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"Taking the masks off" will be a step in dating before kissing in the future.

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Of all your "firsts" (first date, first kiss, first step, whatever), which one would you absolutely relive if you could, and which are you most glad you'll never have to relive?

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What do you feel are the comfortable ages for steps in relationships? (Dating, Kissing, Actually going all the way)

I was talking with some of my classmates, two of whom have confessed to liking each other, but say they are uncomfortable being in a relationship at their age. They also act very uncomfortable at the mention of sex stuff. So what do you think are the appropriate ages for going through each of the bases?
Sorry for the long amount of text, I'm just not sure how to concisely phrase this.
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Now kiss

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Consent and Unwanted Sexual Attention

There's been two recent posts on this sub (here and here) discussing the importance of consent. They generated some good conversation, and most people seem to agree that if a person iniates sex, they are responsible for ensuring they receive verbal consent beforehand.
But I think this discussion fails to recognize an big area of worry and confusion for men outside iniating sex.
What ought our norms to be for iniating physical contact? I'm talking about a kiss when you feel like it's the right moment, a hand on a back or thigh when you're trying to turn the heat up, etc. Should we always expect some form of unambiguous consent before taking these actions, or is this an inherently grey area that will always be context dependent, and which is too complex and varied for any universal rules to apply?
We have recently become more aware the magnitude of unwanted sexual attention women too often receive, and men too often perpetrate. By definition, any form of sexual touch without consent has potential to be sexual assault or harassment. Of course, a kiss or a hand on the back are not the things that most people are talking about when they call attention to these issues...but still, most men do not want to risk their actions ever being the type that a reasonable person might call sexual assault or harassement.
Just to make myself abundantly clear, I am not referring to sex, nor any more extreme forms of sexual touch. Rather, I'm interested in the more minor forms of touch that men are often expected to initiate, but around which there is very little expectation - perhaps even an "anti-expectation" if you will - to ask "can I do this?"
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[Relationships][Sexual Health] My FTM boyfriend let me be intimate with him. I’m so frickin’ happy you guys.

Throwaway because he follows my other reddit account and I don’t want to make him uncomfortable by gushing about it because I know it could be quite dysphoric. This is me gushing basically.
I am 18 he is 17. We have been together for like 10 months now but had a lot of chemistry for months beforehand and have liked each other since probably September 2017. We weren’t able to get together because he was in a really unhappy relationship and his ex-gf would complain all the time how shitty of a boyfriend he is and how they never had sex. They were together for a year and a half and had sex twice right at the end of their relationship. My boyfriend was kind of pressured into it because of how much his ex would complain she wanted to have sex but obviously he was never that into her and they never really had much of a connection. So he’s been on the receiving end in 2 situations when it really wasn’t comfortable for him.
Since being together I see how much of that was bs because he is genuinely the most loving, caring, supportive and kind-hearted dude I’ve ever met. I really am so in love with him. We also ended up having sex like a month and a bit into us dating. He’s in a shitty situation with his home life so we’re planning to move in together next year. Luckily if we split up my family is very loving so I can always come back here, but I can’t foresee that happening any time soon.
Yesterday my boyfriend came round. I helped him finally submit an application for his hormones and general transition shit. I’m so proud of him for this!!!
Anyway he’s also very very shy and awkward and we both respect boundaries a lot so I ALWAYS ask if he wants to make out before I do it. But yesterday he kissed me on the cheek and I kissed him too and we just started kissing, without anyone asking, just from body language cues, and it was comfortable and it was great and it got intimate and lovey.
I’ve been a pillow princess since we started dating because he’s not comfortable with being on the receiving end bcs dysphoria. It’s always caused me a lot of sadness because it fucking sucks when your boyfriend tries so so so hard in bed and he won’t let you give back to him and make him feel good because it makes him uncomfortable.
But yesterday, for the first time ever he kinda let me dominate him lol. And he was having a good time. I checked if he was okay with me putting a knee between him and he said no because it was uncomfortable but eventually (not through pressure, just through him being into it) he let me do it and he looked like he was having such a good time. I kept making sure before I did anything such as kissing his neck and stuff because he doesn’t like his neck being touched but yesterday he was really really into it. I didn’t do any physical touching on anything besides his face, just let him do his own thing with me, to make sure he was comfortable with whatever was happening.
I can’t express how fucking happy I am. I asked him afterwards if he thought it was worth it (if the enjoyment was worth the dysphoria) and he said yes. It was so fucking good to finally see him enjoy himself. His trust means so fucking much to me. I know it doesnt seem like a huge deal but I can’t stop crying about it because I’m so overwhelmed with love. It just felt like a huge positive step in our relationship and rn I feel so fulfilled that for once he didn’t have to put in any effort that he wasn’t getting back. I love him so much! I really love him so much. I really needed to gush because I wasn’t sure where else to unload these positive feelings and this sub is pretty casual. I loved every second of it, seeing him smile and cuddling him afterwards and feeling loved and sleeping next to each other. He makes me so happy. It would really suck if we ended up splitting up because I know we’re only young and its possible for things to not be as good. But I know I’ll always appreciate how good things were between us no matter what. He really is the best person I know and my best friend.
Thanks for reading <3
PS always make sure your partner is comfortable and there’s nothing embarrassing or shameful about asking, even if you’re scared it ruins the moment. You know what ruins the moment more? Your partner losing trust in you to keep them safe.
tl;dr ftm boyfriend and i have been together for 10 months, he has never felt comfortable with sex bcs spicy dysphoria but yesterday he was into it and i’ve cried a lot about it because it made me so happy wtf
Edit: aw thank you guys so much for your support 😭!!!! i wish i could tell my boyfriend how much everyone liked this story but he doesnt know i posted about this :(
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Does height matter? Not to all women.

I’ve seen a lot of posts from guys worried about dating because of their height. If you have a fun and positive personality - you’ll be a step ahead of a lot of other guys.
I can’t speak for all women, but the ones I know who are looking for a serious long term partner, are looking for someone with good communication skills, someone we can talk to about anything and everything. We are looking for someone fun - a guy who can make us laugh. Someone honest, kind, encouraging, friendly and generous. Someone who will love and accept us just as we are.
I’m a 5’4 female dating a 5’4 male. He’s the perfect height for hugging and kissing. My married friends are all married to guys less than 6 ft tall. Most men are under 6 ft tall. According to Google, the average height for an American man is 5’9. The women I know do not care about height. I don’t know why that’s become such an issue on the online dating sites.
If you love yourself, and the life you live - people will be attracted to you. Live your best life and don’t get stuck in this mindset that something you can’t control (like your height) is limiting you. Be the best you that you can be - we’ll notice.
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Thoughts on Rob Endres and Reddit Hysteria

So, I watched episode 2, and Rob comes across as very creepy throughout the episode.
But stuff like this I genuinely find fucked up - people are working themselves into a furor on the basis of very little:
Literally just a ton of conjecture on the way Rob comes across in a 45 minute documentary to conclude he's a "sociopath" when, very sincerely, he could just be a guy whose wife was kidnapped and murdered and is not acting the way you want him to. I mean, just imagine he's totally innocent, imaging having to read such leaps about yourself. I'm shocked this shit it getting upvoted.
Could Rob be involved? Yes. Is breaking down his facial expressions to prove his guilt sane or reasonable? No.
There is no evidence against Rob other than that:
  1. He comes across as creepy in the episode,
  2. He comes across as controlling in the episode,
However, the episode leaves out a lot of information - it wants you to be suspicious of him.
What is the issue between him and Pistol? We don't know, they didn't tell us. (In any case, it's fucked up - but we don't know why Rob is so callous towards Pistol, and the background there - but a step-parent hating a step-child is a story as old as time.)
What is Rob's history? We don't know, they didn't tell us. Genuine narcissists, abusers, they tend to have a history of abusive behavior. Nothing provided to indicate he has a background along those lines.
I don't think he's a narcissist. I don't think he's a sociopath. These are huge leaps to make based on the information we have. He's just a bit off/weird (and it's exacerbated by the documentary format), and is not acting in the way we think a guy in his situation should act. But he does genuinely seem to get emotional about stuff. Sleeping with her ashes, kissing her skull, could just as easily be someone going through extreme grief, or a possessive/controlling person upset/mad they lost their possession, as they could be evidence of guilt.
I also note that of everyone involved in this case he will be the one that was looked into most closely (as he pointed out himself).
Some things I found by doing a Google search (all of this is from before the documentary, and more contemporaneous to when Patrice went missing):
Further info for someone who has the time:
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Yesterday I got to marry my 2's partner <3

