Natalia Yukari Inoue Boyfriend 2020: Dating History & Exes

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Persona 4 is the only game you can be monogamous in.

In Persona 5, I dated Kawakami and Futaba, ending up with Futaba.
In Persona 3 FES, I dated Yukari, Elizabeth, and Chihiro.
But in Persona 4, I was going to date Chie, Rise, and possibly Yukiko. After maxing out Chie w/ relationship, I maxed out Yukiko only to learn I didn't have the same option.
No Rise for me. :(
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Is there any penalties with dating

I accidently went past rank 7 with yuko and shes in love with me now does this affect if i date yukari?
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I love these ships and here’s why

  1. Mariali. so cute, precious.
  2. RemiSaku. Loyal servant + mistress = cute.
  3. Seishin. I blame this artist
  5. Eiteru. Aaaaa, space lesbians!
  6. Yuyukari. Y’know, they’d totally go out on dates. Yukari would be terrorizing the shrine maiden while Yuyuko is eating everything in sight. Perfect duo!
And ya know how Yukari has an umbrella? You know, sharing an umbrella is pretty romantic...
  1. Junheca. These two will be the death of me. They’re too cute.
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Miho and Yukari's spring date.

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Miho and Yukari's spring date.

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Yukari and Mitsuru on a date

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Yukari and Mitsuru on a date

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Yukari date?

Im in 6/17 and im wondering is it too late for me to work on getting charm maxed out i have it currently on confident
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(Persona 3 FES) how long does a relationship last?

Ok what I mean is like how long would it take to max a female social link? I'm in the beginning of July and plan on dating Yukari, mitsuru, and Aigis. Just wondering if I could. Thanks in advance
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Ikumi Nakagami released an audio track as Yukari replying to a date invitation. This is so precious and it warms my heart~

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Ikumi Nakagami released an audio track as Yukari replying to a date invitation. This is so precious and it warms my heart~

Ikumi Nakagami released an audio track as Yukari replying to a date invitation. This is so precious and it warms my heart~ submitted by Alpharius69 to u/Alpharius69 [link] [comments]

Here is my persona pedophile tier list. Any criticism?

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Summary of my P3 experience [OC]

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Who would you date? Alice, Sakuya, Yukari, Satori, Sagume or Youmu.

Who would you pick and why?
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Just finished both P3FES and the Answer

