Best Places To Meet Girls In Kuching & Dating Guide

You get power to replay events that happened in a location you are using video camera by setting a date and hour on it . How would you use this power? How kuch would your life change?

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December 20. On this date in 2008, two of the conferences among a series of 41 regional conferences of the Five Year Plan took place, one in São Paulo, Brazil, and one in Kuching, Malaysia.

December 20. On this date in 2008, two of the conferences among a series of 41 regional conferences of the Five Year Plan took place, one in São Paulo, Brazil, and one in Kuching, Malaysia. submitted by A35821363 to OnThisDateInBahai [link] [comments]

December 20. On this date in 2008, two of the conferences among a series of 41 regional conferences of the Five Year Plan took place, one in São Paulo, Brazil, and one in Kuching, Malaysia.

December 20. On this date in 2008, two of the conferences among a series of 41 regional conferences of the Five Year Plan took place, one in São Paulo, Brazil, and one in Kuching, Malaysia. submitted by A35821363 to OnThisDateInBahai [link] [comments]

Ankita Lokhande Breaks Silence, Tells Arnab 'Sushant Couldn't Be Depressed'

In an exclusive interview with Republic TV editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Manikarnika actor Ankita Lokhande 'on top of her voice' claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput could not be a 'depressed' man, as portrayed by Bollywood lobby. Lokhande who confessed that it took time for her to accept the 'depression' narrative around Sushant Singh Rajput's death, said, "He was not a man who could take such a step."
Lokhande said, "Sushant was not the guy who could commit suicide. We have seen worse situations when we were together. He was a happy-go-lucky guy." Prior to his Bollywood debut with Kai Po Che! in 2013, Rajput was a TV star courtesy his hit daily soap Pavitra Rishta, which aired from 2009 to 2014. The actor was paired opposite Lokhande in the show and the two even went on to have a long-term relationship. They parted ways in 2016 after dating for 7 years.
Talking to Republic Media Network on 'The Nation Wants To Know', Ankita Lokhande said, "How much ever I know him, he wasn't a depressed guy. I have not seen a person like Sushant, a guy who used to write his own dreams, he had a diary... He had his 5-year plan — what he wants to do, how he will look, etc. And exactly after 5 years, he had fulfilled them. And when things like 'depression' are used after his name... it is heartbreaking. He might be upset, anxious, yes, but depression is a big word. Calling someone 'bipolar' is a big thing. The Sushant that I know — Main is cheez ko danke ki chot pe bol sakti hoon ki wo depressed nai tha. He came from a small town. He established himself on his own. He has taught me so many things, he taught me acting. Kisi ko pata bhi hai Sushant kaun aur kya tha? Everyone is writing their own portrayal of how 'depressed' he was, it hurts reading all of this."
"He found happiness in small things. He wanted to do farming, I know this for sure... he told me agar kuch nai hua to main apni short film bana lunga. He was not a depressed guy, not at all. I don't know what the situation was... but I will keep repeating this. I don't want people to remember him as a depressed guy, he was a hero. He was an inspiration."
link to video interview
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"Ranbir Kapoor" Ke Sath Dating Ki Khabrein Par "Alia Bhatt" Ka Kuch Aisa Hai Reaction | Bramhastra

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Got dumped after 4 years over text a few days ago, and im actually thriving?