Yesterday I got to marry my 2's partner <3
Yesterday I got to marry my 2's partner and best friend! And I owe it all to Rocket League and a Discord server called MiddleAgeNoobs. Crazy right??!!! Well here's how it all went down.....
You know they say you can have love at first site, well on October 3rd 2018 I experienced Octane at first site, and damn was it the most amazing Octane I had ever seen! It was just a typical night hangin out with the fellow noobs in a private match in the MAN (MiddleAgeNoobs) server, and then Azzy jumped in and dazzled us all with his twirls and air dribbles, and it was on!! He even ended up changing his steam name to match mine, and we pretended to be husband and wife for the night, and damn was I smitten. I wish I could say that we fell in love that night and became a thing right then and there, but we all know that's not how life works :/
Incoming!....My apologies for this next part it is a bit pathetic on my part, but what can I say, I'm a girl who knows what she wants..... I then spent the next 6 months trying to get this amazing GC to talk to me, be my friend, know I exist, anything! But as we all know when interacting with someone online, you have to tread lightly, you know stranger danger and all that, so I had to keep my cool, and it's not as if we never talked or played together, but it was becoming more and more apparent to me that he thought I was just one of the boiis and wanted to be just friends.
And then in April he just disappeared......and I thought well ggs it was fun while it lasted.
Then in July I was on the hunt for people to join a tournament taking place, and on a whim I decided to contact Azzy with a casual "Hey nerd", naturally expecting nothing in return. However to my surprise I got a "what up" response, and I swear I was more hype and excited by that message then when I went to RLCS in Vegas and saw Cloud9 beat Dignitas!!
We then picked back up our casual friendship and pleasantries of friendly banter and occasional flirting. Now obviously this is only from my perspective, and I have no idea what he was thinking or feeling, but in September something changed I finally got the courage to tell him that I "liked liked" him. To my surprise he actually said he liked me too, Holy Cow! Then on October 14th 2019 I officially became the girlfriend of the sweaty GC RL player I had been crushing on for over a year <3 (we also have this date engraved inside our wedding bands)
Now we had to meet, and so he Nick (aka Azzy) took the rest of his vacation time off and booked a trip to come see me at the end of December for a week for new years eve and my birthday, which was at the beginning of January. Guess I should mention he is from BC Canada, and I lived in Southern California, typical. Imagine actually meeting someone and falling in love with them in your same zip code, calculated am I right!
The holidays dragged on and the day finally came where I got to pick him up from the airport, and from the moment of meeting and that first kiss I knew I had found my best friend. Life however had a different plan in mind and after getting to spend two amazing days together I wound up in the hospital with pancreatitis...Siiiick! I mean who doesn't want to spend New years and their birthday in the ER with someone they just met, he was totally gonna fall in love with me after the way I smelled not having showered for over a week right! Well I sure as hell had fallen head over heels in love with him, and could not believe the way he had stepped up and taken care of me and was just there for me. Overall I was in the hospital for 10 days with pancreatitis caused from gallstones and had to have my gallbladder removed, and I have no idea how I would have made it through that time without him. He spent all day with me at the hospital, only leaving when visitor hours ended and he had to, and kept me from going crazy and alone in pain. He even extended his trip and found a way to stay and help me recuperate after surgery, and that was it boiis and grills...I had found my 2s player for life!
He of course eventually had to return home and to work, but as soon he got home we made a plan for him to fly back out and we were going to drive back to Canada together. I work from home remotely, so job check. I was renting a room at the time and most of my stuff was in storage, so being able to pack up all my stuff and travel with just my essentials, check. Of course my whole family had fallen in love with him for being my hero while visiting, so families blessing to leave the country and run away with this guy I met online, check. I'm not sure if fate and destiny are actual a thing, but the universe was definitely on our side and on February 4th I drove out of California and into my new life.
So read this how you oad to Rocket League and Discord....a sappy love story of how a girl gamer met a boy online and fell in love.....either way this story ends with "And they lived happily ever after in Beckwith park" <3
What a play!
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Actual legit challenges for dating as a guy interested in women

So following up on this post I got to thinking about there is value in talking about and thinking through the legitimate challenges and difficulties that guys who want to date women face, without conflating those challenges with issues about consent or using those challenges to excuse bad or criminal behavior by guys. Because while people often do conflate them, I do think that they can be distinguished. Now, many if not most of these challenges are really side effects of sexism and patriarchy and as a result 1) men should not presume that they have it worse off than women and 2) ultimately the structual answer to these questions is to dismantle patriarchy. BUT I don't think "don't date until patriarchy is dismantled" is a realistic solution. On the other hand learning to navigate these challenges in an ethical way can make a small contribution to making the dating world less shity place for men and the women they date.
Before I get into specifics, just by way of background I am a mid 30s straight cis guy living in a big US city. I would say I have a pretty positive dating life and while I do find a lot of the below frustrating, on net I feel like I can navigate these issues. BUT, prior to my mid 20s I was completely clueless about how to take initiative in dating, which means I barely ever did. And I found the process of figuring it out to be frequently baffling and frustrating. This mostly took the form of realizing way after the fact that I missed signals that someone was interested, going on dates that I thought went fine but not getting a second, and having a lot of anxiety about "making a move"

  • Men are expected to be the initiators and for most people being the initiator throughout a social interaction is uncomfortable
For a variety of reasons that are mostly related to sexism women are socialized not to be the initiators of sexual or romantic relationships with men. That means men are the ones expected to do it. But "initiating" is not a one time thing. A sexual or romantic relationship of whatever kind typically invoves several junctures where the expectation is that the man will do the initiating. This is not how other social interactions work. If we think about platonic friendships going from stranger to friend involves several junctures where one person or the other has to take initiative to move the relationship forward, but usually both people each take some of those steps. But in a heterosexual romantic or sexual relationship, at least at the outset, the man is usually expected to ask for the phone number, propose going on date, suggest the first kiss, suggest going somewhere private at some point, etc etc. Being the one to do that at each juncture is not naturally comfortable for most people, and can present an emotional road block that guys have to get over.
  • There aren't set norms about the pacing of dating, everyone has different expectations yet it is taboo to talk about
As mentioned above, initiating in a way that ensures consent is a baseline. But initiating in any fashion, including through seeking verbal consent to do something, is not always socially appropriate. Some of this is not much of an issue because it is obvious. If a woman shows up on a coffee date with me I should not suggest, 15 minutes in that we go to the bathroom and have sex. BUT not all situations are so clear cut, and people have vastly different expectations about the pacing of dating and various physical and sexual "firsts." Some people think sex on the first date is fine, some people don't kiss until the 3rd date. However, it also is not considered a normal topic of discussion on a first date. And while it is fine to request consent to something and be turned down, generally you want to be in the ball park of "this is something I might reasonably expect you might want."
  • Not only are women socialized to not initiate, they are often socialized to not express too much interest which makes it more difficult to know when and how to initiate on a date
As a result of the above, guys who ARE concerned about consent will use social cues not as a substitute for consent, but as a cue for when asking for consent is liekly to get a yes or at least not to seem out of place. But not everyone is equally good at social cues and in some cases women feel reluctant to make their social cues too obvious, because showing too much interest is sometimes stigmatized, and because predatory or abusive men might use that show of interest against them down the line as an excuse for their behavior. To be 100% clear, straight men, including straight men who want to date ethically, are not the primary people hurt by this dynamic. But it does lead to a side effect that men often feel clueless about their date's level of interest and therefore feel very uncertain about where to take things.
  • women are also socialized not to provide negative feedback, leading to men being baffled about where a date went wrong
Again I want to preface this with: this phenomenon is caused by sexism and men should realize that even if it leads to frustrations in dating, men are not the primary victims here. It is often the case that women are reluctant to show their displeasure at behavior on a date or express why they might reject a guy. This is in part because men often react badly to this, and the best thing to do is seem friendly and agreeable, end the date politely, and then decline another date. This is all sensible and reasonable behavior but it does have the side effect of sometimes leaving men clueless as to why a date went wrong, which can often be due to an easily correctable bad habit like talking too much, being overly blunt, etc.

Anyway, I just thought that getting the ball rolling on this could help people sort out their own dating issues. If you find dating frustrating, does this help? anything to add? If you feel like you have navigated these issues well, any wise words? And of course anyone who isn't a straight man who wants to chime in please do so.
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Went on my first real date with a woman last night!

...and I got back home at 8am this morning 😅
For the record, I arrived at her place at 8pm. We cuddled and watched movies on the couch, and talked for hours. For the first hour or two I was terrified to try and make a move. I went to the bathroom after movie #1 ended and I came back out with a plan to AT LEAST hold her hand (dating isn't something I have a lot of experience with, much less dating women, so I was trying to muster up the courage to do literally anything). When I sat back down she immediately grabbed my arm and put it around her and then the cuddling began and pretty much never stopped. By 5am she had fallen asleep with her head in my lap, still holding my hand. By 7am we started to clean up because the coffee table in the living room had collected multiple empty water bottles and a couple margarita glasses on it. I left at 7:30am, and got a quick but sweet little goodbye kiss on the lips before I left.
That was my first time kissing a girl. And my first time kissing anyone in many years. Hoping to get more comfortable with kissing as our dates progress... and I'm excited to see our relationship evolve. I'm seeing her again in 2 weeks and I can't stop thinking about cuddling with her or kissing her. The whole date was so sweet and adorable and romantic. Everything I could've wanted for a first date.
So many thanks to everyone in this sub who has unknowingly helped me step into my identity, just by simply existing and sharing your stories! Love you all! ❤🏳️‍🌈
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Need advice for the next step (very good date but she avoided the kiss, she's still texting - don't know what to do)

So there was this girl. Met her in early July, at some friends'house. She lives far and will only have a flat in town in september + vacations, can't schedule first date anytime soon.
September comes. I'm pretty busy, we try to find a date, but we can't. Finally she take the initiative to propose september 23rd. Ok, I take it.
September 23rd : she's on time, me too. We start in a pub. We chat, we play tug of war, for kino. Cool. We follow up with a restaurant because she's hungry. She leads me to a place. We eat, do some childish/playful stuff like firing bits of paper at each other. I propose some games with hands, so we kino.
She wants me to see her new place. She takes me there. She offers me a drink. We chat. I propose to read her palms because chat is boring. She listens carefully. She wants me to read again. Kino, kino, kino. I have to kiss her. I don't know how to do that. I grab a pillow and throw it at her. Pillow fight ensues. I grab her hands. She grabs my hands. I pull her to me, so I can kiss her. She... avoids the kiss. God dammit ??!?
We speak for another 30 minutes. It's getting late. She asks me to leave.
Friday 25 : I sent her a silly SMS, just to see how she would react. She replied within the minute. We exchanged a few more SMS, then I stopped to answer. She sent me a few more, even if I was not responding.
Same scenario sunday 27th. I have in my phone an open question from her I never answered.
TL;DR : very good date but she avoided the kiss. She's still texting - don't know what to do. What would you do reddit ? Should I let it go ? Or should I try again ?
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I went on my first real date with a woman last night!

...And I got back home at 8am this morning. 😅
For the record, I arrived at her place at 8pm. We cuddled and watched movies on the couch, and talked for hours. For the first hour or two I was terrified to try and make a move. I went to the bathroom after movie #1 ended and I came back out with a plan to AT LEAST hold her hand (dating isn't something I have a lot of experience with, much less dating women, so I was trying to muster up the courage to do literally anything). When I sat back down she immediately grabbed my arm and put it around her and then the cuddling began and pretty much never stopped. By 5am she had fallen asleep with her head in my lap, still holding my hand. By 7am we started to clean up because the coffee table in the living room had collected multiple empty water bottles and a couple margarita glasses by that point. I left at 7:30am, and got a quick but sweet little goodbye kiss on the lips before I left.
That was my first time kissing a girl. And my first time kissing anyone in many years. Hoping to get more comfortable with kissing as our dates progress... and I'm excited to see our relationship evolve. I'm seeing her again in 2 weeks and I can't stop thinking about cuddling with her or kissing her. The whole date was so sweet and adorable and romantic. Everything I could've wanted for a first date.
So many thanks to everyone in this sub who has unknowingly helped me step into my identity, just by simply existing and sharing your stories! Love you all! ❤🏳️‍🌈
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My wife has a removable face. I’ve never glimpsed what lies beneath it, but my best friend has.