After being somewhat dissatisfied with the Cold Steel series with how little of consequence really seems to happen there along with just perhaps being burnt out on Trails in general, I decided to take a trip backwards to what laid the foundation for the things commonly used in that series and that led me to Persona 3 Fes.
Normally I'm tired of HS setting games but this game managed to blow me away with just how great it was overall. Actually, I think it just blew me away in general since before this game, I was stuck in a rut of just Trails games, with my biases towards those games not letting me give other jrpgs a fair shot.
I guess lets start off with some cons, since I have a lot more pros to say.
Some social links did feel like a miss, I didn't care too much for Kenji's or Nozomi's to be honest. I enjoyed Bebe's but it felt like there could've been more there. I can't say I really cared too much for Tanaka's either. Tartarus felt like some what of a chore at times, especially in the answer where I fell asleep quite a few times grinding. The enemy layout in the answer was a bit of a chore to down for some all attacks and man...the bosses with evade weaknesses were annoying to figure out. I guess it was hard for me to 100% follow a max all social links guide and I wish there was a bit more leeway but I do understand I'm getting into a old game.
Oh man, there's quite a lot of good I can say about this. One of which is that I think unlike CS, P3 picked a theme and stuck with it, consequence and all. No cop outs, white washy things, etc. I found that frankly refreshing in a way after play one too many Trails games where notorious villains get away with things or just...turn good with some kinda sob story one game later that magically justifies their actions.
The fights with the full moon shadows gave me a run for my money and were pretty enjoyable. Getting that lucky crit for an all out also felt pretty satisfying too.
I'm glad to say I didn't find that here, especially in the journey where they stuck with the theme of death, inevitability, and living to the fullest in spite of that. Aside from the main story, the social links execute these theme quite well from simple ones like Kaz's chariot storyline to how damn good Akinari was. Hell, I think that one elicited emotions I haven't felt for a Jrpg since my forray with the Sky saga of Trails. Hell, the Elizabeth dates were really entertaining as heck. The bookshop grandad and grandma were another one of my favorite S-links to do.
I did like how bonds rewarded you greatly here with better personas to fuse. While I hated it at first, I did like jumping into the velvet room and fusing a buncha stuff. It felt rewarding in a way to do that. Along with that, I liked how most of the bonds did generally end in the person finding their own path without the protag overly interfering too much.
One thing in the main story I liked is that how everyone finds their own resolutions to evolve their personas instead of it revolving around the main MC being there to trigger the evolution or move it along. Heck, I liked how they actually developed in story, instead of it being limited to bond scenes that don't affect jack all. This was something I found myself frustrated with in Cold Steel to no end.
As for the development of the story, I liked how it went along. It really took off after all the full moon shadows were killed but there were some bits there I liked such as how Junpei developed Jealousy over the MC being so danged good instead of going along with everything or how SEES was really more like a bunch of co-workers that gradually opened up to each other instead of just being buddy buddy after like one week or so.
With that, I also liked how the SEES members gradually got over their vices and things that were holding them back all the way to the end where they decide to stand up in the face of certain doom. After one too many games of the MC giving a big rally pep talk, it was nice to see all the members develop like this and gradually find their own wills to fight. I especially liked it in December where the members all start off rather hopeless but end up finding a resolution to fight on and not just sit there and let the world come to an end.
My favorite arc was how Junpei went from total dumbass to someone a lot more mature to the point where he was the reasonable one in The Answer when everyone else was going bonkers.
While a complete joke in actual fights, I did like how Strega weren't messing around. After being too used to Trails villains not doing much of anything threatening, boy was it a shocking swerve When Shinji died and when Junpei got shot.
Lastly, the ending had me staring for a bit in that sort of really shocked and sad kind of way. I knew it wouldn't end happy with how the final attack costs all your hp but...oof. Going around town, seeing all the good you've done and then just straight up dying on grad day after hanging around to fulfill your promise was...oof, the credit theme got me crying.
Speaking of the music, for a long time I forgot Persona had some top quality tracks after being so entranced by Falcom's wonderful musical tracks but I really enjoyed Mass Dest, the town themes, and especially the two ending themes, Brand New Days and Memories of You.