Moral of the story: we loved the shit out of eachother but he had substance abuse and mental health issues that he was not willing to put the work into healing. I had my own share of mental health struggles, but I put the work in everyday to be a better person. I was carrying the weight of our relationship, I was always doing the research and finding better ways to communicate to make it easier for him. He ultimately couldn’t stop lying, gaslighting, deflecting, etc. when he made mistakes. When we first started dating, I had a secure attachment style. After years of being lied to, cheated on once, and ditched so he could get drunk with the bois, my attachment style to him became anxious af. I worked really hard to communicate without letting my anxious attachment effect it. He had an avoidant attachment style from the get go, so a lot of love bombing only to have him pull away. He was not a narcissist, but he did have some traits of narcissism because he refused to work on his issues. He avoided and repressed his emotions, even at one point telling me he wished i could just repress my emotions as he did.
I thought it would be hell breaking up. I really did. he ghosted me for a few days about a week before he dumped me over text, and that ghosted period was absolute hell. But 1) getting dumped over text by him really emphasized his lack of emotional control and reaction control. it also emphasized he was not very mature. 2) we took a week living apart to work on ourselves and take some space. In his week, he got drunk and high every single night, even at work. In my week, I found a free therapist, made my yoga routine daily to help cope with additional stress, and seeked out support from my close friends by talking about our feelings. I quit smoking weed completely (i did smoke 2-4x a week before this) as to not aggravate any symptoms of anxiety. We were not on the same page. He did not want to grow, and that’s okay. Because he refused to grow, he never learned how to communicate his feelings and it’s not my job to teach him. I would like to grow as a person everyday. And i’m starting to feel better. I’m having these moments of peace and serenity that come over my body. I’m having moments of excitement for what the future holds for me. Don’t get me wrong, i am absolutely still having waves of crying or feeling anxious. But i’m talking about my feelings in a constructive way, and i’m riding the waves. Each time I ride the wave, It’s gotten easier and easier.
To my ex, I am so sorry you were in that kuch pain. I’m sorry that you only found relief in quick hits of dopamine or seratonin. I’m sorry you’re hurting, and I hope you find a way out of your abyss one day. I know how overwhelming and confusing that place can be, and my heart hurts to think you haven’t found a way out yet. I’m sorry for not letting you go sooner.
To myself, I am so sorry I accepted that kind of love because it was comfortable and real. I am so sorry I thought it was my responsibility to support someone healing in a romantic relationship, when they continue to hurt me bc of their pain. I am sorry I ignored the red flags, and that I didn’t treat myself with the love and respect I deserved. I’m sorry I stayed with someone who couldn’t meet my needs in a relationship.
My piece of advice, relationships aren’t supposed to be that hard.
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What will be the verdict of the films which will be released in the theatres?How will the promotions take place?

The release date of Sooryavanshi & 83 was announced today.The former film is being boycotted because it is being produced by Karan Johar & the later one is being boycotted because it stars Ranveer Singh who stole films from Sushant.We will also have Coolie No 1 releasing in the theatres which will obviously be boycotted kyunki it has two star kids.
In my opinion, Karan will use Sooryavanshi to play the victim card & talk fondly about Sushant.Ranveer & Deepika will remember how good he was as a cricketer in MS Dhoni & milk it for publicity.Varun will mumble a few kind words for him & Sara will cry because he was her first co star (I will give her a pass here) .Kuch bhi ho jaye lekin mujhe lagta hai ki these Bollywood celebs will use his name to promote their films.
Will the above mentioned films be impacted due to all the social media outrage?
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Advice needed people of Igot

2 weeks back I messaged a 19 yo girl for a date, I'm 22. She kept acting all ignorant and egoistic. She's one of those who speak English well n you know high fyi wali. But after few days of chatting I left cause she wasn't chatting dhng s. Yesterday I again messaged her, this time I told her that her college is near my home. I live in one of the most upscale places of the city. All of a sudden the length of her replies became a little bigger. I asked her for a coffee n she was bowing down to meet but still being full of attitude and everything. I could sense her being impressed with the connotations with the place I belonged. So I messaged her "actually leave, I'll message you when halls open up I want something to eat something not interested in chatting" n she said okay after 10+ hours. Now my question is since she got impressed by the place I belonged n I said her I only want to eat, how to prepare for that day!?! like I'm an English Hons grad I got good English but acting all posh might be a lil difficult as I'm pretty desi. But Kuch ghnto k mazo k lie acting all posh n English medium kaise Kia Jaye? Any guys here who have such a personality. Any tips. ?!? Do let me know.
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Salman Khan Box Office Report, Hit, Flop Movies [1988 to 2020]

Salman Khan Box Office Report, Hit, Flop Movies [1988 to 2020]
Salman Khan is undoubtedly the most popular superstar in the country. The actor has recently completed 30 years in the industry and we must say that his journey hasn’t been smooth at all. Salman Khan Box Office journey can be divided into two phases i.e from 1988 to 2008 and 2009 to till date. The Dabangg Khan of Bollywood started his career with Sooraj Barjatya’s Maine Pyaar Kiya which remains one of the biggest hits of his career.
Salman’s box office journey was quite inconsistent till 2009, with most of his movies performing just average at the Box Office. Some of Salman’s biggest hits till 2009 were Partner, Hum Aapke Hai Koun, No Entry, Hum Saath Saath Hai, Karan Arjun, Saajan, Biwi No. 1, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Tere Naam.
Prabhu Deva’s ‘Wanted’ released on Eid 2009 was a game-changer for Salman Khan. The movie went on to become a super hit and since then there is no stopping. From Dabangg in 2010 to Dabangg 3 in 2019, all Salman Khan movies crossed 100 crores in India.
Salman’s terrific form is expected to continue in 2020 and 2021 as well. Salman’s upcoming movie, Radhe is one of the most awaited movies of 2020. It is expected to make it big at the box office.