Samantha told me about it on our third date. We were watching a movie on her couch when I made my move to kiss her. She whipped her hand in front of my face and blocked me.
“There’s something you need to know,” she said.
I braced myself. Here it comes. “I’m not ready for a relationship. Nothing to do with you, of course.” It was the absolute last thing that I wanted to hear, because I was already crazy about her.
“Okay,” I said.
“I have a removable face.”
That’s a new one. “You have a what now?” I was about to laugh, but she was wearing a deadly serious expression.
“I have a removable face.”
“Is that, like, a metaphor or something?”
“No. My face is literally removable. Look. Closely.” She lifted her chin and traced her jaw line with a finger. “You can see the seam.”
After admiring how beautiful her neck was for a dizzying moment, I leaned in for an inspection. It was very hard to see, but it did look like there was a slightly unnatural transition there from her face to her throat. I grew dizzier, as a dozen questions rushed into my brain.
“Don’t bother asking why or how or anything like that,” said Samantha. “I can’t tell you that. If that’s going to be a problem, you should leave now. I’m letting you know this because I like you, and I want to take the next step, but this is non-negotiable.”
“Okay,” I said, unsure of what was happening. “Not a problem. So what? You have a removable face. Who cares? It looks good.”
“There’s something else. Once a day, usually in the evening, I have to remove the face and disinfect the inside of it. If I don’t, it will rot. This takes about an hour, give or take, depending on how my day went. During this time, you must never ever look at my real face. Never. Do you understand?”
“Y… yes. Got it. Don’t ask about it, don’t look at your… ‘real’ face.”
Samantha stood up. “Now, I’m going to go into the bathroom and clean my face. That will give you plenty of time to think about what I’ve told you. If you’re here when I’m done… that’s great. I would like that. But if you’re gone… I’ll understand.”
She turned and walked into her bedroom. I sat in stunned silence as I heard the bathroom door close.
I gave the thing some serious thought. It was possible that it was a joke of some kind. It was possible that it was a delusion. Was it possible that it was true? Well, it was certainly possible to transform an actor’s face with movie makeup, so I supposed it was possible that Samantha wore a “removable face” every day. Maybe she had had a horrible accident where her flesh had been mangled. Maybe her face had been melted by acid, or burned by fire, or the skin shorn off by heavy machinery. If it had, I would never know, because she would never tell me, and I would never see it.
I pictured a face of raw, naked muscle, rotting away. Could I kiss her, if that was what I was kissing? But wasn’t that what we all were, under the skin? Just muscle and bone and blood and squishy organs.
I paced around the living room, running my hand through my hair. I liked Samantha, a lot. She was smart, and funny… and beautiful. But was that beauty real? Did it count? Did it matter if it was “real” or not? Was I being superficial even worrying about it?
When she came out of the bathroom, I was still there. I looked at her face. She smiled and I was in love.
We dated, we moved in together, we decided to get married.
For the most part, it was a completely normal relationship, typical of two young people in love, building a life together. During the day, it was easy to forget about the face altogether. It looked natural enough, and only in certain positions, in certain lights, was there ever any indication that it wasn’t natural.
But every night was the same. Samantha would close herself in the bathroom – sometimes for an hour, sometimes for two – and clean the inside of her face. The curiosity never left me. I would sit there and wonder what was under that face. I came so close to barging in on her a few times, but I never did.
I did occasionally ask her about it. About what, if anything, had happened. About how it was possible to make the removable face look so real. About what it really looked like underneath. I tried to coax her into showing me, assuring her that I loved her no matter what, and didn’t give a damn what her real face looked like… I was just curious, that’s all.
She never showed me, or told me the story behind it. She didn’t get upset at me (unless I was really badgering her.) She’d just shrug and say, “You know you can’t see it. You know I can’t tell you about it.”
I never told anybody about Samantha’s removable face. It’s not that she asked me not to. I just didn’t think it was anybody’s business.
Except once, I did tell somebody.
It was during my bachelor’s party. We had rented several cabins in Big Sur and spent the night drinking and packing our noses with powders that we shouldn’t have been packing our noses with. Everyone else had passed out and the sun was creeping up behind us as I stood on the majestic cliffs with my friend Chris, looking down on the pacific waves crashing against the rocks.
Chris was my best friend; as close to a brother as I’d known. We’d grown up together, and visited each other at college often, and spent the summers together. After college, we’d moved to different cities, but we stayed in close contact.
Standing there on the cliffs, I told Chris about Samantha’s removable face. At first, he thought I was joking. Then he had a thousand questions, most of which I couldn’t answer.
“What’s underneath?”
“I don’t know, man. I don’t know.”
“Doesn’t that drive you crazy, not knowing?”
I shrugged. “Lots of stuff I don’t know. Don’t know how to do calculus, and I don’t know what happens when we die.”
“But dude, she’s about to be your wife. And you don’t even know what she looks like. I mean, I’d have to take a look. Like, you could set a camera up in the bathroom. That’s where she does it, right? Set up a camera and have a look and then you’ll know.”
I sighed. “Yeah, it drives me crazy. I’ve asked her a million times. But she told me I could never look. Gotta respect that, man, even if I don’t like it. That’s love.”
Chris laughed. “You telling me to respect a woman? Up is down now.”
Then we fell back into talking about old times as a new day dawned.
Chris was in town for business last week, and planned on spending the weekend at our house. The conversation at Big Sur had happened four years ago, and we hadn’t spoken about Samantha’s removable face since, despite keeping in close contact and seeing each other as often as two people transforming into adults in different parts of the country can.
It happened on Saturday evening. We were lounging lazily in the backyard, deep into the beer, having just finished with some grilled steaks, when I got a text from work.
“Goddammit,” I groaned. “I have to make a work call.”
“Seriously?” said Samantha, raising an artificial eyebrow. “On a Saturday night?”
“My biggest client, baby. Sorry.”
“It is what it is, I guess,” said my wife. “I’m going to head inside and get cleaned up. Chris? Are you okay just hanging out for a bit?”
Chris smiled. “I'll be fine. Got my beer, got some weeds to pull in your garden. God knows your lazy-ass husband isn’t going to do it. Those tomatoes are choking to death. It’s a tragedy.”
I rolled my eyes and went into the side yard to make my call.
15 minutes into it, I heard the screams coming from inside. Both my best friend and my wife were wailing in terror.
I dropped the phone and ran into the house and down the hall to our bedroom. Through the open door, I could see that the door to the master bathroom was also standing open.
“Don’t come in!” screamed Samantha. “I don’t have my face on! Call an ambulance! He looked! Oh God, he looked!” She sounded desperate, and truly horrified. That made me desperate and horrified, and I wanted to rush into the bathroom, but I knew suddenly that that would be a mistake.
I knew suddenly that Samantha didn’t want me to look at her real face not out of a sense of vanity, but for my own safety.
Chris staggered backwards, out of the bathroom. He was holding a straightened out paperclip, which he had used to pick the privacy lock. Now he was stabbing it again and again into his eyes, shouting gibberish. He was clearly in the depths of madness, and it turned my stomach to see him mutilate himself.
“Call a fucking ambulance!” my wife screamed. “Don’t come in here! He fucking LOOKED!”
I turned and ran back to the side yard, where my phone was lying in the newly mowed grass. My client was still on the line, alarmed, asking what was happening, what all the screaming was. I hung up on him and called 911.
When the paramedics arrived, Chris was having a seizure in the hallway. Samantha was stroking his head, sobbing. Her face was on, but it had been done hastily, and everything looked a little off.
My world has been dark this past week.
My best friend is in a psychiatric hospital under suicide watch. He’s completely blind and mostly catatonic, except when he slips into a violent, babbling mania. The doctors are optimistic that his state is temporary, but they don’t know the truth about what caused it, because I told the paramedics that Chris had taken a large dose of psychedelic mushrooms and fallen into psychosis.
I saw no good reason to tell the truth about what had happened. Who would believe that one look at my wife’s “real” face would make somebody insane? At best, we would be the subjects of a long investigation; at worst, we would have to prove that what we were saying was true, by showing somebody Samantha’s face. Then the same thing would happen again, and what after that? I had no idea, and no interest in finding out. For Samantha’s part, I knew that she would never consent to show anybody her real face, no matter what the consequences of refusal were.
I did get a follow-up call from the police, asking me to confirm my story. The hospital found no traces of psilocybin in Chris’ blood, though that’s not unheard of, since it has a short half-life. If they end up testing his hair, I will likely be in a lot of trouble. But that’s truly the least of my concerns.
Samantha is in a state of her own. She still cleans the inside of her face, though not as regularly, and when she puts it back on, it’s always crooked now. It is beginning to smell a little bit.
I’ve tried to assure her that it wasn’t her fault. “He knew,” I said. “I told him that nobody was ever allowed to look at it. He knew and then he broke into the bathroom. This is not on you, baby. Please. Talk to me.”
“Not on me? That one look at my fucking face makes people insane? Please. I just need some time alone.”
As for me, I am doing my best to hold it together. Do you know what’s strange, though? Despite what happened to Chris, I still find myself curious about what my wife’s real face looks like. More curious than ever, really.
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My [21F] mother [46F] hates my sister [6F] with Down Syndrome and blames her for our dad leaving us. She won't let me take custody of her and I don't know how to continue living like this.