As for the thing I did like in Answer, I liked how grief wasn't so easy to get over with there along with how Yukari did act realistic for a person in grief. It's almost poetic with how her social link involves her giving her mom a hard time for it, yet she's going through the same process now.
Overall, this game defied a lot of expectations and ended up being something I really liked. The characters and story stood out in a way where it was dark but with the right amount of light moments and resolutions to balance it out. When things of consequence happened such as actual deaths, there were no cop-out backloops and that was fine by me.
Thankfully the story didn't do something like give Takaya and Ikutsuki some weird justification backstory that tries to erase their wrongdoings, those two just stay villains to the end and I'm alright with that. I'm also glad that when they did die, the game doesn't try to make you feel some weird sympathy for them.
I guess one last thing I did appreciate that I haven't appreciated in a long time is that it only took one game to tell a story, wrap up the story, and no cliffhanger that leads to someone telling me I have to wait three or more extra games to find out.
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Feb. 15, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
2-1-1988 2-8-1988
  • The Main Event is in the books. WWF came up with the perfect finish for Andre vs. Hogan at The Main Event, and Dave hopes whoever came up with it got a nice bonus. It’s been 33 years since the last time wrestling was on prime time network tv (and Dave says it still isn’t there, but WWF came out looking good anyway). Everything they wanted to accomplish they accomplished, and they did it successfully. Andre didn’t get hurt, Hogan dropped the title without having to do a real job, Wrestlemania has been set up, and the finish was so weird it distracts completely from the weaknesses elsewhere in the show. Doing a screwjob finish to take the title off someone as over as Hogan could well lead to new heights. For the overseas audience, Dave recaps the show. Only two matches aired (and the show was live), and the result of Hogan dropping the belt to Andre was so well known Dave suspected this was a purposefully leaked thing to throw people off the scent. And it was hard not to know, as several radio stations reported the title change Friday morning before the show aired that night and it was in the San Jose Mercury that morning at the front of the sports section as well. All this because WWF launched its advertising blitz for Wrestlemania with the tagline “Hogan tries to regain his title.” WWF wasn’t even concerned about the spoilers, because their goal was to use the publicity to drive up ratings. They opened with Honkeytonk vs. Randy Savage for the Interconinental Title, and Savage carried the match to watchable status. Production for the show was much less slick than usual, with the camera missing shots (Jimmy Hart’s interference on several occasions). Anyway, Dave gives the match two stars.
  • As for the WWF Title match, a good match was never in the cards and it’s probable that Andre is no longer physically capable of a good match. He’s lost a lot of weight, and he performs well as a heel, but he has no business in the ring. Andre did nothing but stand still for the first three minutes and change, and when he and Hogan did go at it, Andre never went down. Dave doubts if Andre would be able to get up again if he had. They did the Ric Flair bump from the top, Andre choked Hogan and you could see he was running out of gas. He tried to kick Hogan but couldn’t support himself on one leg, and Dave imagines Vince seeing $25 million “flying out the window.” Andre got back to choking, though, and the crowd shots indicate, from all the waving and mugging for the cameras, that they weren’t paying much attention at all to the match. Hogan got his comeback, then Andre did a bad hiplock that was supposed to be a vertical suplex, and covered Hogan to win when the referee counted three even though Hogan kicked out at one. No riot like at Sumo Hall, as Dave Hebner shows up right after Andre handed off what he called “The World Tag Team Championship” to Ted DiBiase before the fans can go nuts, and Vince and Ventura exclaim their shock at the identical (not even close to identical) referee situation. Earl tosses Dave out of the ring, then Hogan tosses Earl but Hogan tossed him too far and DiBiase and Virgil couldn’t catch him.
Watch: Hogan vs. Andre for the WWF Title at The Main Event