Movie Name Release Date Domestic Box Office Collection (Crs) Verdict
Biwi Ho To Aisi August 26, 1988 1.3 Flop
Maine Pyar Kiya December 29, 1989 15 All Time Blockbuster
Baaghi December 21, 1990 4 Hit
Sanam Bewafa January 11, 1991 5.75 Super Hit
Patthar Ke Phool February 22, 1991 6.5 Hit
Kurbaan May 31, 1991 1.8 Flop
Saajan August 30, 1991 10 Super Hit
Love November 15, 1991 2.5 Flop
Suryavanshi February 14, 1992 1.5 Flop
Ek Ladka Ek Ladki June 18, 1992 1.8 Flop
Jaagruti July 3, 1992 2.5 Flop
Dil Tera Aashiq October 22, 1993 2.1 Flop
Andaz Apna Apna April 11, 1994 6.1 Flop
Hum Aapke Hai Kaun August 5, 1994 69.75 All Time Blockbuster
Chaand Ka Tukda August 19, 1994 2.2 Flop
Karan Arjun January 13, 1995 32.15 Blockbuster
Veergati September 29, 1995 6.2 Flop
Yeh Majhdhaar March 29, 1996 1.2 Flop
Khamoshi August 9, 1996 4.5 Flop
Jeet August 23, 1996 17.25 Hit
Judwaa February 7, 1997 15 Hit
Auzaar February 28, 1997 5 Below Average
Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya March 27, 1998 16.25 Hit
Jab Pyaar Kissi Se Hota Hai May 22, 1998 11.5 Above Average
Bandhan October 2, 1998 11 Semi Hit
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai October 16, 1998 45.25 All Time Blockbuster
Jaanam Samjha Karo April 2, 1999 8.4 Flop
Biwi No. 1 May 27, 1999 24 Hit
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam June 18, 1999 21 Hit
Hello Brother September 10, 1999 12 Flop
Hum Saath Saath Hain November 5, 1999 28 Hit
Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge March 24, 2000 16 Above Average
Chal Mere Bhai May 5, 2000 10.75 Flop
Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega August 4, 2000 17.5 Average
Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye November 17, 2000 3.8 Flop
Chori Chori Chupke Chupke March 9, 2001 16.5 Average
Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge February 22, 2002 8 Flop
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam May 24, 2002 13.75 Above Average
Yeh Hai Jalwa July 26, 2002 5 Flop
Tere Naam August 15, 2003 12.5 Above Average
Baghban October 3, 2003 22.5 Hit
Garv July 9, 2004 12.5 Above Average
Mujhse Shaadi Karogi July 30, 2004 29.5 Hit
Phir Milenge August 27, 2004 3.5 Flop
Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa September 10, 2004 7 Flop
Lucky No Time For Love April 8, 2005 14.5 Average
Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya July 15, 2005 27 Hit
No Entry August 26, 2005 43 Super Hit
Kyonki November 2, 2005 13.75 Flop
Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar August 4, 2006 2.5 Flop
Jaan-E-Mann October 20, 2006 27 Flop
Baabul December 8, 2006 15.75 Flop
Salaam-E-Ishq January 25, 2007 22.5 Flop
Partner July 20, 2007 61.2 Blockbuster
Marigold August 17, 2007 1 Disaster
Saawariya November 9, 2007 23 Flop
God Tussi Great Ho August 15, 2008 13.5 Flop
Hello October 10, 2008 12.25 Below Average
Heroes October 24, 2008 13.25 Flop
Yuvvraaj November 21, 2008 17 Disaster
Wanted September 18, 2009 61 Super Hit
Main Aur Mrs Khanna October 16, 2009 8 Disaster
London Dreams October 30, 2009 26 Flop
Veer January 22, 2010 37.5 Below Average
Dabangg September 10, 2010 139 All Time Blockbuster
Ready June 3, 2011 120 Blockbuster
Bodyguard August 31, 2011 149 Blockbuster
Ek Tha Tiger August 1, 2012 199 Blockbuster
Dabangg 2 December 21, 2012 155 Blockbuster
Jai Ho January 24, 2014 116 Above Average
Kick July 25, 2014 233 Blockbuster
Bajrangi Bhaijaan July 17, 2015 320.5 All Time Blockbuster
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo November 12, 2015 209 Super Hit
Sultan July 6, 2016 300.5 All Time Blockbuster
Tubelight Jun 23, 2017 121 Flop
Tiger Zinda Hai Dec 22, 2017 339.5 ATBB
Race 3 Jun 15, 2018 169 Average
Bharat June 5, 2019 211 Hit
Dabangg 3 Dec 20, 2019 151 Average
Total 79 Movies 3946.5 Average: 49.95 crores per film