To preface this, we live in Austin,TX.
My mom was 39 when she got pregnant with my sister and a few days after her diagnostic screening confirmed it was a baby with Down Syndrome, our dad moved out and filed for divorce. Without my dad's income, mom had to sell our house and we moved to a different neighborhood. It was nice, but it wasn't an upper middle class neighborhood like the one we used to live in. During her pregnancy, she was committed to being the best mom to my sister (let's call her Mary) and me. A few weeks after giving birth to Mary who, other than Down Syndrome, had no other health issues, my parent's divorce was finalized.
Mom got full custody and dad got visitation rights twice a week, but I refused to see him and he didn't want anything to do with Mary. To this day, we don't have a relationship at all. Him and mom were never very hands on parents, I had a lot of nannies growing up, but I never thought both of them would end up being so fucked up. The finalization of the divorce hit my mom like a truck and she spiraled into postpartum depression. I was a high school freshman when all of this happened and, on top of having to move to a different place where I didn't know anyone, I had to step up and help take care of my sister because my mom couldn't do it alone.
While I was at school, she would do the most basic things like give Mary the bottle and change her diaper, and then she would wait for me to come home and "help" with the chores and Mary. To "help" was to clean up the house a bit, take care of Mary for the rest of the day (nap time, play time, sensory time, physical therapy at home following the activities spreadsheet her physical therapist gave us, changing her diapers, feeding her for the rest of the day and night, bathing her and putting her down to sleep), order dinner because neither one of us was a great cook and also find time to study and do schoolwork.
Even though my mom had 10 weeks of paid maternity leave, she decided to go back to work when Mary was 8 weeks old. She did find the best daycare for her and I was honestly relieved knowing that Mary would be properly cared for while I was at school. My mom started to get better once she was back to work but she still didn't care that much about Mary, so I called her sister - my aunt - and told her everything. She offered to find my mom a good therapist and pay for it, and my mom agreed and she started therapy.
Something I feel is important to mention about my aunt, she married into a wealthy family and lives in Georgia. She has 3 daughters and a son (aged 16, 20, 23 and 25), and she's very conservative. While she's never openly talked about Mary having Down Syndrome, it's visible that she's bothered by it. She's especially bothered by the fact that my mom lost a "good marriage and a good home" because of Mary. She never calls for Mary's birthday but she does wire me $200 to get her a present, every single year. It's basically pity money to acknowledge that Mary exists and that's it. I'm waiting for the day I'm financially stable enough to give her back all the fucking birthday money she sent us over the years.
During high school summer breaks, my mom would be angry with me because I refused to work and make money for my own expenses. My father did pay around 2k in child support for Mary and me, but that money would go towards our health insurance and whatever remained would be for me to buy anything Mary and I needed that wasn't food, medicine or gas. I didn't want to work because summers were the only time of the year I could actually have some time for myself. Every summer, Mary would only be in daycare a few times a week for a few hours while I would do housework and run errands, and we would spend the rest of our time together. She certainly had some developmental delays, but by the time she was 3 and a half, Mary was already walking, talking, sleeping in her big girl bed and she was potty trained. All of that because I worked with her and I did whatever I could to make sure she was as independent as possible.
Right around that time my mom stopped seeing her therapist and she'd already been off antidepressants for a while. She was no longer struggling with depression, she just regretted having Mary and making peace with that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I always hoped that she would get better and that she would come around, but no medicine could help the way she disregarded Mary.
I graduated high school and even though I had known for years that college wouldn't be a part of my reality, it was a really painful time for me because it's something I wanted. Still, after a one month trial period at my friend's mom's event planning agency, I landed a full time, well paying job. Mom and I were a bit financially stressed because my portion of the child support ended when I turned 18, so this job really saved us and I was so excited to finally start saving money and to give Mary her own room since we were sharing one. But since I got a new job, my mom decided to cut her hours and only work part time because she was "tired of being the sole breadwinner" and "she deserved to slow down and semi retire."
I was really pissed off because I had to pay for roughly 70% of all monthly expenses for the household while she would pitch in here and there, and spend the rest of her money however she liked. She no longer felt obligated to financially contribute. I ended up getting a second job a few months later, it wasn't a full time job because I worked from home and I got to choose my projects. I basically booked social media influecers with companies and helped them figure out if they were a good match for advertisements and campaigns. It was really easy and I was able to make an additional $800 - $1500 a month.
After about a year, I had saved enough to buy a really good used car. My mom did get me a used car for my 16th birthday but she didn't want to pay for all the repairs it needed so I spent over 3 years driving Mary and myself in an unsafe car. I was proud of myself so you can imagine the absolute shock that ensued when my friend called me to ask me why I was selling the car I just got. My mom posted photos of my car on her Facebook and put it up for sale because, according to her, I "didn't need a fancy car." She said we could split the money and I could get a more cost effective car since I had to be more responsible with my finances. The argument that followed was our biggest one yet and we ended up establishing some strict rules when it comes to our relationship. From that moment on, our mom became like a roommate to Mary and me. I even stopped calling her "mom" and started using her name. I did find comfort in knowing that Mary wasn't alone in this, our mother was treating me the same and it was not us, it was never us, she's just someone who never should've been a parent.
I remodeled an upstairs office in our home and turned it into Mary's safari themed bedroom, I got us annual Disney passes, we travel and go on little road trips together, I've learned to cook pretty well and Mary loves helping me, I have 3 friends I consider family who love Mary and me unconditionally... It's a good life. A great fucking life, so I hate the fact that I'm subconsciously victimizing myself because of everything.
I've kissed once, I've been on 2 dates with 2 different guys, I've never had sex, I never party, I take Mary to my hair and nail appointments, I take care of all of her medical appointments and therapy, I know every nursery rhyme and toy unboxing video to ever have existed on YouTube. God I feel guilty even typing this out, but I get overwhelmed with sadness and bitterness when I think of the life I wanted and never got to have. I'm like a 50 year old trapped in a 21 year old girl's body. And it hurts even more when I hear how my mother compares me to my 20 year old cousin who moved to Austin for college. The two of them go shopping together, they have brunch together, she knows all about her fun college life, the boys she's dating and she makes sure to always emphasize how lucky my aunt is to have such great, accomplished kids. Another things she likes to do is mention how my other cousin has won several beauty pageants, and she only does this because my friends once asked me if I'd like to apply for our school's pageant and she tried to embarrass me in front of them by saying that I "couldn't win anything with my daddy's face." I throw myself a mini pity party whenever she kicks me where it hurts and then I look at Mary, at this sweet, little, soon to be 7 year old girl who just finished first grade with the most smiley and star stickers from her teacher, and I feel so ashamed of myself.
Quarantine has been difficult for us because we suddenly had to be home with our mother all the time. I had to coordinate my work and Mary's homeschooling, and I really tried to minimize all outings because Mary has asthma which makes her high risk. My mother, however, would go to the store twice a day just to get out, or she would go to the park, and even now that things have started to open up she was the first one to go and eat out and visit friends like it's no big deal. Because of that, another huge argument ensued and I told her that we should go our separate ways if she'll let me take custody of Mary. I was serious and she knew that. She told me that Mary has already caused her embarrassment because she had to divorce and that she's not letting it happen a second time by making herself seem like she's unfit to parent. And she's right, I don't have much to go on even if I wanted to take her to court to claim that she's unfit, at least not with this budget. It would completely drain my finances and I would probably lose the case and lose Mary for good. She's not abusive or hostile towards Mary, she's just.. not anything towards her. It's not even neglect because she does pay for a few things and she will babysit if I have to run somewhere, but she's literally like a strangeroommate to us, not a mom.
That really crushed me and I was sitting in the kitchen thinking about everything when Mary came to ask me for a snack. I didn't hear what she said so she talked back and I yelled at her. I snapped at her for the first time ever and she looked at me the same way she looks at our mother. I'm so terrified that I'll allow myself to become like her because she's just pushing my buttons whenever she can. At this point, all I can do I save money like crazy and gather copies of all my finances and bills as proof that I take care of Mary, and wait for a few years until I can pay for a good lawyer and court expenses. I can't spend decades with this woman and wait until she dies and I get custody over Mary. I can't. I don't know what else to do to keep my sanity and most importantly, to stop these feelings of self pity and victimization because all they do is make me feel guilty and Mary doesn't deserve that. I need a pair of fresh eyes to read this and give me some advice.
EDIT: I've been contacted by a legal advisor whose company does pro bono work, so I'm going from there. I also didn't want to make it sound like I have no money, I do - I have a great salary and I have enough to afford things like Disney trips and eating out a few times a week. But I pay for almost all household expenses, I pay for insurance, I pay for everything that Mary needs and that's why I don't have much in savings. I'm actually going to transfer half of the bills to my name and only pay my half, I know my mom well enough to know that she'll get a little mad and then she'll use this to milk more money out of my aunt.
I will also pick up extra freelance work and since we've been actively quarantined, we've already cut back on a lot of expenses. With all of this, I'll be able to save even more to move out when the time comes. I don't want to drag Mary through court with corona on the loose because she's high risk, I'll give it a few months until things hopefully calm down a bit and then I'll take legal action. I just needed reassurance and encouragement that it is possible to find a way out.
EDIT2: Oh and I promise I will have my friends babysit Mary and I will go out more (post corona) and do things for myself. Maybe I'll even start dating, I'll suck at it but hey, we all start somewhere. It's really easy for me to feel incapable when I need help, but you guys made it clear that help should be welcomed. I don't think I've ever felt this much support coming my way. I've also been researching therapists for a while now, I'm not sure if I'll go to therapy right now because I want to tighten our budget, but it's one of my priorities. And yes, my mom and aunt really are a pair of Karens. Don't I know it
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How do I (23f) initiate sex with my "friend (23m)?"

Me and this guy have been friends for years and have expressed feelings for each other at different points in time, but the time was never right. We've kept in contact despite me being away at school for the past few years. Now that I've graduated, we live in the same town again and can hangout again. He recently asked me if I wanted to hangout with him, and I'd love to. However, I'm out of town visiting family and can't until I get back. We've been texting fairly continuously and are doing some mild flirting. How do I up the flirting to a little less innocent?
Also, I'm a little nervous that I'm reading too far into, so I don't want to be super direct at first, but things feel different this time and like they might go somewhere. I also feel like he also might be afraid to initiate anything more than slight flirting because like I said, we've both expressed feelings that didn't go anywhere. So, when we hang out, if the mood feels right, how can I subtly initiate any physical activities between us? Ideally, or maybe I should say eventually, sex, but I'm not a virgin and I'm pretty sure he isn't either, but I'm not sure yet how fast I want to take things with us.
TLDR: how do two shy friends with feelings for each other slowly transition from slight flirting to sex when they hangout after a while?
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People on dating sites really need to disclose whether or not they have kids.