  • So where does all this lead in terms of Wrestlemania? The story seems to be that DiBiase paid for someone to get plastic surgery to look like Dave Hebner and steal the belt. The syndicated shows the next day said that Jack Tunney has banned commentators from talking about the occurrence on February 5 (remember, they were taped before February 5, so that’s good cover). They even played it up as the heel commentators trying to talk about it, but getting censored, with Ventura storming off set and complaining about the censorship. Everything worked so well Dave’s even guessing his $25 million estimate for Wrestlemania may be a conservative estimate. Ted DiBiase appeared on February 6 at WWF shows in Boston and Philadelphia billed as WWF champion, but next weekend’s syndicated shows will announce that the title will be held up (Dave says he’s not sure of it, but it all seems to be going that way), which leaves us several potential routes to Wrestlemania, and potentially even out to the August ppv. Hogan could face DiBiase at Wrestlemania, then Andre in August. DiBiase could drop the title to Hogan, then Hogan defends against Andre (or he doesn’t drop and Hogan gets a rematch in August to win it). Dave thinks up several convoluted things, but thinks it’ll be a lot simpler: Hogan and Andre in a cage for the held up title with Hogan winning at Wrestlemania.
  • Dave gives a brief overview of the career of Geoff Portz Jr., the Stampede wrestler (also known as Scott McGhee and Garfield Portz) who suffered a stroke last week. Portz is 40, and his father was a big name in England in the 1960s. He collapsed while pumping gasoline, and his prognosis looked bad at first, but he’s taken a turn for the better and can already speak again. Too early to tell if he’ll ever wrestle again. Turns out this is it for him, with the exception of two one-off matches in 1989 and 2010.
  • Dynamite Kid collapsed last week at the San Francisco airport before last Saturday’s show (the one Dave went to from last rewind). At least one radio station reported a heart attack, but it was a seizure of some kind. He’s already back in the ring. Also back in the ring following arthroscopic knee surgery is Bam Bam Bigelow.
  • The final Minneapolis Auditorium card for AWA had a disappointing turnout of 1700 fans. In part, the low turnout can be attributed to WWF deciding to run a show in the Twin Cities the next week as a “Mad Dog Vachon” night with plenty of their own old-timers (namely Bockwinkel, Blackjack Lanza, and the Crusher, whose name value are all bigger than the crew Gagne brought out. Speaking off, Gagne had Red Bastien, Bert Smith (Stan “Big K” Kowalski), Carl Eller (not a wrestler, but one of the Purple People Eaters front four for the Minnesota Vikings in the early 1970s), Butch Levy, Leo Nomellini, Hard Boiled Haggerty, Dick the Bruiser (they actually put him in the ring), Billy Robinson, and perennial jobber Kenny “Sodbuster” Jay. As far as the show itself, not much of interest. Tom Zenk went to a draw against Billy Robinson (who is 50 and retired), which makes little sense since Zenk’s the only viable babyface challenger for Hennig. Midnight Rockers retained the tag titles over Kevin Kelly and Mr. Go in a decent match. Greg Gagne pinned Curt Hennig (referee Leo Nomellini) in a cage match where it was never announced whether or not the title was on the line. Hennig did the job after he shoved Leo, who then did a football tackle to him and Gagne covered for the pin. Good work, having your world champion job to a 60 year old retired football player. Dave runs down Leo’s credentials in football (Leo played on the same team as Verne in college and is in the NFL Hall of Fame, and late in his career (the 1950s) did pro wrestling in the football off-season. Anyway, they later had an explanation for Curt being the champion: “a cage match can’t be a title match.” Okay then.
Watch: here’s a human interest piece on Kenny “Sodbuster” Jay
  • Other AWA news: Adrian Adonis won’t be back until March at the earliest (he won’t be back at all). No word on Paul E. Dangerously’s contract status, but negotiations don’t appear to have broken off. Nord the Barbarian is gone.
  • Rip Rogers has been a big surprise in Stampede and become a good worker. He had a really good match with Chris Benoit on January 29 in Calgary where he put Benoit in a Boston Crab after spraying something in Benoit’s eyes, and the referee immediately called for the bell instead of waiting for Benoit to submit, and declared Benoit was unable to continue. Heel referee, screwjob finish? Is Calgary just Albertan for Montreal?
  • Gary Allbright, a former All-American wrestler from Nebraska, has begun at Stampede. He’s been introduced as Makhan Singh’s half-brother and is being trained in the Hart Dungeon. He’ll debut in about a month, and word is he has major potential. I don’t know when, but I’m assuming after this at some point, is when he meets and marries his wife, Monica Anoa’i.
  • February 5 was the last Stampede appearance for Badnews Allen. Allen didn’t do any jobs on the way out per order of Vince McMahon, who didn’t want him doing anything that would weaken him going to WWF or strengthen Stampede on the way out.
  • Losing Sumo Hall due to the riot definitely hurt New Japan. They had to move the Choshu/Inoki rematch to Korauken Hall, which sold out easily but that’s only 2,000 tickets.
  • The finals of the NJPW jr. heavyweight tournament happened on February 7. Hase vs. Koshinaka for the final, no result reported yet. Hase is getting a big push, but he’s not the most over among the jr. heavyweights - Takada and Yamazaki are more over. Also Owen Hart returns in May, which means he’s not heading to WWF in the next few months, at least.