Flop 30
Disaster 3
Below Average 3
Average 5
Above Average 6
Hit 12
Superhit 5
Blockbuster 7

Success ratio: 46.83% (An average performer)
Our remarks: Salman Khan is improving his success ratio. Most of the failures were from 2003 to 2008. He has been delivering big hits since 2009. If he continues to deliver hits like this, success ratio will improve with upcoming movies.

Example : Movies below 10Cr is 26. Movies below 150Cr but greater than 100Cr are 5
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To do or not to do( this stranger)

How many of you think tinder is a hookup app?
Because it has always been marketed as a dating app. Yet theres so many men salty about not getting to do it because the girl os on tinder.
I get the issue with fraandship only. But what is it with the whole indian girls toh karne hi nai deti kuch attitude?
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There were rumours of Akshay & Sridevi having an affair?

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How do I get over my crush?

I am an adult guy. I have crush on this girl. I got attached to her. We used to text occasionally. I showed interest in her meaning I flirted with her more casually. Now she stopped responding to to DM's. We never dated btw. We still interact on groups. It's clear she isn't interested. I want to move on from this. You know that experience when move on from crush after few months and you don't feel anything towards that old crush. That liberated feeling. I would like to have that. Its awesome but I keep thinking about her. I have lot of free time. Thats reason I can't keep myself busy. Mind get occupied with her thoughts. Kuch tips/advice dedo. Thank you.
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Sunny Leone's "Kuch Kuch Locha Hai" release date announced!

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It has its own perks

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Any adults who like to still play with toys?

I'm nearly thirty, married, no children, getting my dpctorate, and I have always played with toys. I do enjoy video games somewhat, but I've always preferred toys. I remember as a teenager my parents actuslly happy when I bought a CD or a game, thinking I would finally stop purchasing/playing with toys.
My favorite kind are ones 2 to 3 inches in height so I can carry it around. I will Always have at least 1 you on me, no matter what is going on. It gives my hands something to do as well as my imagination. I love stories, my favorite sort of games are table tops cause you get to make a story with friends.
I just haven't met anyone else thay does still play with toys. I actually avoided dating because I didn't want to upset anyone with them. I told my wife a few months into our relationship when we were dating. She has thankfully not made me feel shameful for it. I used to hide toys all the time, but now I am much more open about it. It's usually a Pokemon, or a superhero. I dont like all toys, I like them being able to fit into a pocket and not have too kuch of a cutesy look like it was designed for a toddler.
I know it might not be something many people do, but I kept thinking about it when those fidget toys for adults were getting popular. I wonder if most people would enjoy having a toy to play with from time to time. It's very stimulating to make these characters have stories and it's a shame its taught to be childish to engage with them.
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Hello! A Doctor here. I would like everyone to take a moment to read this post.

Coronavirus started off as a meme template but right now, It is very concerning and almost a national level threat.

I will be going over things that news channels aren't telling you.