I know this type of post is nothing new, but every so often this experience I had with a guy a few years ago pops up in my head and irritates me.
When I was 22, I went on a date with this guy who I think was around 28. We went on a date, ended up going to a concert together for our second date where I noticed a photo of him and a baby on his lock screen (thought maybe it was a nephew or something), then kissed at the end of the third date. On the third date I noticed he had a baby seat in the back of his car so I asked him “oh, who’s that for?” And he responds “my son.” I had to do a double-take after that but didn’t continue the conversation further.
After that we both went back home and the next day I ended up texting him saying that having a kid is really something you should bring up either online or during the first date, that I’m only 22 and don’t really want to be in a step-mom situation, and he starts going off on me.
He starts going on and on about how he waits at least FIVE dates before he actually brings his son up, telling me he doesn’t want his kid to meet his potential partner until months into the relationship (good I guess??), and that because I told him it was a dealbreaker “THIS IS WHY I DON’T BRING IT UP RIGHT AWAY! BECAUSE WOMEN TREAT ME LIKE YOU DID!”
It was jarring to have someone so much older than me turn into a child because I told him people who didn’t want kids would appreciate not having a CHILD sprung on them deep into a relationship. Not to mention always having an ex in the picture which, I don’t want to deal with.
I’m still having a hard time finding men in their late 20s or 30s that definitely don’t want kids, but I’d rather just get it out right away than have to deal with something like this again.
EDIT because I have had to comment this multiple times: I am 26 now, and a lot more well versed in online dating and what I want for myself and my future partner. Up until that point, people had always disclosed when they had kids, so it didn’t cross my mind that it was something someone (especially an older guy where there’s a little less stigma) would hide. Not to mention being young and in college doesn’t exactly scream “I want to be a step mom, immediately!”
But yeah. I have CF in my profile now. Usually ask about it right away if I wanna move things further, along with a lot of other vetting questions... I got this. lol
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That's It I'm Done

Throwaway account cause she knows my other reddit. Anyway buying my wife a car and filing for a divorice. I wouldn't even do that but if she doesn't have a car she will lose everything and I'm not mean.
Our bedroom has been dead or dieing for at least a year. We moved into our new home February 2019 this house was supposed to be ours to start our family together.
Then her loser disabled mother divorced her step dad and pleaded for us to move in. With the promise she'd be out in a few months. It's now been 1.5 years with no move out date or attempt to move she sometimes contributes to the house but nothing much meaningful and definitely can't be relied on.
Then her dumbass brother moves in. He gets caught up in a "pedo sting" trying to meet/fuck a 14 yr old girl. If we had kids he wouldn't of moved in but we don't and I have no say so he moves in to. He is on 24hr house arrest can't work can't even walk to the gas station nothing. He has been waiting for court proceedings for the past year. He might get 2 years in prison and he might get 5 years probation who knows.
All that shit and I still hang on for a sliver of hope. Maybe just maybe I can fix this. Maybe her brother will go to prison or be able to get a job and move out maybe her mom can get section 8 housing and leave.
Then the final straw as follows. We were sitting on the couch watching some rerun of law and order that we have both seen at least 2x. A commercial comes on and I turn to my wife and start kissing her arm just ya know random affection. She looks me dead in the eye and says "why don't you ever just watch the show". IT WAS A COMMERICAL A GOD DAMN COMMERICAL. I don't cry much but god damn I had to excuse myself to the bathroom and let a few tears out. Point being...... I'M DONE
EDIT: holy shit didn't expect this much support thank you so much glad I'm not going crazy with my thoughts. I see a lot of people saying don't buy the car. Here is the thing we only have one car we share it I'm not purchasing a car with a loan it'll be 1000$ beater to get to work and back (7 miles). If she loses her job she loses everything WE worked for nah fuck that worked too hard to fix my credit. And as long as she can get to work the bills are mostly covered and she can have her mom do the rest. I'm out and due to the insanity of this post it's going to be deleted at 12am EST again thank you everyone.
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Two dates, no kiss, suggestions for next steps?

We had what I thought were two really good dates. I kept her talking, escalated kino, but got totally blown off when I went in for the kiss. She actually said "I know you're trying to kiss me, but not right now."
I'm sure she could read my disappointment in my face, was totally unprepared for that.
Suggestions for kiss fail recovery? And How do I proceed with this chick? (Note I'm 30m and she's 29f)
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Late bloomer heart broken after first short relationship

Edit : thank you so much to everyone that took the time to read this and give me so much support. I'll cherish what people have written and continue to revisit these replies.
Hi, I'm in need of some support following my first month long relationship with a girl. Some background, up until meeting her I was a 28 year old dateless virgin stemming from a chronic lack of self confidence and embarrassment. I'm a very sensitive and anxious person, and have always wanted someone to love and cherish. She (26) has been my next door neighbour on and off for many years but we had never spoken. She invited me outside for some drinks on her birthday, 3 days after having been dumped by her boyfriend. I ended up going inside her flat with a few of her friends near the nights end, we were rather drunk, as I was leaving with the others she asked me to stay and we ended up kissing, I woke up in her bed the next morning. We talked for many hours and had a good laugh. A few days later she posts a note through my door asking if I want to go for a walk, and we did so the next day. I'd been incredibly anxious up to this point about what had happened. She mentioned she had hangover blues and I said I had too. I said I had to be honest with her and I said I hadn't kissed anyone since I was a teenager. She was shocked because I didn't seem like that, and she was very non-judgemental. That night she came to mine and we did a zoom quiz with my friends, she stayed the night, we kissed, we said let's take it slow.
From there we were hanging out daily, I turned 29, we were talking all the time, we kissed, we held hands, we cuddled, went on walks, sat in the sun, held each other, we made plans for the future, shared our mental health with each other. We had sex, she took it so slow with me, made sure I was comfortable and didn't pressure me. We got closer, she would message how much she fancies me, that she's really fond of me. I felt like the stars had aligned. Of all the times for me to meet someone and lose my virginity it was in lockdown. And she's so beautiful in every way, we got along so well, would laugh at and with each other, matched interests and are both creatives, it felt so.. magical. She wondered how I was ever her first, that I'm handsome and likeable.
The more attached I got, the more anxious I became, I was desperate for it to continue. After a sleepless night at hers where I was panicking that I was going to ruin it, I went back to my place where I slipped into an anxious mess, she messaged asking how I was, I asked her to come round. She asked what I was worried about, I said I was worried the anxiety and insecurity I was trying to overcome was clouding the real me, that she wasn't seeing my best side and that I was worried I was going to push her away. I told her I liked her for so many reasons and I really wanted us to work out. She said she hadn't been her best either, that we'd rushed into it, that we'd been spending lots of time together and we probably need to give each other space. She said she thought I was great but we should go back to dating and dial things back. I felt relieved after this, she could have walked away but she seemed like she wanted to continue things, just at a slower pace.
However following this discussion her attraction to me seemed to fade, we spent less time talking and seeing each other, and when we did, I was initiating everything, kissing, holding hands, suggesting things to do. I kept looking for validation by trying to get passionate kisses out her again, but it felt so one sided. My anxiety and negative thoughts were through the roof, I was hurting already so much thinking I'd lost her. I took her for a picnic which went great I thought, we had fun. Towards the end of the night she said she needed space, that she was being a bit weird and that we rushed Into it so soon after her previous boyfriend, but said we'd be back to where we were at some point. I felt great thinking all I had to do was respect her space and back off for a bit. I didn't hear from her for 5 days, we bumped into each other and had a strained and awkward conversation where I weakly asked when we could next hang out to which she did not seem interested in. I left it 9 more days with no contact.
My friend pushed me to get on tinder to build my confidence up, I entertained his idea without any actual intent, and ended up seeing her on there with recent pictures. I was heartbroken, devastated, hurt beyond words. I decided I had to talk to her, the next day I asked if we could talk. I said I felt like I'd been left hanging, that I didn't fully understand what giving space meant, that I'd found it hard having no contact with her, and that I have feelings for her. She said she doesn't want to be in a relationship right now, that she needs space, that she'd get weird and unpleasant if she rushed into one now so soon after her breakup, and that she does have feelings for me. I brought up Tinder and said you're obviously entitled to be on there and that we weren't in a relationship but I was crushed and hurt knowing that she'd be with other men. She said she wanted the option and to fulfill her high sex drive without getting attached to people. She said she really wants us to be to friends and to just hang out and see where we go from there, that she wasn't promising anything nor ruling out us being a thing. I said I would not wait for her as its unfair on both of us. She thought we were really exciting and we had a great time but had to put the breaks on or I'd get hurt. We laughed about the fun we had, I left and thanked her for being honest and having that talk with me.
Now I am a heart broken mess. I was so excited about our potential future together, all the things we would do. She was my ideal partner and I don't think that's coming from her being my first. Everything about her is amazing and I feel like I've lost an absolute gem of an opportunity to develop and grow with someone. I can't stop thinking about all the mistakes I made, what I shouldn't have done or said. I keep holding onto that tiny thread of hope that we can be more than friends. I dread having to be friends with her with these feelings I can't let go of. I'm terrified of how ill feel when I see her with another man. I fear hearing or seeing her which I often do since we live next door to each other, what a terrible situation. I miss being close and intimate with her so much, I was so happy with her.
My mistakes that I've become aware of were that I was too needy, overbearing, over invested, too open and honest about how I felt about how I was feeling, too predictable, too open about how insecure I was. I put her on a pedestal, I sacrificed too much of myself for her, I needed her affection to validate me. I didn't play it cool enough, I didn't give her enough space. I should have known that I was a rebound, 3 days after her ex ended things with her.
Deep down, I know we wouldn't have lasted, she's far more developed than I am, has an exceedingly more interesting and busy life than me, is very sexually experienced and has needs that I can't fulfill. There are parts to her that I did struggle to accept, such as her mostly being friends with other men which drove my insecurity mad. I just wish that I was more like her or more like the the person she would want to be with.
I don't know what to do or how to get over this, I'm such a late bloomer, I'm so scared of having to get out there and find someone Instead of it just presenting itself to me. How can I possibly get over the first woman I've been with who was also the most beautiful, kind, honest and fun person I've known? I want so much for her to stay in my life, I see so much value in at least being her friend but it will kill me if I still have such strong feelings for her, I don't know what to do. The whole experience was like a movie or book, it was too good to be true, it was so exciting, full of fun drama, we got along so well and now it's over, I don't know how to cope or move on or what my next steps should be.
Thank you for reading this far if you have, I just needed to get this out and get some support, I'm broken.
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jun. 10, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Hi all! Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. I was out of town for a funeral and I completely forgot. Back to the normal schedule next Wednesday. Hopefully this post can bring everyone some entertainment, because holy shit what a nightmare the last week has been.

