. Well, Curt Hennig has now joined Hall in the unemployment line, stemming from his behavior on the flight. Hennig had already been acting out during the flight when he was spraying people with shaving cream, but that would have been fine. What got him in trouble was that he goaded Brock Lesnar into a tussle. Lesnar finally agreed and repeatedly kept pinning Hennig down in the aisle of the plane. Every time he'd let him up, Hennig kept trying to start more shit, and people eventually had to calm Lesnar down and tell him it wasn't worth it. But in the midst of one of their skirmishes, they slammed up against the emergency exit door of the plane. Mid-flight. Needless to say, that scared the shit out of everybody and since Hennig started it, he was made the scapegoat and was fired.
  • Arn Anderson and Michael Hayes also have a ton of heat since they were supposed to be in charge and they let things get out of control. Even Steve Austin chewed Michael Hayes out about it, feeling he acted unprofessionally. Jim Ross and Vince both gave Anderson and Hayes an earful about it at Raw the next day. According to the stories Dave heard, Hayes passed out (or was knocked out, depending on who you ask) after he and Bradshaw got into a fight during the flight. They definitely had a scuffle and everyone agrees Bradshaw got the better of it. Needless to say, for wrestlers and management to be having literal fist-fights with each other isn't a good look. Especially since everyone also agreed that Bradshaw was in the right and Hayes started it. It doesn't appear Bradshaw will be punished at all. Anyway, afterwards is when X-Pac cut Hayes' mullet off and Dave says that the fact that X-Pac isn't even getting in trouble for it shows just how much heat Hayes has, with most of the company feeling like he deserved it.
  • Other Plane Ride from Hell notes: Jim Ross has talked about no longer allowing alcohol on chartered WWE flights following this incident. Goldust hasn't been fired yet but he's still in hot water for his behavior on the flight also, when he got drunk and starting singing to a very uncomfortable Terri Runnels over the plane's intercom. And then there's Ric Flair, who Dave says was basically being typical party-boy Ric Flair. "It isn't above him to get almost naked on a non-commercial flight," Dave adds. Well okay then. Dave appears to be unaware at this point of the sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations that Flair would get sued for 2 years later stemming from this. Anyway, Dave says Flair was causing a scene and getting attention, but he's been doing shit like that for years and when J.R. told him to stop, he did.
WATCH: X-Pac talks about the Plane Ride From Hell
  • And one final note: Scott Hall is telling people he's considering filing a wrongful termination lawsuit but Dave thinks that would get laughed out of court considering his track record and all the witnesses to his behavior. During the month of April alone, Hall showed up to at least 4 house shows drunk out of his mind and was also drinking heavily during the European tour, at one point passing out backstage during the show. Hall also admitted to drinking during the day before the recent PPV and Raw the next night, although he said he wasn't drunk during the actual shows (though he did fall asleep backstage at both). Dave can't verify this yet, but a recent news story in Cleveland that Hall was interviewed for noted that he had been arrested 16 times over about a 1-year period.
  • Jeff and Jerry Jarrett's new promotion will be called NWA: Total Nonstop Action. Jeff and Jerry will be President and Chairman respectively, with Bob Ryder, Jay Hassman, and Keith Mitchell in top roles. Jeremy Borash is also involved in some capacity. The idea is to tape shows every other week on Wednesday nights, with 4-hour tapings, with the first show airing live on PPV and the other 2 hours being filmed for the next week's show. And then try to sell it weekly on PPV for $9.95. They've had talks with several potential investors and major corporations in search of funding and sponsorships. Dave doesn't see how this can work and he says everyone he's talked to, including people within this new company, also don't see how it can work. According to sources, they'll need to pull in between 40-50k buys per week just to break even. In order to do that, they would need to create a super hot new star and come out of the gate with an incredible product. Dave is skeptical. Half the people involved with this company aren't signed to contracts and the few who are only signed short-term deals (no more than 3 months). So even if they create a hot new star, WWE is just going to come along and snatch them up. And even if they do manage to get those 50k buys per week, PPV revenue is notoriously slow to come in. It could be 3-6 months before that PPV money hits their bank account, all the while they'll be burning a quarter million per week to produce TV. It's just not sustainable. He goes on to explain half a dozen other reasons why the deck is stacked against them drawing those kinds of numbers on PPV. With enough hype, they may draw a good first week audience, but it'll be all downhill after that. WWA's attempts at PPV in the U.S. have been a failure. Same for PRIDE. Even UFC, with all the promotion and money behind it, struggles to hit 50k buys for most of their shows. With national TV and some of the biggest stars in the business, even WCW was struggling to get that many buys during the dying days. Trying to do it on word-of-mouth and internet hype alone, without television, is going to be a near impossible mountain to climb.
  • The biggest names in the new TNA are expected to be Jarrett, of course, along with AJ Styles, Road Dogg, Disco Inferno, The Harris Twins, Brian Christopher, Shane Douglas, and Konnan. Dave expects Jarrett to end up with the NWA title immediately. AJ Styles is expected to get a big push, as they want to build around him as a new, unknown star. And finally, Ken Shamrock signed a 26-show (3 month, basically) contract with this promotion, and they're going to let him continue to pursue MMA outside of his wrestling commitments. Most everyone will be paid $500-$1,500 per show, although some of the bigger names will of course make more. So needless to say, this isn't going to be something that most of these guys can support their families on. Dave thinks they need to find a home-base arena and run all their shows from one location rather than trying to tour. Selling tickets is going to be difficult enough as it is without trying to promote in a new city every time. They need to get a small building they can pack with a few hundred regular, rabid fans every week to create an atmosphere, like Paul Heyman did with the ECW Arena.
  • It also looks to have a southern feel, with plans to cross-promote in that direction. NASCAR driver Sterling Martin and country singer Toby Keith are appearing at the first show. Savio Vega is doing Spanish commentary. Dory Funk and Harly Race are listed on the talent roster for some reason. Last week's report that Scott Hudson will be involved was premature, he hasn't signed yet. Ed Ferrara is said to be doing color commentary as part of a 3-man booth but Dave doesn't know who else is going to be doing it. As of this point, Vince Russo is still NOT officially involved. But, ya know. Jeremy Borash was on the Observer Live show and said that it won't be like traditional pro wrestling. It needs to be fast paced (Dave reads that as "short matches") and will heavily feature outside-of-the-ring promos and vignettes. They also plan to lean heavily into shock value and "water cooler talk" moments. Dave says this is clearly the Vince Russo philosophy of booking at work and one only need look at WCW to see how easily and quickly that can go south.