  1. Government declared holidays for schools and colleges. It was done for self- quarantine. Not so that all the kids in the Complex can gather in the playground and play from dusk till dawn.If this is happening in your apartment/ complex/ society. Contact the administration and make them understand so that the parents keep their kids home... This is the time when playing computer games and watching TV is better for health than physical work.
  2. Avoid GYM's at all costs. Yeah. Equipments are not sanitized. Not a good place to be.
  3. Are you single and living alone or living in a shared apartment with other singles? Great! There are a lot of people like you. Just a little precaution goes to you guys. LEARN TO COOK AND STOP ORDERING FOOD OR GOING TO LOCAL FOOD JOINTS. (If you cook at home, great!)
  4. A little less physical love. I know spending time with your gf/bf sounds great. But please do not travel from Borivali to Marines just for your date. Use video call.
  5. Re-using your mask does not protect you, It puts you at 100% more risk. I know about the shortage, So make sure you disinfect the used mask before you wear it again. That means if you are going to office, you need 3 masks, one for going, one for the time in office and the remaining one for coming back.
  6. Is your family in Hospital? Cut back on the time spent in the hospital, use video call instead unless the loved one is in a critical condition. Sickly patients are at risk. That includes every patient in the hospital, Including yours.
  7. Do you need to visit the doctor? It's time to use the feature called 'appointments'. DO NOT JUST WALK IN! Take an appointment and go on time and save yourselves from sitting in a contaminated zone. You might not contact coronavirus, But you might contact another disease which might weaken your immune system or you might just catch another normal cold and there will just be more work for already stressed out medical personnel in our country.
  8. Are you one of those people who just goes to pharmacists and say "Bhaiya, zukham hua hai, kuch dawai dedo" and the dude gives you an antibitic, cetrizine and paracetamol? Yeah, don't do that.
  9. Are you immunosuppressed, or are you taking immunosuppressants? You might know if you are taking meds. Certain diseases require immunosupressants. Talk to your doctor on phone if you really need them. If you belong to this category, or have HIV, Tuberculosis, Cancer or recently received chemo. Stay safe. Take extra precautions.
  10. Don't panic. Stay safe, and don't beat and gang up on people in local or public place just because they sneezed.
  11. Avoid travel, Airlines do not clean the seats, neither do the Mumbai/ Delhi airport which has carpet. Same for the trains.
  12. Is your friend planning a birthday party? Is someone you know getting married? Is your complex/ Apartment planning some social gathering/ puja/ or hawan? Talk them out of it.
  13. Don't drink gomutra. It's baffling that I have to write this.
  14. It might not be wrong to say that the next few weeks will be really hard on us. It is expected that around 60% of Mumbai will be affected, maybe more. (It is estimated that 100% of the population of New York has come into contact with coronavirusl.)
  15. Avoid Theaters, and stand-up comedies, Clubs, Bars, or dineouts.

Some Math: (Which I am terrible at, and feel free to correct.)

> Corona is expected to have around 3-4% Death rate in India.
> The time from coming in contact and showing symptoms (Incubation period): approx 2 weeks, mean is around one week.
> An Infected person is expected to spread the disease to 15 other people (Did you read that it is less? Then please consider the lack of hygiene and the population density in India.)
> Death Rate is a good marker of Disease spread. For example, if you have 100 dead patients, with 1% CFR (Case Fatality Rate). Assuming they first showed the symptoms 20 days ago, and contacted the virus 7 days before it. Some math, and we come to a conclusion that there were 10000 people were infected 27 days ago.
> Assumed growth rate of 50% and porbably more, It is safe to assume that more than 50K in India might have already contacted the virus. Maybe more.
> Holi was celeberated all over India in the last 20 days. 6 days ago to be exact. It means the people who contacted corona in last week are not even showing symptoms yet.
> 20 days ago, we were not even bothered about coronavirus, let alone anyone trying to quarantine.
> The doctor to population ratio in India is 1:1800. (1 doctor for 1800 people, which is very bad.)
  1. Wikipedia is updated, and better than news channels and youtube live streams. It is also India specific
  2. WHO website, It is for everything corona related
I will keep editing the post to add new things/ or correct if needed.
  1. Please don't PM me with your symptoms.
  2. Just like cold can cure itself without any issues. COVID can also cure itself in your body, A lot of you won't even know that you had COVID.
  3. You only need medical attention when you are presented with a very high fever and difficulty in breathing.
  4. If you are healthy, without any chronic diseases like HIV/ Cance Autoimmune diseases and in the age of 10-60. You are fine. There is no point in panicking.
  5. You need quarantine not because the virus is deadly, but because we need to prevent the burden on the medical system. It's safe to assume that the virus is here to stay, probably till next year. We just need to prevent that rapid infectious phase so the treatment for critical patients is not delayed.
  6. An event from my hospital and colleagues around the city. Stop hoarding on life saving drugs. You don't need to stock anti hypertensives and anti-diabetes for 6 months. Keep them for others who need it. Just like you can't live without the necessary meds, others can't either.... The pharma companies cannot suddenly amp up the production just because the population wants to hoard the meds.
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Ode aan de Top 2000