  • So let's take a look at the WWE right now, shall we? Raw ratings are the lowest they've been in 4 years. Smackdown ratings are the lowest in history. Live attendance is at its lowest levels in almost 5 years. The brand split is 10 weeks old and so far, not one new star has really been created. Sure, some have been introduced, but no one is over in any real way. All its done is dilute the star power of both shows. Ticket sales for the split roster shows have fallen off a cliff due to half the stars people want to see not being on any given show. But Dave says this is a rebuilding phase for the company. The brand split was obviously a totally bungled effort and Dave doesn't seem to understand how they fumbled everything this badly. And then, to top it off, they're doing the exact same angle on both shows (heel authority figure vs. top babyface). Nothing about the 2 shows feels all that different. Same production, same style of booking, same website, same writing teams, plugging each others' house shows, sharing PPVs, airing highlights of the other show, etc. None of this feels like "creating our own competition." It just feels like more of the same (18 years later and this has been the case the whole time. Never once have the two shows ever felt particularly unique from each other in any meaningful way because they've never truly allowed Raw and Smackdown to actually compete).
  • That's not to say there hasn't been some effort. They've been trying to make stars out of Angle, Jericho, and Edge. But unfortunately, Edge blew out his shoulder this week and will be out for awhile (ends up only being about a month). Kane was due for a big push after the split, but he's out injured also. They tried for a few weeks with Bradshaw but seem to have already given up on that (they'll try again in about 2 years and it finally clicks). Kurt Angle is still entertaining, but he's being booked as a comedic heel which pretty much limits him to the midcard. Brock Lesnar is getting a strong push, but there's rumors he's been the victim of politics (Dave mentions again how Triple H went to Vince and talked him into stopping Lesnar's gimmick of winning matches by ref stoppage, which was something that was setting him apart and was actually getting over) and now every time he wrestles, even though he wins, he's looking way too vulnerable against lower card guys like the Hardyz. Lesnar is the one newcomer they've brought up lately that has a real star aura about him and they aren't doing shit to protect him (imagine if Goldberg debuted and was having to struggle to beat lower card guys in competitive matches). Orton was tossed out there to languish with no real direction. Leviathan was given the terrible Deacon Batista gimmick and brought up to the main roster way before he's ready. So on and so forth. All of those guys have superstar potential, but WWE isn't doing any of them any favors right now. Goldberg is pretty much the only hotshot bullet they have left in the chamber. If/when they ever bring him in and that doesn't work either, then what? "The problem is that WWE has become WCW, in nearly every way," Dave says before listing several examples of how WWE is falling into many of the same traps.
  • Which brings us to Steve Austin and his recent appearance on WWE's internet Byte This show. Austin went on and pretty much called it exactly as it is, saying the writing and creative direction of WWE is terrible right now and that the brand split has been a flop. Austin even made the same WCW comparisons as Dave. And that's pretty much what it is. A top star publicly complaining about the company's product (and not getting punished for it) is textbook WCW. Not to mention the way Austin walked out and no-showed Raw the night after Wrestlemania (again, not being punished for it). Once again, that's some WCW shit. If anyone else on the roster walked out or complained about the management and the writing in a public forum, they'd be punished or fired. Double-standards like that were a huge reason for all the locker room discontent in WCW (I can't find the video of this interview, but here's a recap).
WATCH: Steve Auston on Byte This recap
  • This just goes on and on with Dave critiquing everything wrong with WWE in 2002. They brought in Scott Hall and that went exactly how everybody else knew it was going to go. They brought in Nash and he's doing the same politicking and complaining he did in WCW. They brought in Hogan, put the belt on him, and he's already lost most of his steam. Shawn Michaels is back, but in a non-wrestling role (Dave mentions off-handedly here that Shawn is still claiming his back is injured and he's retired, but there's talk of him doing a one-off match sometime soon and see how things go from there. Needless to say, that's the seed that eventually becomes Shawn's entire second half of his career, but we'll get there). Dave also talks about Shawn claiming that he's found religion and he's a new man and says you have to take that with a pretty big grain of salt. Scott Hall said the same thing and most of the stories of wrestlers who claim to have found religion and cleaned up are usually full of shit, but time will tell with Shawn. And who knows, Dave says maybe he'll end up being one of the few who really means it (damn near 20 years later and, yup. Shawn was legit). There's an issue with using all these older wrestlers in full-time roles and Dave says guys like Hogan will be a lot more valuable if used sparingly. Even Ric Flair, who Dave admits is one of his all-time favorite performers and who can still cut the best promos in the business....but Dave says Flair isn't the answer either and they need to get him off TV because having him such a big part of the show every week is diminishing returns. And finally, to wrap all this up, he talks about other companies that went through hard times and what they had to do to rebuild. WCCW in 1983, AJPW in 1990, WWF in 1998, etc.
  • Tough Enough 2 is in the books and the show ended with the controversial decision for both Linda Miles and Jackie Gayda being declared the 2 winners, while the 2 male finalists were shit out of luck. The final decision was made by WWE producers Kevin Dunn and John Gaburik, as the show is mostly Dunn's pet project. Coaches Al Snow, Hardcore Holly, Ivory, and Chavo Guerrero also had input. Vince McMahon obviously had final say if he wanted it, but he reportedly had no impact on the decision at all and doesn't really seem to give a shit about the show one way or another. Dunn was told simply to pick the 2 who had the most immediate potential so they can do something with them ASAP. Of the 4 finalists, Linda Miles is thought to have the most potential. Dave breaks down her athletic career (including a WNBA tryout) and says she is by far the most athletically gifted woman the WWE has ever signed and picked up the in-ring part pretty quickly. She's also tall, which is usually a good thing for the guys, but with the women, it may work against her in WWE's eyes since she'll tower over all the other women (and some of the guys). She's also attractive, but not in that sex-kitten T&A way that WWE likes. Which brings us to Jackie Gayda, who became the star of the show after her steamy hot tub session with another contestant in which she cheated on her boyfriend and became the villain of the show in a lot of peoples' eyes. She also has the look WWE is wanting, but to be fair, she earned it. It was widely believed that nobody had the passion and desire to win as much as Jackie did and even after tearing her ACL, she refused to drop out of the contest. She has since undergone surgery and is already close to fully recovered (remember the show was taped months ago). The boyfriend she cheated on is still dating her and he was with her at the live finale TV special. On WWE Byte This, host Kevin Kelly mocked the dude and joked about how Gayda will dump the guy as soon as she's on the road full time away from him.
  • Some final Tough Enough notes. Specifically, about the other 2 finalists: Kenny Layne later became Kenny King, 2-time X-division champion in TNA, ROH tag team champ, ROH TV champ, and others and he still wrestles in ROH to this day. Dave says Kenny seemed the most disappointed about losing and he was also the best in-ring wrestler of the 4. Dave thinks he'll still end up getting a developmental deal at some point, he's too good for them to just let him get away. The other guy (Jake Sokoloff) never ended up doing anything in the business. The feeling on him was the he had the look to be a superstar but he just could not grasp the business at all, forgot things constantly, and didn't seem to be all that motivated. But looks alone still got him to the finals, though Dave doubts he'll get a developmental deal. He'll probably be able to milk this Tough Enough thing and get some indie dates if he wants. And if he improves enough to be a passable wrestler, then WWE will likely sign him in a heartbeat. But for now, he's basically a modern day Van Hammer. Anyway, the 3rd season of the show is scheduled to film starting next month and they're already going through applications. Hugh Morrus is expected to become a coach on the show. There's a lengthier screening process this time and they're trying to bring in serious contenders, rather than out-of-shape goofs just so they can make fun of them, like in previous seasons. They're expected to take Tough Enough 3 more serious and attempt to find some real stars this time (that season will result in John Morrison and Matt Cappotelli becoming names in the business).
  • Riki Choshu held a press conference to talk about his departure from NJPW after 28 years there and what his future holds. Choshu pointed the finger of blame squarely on Antonio Inoki and accused Inoki of forcing him out of the company. Choshu had lost his position as booker awhile back and due to his high contract, Inoki wanted him gone. They also butted heads over the amount of money Inoki was spending to open his Los Angeles dojo, noting that the place is losing $10,000 per month and hasn't produced a single star. Choshu took his complaints to NJPW president Tatsumi Fujinami, but even he is powerless since Inoki owns the majority interest in the company. Choshu said that, after all these years, he finally understands why Giant Baba never trusted Inoki. Choshu also talked about the loss of Keiji Muto, Satoshi Kojima, and Kendo Kashin, who all jumped ship to AJPW along with several NJPW office employees. Choshu said Inoki never even tried to figure out what happened or address the problems that led to those guys leaving and didn't even seem bothered by it, even though it was a huge blow for NJPW. Inoki responded to Choshu's comments, saying Choshu was earning and spending too much money. Inoki refused to talk about the L.A. dojo expenses and claimed NJPW's failure to make new stars in recent years was Choshu's fault. Tatsumi Fujinami also chimed in and, perhaps not surprisingly since he still wants to keep his job, he sided with Inoki. Basically repeating the same things: Choshu barely wrestled and was neglecting his office duties and was being paid way too much. Fujinami also defended the L.A. dojo, saying he was against it at first but now sees it as an investment in their future. So what's next for Riki Choshu? No one knows. He said he's going on vacation and word is he may start his own promotion. Dave thinks he'll pretend to start a promotion, and try to do an "invasion" angle with AJPW or Zero-1 but that's just speculation. Dave also has reason to think Choshu might try to poach some wrestlers from NJPW to come with him, in particular Hiroshi Tanahashi or Shinya Makabe.
  • Let's talk about wrestling books, shall we!? Dave first talks about how, in the early 90s, right after the WWF steroid scandal broke, he had a meeting with some publishers about writing a wrestling book, but the general consensus was that wrestling fans can't/don't read. The huge success of Mick Foley's book changed that and suddenly everybody was getting book deals. Foley had two #1 bestsellers. Rock's book went to #1. Chyna's went to #2. So on and so forth. Dave mentions that Sable got a huge offer for a book, but it never materialized for whatever reason. Flair, Lawler, Heenan, Hogan, Austin....all had offers or are working on books. Lou Thesz and Dynamite Kid put out excellent books. On and on. There's no shortage of wrestling books on the market now and, since we're on that subject, Dave has read FIVE recent books and decides to give each one a full review. So let's see what we got:
"Stu Hart: Lord of the Ring" by Marsha Erb. First of all, Dave mentions that Bret Hart has been writing his own autobiography for years that is said to be almost encyclopedic in its detail (yeah, Bret's book is an incredible must-read if you haven't read it. I personally think it's the best wrestling autobiography ever written). Anyway, this book mostly focuses on Stu and the glory days of Stampede Wrestling. Well written and Dave says it's surprisingly accurate, which is pretty incredible given that the author had no previous experience or knowledge of the wrestling business, but it was very well researched and Dave doesn't seem to have any fact-checking to nit-pick here. Erb bent over backwards to try to be fair to everyone in the family, many of whom have wildly different versions of the same stories. Some in the family weren't as cooperative, but she did the best she could with what she had and it's a really good book. He doesn't classify it as a "must-read" the way Foley's first book or Dynamite Kid's book was, but he puts it a level just below those.
"First Lady of Wrestling" by Missy Hyatt. Came out last year but he just finally read it. It's basically a sex-and-tell book, with Missy dishing the dirt on err'body. There were some major omissions (Missy doesn't even acknowledge her recent marriage for example) and some of the names/stories/locations are changed to protect some people she's still friendly with. Dave admits he's been good friends with Missy since way back in the mid-80s when she first started her career and it sounds like he knows some of the dirt on stories that she might have changed. Because of her lawsuit settlement with WCW, she wasn't allowed to write much about her leaving the company, but she did talk in detail about the circumstances leading to it. She tells a lot of stories about her first husband, Eddie Gilbert, though she tries to protect his memory and doesn't go into the details of his death. But the overall theme of the book is basically, "here's all the wrestlers I fucked and here's what it was like." Dave doesn't really address that other than to say that's probably why the book is so popular, so if you're into that, then this is the book for you. Otherwise, not much to talk about from a wrestling business perspective.
"Secret of the Iron Claw: The Story of the Von Erich wrestling dynasty as told by Fritz Von Erich" by author Ron Mullinax. The saddest of the wrestling books. As he was dying of brain cancer, Fritz Von Erich sat down with Mullinax (one of Fritz' only friends he had left at the time of his death, noting Mullinax is a lifelong wrestling fan and was probably Fritz's biggest fan) and basically shared his life story. Which, if you're familiar with the Von Erichs, is a sad story. Not here though. To his death, Fritz refused to stop "working" and as a result, the book is full of exaggerations and outright bullshit. Dave notes that it's "almost complete fiction." And of course, Dave gives a few examples and then tells the real story (example: in the book, when talking about the athletic backgrounds of all his children, it mentions Kevin Von Erich being recruited by the Dallas Cowboys. Not true. He was a starting fullback in college but didn't get any pro offers. Or the claim that Kerry Von Erich could have gone to the Olympics as a discus thrower. Again, he was good and even set some records in high school, but he gave up the sport early in his college career and was nowhere close to Olympic-level. Just shit like that). It also portrayed wrestling as real. Fritz did admit that sometimes, in order to entertain fans, they would stretch it out a little to have longer matches, but he still claimed the fighting was all real. Also claimed they invented using entrance music. No. Fritz also invented the cage match, the barbed wire match, the Texas Death match, and more. Needless to say, no, no, and no. Fritz also took credit for Vince McMahon's later success, saying that he came up with the idea of going national in 1973 and he told his big secret plan to Vince Sr., who passed it on to Vince Jr. and the rest is history. So if you want to re-live the old days of reading Apter mags where everything is portrayed as real and half the stories are total bullshit, then this is the book for you. But Dave thinks it's kinda sad that, even as he was taking his dying breaths, Fritz couldn't drop the gimmick and stop being a worker. Despite all this, Dave seems to have a soft-spot for the book, because he lived in Texas during the WCCW golden age and it's a period close to his heart, but it's among the worst wrestling books he's ever read.
"Hey, Boy! Where'd You Get Them Ears?" by Paul Boesch. This was actually written back in the 80s but was never fully finished or released until it was recently published by Boesch's family. Again, Dave admits he's in a unique position here because he knew Boesch and when he first wrote the book, Dave was one of the first people to get a copy that Boesch had printed up himself. Anyway, this is a really good book....for the 80s. But of course, back then, people protected the business and Boesch was no different, so there's some reality in here, blended with some fiction, while other things are simply glossed over to avoid talking about them at all. For someone who tries to mostly keep kayfabe, it's a really honest book otherwise. Having read this new version, Dave also says a lot of stuff has changed since he read the original in 1988. The final chapters in particular, focusing on Boesch's later years and his honest feelings on people like Vince McMahon, Bill Watts, Jim Crockett, and others are totally toned down from the original manuscript. Seems like Boesch's family didn't want to ruffle some people's feathers and they heavily edited Boesch's true opinions. Anyway, it's a must-read if you're a fan of that era and followed Houston wrestling, but Dave admits it's probably not going to appeal to many people beyond that.
  • (This isn't book related, but Dave recounts a story from Paul Boesch here that's too good not to share. He talks about a time during the dying days of Mid-South when they drew a disappointingly small crowd. Boesch pulled Dave aside and started giving him excuses for why the crowd was so small. It was a rainy day. There was a Houston Astros game that got moved which ended up competing against the show. The local economy was bad. On and on and on. Boesch told Dave every single excuse he could think of for why the crowd was so small. When he finished, he said, "I just wanted you to hear every excuse now, all at once, so you know that if anyone ever tells them to you again, don't listen. What really happened is I booked a main event that people didn't want to see. Period." Dave says, sure enough, in the 15 years since, he's heard every excuse imaginable for promoters when their shows don't draw. But at the end of the day, it comes down to that.)
"First Goddess of the Squared Circle" by Fabulous Moolah. The worst of the bunch, Dave calls it a 200 page insult to the intelligence of wrestling fans. Moolah presents her entire career completely in kayfabe, writing as if every match she ever wrestled was real. Even her 1999 WWF women's title victory over Ivory is portrayed as a real contest where the much, much younger Ivory underestimated Moolah. Stuff like that. She "protects the business" to an embarrassing degree. The book also contains never-ending praise and ass-kissing of Vince McMahon and his father. Unquestionably the worst of the wrestling books that has been released in the past few years.
  • Rumors that AAA in Mexico may be forced into a name change. Apparently there's some issue with Televisa owning the "AAA" name and apparently the promotion is having issues with the network. AAA owner Antonio Pena is said to be considering renaming the promotion PAP (Promocioes de Antonio Pena). If this does happen, it'll be bad news for them. Not just the name change, but Televisa is the highest rated network in Mexico. Losing their show on there would be devastating. (This clearly doesn't happen.)
  • You may remember Carlos Colon's brother Noel was murdered last year. Well the guy who did it was found guilty of first degree murder and other charges and sentenced to 99 years in prison without the possibility of parole. Noel Colon ran some kind of business and they found porn on one of the employees computers, which led to the employee being fired. After he was fired, he returned to the office, shot Colon twice in the head and twice in the throat.
  • AJPW merch sales have tripled because Keiji Muto is a t-shirt selling machine.
  • Pretty much every promotion in Japan is taking the month of June off because the World Cup is being held there, and trying to compete against the World Cup is madness. It'd be easier to just set your money on fire.
  • Atsushi Onita issued a challenge to Riki Choshu for an exploding barbed wire match because Onita never passes up an opportunity to get his name out there. They actually already faced each other 2 years ago and it was pure garbage as a match, but it did huge PPV buys and still holds the record for the 2nd highest Japanese PPV of all time (1st place is a Royce Graice vs. Kazushi Sakuraba match in PRIDE).
  • Davey Boy Smith's father is still trying to get the police in England to open up a murder investigation into the death because he still refuses to believe that his son would have put any drugs into his system.
  • At an indie show in Nashville, Jim Cornette got into a backstage altercation with Ed Ferrara. It was for Bert Prentice's promotion and Ed Ferrara was there because Jeff Jarrett wanted to have Ferrara, Jeremy Borash, and Don West do commentary, as a test-run for the upcoming NWA-TNA debut. Cornette was there because he's always there for these shows. Cornette has hated Ferrara ever since he portrayed the character making fun of Jim Ross in WCW, mocking his Bell's Palsy. And of course, Ferrara is just one step away from Vince Russo and I'm not sure if you've heard, but those two don't get along all that well. Anyway, Ferrara showed up and went around shaking everyone's hand as you do. He approached Cornette and went to shake his hand Cornette started talking to him, quietly at first, but we've all heard Jim Cornette talk. So he gradually got louder and louder and before you know it, Cornette was screaming and cursing at Ferrara about making fun of Jim Ross' medical condition and all that. Then Cornette spat in Ferrara's face and said that was for JR. Then he challenged Ferrara to take matters outside, but people got between them and it fizzled out. Fun times.
  • The NWA title will be decided in a Royal Rumble-style battle royal. They obviously can't use the name "Royal Rumble" but from Dave's understanding, it'll be basically the same rules. He thinks establishing yourself as a second-rate WWE by copying the Rumble on their debut show isn't exactly the best way to set the tone but so be it. Dave expects Shamrock to win because they won't put it on Jarrett immediately (although expect him to end up with the belt soon) and plus, people in TNA think Shamrock is still a big PPV draw because he did big numbers for UFC in 1995. Dave isn't quite so optimistic and thinks they should have just done a tournament. They could have stretched that out over 4 shows instead of 1.
  • Speaking of Shamrock, here's the story with him. He had been negotiating with WWE and they had agreed to let him have a 12-dates-per-month deal, same as Hogan, Nash, and Undertaker. But they wouldn't guarantee him the amount of money he knows he can make this year by fighting in UFC, and WWE refused to allow him to fight while under WWE contract. So that pretty much ended that. The TNA schedule is only 1 date every two weeks, which is enough to keep him in the public eye while still allowing him to train and prepare for potential UFC fights against Tito Ortiz and Dan Severn, both of which are rumored and would do huge business. So there you go.
  • Indie wrestlers James Storm and Chris Harris had a barn-burner of a match at that same Nashville indie show where Cornette was actin' a fool. Because of the match, it's rumored they'll be brought in to TNA.
  • Many of the TNA wrestlers have only signed single-show contracts or, at most, very short-term deals. As XWF proved, this is a bad idea. If somebody in TNA somehow manages to get over, WWE's gonna swoop in and they'll be on Raw by next week. You can't be serious about building a promotion without signing guys to long-term deals so you can safely build around them.
  • We're a week closer and ticket sales for TNA's debut show are still reeeeeally bad. Third row seats are still available as of press time. Dave estimates less than 300 have been sold so far, in a building that holds 7,000. They're going to have to heavily paper the crowd to fill the building for TV.
  • UFC filed a trademark lawsuit against the makers of Fire Pro Wrestling, a video game that uses characters from multiple wrestling and MMA promotions. They settled it out of court, with the FPW makers paying UFC an undisclosed amount of money.
  • Shawn Michaels will be returning to TV as part of an NWO babyface turn. As of now, the plan is not for him to wrestle, just to be an on-screen character. But Dave thinks it's only a matter of time, unless Shawn's back really just can't handle it. But WWE definitely wants him back for another match and Shawn has shown interest in the past.