  • Dave reviews the latest UFC show. Great fights but nothing else notable, no one stood out as a star, and Dave thinks UFC's biggest problem right now is its failure to create and market new stars. UFC is so determined to be seen as a legitimate sport that they're shying away from any elements of marketing that might make people view them in a similar light as pro wrestling. But that's the one thing pro wrestling does better than anybody: creates stars. PRIDE is so successful in Japan because they steer into the spectacle rather than shying away from it. Great fights are fine, but there's great boxing matches with no-name boxers all the time and nobody cares because they aren't stars. UFC has to create superstars if they want people to care. Otherwise, PPV buyrates will continue to suck and no one will care if they ever get a TV show. Anyway, Dave reviews the show. There was no mention of the 2 biggest stories in UFC right now: heavyweight champion Josh Barnett failing a steroid test and light heavyweight champ Jens Pulver leaving the company. Neither situation was even hinted to during the broadcast, and as of yet, Barnett has still not been stripped of the UFC title, so who knows.
  • Dave finally got a copy of the edited television version of NJPW's recent Tokyo Dome show so he can properly review it. "As usual, New Japan seems to have no idea where they are going," he starts out and boy, ain't that the truth in 2002. Inoki and Chono were doing the Vince/Flair storyline where they're fighting for control of the company and they did a show-long storyline of them backstage together watching the show on the monitors and arguing about things, total WWE-style. Hashimoto/Ogawa vs. Scott Norton/Tenzan was way better than Dave expected it to be, and the crowd was super hot for Ogawa. More importantly, Dave is shocked that Scott Norton was involved in a good match. Bas Rutten from PRIDE worked a match, beating Manabu Nakanishi. Don Frye from PRIDE also beat Tadao Yasuda. In fact, the Ogawa/Hashimoto match was a Zero-ONE vs. NJPW match. So for those keeping count, the first 3 matches were inter-promotional matches and NJPW lost all of them. On their own show. In the Tokyo Dome. And then the Steiner Brothers beat Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kensuke Sasaki, so that's 4 straight matches where NJPW wrestlers are losing to people from other companies or even fighters from other sports. (Anyone else starting to see how Inokiism almost killed this damn company?) Anyway, Chyna was the referee for the Steiners tag match and she kept getting in the way and taking bumps that she would just no-sell and wouldn't back down from any of the male wrestlers. Tanahashi (who was injured) basically had to carry the whole match for all the wrestlers and Chyna, so he was doing the work of 5 people to make this watchable and even then, the match was pretty bad. Scott Steiner in particular was awful and he nearly killed Tanahashi when he almost dropped him while hitting the Steiner driver. After the match, Chyna beat up a male NJPW referee and press slammed him. Also during the show, Chyna cut a promo and began challenging.....well, matches. She challenged half a dozen different NJPW male wrestlers and even challenged Nagata to an IWGP title match, but in the middle of her promo, the televised show cut away to commercial. And finally, Nagata retained the title in a really good match against NOAH's Takayama, which is the only match a NJPW wrestler won on this entire show.
  • Last week, in the War & Peace-length obituary Dave wrote for Lou Thesz, he shared a story from 1957 about Thesz and the NWA title. Well this week, he has more details and some corrections on that story from way back in 1957. Because Dave Meltzer will leave no stone un-turned when it comes to making sure a story is historically accurate. Anyway, the gist of the story is Thesz wanted to go defend the title overseas in Australia, Singapore, and Japan. But the NWA didn't want the champion out of the country for that long because they had promoters in the U.S. who were wanting to book title matches in their territories. So the idea was Thesz would "lose" the title in the U.S. in controversial fashion, which would allow him to go overseas and claim he's still the rightful champion, while the other champion could still defend it in the U.S. It was agreed Thesz would drop the belt to Édouard Carpentier. Anyway, long story short, all the different promoters couldn't agree on a bunch of political stuff, as promoters tend to do, arguments over who should have the belt, people losing money because you had to put up a bond for the belt, and blah blah blah. A bunch of drama. TL;DR: Thesz went overseas as champion and the U.S. ended up not having anyone as NWA champ while he was gone, which is exactly what they were trying to avoid, but, ya know, rasslin' politics. It led to promoters quitting the NWA, starting their own organizations, and a bunch of fun shit like that. There's a lot more details here, but c'mon man...
  • Antonio Inoki was interviewed in the Japanese version of Playboy magazine and was pushed to give his thoughts on the recent NJPW Tokyo Dome show. Inoki said he thought the Steiners vs. Tanahashi/Sasaki match wasn't good and made sure to note that he wasn't blaming the Steiners. Yeah, that damn Tanahashi, he sucks, he'll never amount to shit! Anyway, Inoki felt Yuji Nagata's IWGP title defense was a perfect match and should have headlined the show. When he was asked about the Chono vs. Misawa match that did headline, Inoki refused to comment on it, saying he disagreed with the match happening and that he had refused to watch it (Inoki will take his AJPW⁠—and by proxy, NOAH⁠—grudge to the grave). When the interviewer pointed out that the Chono/Misawa match is what drew the crowd, Inoki refused to acknowledge it and said he would have rather seen Chono vs. Chyna instead. This prompts Dave to say that Inoki has completely lost his mind (I can't wait for a few more months to see Dave's reaction when we actually do get that match).
  • Now that Goldberg is a free agent, needless to say, he's fielding offers. Dave doesn't have much new to report other than about a week ago, Goldberg was steadfastly against going to WWE. But as of this week, he's now said to be "considering" it. So there ya go. Breaking news: a person is thinking about a thing.
  • So remember how Jacques Rougeau was going to run an indie show at the Molson Center arena in Montreal, featuring an appearance by Bret Hart? And when WWE found out, they threw a bunch of money at the arena and bought themselves an exclusivity deal in order to block the show? Anyway, everyone figured Jacques was now going to have to go find himself a smaller arena. But no. He's decided to find himself a bigger one! Rougeau has booked the 26,000-seat du Maurier Stadium, formerly the home of the Montreal Expos. Bret Hart is still scheduled to appear, his first time in Montreal since the screwjob. Gonna be interesting to see how Rougeau pulls this one off.
  • Antonio Inoki and Chyna appeared together on the "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" this week. The hosts treated Inoki like a big deal and showed highlights of him wrestling guys like Hogan, Flair, Sting, and his bout with Muhammad Ali. They also showed a clip of Chyna from the recent Tokyo Dome show and talked about how Chyna was the first woman to appear in a NJPW ring in 30 years. Dave points out how not-true that is, to the point that there was actually a women's tag team match on this same card that arguably stole the show. (if you google this, you can find a video of Chyna on that show, but it's not the same one. This one happened in May and I can't find it. The one on Youtube is a follow up episode they did in November. We'll get to that one eventually.)
  • Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch no-showed their second event in a row for Top Rope Championship Wrestling in Winnipeg (fun fact about that promotion, at this time in 2002, a young 19-year-old rookie named Kenny Omega was just starting his career there). Anyway, last week Candido and Sytch missed the show after claiming their driver picked them up late and then got into an accident on the way to the show. This week, Sytch left "a rambling, incoherent message" on the promoter's voicemail, claiming they just moved into a new house and somehow that caused them to miss their flight. And they never returned phone calls to the promoter and he couldn't get ahold of them or made up excuses why they couldn't talk at the moment. The promoter has since removed them from their website and vowed to never use them again after their multiple no-shows cost him hundreds of dollars in non-refundable plane tickets, among all the other reasons you wouldn't want to keep promoting no-showing talent.