Gisteravond zat ik met wat vrienden te drinken (en uiteraard de Top 2000 op de achtergrond), waarbij we op een gegeven moment gingen klagen over mensen die niet naar de Top 2000 luisteren (omdat dan de radio uit moest). Nou ben ik behoorlijk fanatiek in het luisteren naar de Top 2000, het is wat mij betreft het hoogtepunt van het jaar, dus ga ik jullie nu ook lastigvallen met een lap tekst waarom de Top 2000 helemaal de shit is.
Laat ik vooropstellen dat ik de muziek die gedraaid wordt absoluut niet altijd leuk vind, wat mij betreft staan er een hoop zeiknummers in die grotendeels hetzelfde klinken. Een veelgehoord commentaar van mensen die die lijst helemaal niks vinden is dat ze de muziek voor oude mensen vinden, of dat hun favoriete genre niet in de lijst staat. Nou is dat prima te weerleggen door de muziek zelf die in de lijst staat (bvb 35 nummers die sinds 2018 zijn uitgekomen), en alhoewel sommige genres nauwelijks in de lijst staan (kuch kuch hiphop) zijn ze ook niet absent. De lijst is nou eenmaal een populariteitswedstrijd en er zijn nou eenmaal veel oude mensen, die dus ook stemmen op oude muziek.
Juist dat er veel oude mensen op stemmen brengt mij dan weer in aanraking met veel muziek die ik nooit heb gehoord (omdat ik te jong ben) en die ik anders ook nooit zou horen (omdat het niet meer gedraaid of geluisterd wordt). De Top 2000 is voor mij een belangrijke bron van "nieuwe" muziek waar ik nog jaren naar luister en wat ik anders nooit had kunnen vinden. Je zou het bijna een soort archief kunnen noemen van nummers die de tand des tijds kunnen doorstaan omdat ze van oudere generaties worden doorgegeven op jongere generaties. Ik herinner mij nog goed dat Child In Time van Deep Purple lang in de top 3 heeft gestaan. Omdat het vooral 50+ is dat op dit nummer stemt is het bijna onvermijdbaar dat nog heel veel gaat zakken de komende jaren, maar het brengt een hoop jongeren in aanraking met een band die ze anders waarschijnlijk alleen van Smoke On The Water kennen (en een waanzinnig repertoire heeft).
Ook een veelgehoorde klacht is dat er te veel doorheen wordt gepraat. Alhoewel de reclames zeker irritant zijn zie ik het meer als een soort pauze van ongeveer 10 minuten die ik kan nemen tussen het luisteren door. De verhalen die mensen insturen bij elke plaat vind ik ook enorm bijdragen aan de sfeer die die lijst met zich meebrengt. Het geeft een soort extra dekking aan nummers die ik anders helemaal niet boeiend vind, die muziek heeft toch iets belangrijks betekend in iemands leven. Tuurlijk is 90% van die verhalen in de trend van trouwnummeeerste date/ overleden persoon x, maar het maakt het toch net even iets meer speciaal dan als het op Spotify langs komt.
Maar de mensen die roepen dat het gewoon een afspeellijst is die je altijd nog kan luisteren zitten er wat mij betreft het meest naast. De Top 2000 is juist zo speciaal omdat je niet alles kan luisteren. Je moet gewoon een keer naar bed, of de opgebouwde diarree van twee kerstdiners een keer lozen in een langdurig bezoek aan de wc, of anders contact houden met de maatschappij. En dan ga je zeker ook nummers missen die je niet had willen missen. Juist dat die lijst gewoon doorgaat als jij belangrijkere dingen moet doen, en om middernacht stipt eindigt geeft het een soort romantisch sfeertje. Je hebt het niet zelf in de hand, je luistert gewoon mee wanneer dat kan en lift mee met de lange non-stop rit naar de jaarwisseling. Soms kom je een pareltje tegen dat je nog nooit gehoord had. Soms mis je een nummer waar je zelf op gestemd hebt. Juist dit is wat de Top 2000 speciaal maakt. Probeer maar eens de hele lijst af te luisteren op Spotify, het zou me niet verbazen als dat toch een heel stuk matiger vindt dan als je het op de radio hoort.
De Top 2000 is een perfecte afspiegeling van Nederland. We stemmen met z'n allen als een soort poldermodel op wat we belangrijk vinden om te horen in die lijst en gaan vervolgens massaal klagen over dat nummer x er niet in staat en dat nummer Y helemaal niet thuis hoort in de Top 2000, of dat zichzelf "de lijst der lijsten" noemen een tikje arrogant is. Dan duiken er hipsters op die de lijst niet hip genoeg vinden en simpelere zielen die vinden dat er te weinig André Hazes in staat en dat ze dus de lijst haten en er niet naar luisteren. Maar uiteindelijk vinden we dan toch dat de Top 2000 een traditie is, een soort nationaal cultureel evenement zoals heel Zweden met kerst naar Donald Duck kijkt of Finland naar Home Alone, en luistert er toch een kleine 10 miljoen man naar de Top 2000. Ik kan me voorstellen dat als je indirect luisteren (omdat het ergens opstaat) meerekent dat elke Nederlander bewust of onbewust wel de Top 2000 heeft gehoord. Dat maakt de Top 2000 toch wel een heel bijzonder evenement.
Props als je door deze lange lap tekst hebt gelezen. Ik hoop dat het geraaskal van een fanatieke Top 2000 luisteraar je een beetje aan het denken heeft gezet wat die lijst nou bijzonder maakt. Misschien heb ik je wel op de kast gejaagd omdat je echt een bloedhekel hebt aan de Top 2000 (in welk geval: geen zorgen, ik heb ook een hekel aan jou!), misschien zie je die lijst juist op een hele andere manier. Maar als je dan toch tot hier hebt gelezen, ik schrijf dit betoog eigenlijk alleen maar omdat Lekker Met De Trekker moet oprotten uit de lijst. Kutboeren.
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How to tell someome to politely stop talking to you/ showing up to your work, because they're a creep?