  • Edge suffered a dislocated shoulder and torn labrum in the Smackdown cage match with Kurt Angle last week. He may be able to rehab it and return in a month or so, but if he needs surgery, it'll be more like 3 months. Couldn't be worse timing, since Edge is getting the first real sniff of the main event scene ever in his career, with Kurt Angle busting his ass to make Edge a star.
  • Goldberg had a meeting scheduled with WWE this week, but he canceled it and never rescheduled it. Shows you how interested he is. NJPW is sending someone to the U.S. to meet with Goldberg later this week to try to get him to work the October Tokyo Dome show.
  • Notes from Smackdown: Maven suffered a broken leg while doing a slide under Christian and his foot got caught in the canvas. This is pretty much exactly how RVD broke his leg in ECW. Anyway, Maven has a broken fibula and will be out 4-6 weeks. He continued the match though, all the way to the finish. They were just starting an angle where Torrie Wilson was gonna be Maven's girlfriend, so tough break (in 2 ways) for him. Undertaker had a match with Randy Orton and Dave gives Undertaker credit for making a real effort to help Orton look good in defeat. It was a damn good match and that was almost entirely because of Undertaker. It's not just him though, Dave notes that everybody Orton has been working with lately is going out of their way to get him over. He seems to be the chosen one right now. (Orton actually talks about this match in the recent Last Ride documentary).
  • The upcoming Madison Square Garden house show is going to feature Hulk Hogan teaming with Steve Austin against Ric Flair & Eddie Guerrero. So much for the brand split. Anyway, it'll be Hogan's first time wrestling in the Garden since 1992 and, brand split be damned, they're putting Hogan on the MSG show.
  • On his blog, Jim Ross wrote about Davey Boy Smith's funeral and noted that his son Harry Smith will get an opportunity to try-out for WWE when he turns 18. He also said they were interested in Jim Neidhart's daughter Natalie, who wrestled as part of that Matrats thing last year. Dave hopes they encourage these kids to go to college first rather than signing them up as soon as they turn 18. It's a hard business and it'd be a good idea to have some kind of fallback plan in place rather than throwing them into the deep end while they're still kids.
  • Jim Ross also wrote that he's planning to release his autobiography in 2004 (ended up being 2017 but close enough right?)
  • Jeff Hardy has been pulled from all house shows but will continue working TVs on Monday night. Dave doesn't explain why, but earlier in this same issue, he once again hinted that Jeff looks like absolute shit these days and isn't half the wrestler he was a year ago. It's pretty clear that Dave knows about Jeff's drug problems but isn't outright saying it. Cuz yeah, Jeff was in deep at this point. Seems like WWE realized it too.
  • There's all sorts of rumors going around about WWE working with various Japanese promotions. Rock vs. Keiji Muto. WWE/AJPW partnership. Joint show with WWE and NJPW. Having WWE developmental wrestlers work Japan. etc. etc. Dave says there may be a little truth to the last one, it's been discussed, but the rest of it is all just bullshit made up by people in Japan trying to work the wrestling magazines and newspapers there. WWE isn't interested in any of that shit.
  • This week's episode of WWE Confidential was interesting because it talked about Davey Boy Smith and they didn't shy away from his drug problems, going deep into the story of his addictions. Although it's worth noting that, while everything else was talked about, steroids were never mentioned. They showed some clips of the lost interview from 1999. If you recall, when Smith returned in 1999 after Owen Hart's death, they filmed an interview with him and Diana where he talked about Bret, Owen, and lots of other issues. This was in the midst of the Owen lawsuit and WWE made the decision never to air the interview and it's been sitting in the vault ever since, with this being the first time any of it was ever seen. None of the clips shown here had anything to do with Owen or Bret. That stuff is all still in the vault somewhere to this day. But they played clips of him talking about his drug issues and his marriage with Diana. They also showed the bump in WCW that messed up his back on the Warrior trap door and even had footage of one of his last matches at an indie in Canada, teaming with his son.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: Steve Austin walks out on WWE, DDP retires, Vince McMahon on Byte This, preview of the birth of TNA, and more...
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I know that many would like to skip the background side, but to fully understand the rest and why of my future choices (this is not the last update. The end is likely to be memorable).
I was a bartender while studying at the biggest bar in my small town. During the week I was studying in Montreal. One ordinary night like Jan 11, 1997, I saw a girl I had never seen, all evening I waited for her to come get a drink. She never came because she was not drinking, the manager came to my bar, we were talking and I saw that she was going to leave, I asked my manager to replace me because I needed to talk to her. I walked over and said, I know I'm not wearing the most believable outfit, but are you with someone right now. C: No Me: I really want to know you, then I'll give you my phone number. C. Why not.
Paf the exact moment that started our life together, all thanks to the fact that my manager came to talk to me and I had the chance to take her before she left. Through This Window of Opportunity, created by the universe a love story and children were born. My beautiful did not have it easy, often absent, I worked evenings, she worked 40 hours, administrative assistant and then it was dinner, homework, washing and going to bed. Then my father hanged himself during a deep depression. I had a lot of difficulty getting back on my feet, I felt like nothing was real, that I was a sheep that follows a flock and runs its life. We burned our economy due to my existential awareness. C .. never know full, always sweet loving, radiant and gorgeous. I am the second man in her life, the first was in high school. Our couple before this event was solid, I never loved my wife like 1 month ago, times are changing and the children have grown up and we are having a good time.
11:45 pm my daughter is slipping into the bathroom and my wife is crying over her life. I'm on the edge of the door. C. Trying to blame it on a menopausal hormone attack blah blah, it's okay with the kids, I think they make the connection with the weekend. Finally everyone is crying for C's hormone. I take her to our room. I am on alert but I find that the situation is still poorly chosen. She seemed to be demolished, she didn't want to tell me, so I told her,: I love you C. Tomorrow morning you are going to get up and tell me the whole truth.
The children were leaving for the weekend. It’s up after they left. I was incredibly calm and surprisingly slept very well. She had all puffy eyes, she still had to cry before she got out of the room, she had a coffee and left for for the outdoor swing. No look in my direction. I followed her and asked, tell me? C .: she says nothing Me: tell me please I need to hear you tell me truth C.: What truth, that it is you? Me: what do you want me to know, tell me the truth. C. At the Spa I flirted with another man Me: flirting followed by sex I imagine C. No Well at that moment I unfortunately realized that my life had just taken a turn. She was trying to hide the truth with another. The person I had known and loved, had never really existed. Me: C. Please tell me the truth C. We kissed and touched Me: Now you'll listen to me, I know everything C. So tell me Me: the only truth is that you hooked up like a luxury whore for a spa weekend with a mini gangster. C. She is shock, Me: now can you tell me the true She is wordless nothing can come out of her mouth she looks everywhere as if she wants to escape Me: did you fuck with him She nods to say no C: listen, it's more complicated than that Me: complicate, complicate, did you screw with him yes or no calisse C: I'm sure I didn't fuck with it, but I'm sure he used date-rape drugs because I remember a few things. Me: At this moment I explode, you're going to blame it on the date rape drug that you were there. All alone with him. Ostie the bitch.
C. is no use talking to you if you scream and insult me Me. No, but you're crazy to tell me what to do with you She gets up and goes to take refuge in the bathroom. Me. I take a break, for me it's over, over over, I'm not sure if I want to know the rest of the story and the pictures stay in my head forever. I sit there for almost 2 hours before she comes back. C. Here she tells me everything, the terrace, the texts, the price, the girl friends of the spa and the evening of dinner. How she would have liked not to be there anymore and blah blah blah. C. When I returned from the Kayak he was in the room. He told me he couldn't get through the night, he had to leave at 11pm. They seemed to be in a hurry. I took my shower, got dressed and we talked about the beauty of the place. Then he had prepared 6 Patron tequila shots at the café. It was really strong. At first I thought the shooting gave me a euphoric effect and that I felt good and partying, I invited my friends over and noticed that he was not happy. For the next few hours it's dark, later I was in the bathroom in a swimsuit vomiting. The bathroom was locked. The next morning I woke up like the next day before. I sincerely regret having been there, I do not know who took me could you forgive me. Me: No it's over. C. That's not all, I have to show you a few things She pulled out her cell phone and showed me an email she received that caused her panic. It was mini gangsters writing to her with a fake yahoo email account.
Dear C, unfortunately we were unable to close the contract during our business trip. I found our understanding to be good for both parties. During our discussion in the bathroom that I filmed incidentally, I almost made my final proposition. We cut our discussion much too soon. However, I remain hopeful that we can sort this out so as not to lose sight. Friday the 31 11am at the marina ... I suggest you sign the contract quickly. Like in the original deal, you can bring me $ 3000 in compensation if you don't sign. I will show you the pictures of us in the spa before putting on instagram. I would hate to create unease. See you soon
The bitch tried to go and pay her debt in person to keep her lie, unbelievable, I didn't care about any email, at the start of the day she tried to cover it up and finally went to sleep with him aaa bitch. I couldn't take it anymore, I politely asked her to forward the email, pack her bags and go to her sister's house. I told her never to try to contact him and me again. Her tear that didn't bother me, no emotion. Before she left I only said C. I knew from the start because I had tapes of you and him at the party, i look at your msg and for the fake tikets for the spa. She only answered me, why you let me go. I answered, to get to know you better.
I found myself alone on Friday afternoon I called the police to meet with an investigator I called a lawyer to find out what to do Police told me, investigate what, your wife voluntarily went to the spa The lawyer, it will be very difficult because the test for drugs should have been done the morning after and the email is anonymous you just do not forward and when you see the photos maybe it will be possible to prove a few things.
Then I managed to join 2 of her spa girlfriends. The first to find that alcohol seemed to change her behavior, she easily lost her balance. She told me she was in the spa and mini gansters had their hands all over the place. She left around 9:30 p.m. The second, she told me that the man didn't seem happy that C. invited them for supper, that C. seemed to be affected by the wine very quickly and that she worried about it. She looked for her in the bathroom and saw them in close door, but she got out quickly. Then she heard C say stop several times in the spa and that's where she went to carry her to her bedroom bathroom and lock the door. She did not discuss the incident again.
Regardless I don't care, it won't make any difference, I didn't talk to C. But I know she's knocked out.
I’m waiting for Friday, I’m getting ready, I’m trying to find myself a little hidden camera. At the end if it's worth it I will put the instagram photos and the video of our final meeting. I'm not really kidding myself at the moment.
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