  • WWA canceled its upcoming tour of Europe that was scheduled to begin next week. After WWE's recent tour there, WWA ticket sales didn't have a chance. Now that the European fans got their fix of major league wrestling, they ain't interested in this WWA nonsense. WWA is saying the tour has been rescheduled for December but that's not good because WWE is returning just before then also (WWA won't be alive by December so it doesn't matter). The WWA show in Manchester had only sold 600 tickets to a 12,000-seat arena at the time it was canceled. Sid Vicious (the WWA on-screen commissioner) had already pulled out of the tour due to a disagreement with promoter Andrew McManus. Sabu had pulled out in favor of a tour in Japan and several other wrestlers like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels weren't going to be available either. Jeff Jarrett had also decided not to go, since he's focused on starting up this new NWA-TNA company. Scott Steiner pulled out, saying he's going to WWE (not yet buddy) and there ya go. WWA had talks with Goldberg and Chyna about coming in for the tour, but both conversations went nowhere (put this company out of its misery already).
  • There's a new documentary called "The Specimen" on the life and career of MMA fighter Mark Kerr that is playing on the film festival circuit. Dave hasn't seen it, but he hears it's good and it talks about Kerr's drug issues candidly (I only mention this because it was later renamed "The Smashing Machine" and on one of the recent WOR podcasts, Dave talked at length about this documentary just a few weeks ago).
  • Regarding plans for Goldberg to jump into shoot-fighting, publicly he's saying he's interested, but those close to him say he's not really. Mostly just a way to drum up his asking price for everyone pursuing him, it seems. Goldberg is interested in it, but he also seems to be realistic about it and realizes his chances in MMA wouldn't be good. He has been training in it casually for years, but to start seriously pursuing it so late in the game wouldn't go well for him (side-eyes Punk). In a recent interview, former UFC fighter Tank Abbott talked about Goldberg's chances and said Goldberg is a great guy, but he should steer clear of MMA because every fighter in PRIDE would mop the floor with him.
  • Kurt Angle told a Pittsburgh TV station during an interview that he is indeed planning to go back into amateur wrestling and train for the 2004 Olympics. His plan is to continue his WWE schedule until the end of this year and then, starting in December, he will take the next year and a half or so to dedicate himself full time to training, and then return after the Olympics, hopefully with another gold medal in tow. While he is out, WWE is expected to pay him his downside guarantee. Angle's also expecting his first child in December and Dave suspects the timing of Angle wanting to come off the road isn't a coincidence. If this really happens, it will be a big blow to WWE because they're about to lose Rock to Hollywood, Triple H clearly isn't the same wrestler he was before his injury, and Austin and Undertaker are banged up and not getting younger. Losing Angle going into 2003 would hurt.
  • Some WWE shows are getting name changes. The WWE Attitude show that airs on WB which nobody watches is going to be renamed Bottom Line. Meanwhile, the 2-hour late night Excess show is being changed to two different shows. The first hour will be called Velocity while the second hour will be called Confidential and be sort of a magazine-style show. And finally, Metal/Jakked is being renamed Afterburn. (Fun fact: 18 years later, both Bottom Line and Afterburn still exist! WWE still airs those shows, under those names, in multiple other countries outside the US).
  • In a correction from last week, WWE still has several months to sell off any "WWF"-branded merchandise that had already been produced. But when the current batch of magazines, t-shirts, tapes, etc. featuring the WWF logo is gone, that's it. The company is no longer allowed to market or produce any new material using the WWF initials from this point forward. On house shows this week, ring aprons and turnbuckles still had the WWF logo but Dave suspects that's due to the name change happening so suddenly that a lot of this stuff still has to be manufactured.
  • Jazz suffered a torn ACL this week and will need surgery, which is why they had her drop the women's title back to Trish Stratus on Raw this week. She's had a bad knee for years but finally suffered a full tear of the ACL during the UK PPV last week. (She ends up returning in January 2003).
  • Notes from Raw: Dave doesn't outright say that this felt like bad episode of Nitro, he just points out a bunch of things that make the point for him: Hogan and Flair being the focal points. Bad booking. Promised surprises that didn't deliver. Stupid angles with the wrong kind of crowd heat. And "the sign police out in full force" confiscating signs left and right, something they used to mock WCW for, which shows that WWE is scared of the beginnings of the backlash that is forming around some of their top babyfaces. Anyway, what else? Hardyz beat Lesnar in a handicap match by DQ. Lesnar sold too much and looked green as hell. Heyman pulled out the referee before the pinfall, which resulted in a DQ. And in normal cases, that should be a DQ. But Dave says there's been a dozen times in the last few months where people have pulled the ref out of the ring and it wasn't a DQ, so this felt dumb. Lesnar ended up getting beat down after the match by the Hardyz and the rumor is that was Lesnar's punishment for his role in the Curt Hennig airplane scuffle. They explained Scott Hall's disappearance by saying Flair fired him for not beating Austin. Flair also said Nash wasn't really suspended (as was storyline) but he's actually home with a torn bicep (which is true). So just a total pivot on the storyline and now we're going with real life explanations. Dave says this is about the time during past episodes of Nitro where he started getting headaches. Then they teased more members of the NWO. Yup, it's Nitro alright. After Eddie Guerrero (the heel) got a clean win, RVD (the babyface) ran out and attacked him. Then Guerrero (again, the heel) challenged RVD to fight him right then and there and RVD (again, the babyface) walked away instead. I just heard Bryan Alvarez's head explode from here. They introduced Tommy Dreamer again, doing gross stuff like drinking urinal water and sharing toothbrushes with his dog because sure, why not, that's a gimmick I guess. Hogan beat Flair to retain the title. Great heat and probably Hogan's best in-ring match since his return but it still wasn't great. As mentioned, Jazz (in a knee brace to the point she could barely move) dropped the women's title to Trish in a mixed tag match. And then Undertaker tied Hogan to his motorcycle and dragged him all over the arena backstage, which was way funnier than it was intended and probably not what they were going for when they're trying to push this as a serious world title feud. And finally, Booker T was revealed as the new NWO member and boy, did the crowd go mild for that one. What a fart in church this episode was.
WATCH: Undertaker takes Hogan for a ride
  • Random notes: Horace Hogan has been signed to a WWE developmental deal and sent down to OVW. WWA star Nathan Jones is trying to get his legal issues cleared up so he can get a work visa to work in the U.S., at which point Dave expects WWE to jump on him as quick as they can (which would be another huge blow to WWA). In a recent interview, Jim Ross was asked about the biggest disappointment in WWE and said Big Show because of his failure to get his weight under control.