More of a backstory, I am a YOUNG female tattoo artist and this MUCH MUCH older guy specifically asked for a female tattoo artist which was already a red light thing. Anyways it was a quick tattoo so I did it, but during the tattoo he kept saying things like "oh if I was your age... I would so date you... you're gorgeous..." "I'm giving you a mission, find someone my age that looks exactly like you so I can date them..." Touching my shoulder and my arm and hand ect, and it was very like not okay to me but as a pretty kuch young tattoo artist I didn't want to say anything so I laughed it off and went on with it. Anyways he took my business card and wants to book another appointment and has my phone number and he comes in to the shop every two days to show me ideas but every time he also says more creepy stuff like "ah I wish I could date you, you draw on your eyebrows a little too dark, you should take off your glasses" and EVERYONE else in the shop also agrees he's creepy as heck and if I need to get out of talking to him, they help, and so does the business owner. They've all said hey tell him off so he doesn't come to you anymore. But I don't want to ruin our businesses rep and want to politely tell him he's somewhat being a creep and that I would prefer him to find another tattoo artist and another shop to go to from now on. He even found out my little sister has mild autism and gave me an autism necklace on one of his tri weekly visits :| Sorry for the TLTR! But any advice helps!
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Late Night Random Discussion Thread !

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How to say no (generally) and how to decline a date

Hey Ladies
I am slowly improving my life by focusing on myself and my goals after an unhealthy relationship that threw a lot into turmoil. I was overly attached and emotionally dependant, allowing the person to negatively affect my self esteem and bully me because I was desperate to find "the one".
My main focus now is passing big exams for my grad degreee next year, and so I have formulated a timetable etc and have been going well in that respect.
Im also planning to start counselling once the COVID situation eases.
One problem I run into often is saying no to things I don't want to do... generally (ie: at work, when its non urgent tasks or outside of my job description, or something I could delgate) and very much so personally.
I will go on a date with someone and have no idea how to let it go or be clear that I don't want further interactions resulting in myself continually meeting up with them... sometimes it's because I feel awkward because they paid or something so I feel I need to even it out. Sometimes it's because I genuinely had a good time so feel like I should give it a chance (but I deep down know it doesn't have a future), and sometimes just because I don't want to upset them, or because I accidentally said "yeah lets do it again" when drunk and don't know how to renege on that!!
If someone was asking me this question for strategies, I would say just to be honest as they are also bot benefiting the person they continue seeing if they feel it genuinely isn't going anywhere. But for some reason even though I KNOW that I find it really hard to actually do or put into practice. Does anyone have any phrases they like to use or suggestions that could help me?
Also, turning down a date altogether - I was asked out by someone at work, it was actually pretty inappropriate and made me uncomfortable. Not the right environment, they are 10 years younger than me, and I'm not into them. I awkwardly brushed it off but they have persisted to ask. I then panicked and said we could get a coffee as friends, but I don't want that either.
How to avoid these situations in the future? Just say "no im not interested, sorry" right off, I guess...? It seems so easy when I'm not panicked and full of adrenaline
I know this all seems really pathetic. Especially as I'm in my 30s. But I very kuch struggles with turning people down, to the point its gotten me into awful situations. Help me! How do I become more empowered?
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Science behind Shri Aadarnikye PM Narendra Modi's announcement to Covid-19.