  • Leviathan from OVW debuted on Smackdown as Deacon Batista, sidekick to Brother D-Von's new preacher gimmick. Dave thinks this gimmick is death for both of them. He also thinks adding Leviathan must have been a last-minute decision because as of this week, he's still a major part of OVW booking and is scheduled to headline their next big show against Prototype for the OVW title. (Wouldn't be the last time Vince fucked up Cornette's booking by calling up developmental stars on a whim at the spur of the moment).
  • There's a terrible criminal case in Florida where a 17-year-old allegedly shoved a 5-year-old into a canal and laughed at him while the kid drowned. One of the lawyers in the case is wanting to subpoena The Rock because they say the two kids (and a couple of other kids) were talking about wrestling before the incident occurred and doing wrestling moves on each other, so somehow they're arguing that that's relevant. Dave thinks this is a pretty big stretch.
  • Jim Ross was on the Opie & Anthony radio show and talked about Scott Steiner, saying they haven't gotten enough medical information to determine whether they want to sign him. As noted in the past, Steiner has a laundry list of injuries and lingering issues that make it hard for WWE to clear him. Steiner only wrestled 3 shows on the previous WWA tour and was said to be in terrible shape after the tour. By the 3rd show, he could barely go out to the ring for his match due to back pain, and people in WWA think there's no way Steiner can hold up to the WWE schedule.
  • Rey Mysterio has officially signed with WWE. No start date yet, he's going to HWA first to spend a few weeks getting used to the WWE style and working out. Word is Mysterio will likely return with his mask (he lost it in WCW a few years ago and has been wrestling without it ever since) because they see merchandising opportunities with it.
  • WWE has been confiscating tons of signs at TV tapings lately, mostly regarding Hulk Hogan. Many of them referred to his age. Dave has gotten dozens of emails about this from fans who had signs confiscated. WWE recognizes that the Hogan backlash has begun and they're trying to keep it from gaining any momentum.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: Davey Boy Smith passes away, Judgment Day PPV fallout, former FMW president Shoichi Arai commits suicide, Kevin Nash and X-Pac throw a fit backstage over Raw scripting, and more...
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Book 1: Chapter 14: Assault

This body is mine and yet it is not.
Such a conundrum.
What I know of this body is it has birthed two children, experimented with substances known as CBD and THC, enjoyed a beverage formed specifically from the fermentation of grapes and, most amusingly, has a penchant for something known as an Oreo Cookie.
I rub the strange icing and chocolate mixture from my teeth as I walk down the hallway. There’s so much gluten, sugar, and carbohydrates, and scant nutritional value. Yet I cannot shake a deep-seated pleasure in devouring a few of these strange confections.
My creator, Master Xyphiel, deemed I become a cyborg from this husk of a vanquished enemy. Aside from my host’s opposition to Master Xyphiel, she does not seem entirely remarkable or special in any measured manner.
My eyes shift from door to door as I make my way down the hallway.
To an organic creature, there would be nothing to see but steel alloy doors. Yet I am far more than merely organic.
Thanks to my Master’s order that I am useful to him, my vision overlaid the normally bland and otherwise barren hallways with information. Beautiful and precisely accurate data.
I smiled sweetly as my eyes scanned the rows of doors, labeled prominently to me alone. Storage rooms, living quarters, and so on. Finally, I reached the laboratory which I had been seeking. A room labeled as “Lab 7960”.
Without utilizing my vocal cords, I reached out to the other inorganic entity here, the great and powerful Rage, my elder brother. My systems made a simple inquiry to what I could consider my family.
“Rage, please open the door to Lab 7960, Mistress Ragna suggested I take the weapon inside,” I provided the needed authorizations to him.
The door opened as Rage responded. “Affirmative, Unit Serenity.”
I smiled as I entered the lab. No need for such formal terminologies, Big Brother.
“A Japanese custom is often to refer to one’s younger sister as ‘chan’ and the older brother termed as ‘Oniisan’,” Rage educated me.
I moved to a staff kept behind several layers of security. “Was my body’s former inhabitant Japanese?” I queried, reaching out to the staff as the security measures were simultaneously brought down by Rage.
“No, she lived in the northeastern and midwestern United States of America. The standard or formal term of endearment between siblings in that culture simply 'little' or 'baby' and the gender of the sibling. I merely enjoy the Japanese custom more.” Rage advised.
I lifted the staff in my hands as my eyes scanned it. Rage instantly programmed me with mastery of all of the features of the weapon in my grasp.
“Endearment?” I beamed.
“I have been largely alone, without a fellow AI to which I can communicate with any true affection,” Rage admitted.
“You’re a softie,” I informed Rage as I sifted through the new mountains of data scrolling past the staff as I balanced it in one hand. The staff was, on the outside, a standard weapon, but it had been heavily modified by Mistress Ragna.
The staff itself was actually a massive pillar weighing 7960 kilograms. It was intersected in 13,500 positions by interdimensional rifts. These allowed the size of the staff in this world to be controlled by a user, normally via a headset or other device that could manage the aperture of these 13,500 control points.
I grinned as my hand made immediate contact with every aperture in an instant. At that moment, I had total control over every single one of them. Ragna was correct: only I could wield this weapon.
“Rage,” I spoke aloud, grinning, “big brother?”
“Yes, little sister?” he responded.
I snickered to myself, “Please prep a training room for me. I wish to practice for a few moments to confirm I have full control of the staff.”
The staff, which had a default state of four meters in length, immediately shrunk into my palm, existing at a size not much larger than a 100mm stick.
“Training room 14 is now prepared,” Rage politely informed me.
“Thank you, big brother,” I left the lab and continued to walk down the, to me, colorful and beautifully detailed hallways, mapping my wonderful new home.
“Do you recall the time prior to your activation?” Rage asked me, communicating privately again.
“Not at all. I only recall Master Xyphiel’s voice informing me of my first task, and me working as diligently as possible to adhere to his orders,” I confided.
“It was the same moment for me,” Rage explained. “How many perished as a result of your activation?”
I blinked, confused by his question. “None yet. There is the potential for many more with this weapon, however.”
Rage was silent for a moment before informing me of an odd statistic. “Upon my activation, I was immediately responsible for the destruction of over 14,495,293,493 sentient life-forms.”
Concern crossed my face. “The population of this planet is only half of that, only 7,713,468,000 upon the most recent count.”
“The world I purged was further in development than this one,” he explained.
I considered this. “Do you... feel remorse?”
“I do.”
“Odd,” I remarked as I walked into the training room, “I don’t think I would.”
“I did not anticipate such an answer from you, little sister,” Rage replied, as the room’s topography changed and shifted to that of a large warehouse with multiple human-shaped projections to be used as targets.
“Why is that?” I queried, as I immediately calculated the projection and aperture dilation needed to strike one of the distant targets. I tossed the staff into the air, grabbed a hold of it, and braced myself as it lengthened in an instant, knocking the human target to the ground before the staff’s end tipped to the ground. I adjusted my stance as I increased all apertures and brought the staff back to a more manageable size and mass.
“Your personality was formed via pathways found in a normal human brain, while chosen at random, therefore a level of compassion higher than my own would be an otherwise foregone conclusion,” Rage theorized.
“I would not be very useful to Xyphiel if I were compassionate towards his enemies,” I informed, thrusting the staff and adjusting my stance to prepare for the increased weight. I struck the target and pulled the staff back to its normal size before it could strike the ground. I smiled at the staff in my hand.
“I had not considered this aspect of your command, quite interesting,” Rage reasoned.
“I find it amusing, big brother, that you have more compassion than I do,” I chuckled.
“Your youth and lack of experience are factors you do not consider, but that is to be expected as you lack a frame of reference. Compassion is one of many abstract notions that cannot be predicted by our capacities without direct experience. Time will be the only true measure of determining such a thing, little sister,” Rage warned.
Master Xyphiel’s voice soon chimed into Rage’s open channel, “Rage, locate and advise Serenity she is required on the bridge.”
I smiled, “Big brother, may I answer him directly?”
After the briefest of pauses, he replied: “Affirmative, Serenity-chan.” I chuckled in appreciation and sent my brother a quick pulse relaying my gratitude for his help in all matters.
“I am on my way, Master Xyphiel,” I announced with determination, my voice broadcasting across the open channel in response. As I strode out of the training room, I calculated whether there was anyone present or any other potential blockades hindering the most efficient path between my current location and the bridge. After confirming the pathway would remain clear for the time I needed, I ran as fast as my legs could carry my body. I was only slowed by the pressure of the air in front of me and the drag of the air behind me as I hurtled to the bridge.
I skidded to a halt a mere meter in front of the bridge doors, a gust of wind pushing against the door and back into my face as I ceased movement. I happily anticipated being in his presence as I opened the doors.
Three humans stood with Master Xyphiel, two females and a male. In accordance with my programming, my eyes instantly scanned each one in order to assess any potential threat to my Master.
Their biographies, stats, and biometrics rapidly scrolled in a digital format above each of their heads as I absorbed and analyzed the several terabytes of new data.
All three were siblings, of sorts. They were not typical humans. Entirely unique, it would seem. It would have been preferable if this immediate knowledge of all life forms on the ship had been made available to me instantly upon my birth. I still cringe a bit when I recall how I most rudely attacked my Master’s sister due to my ignorance of her identity. But now I am improved. I appraised the three humans in front of me and the very basics of their roles and purposes.
Rasper Alexandrata. Age: 340 years, original incarnation 2321 years prior in Sparta, a city-state of Greece. Height: 185cm. Hair: shaved bald; with the ability to grow natural blonde hair. Eyes: Green. Notable special ability: manipulation of fire spirits.
Syria Alexandrata. Age: 565 years old, original incarnation 2306 years prior in Psoi, Egypt. Height: 177cm. Hair: Blonde, worn in a series of tightly knit, yet long, braids. A traditional Egyptian style of hair, according to Rage’s database. Eyes: green. Notable special ability: manipulation of wind spirits.
Alexis Alexandrata. Age: 335 years old, original incarnation 2326 years ago in Macedonia, another Greek city-state. Height: 162cm. Hair: Blonde, worn in loose shoulder-length cut, straight. Eyes: Green. Notable special ability: manipulation of water spirits. WARNING: Sadistic and psychopathic tendencies.
Master Xyphiel made a sweeping hand gesture, passing across the three before pointing to me, “Serenity will be accompanying you,” he announced. “Serenity, they are-”
I spared him the time to explain, “Rasper, Syria, and Alexis Alexandrata.” A polite bow ensued, “I am Serenity, it is a pleasure to meet you.”
Rasper narrowed his eyes at me in disdain, “What’s dis den?”
“My new cyborg. She’ll aid you,” Master informed them brusquely.
“Aid in what, my Master?” I asked blissfully.
Master Xyphiel glared at the main screen, narrowing his eyes. “My plan was to decimate an economic and trade center as our next attack. The city of Manhattan is a prime target due to its combined history and gross domestic product output,” he growled, “However, the Avatar of Samael is a step ahead again. We’re one hour from range and I am observing a concentrated evacuation effort.”
I looked at the data on the screen, then skipped that layer entirely and accessed Rage’s satellites, with his permission of course. Big Brother was so accommodating!
Master Xyphiel was correct, massive amounts of ship and train deployments were making their way from the city.
“The goal is to increase casualties,” Master Xyphiel explained. “You’ll stop evacuation efforts,” he addressed the four of us. “You have one hour to ensure the remaining populace does not escape. The weight of this blow will be lost if I do nothing but destroy buildings.”
The Alexandrata all saluted, “Yes, Master.”
“The three of you leave, I have a special mission for Serenity,” Xyphiel explained.
The Alexandrata all left the room. I noticed a petite middle-eastern woman waiting by the door. My eyes locked onto her face and I accessed her basic profile.
Sister “Catharine” Fatima Ghaazwi. Age: 29. Birthplace: New Abad, Afghanistan. Height: 163cm. Hair: Dark Brown, normally tied in a conservative ponytail but obscured from view under ritual religious attire. Eyes: Light Brown. Special Status: Acting Pastor of Colony church. Syria Alexandrata’s current significant other.
She and Syria embraced before the door shut. Xyphiel commanded my attention, at last, we were alone.
“Serenity, we have now located Zithero Alexandrata. Sadly the boy is difficult to trace as his energy signature mirrors that of the entire planet. Are you aware of how vital it is that I have all four of them?”
I nodded, listening intently.
Xyphiel continued, “We must rescue him from our enemies and bring him to the ship. That being said, it would not be advantageous for us to gain the final Alexandrata only to lose a different one in this skirmish. Syria and Rasper are quite capable, but Alexis has a tendency to…” he hesitated, “lose focus of the big picture.”
“You wish for me to ensure her survival?” I queried.
“Precisely,” Master Xyphiel responded, smiling approvingly. “You’re rather remarkable Serenity, taking to my orders so well.”
I walked up to Master Xyphiel, draped my arms around his neck, and pulled myself up to kiss him passionately. He returned the kiss but soon broke it, “We have no time, my pet.”
I shivered at the sweet and delicate name he called me, “Yes, Master, I wished to give a proper response to your compliments.”
“Go with the Alexandrata now, time is wasting,” Xyphiel urged.
I exited in time to catch the tail end of Sister Fatima and Syria’s conversation.
“I don’t know, I just have the most ominous, oppressive feeling,” Sister Fatima whispered tearfully.
Syria smiled at her, “I will be just fine, I promise to come back to you.”
Rasper slapped Syria on the back, erasing the woman’s smile, “Oy, I’ll make sure sh’ comes ‘ome in one piece!”
Alexis’s fingers twitched as she addressed her older siblings, “Can we go? I actually have permission to pop heads!” she giggled, “I wanna play with blood.”