PM Shri Narendra Modiji has announced Citizens of Bharat to turn off lights and light candles and mobile flashlight on 5th April exactly at 9 PM for 9 minutes. This is a masterstroke and according to science, this is an effective step to fight SARS-CoV-2 also known as coronavirus which is causing Covid-19 around the world.
According to research conducted by a group of secret Quantum Soviet scientists during the Cold War, a human is least metabolically active at around 15 minutes after dinner when the whole body is involuntarily processing the kind of food that it has consumed. During this process, the metabolic activities slow down and antibodies shut down to reduce the consumption of oxygen which is required for processing of food. This is the moment a human body is most vulnerable from the attack of microbes like bacteria, protozoa, viruses, etc. According to the trend in the maximum hike of confirmed positive cases of Covid-19, on 24th March it was 9:03 PM, on 25th March it was 9:05 PM, on 26th it was 9:06 PM, on 27th it was 9:03 PM, similar trend for next days. So, the maximum hike takes place between 9:03 PM to 9:08 PM and it is because our body is most vulnerable at this time and viruses have learned of this given the history so we need to attack when they are least expecting.
In order to fight this SARS-CoV-2, Modi is said to light candles and mobile flashlights(not typical old age torches). A candle is made of Paraffin wax whose chemical composition comprises are of hydrocarbons such as hentriacontane ie C31H64 which has very special property of melting instead of disintegrating like paper or wood. A Candle typically burns at 1000°C which is way above the temperature a microbe can survive. Now, lets look at the flashlights mainly the mobile flashlight. Mobile phones which run on Lithium-ion batteries, the batteries which are infamous for catching fire. If we light these flashlights continuously for 9 minutes then they already heat up and chances of catching fire increases exponentially and we can use this to kill viruses. As we celebrated the Janta Curfew of 22nd March by bursting crackers, banging Thalis and clapping around half of the viruses are dead and because of the vibrations of sound waves, the rest of the viruses are dizzy. They cant handle the noise above 69db. Between 22nd March and 5th April there are 14 days, the number of days a human body requires to show symptoms of Covid-19 ie these viruses too will be dizzy for atleast 14 days. Now these dizzy viruses when seeing a light source just like insects they will be attracted to it, but since the light source is a candle that can burn them or a mobile flashlight which can explode then all the viruses will die of fire.
Modiji has said this is to show unity, we can unitedly light candles and flashlights to kill these viruses exponentially which grows exponentially. The time and date and duration are chosen (“Modiji ne kiya hai toh kuch soch ke hi kiya hoga”) because of as explained above.
Jai Aryavarta.
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Late Night Random Discussion Thread !

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PENGERINDU DATING BEPEGAI KE TALIPON Uploads from Monkey Jk Shaki - YouTube TRIP TO KUCHING 2020 Chinese sex video Kuching Main Bazaar and Waterfront Sarawak

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Love And Sex In China (Chinese Dating Documentary) Real Stories - Duration: 58:06. Real Stories Recommended for you. 58:06. MOMENTS IF IT WERE NOT FILMED, NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE! LOR KENAPA ADIK BUAT MAK MACAM TU?ABANG BOMBA PON TAK TAHU NAK MARAH KE NAK GELAK HEHEHE.. - Duration: 9:28. celoreng bomba 1,152,305 views The Onsu Family - Onyo sampe nangis waktu syuting video klip “Apa Salah dan Dosaku” - Duration: 25:44. The Onsu Family Recommended for you. New Kuching is located in the province of Sarawak, which is located on the island of Borneo and makes up the eastern half of Malaysia. ... dating from after Kuching became a tourist destination and ... Hi guys! Di video kali ni saya decide nak vlog. Tak ada segment Main Masak-Masak. Kalau korang suka video ni make sure korang LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE channel saya. See you in the next video. Bye ...