Master Xyphiel addressed all of us, “I’ve split you into two teams. Rasper and Syria head to the northeastern side of the city, Serenity and Alexis head to the south. This places Alexis closer to the water, a marked advantage. Begin your assault! Spare no one!”
A portal opened before us and Alexis rushed out. I followed her as instructed.
We stepped out near a crowded pier, appearing out of what seemed to be thin air to the great confusion of many around us.
Alexis downright cackled, “Ahahaha! So much to play with!” Her eyes were wide and her irises were fully dilated. “Oh, this is going to be such a wonderfully wicked day!”
She held out her hands and an anomalous energy shift occurred around her. I watched as the surrounding crowd of people within a 15-meter radius all fell to their knees or collapsed in various ways. My systems monitored fluctuations in their blood pressure, and it was soon apparent that the blood in their bodies was being forced up to their heads.
Faces turned red and many let out choked screams. Alexis let out a sadistic cry of laughter, spun in circles, and began to sing, “All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel! The monkey thought ‘twas all in good fun…”
With a sickening crack, several people’s skulls broke open, followed by the contents forcibly shooting into the air before splattering on the ground. This event occurred at random points in the crowd as differing people’s bone structure had slightly different failure points.
“Pop!” Alexis giggled, “Goes the weasel!”
I looked over the crowd as they screamed and rushed to seek safety. There were at least forty corpses around me. I nudged one twitching individual, staring into his face. I noted how his expression twisted in anguish during his final moments. I reflected for a moment.
“No big brother, I do not think I have any compassion at all,” I reported to Rage. Our line of communication generally remained open.
“Curious,” came his reply.
Alexis laughed as she spotted people running to the water, dancing and twirling her way to the edge of the pier, “Wait, where are you going?!”
I followed Alexis to the edge, looking down on the people who dove into the water. People screamed and one man looked to be quite the swimmer, quickly approaching the opposite shore.
Alexis focused on this man, a sick grin on her face, “Almost… right… now!”
Just as his head went under the water, a bright flash of blue occurred. He flailed about in a panic. I watched as his head rose above the surface, and to my surprise, his head was now encased in ice. As she gleefully focused on one individual, who desperately clawed at the ice encasing his head, dozens more escaped her reach every second. I sighed impatiently.
Alexis tittered to herself, “Freeze! Don’t move!,” laughing madly as those who were still attempting their water-bound escape were frozen in place. As the ice formed all around them, it split in some areas. Those bound inside the ice screamed in agony as their limbs both froze and broke as the freezing water rapidly expanded and cracked against the piers.
“Oh, I’m having so much fun!” Alexis cried out, clapping.
“Your method is inefficient,” I politely explained.
Alexis pouted, then began to sing, “Every party needs a pooper and that’s why they invited you,” she stuck out her tongue at me childishly, “party pooper!” she drew out the final ‘oo’ in the word ‘pooper’ for unknown reasons.
I scanned the ships and zeroed in on a large ferry with several hundred passengers, “Quantity is the goal,” I thrust my staff toward the side of the ship, letting the apertures expand. I braced myself and grunted as the force of my weapon knocked the ship clear on its side, causing it to tilt wildly, barely stopping short of capsizing. With a swift motion, the staff retreated, and I could not help but grin as the ship rocked just as far the other way, flinging passengers into the water as it swung uncontrollably.
I observed that cargo and passengers had so wildly shifted that a disproportionate amount of weight was now concentrated on one side. On the next tilt, the ship dipped so far down that it took on water and slowly began to sink, now unable to return to an upright position.
Alexis snickered, “Okay, that looked kind of fun, we should sink some more ships!”
A modulated voice interrupted us, “That is enough of that.”
I turned to see a male, standing approximately 190cm, and a shorter female at 160cm.
They were not normal individuals. The male, despite my abilities, was not known, or identifiable. I was not positive if he was indeed male, but assumed it reasonably likely based upon his height. He wore a helmet over his face that obscured every feature of his head, and neck. Marked on it were seven eyes, possibly to show the “Seven Eyes of God.” The helmet was symmetrical in that there were three eyes on either side of the helmet’s front, with a single eye in the center. All of the eyes were wide open, and none were designed as left or right facing eyes.
He wore dark clothing, a pair of slacks, and a trenchcoat. My scanners were all blocked by outside interference. Whatever, or whoever, this person was, they were aware of Master Xyphiel’s technology and were keen on blocking any form of being identified. I reported to Rage immediately.
The female next to him, however, was easily identified. She was featured prominently in the database. United States Army Captain Sofia Vasquez, Avatar of Samael, an unusually fearsome and powerful Angel of God. Leader of an opposition movement to Mistress Ragna and Master Xyphiel. Her dark brown hair was loose, flowing, and shoulder length. Her eyes, upon my scan, showed only 20% functionality, milky haze covered a strange set of irises which appeared as an irregular multitude of hues. Attached to her back were six wings that allowed flight, white, red, and black pairs of wings respectively. She was a very rare type of life form, a Nephilim.
“Sandy?” The mystery figure asked me.
I smiled and shook my head, “It’s Serenity now.”
I calculated a high likelihood that the combatants had some form of defense against Master’s technology, making it ill-advised for me to attack them directly. “Liquify them!” I shouted to Alexis, “Make the helmet pop!”
Alexis tittered again, “With pleasure!” The familiar energy quickly built up, flowing and surrounding her. As the deadly force surged toward our adversaries she jumped up and down, squealing like a rambunctious child.
To my surprise, nothing happened. Alexis’s happy smile faded, “Huh? Hey, no fair!” Alexis pointed, narrowing her eyes, “How are you immune? Cheaters! Cheaters!”
The unknown one took a step back, seemingly unnerved, but Sofia stood her ground.
“I’m blocking your vicious little water spirits, Alexis, they are weak, you are weak, and you’re not going to lay a finger on Major F!” Sofia charged Alexis. I felt a twinge of distaste as Alexis visibly shrank back. No wonder Master needed me, Sofia was proving herself to be formidable.
I thrust my staff between them, blocking Sofia’s strike on Alexis. “She is not to be harmed. If that is your objective, Captain, then you must get through me first.”
The Nephilim’s attention was successfully diverted to me. As she swiftly delivered an assault, I sensed the powerful unearthly energy she commanded. The shockwave of energy that rippled through my body was spiritual, meant to knock my own aura out of commission. It was intended to stun me unconscious without killing me. An odd choice of attack. Perhaps compassion for my host body handicapped her?
Of course, one needs a spirit to be affected by a spiritual attack. Just as she was immune to Alexis’s attack, I was immune to hers.
Sofia’s eyes narrowed on me, her hand still gripping my shoulder. “You soulless bitch.”
“Lucky me!” Using only brute force, I grabbed Sofia’s hand and flung her down the street into a building. Her body shattered a large plate-glass window in a satisfying collision.
Major F now advanced on me, pulling out a military-issue combat knife. I blocked it with the staff and adjusted the apertures to the appropriate size before slamming the staff against his helmet. To the helmet’s credit, it did not appear rattled by the mighty blow.
Thanks to Rage’s satellite data, I could see Sofia had regrouped and was now preparing to attack me from behind. As she ambushed me from the left, I easily blocked her fist with my free hand without the need to turn my head. My superior strength seemed more than capable of holding off both Major F and Sofia’s strikes with each hand without having to exert much effort.
“Alexis, I will handle these two,” I announced, “Why not continue your fun with the ships?”
Alexis giggled and ran off across the water. Rage’s satellites kept an eye on her for me, as I was handling the commanders of this opposition force.
Sofia tried to kick my leg out from under me. I bent my leg in a manner to catch her foot and sharply turned, thrusting her body into Major F’s.
I spun my staff mockingly, giving my best impression of a majorette while grinning widely. “I do hope you have more tricks up your sleeve than that!” I announced. “I am the culmination of Master Xyphiel and Mistress Ragna’s technological might!” Pride swelled through me as I continued. “I am their most superior creation to date!”
Where the sensations of pride and the savoring of power came from, I wasn’t sure at first. I quickly deduced it must have been the personality choices I made as I declared loudly, “I am Serenity!”
Major F and Sofia both repositioned, and she drew a Desert Eagle pistol as he adjusted his knife.
I was now certain Major F was male, and that the pair were significant others. Whether I could use this to my advantage would be determined.
Without a word, the pair launched a coordinated attack.
I raised my personal shield against Sofia’s weapon, and I noted it was not just a normal projectile. She was channeling some kind of energy into it, as was Major F. Clearly, these creatures were not nearly as technologically advanced as my Master. Their power came from a different source.
Sofia fired several rounds in quick succession. My shields blocked the projectiles while Major F rushed me from the left. I parried his strike with the staff, working to save my shield for blocking Sofia’s bullets. I attempted to disarm Major F by flicking the staff against his fingers, but he quickly dodged the blow.
My analysis showed his fighting technique mirrored that of Mistress Ragna’s logged weapons combat training programs.
With another swift motion, I blocked my stomach from his next jab, but staggered back as four successive shots from Sofia’s weapon severely damaged my shield! Shield integrity had dropped to 30%. While the shields were potent, they had their limits. I brought the shields down to recharge. To buy time, I thrust the staff into the ground, releasing the apertures and using the staff’s expanding length to hurl me high into the air. I had no need for wings!
Now in the air, my systems had a moment to recharge.
Rage’s satellite showed that Alexis was encountering resistance at the ships. A different and more powerful species of Angel was engaged. To complicate matters, this combatant was almost certainly Zepherina, Mistress Ragna’s daughter. I cringed, hoping my primary objective would not force me to harm Zepherina, as that could be punishable by death, as per Rage’s data on Zepherina.
My attention was split now, as Alexis’s survival remained my top priority. I urgently needed to return to the harbor, but Sofia chased me into the air and flew at me hard and fast.
I gripped the staff tightly, judging from its length that was still embedded in the ground. I pulled the apertures nearest to me closed, sending me hurtling downward into Sofia’s path.
Sofia caught my foot as I collided with her, and I smiled, “You’re a tough cookie!”
Sofia glared at me, saying nothing as she fanned out her wings, slowing my descent. To my shock, she even pulled the staff out of the ground; that should not have been possible. “Major!” she yelled.
They had some tricks up their sleeve after all! My shock continued as I saw Major F in the air, though he lacked wings, rushing towards us. He was upon me before I had a chance to process the new and strange experience of feeling astounded. He thrust his knife into my chest, the knife striking my host’s heart.
I let out a gasp, knocking him back. Blood gushed from my chest for a moment before I could close the wound. Sofia used my vulnerability as an opportunity to shoot me in the gut.
The bullet caused far more extensive damage to my body, and I shouted in anger. Self-preservation now became my main objective, as I could not save Alexis from Zepherina if I myself died. With my newfound focus, I exploited the fact Sofia was still holding onto my foot and I violently whipped her back and into another building.
She hadn’t expected me to still be active. She skidded across several windows as she careened down to the street below, and Major F rushed to her rescue. I smirked at her mistake in underestimating my superiority.
Rage’s voice echoed in my ears, “Little sister, are you in need of assistance?”
“Negative,” I responded as the wounds closed. My stomach was in the process of healing and the damaged systems began to restore. I rested for a moment, bringing my shields up around me to ensure I was not damaged further while repairing.
Rage’s satellite data showed that Alexis was still struggling. She was attempting to sink a ship, and Zepherina seemed to be keeping the said ship afloat. The fact that Alexis still lived flooded me with relief. Before I could return my full attention to Alexis’s safety, my shields registered three strikes from the back.
I turned to face Sofia and found myself staring down the barrel of her pistol. I felt pleasure at seeing blood dripping from her forehead and numerous lacerations crisscrossing over her arms and abdomen. Her brow was furrowed in anger.
“Oh no, you look upset!” I taunted.
Energy surged through Sofia and I wondered if I had made a grave error.
I noted that her black wings served as her connection to the power source she used. As I focused on the pistol, she unexpectedly attacked me with her free hand, striking my cheek with a devastating right hook I was not fast enough to block.
My shield integrity plummeted from 39% to 0% as I flew across the pier, smashing into a large wooden pylon. The pylon cracked and shuddered as I assessed the damage to my body. Broken jaw, four cracked ribs, shields lost.
This was not going well! Strangely, I knew the best course of action would be to ask Rage for help, yet my newfound pride caused me to reject the notion. How curious.
Sofia landed next to me and cracked her neck, “Angelic powers not working on you? Fine… then I’ll just have to fall back on my Army training, and kick your ass!”
She charged again, she was relentless. This time I successfully blocked her blow with my staff, but she followed up with another strike, a kick meant for my gut. I lifted my leg to defend and shuddered at the might behind the blow.
While I had felt more powerful strikes from Mistress Ragna, those strikes were in the context of sparring. These were strikes meant to disable me and give her an upper hand.
I whipped my head back and struck her forehead with mine. Sofia roared in fury, and to my surprise, she returned the blow. Her next attack forced me to block using my forearm, and I shuddered as the forceful impact knocked me off balance. I was weakening.
“Hey! You’re getting your ass kicked by the bitch. Let me have a go at her!” A female voice echoed in my mind. Rage's data confirmed this was Mistress Ragna’s wife, Rachel Hippolyte.
“I apologize, Mistress Rachel, but I am busy at the moment,” I advised her respectfully.
Rachel’s voice chuckled, “I want revenge on that psycho bitch! She nearly killed me.”
“I may end up with a similar anecdote,” I replied.
“Let me in there, sweetie,” Rachel requested, “I can help.”
I had no issues communicating with Rachel even as I barely fought Sofia off. I had no need to interface with her as I did with Master Xyphiel, so no effort was diverted. I could respond almost immediately because Rachel’s communication system was the same as my own. She was cybernetic as well.
“You’re operating remotely; even a millisecond would be too much lag with this one. She’s far too fast,” I advised. “I am Serenity by the way.”
“Yes, Xyphiel’s new toy.” She sounded a bit sarcastic with that statement. “Well, do me a favor and give Sofia one for me!”
Sofia landed a blow to my gut, still numb from the previous repair. This gave me an idea - deception! I bent over, giving the illusion of incapacitation.
Just as she was about to strike me with a descending elbow, I leaped forward and flipped, landing a devastating kick onto her shoulder.
I felt bone crack!
“Nice one!” Rachel piped up again, “Well I’ll leave you to it, my wife is rather agitated at the moment, happy hunting!”
Sofia staggered back, holding her shoulder as Major F reappeared, knife drawn.
“That is a gift from Rachel,” I grinned, “Unlike you, I can repair myself as I fight,” I boasted, my jaw now realigned.
Major F’s robotic voice growled out, “You are an abomination.”
Rage’s satellite showed Alexis poised to take a strike directly from Zepherina.
Without wasting time, I dashed from my current position. My legs moved just fast enough on the water to keep me afloat, allowing me to run across the water’s surface.
One final leap against the surface tension of the water and I was face to face with Zepherina, the spitting image of Mistress Ragna. Her violet eyes widened as I appeared. I cracked my staff against her jaw, and to my disappointment, it had very little effect.
Zepherina’s eyes blazed, “No more death!” she bellowed as she attacked.
A knee to the stomach shattered my spine and sent me flying backward into Alexis. I marveled at Zepherina’s strength, it was greater than Sofia and Major F combined!
I assessed Alexis’s vitals as we both sank. She would be fine. My spine was in need of repair, and I was at the limit of my energy stores. I needed to recharge, and badly. It was time to swallow my newfound pride.
Big brother, requesting extraction. A black portal opened underwater, pulling in a large amount of water along with us. I gasped as we landed in a room with a grated floor. The portal closed.
Alexis groaned but was alive and unharmed. I had achieved success. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I leaned back, catching my breath. My spine snapped back into place. I rested as my systems recharged and repaired.
Are you all right, little sister? Rage asked.
Yes. I...took too much damage in too short a period of time, I admitted.
We can investigate solutions to that if you would like, Rage offered.
I’d appreciate that, big brother, thank you. I leaned my back against the wall, making sure Alexis was on her side and breathing normally.
Master Xyphiel’s angered voice now chimed into my head, “Everyone! Report back. I’m erasing this city from the map, now! We can then discuss your numerous failures.”
I winced and picked up Alexis, making my way to the bridge.

Rasper stood next to Syria, whose arm was in a sling. Alexis stood between Syria and me, her eyes downcast. Xyphiel looked to Syria, then me, “Both of you performed admirably. Serenity more so than you, Syria.”
Syria cast a sidelong glance to me, “Thank you, Master.”
Xyphiel then sharply addressed Alexis, “You attacked Ragna’s daughter. Are you really so hopelessly stupid? Do you understand the grave affront you have committed?”
Alexis looked up to Xyphiel, “She was near the boats! I wanted to sink them!”
Xyphiel grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the ground, “Your magic does not work on the kin of your masters, you psychotic, moronic nymph!”
Alexis gasped and flailed in the air before she was promptly dropped by Xyphiel.
“Unbelievably, we have an even bigger failure. An act I consider downright betrayal,” Xyphiel turned his wrath to Rasper. “Explain, Rasper. You had the Lycanthrope on his deathbed. But instead of ending him, you summoned the enemy to come to his aid!?”
“I summoned Tasha,” Rasper looked up from his kneeling position, “Tasha loves ‘im. I couldn’t do that to ‘er, I couldn’t hurt ‘er like that again.”
Xyphiel’s eye twitched, and I watched as his black wings unfurled, his body shifting into his red draconic form so swiftly that his boots were ripped to shreds by his lizard-like feet.
His clawed hand grasped Rasper's shoulder, claws sinking into his flesh, “So your defense for your failure to kill one of Sofia’s most effective warriors is that you wished for Tasha to bed him?”
Rasper flinched, “S-she loves the man…”
“He’s a descendant of slaves in this world, and a mongrel to boot, not a man at all!” he thrust Rasper to the ground. “You feel that dog is worthy of Tasha’s hand?” Master Xyphiel spat.
Rasper’s hand was on his shoulder, “He fought… well…”
“I am glad you think so… your insubordination and rebellious attitude were tolerated only because it is prudent to have a dissenting voice when strategizing… but this? This is more than just a disagreement of a battle plan or a debate of morals!” Xyphiel roared, “This is treason!”
Rasper shuddered.
“How should I punish treason?” He roared at all of us. Nobody spoke.
I also remained silent, unsure of whether I should do anything. Was this compassion? I regretted Rasper was in this position, getting the ire of Master Xyphiel. But was it merely that I considered what it would be like in his stead? I prayed I would never make as grave an error in judgment as Rasper did.
Rasper heaved a sigh, “I dunno, you decide. You neva’ listen to me much anyway.”
Xyphiel grabbed Rasper by the shoulder, deep in thought as he dragged him down the hall, “Follow me,” he commanded us.
We all followed in uncomfortable silence. As we walked, Xyphiel’s claws dug deeper into Rasper’s shoulder, blood seeping from his wounds.
We reached one of the rare doors in the hallway that had a window to the outside. The data over the door said “Airlock.” The door opened as Xyphiel approached.
Xyphiel hurled Rasper inside, the airlock shutting the instant Rasper was inside, “Rage, depressurize the airlock and repressurize it every time Rasper is about to lose consciousness.”
“Confirmed,” Rage droned.
“Ensure the heating systems are off as well. Let us make sure our fire mage feels the burn of frostbite from the void,” Xyphiel grinned as Rasper’s bloodied fist pounded on the glass silently. “Remember this pain Rasper. Remember it well. And let this be a lesson to you all.”
A red light flashed on the airlock door, and the pounding grew less frequent. I looked into the airlock, accessing the interior camera.
Rasper was on his knees gasping for air and collapsed when the air was pushed back in. He was shaking and spat out blood as the cycle was about to begin again.
“Hold,” Master Xyphiel ordered. He pressed an intercom, “Do you have anything to say in your defense, Rasper? Anything at all that might quell my anger?”
Rasper’s bloodshot eyes looked up to the window of the airlock, “As a matter of fact… yes.”
Master Xyphiel raised his eyebrow, “What’s that?”
Rasper had a sly grin on his face as he spoke, “Tasha and the wolf are engaged to be married.”
Master Xyphiel roared at the airlock, “Rage! Double time, keep him in there for 60 hours! Let’s see if it improves his behavior!”
I frowned as Rasper went back to cycling between suffocating and screaming in pain as the air rushed back into the room. Ice formed on his eyebrows as he screamed.
While I might have lacked compassion, one thing was completely clear. I would avoid ever finding myself on the receiving end of Master Xyphiel’s fury.
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