  • Little news for All Japan since they don’t start back up again until late in the month, but Dave does issue a correction. It regards the Asian Tag Titles and who won them when and he’s looking into getting the actual situation cleared up. I can't really follow what he's saying here, so I'm not even going to try.
  • Weekly Pro Wrestling did its reader awards, and Tenryu won both Best Japanese Wrestler and Most Popular Wrestler. Clearly he’s the hottest thing going in Japan. Chugsa Nagayo vs. Yukari Omori from October 20, where Chigusa won the world title, won Women’s Singles Match of the Year. Crush Gals vs. Yumi Ogura and Kazue Nagahori from January 5 won Women’s Tag Match of the Year. Bam Bam Bigelow won Best Foreign Wrestler.
  • World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico had a big show at a baseball stadium and drew around 25,000 fans for a show main evented by Carlos Colón vs. Iron Sheik.
  • Chavo Guerrero (Chavo Classic) is now working in catering in Southern California and has apparently retired from wrestling.
  • The big news in Memphis is that they turned Bill Dundee heel. They did a battle royal on February 6, with the winner getting a shot at the CWA Title. Jeff Jarrett and Bill Dundee were the final two and Dundee threw Jarrett over. Jarrett skinned the cat while Dundee celebrated, then hit him with a couple dropkicks to eliminate him. Later in the show, Jerry Lawler defended the title against Jarrett, and Dundee came out and hit both of them with a chair and beat them both senseless.
  • Memphis has a tag team called the Choir Boys managed by a guy called Angel who’s doing a preacher gimmick. The whole act is getting their phones flooded with calls from religious groups who hate it. Angel’s deal is he’s on a mission to start “Wrestling Village USA”, a reference to Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Heritage USA.
  • Dave gives a brief overview of Mexico. There are dozens of promotions and wrestling draws big crowds. Gates aren’t that big, due to the weak peso, so not a lot of Americans working there as even the main eventers make like $25-$30 for cards that draw thousands. In the Mexico City metro, there are five shows every Wednesday, seven every Friday, and ten every Sunday and even with that many shows the big cards draw over 15,000 fans. The big names include Perro Aguayo, Super Halcon, Super Muneco, Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras, and El Canek. One of the top heels in Mexico City is a guy called Beautiful Elvis who is doing a Honkeytonk Man ripoff gimmick.
  • This Southern Championship Wrestling promotion in the Atlanta area is getting pretty hot. They drew 620 and had to turn people away on February 6. Notable from that show was Bruiser Brody wrestling a mannequin that he called Dick Slater. Brody literally dismantled the mannequin and tore it limb from limb. Brody seems to have the most interesting stuff in this group, based off the summaries I’m reading - in the second hour of the show Brody wrestled Steve Bennet and shoved Bennet’s face into a plate of chicken (the shows are held at a restaurant/bar). Dick Slater came out then and they brawled to set up their match for the future.
  • Southern Championship Wrestling and Deep South Wrestling are lobbing shots across the bow at each other lately. Deep South recently made fun of Joe Pedicino (who is SCW’s tv announcer and famous for Pro Wrestling This Week) and Bonnie Blackstone (co-host of Pro Wrestling This Week). They had people parodying them, with the guy playing Pedicino getting stuck in his chair and the woman playing Blackstone playing bimbo. SCW and PWTW has mostly been quiet about this, though they did show a clip from Puerto Rico of Invader #1 (fuck Invader #1) vs. The Assassin, and said that “This is the Puerto Rican Assassin because there is nobody named The Assassin in the United States that can wrestle.” Jody Hamilton, who runs Deep South, happens to be their main event guy as The Assassin. Dave thinks the inside baseball can be pretty fun at times.
  • Michael Hayes was on an Atlanta area show this weekend and said of the NWA that “it may be the major league, but their checks are minor league.
  • Not a lot of news for Crockett, the biggest thing is that Ted Turner’s now involved. Turner’s trying to get them back on track with ppv. Crockett originally announced four for this year (Bunkhouse final, Crockett Cup, Great American Bash, and Starrcade). With McMahon undisputedly on top of the wrestling business having announced four for this year and the 60/21 day before and after clauses, there wasn’t really much hope for Crockett to have a future in ppv going forward. The future of wrestling as a business is in ppv and outside merchandising, not house shows, so being effectively locked out of ppv means that no matter what goes well for Crockett, there’s no way for Crockett to compete. So Turner’s getting involved and helping Crockett get an early Bash date for July on ppv (Starrcade and Crockett Cup on ppv have already been canceled). There are no current plans for another ppv until January, for Bunkhouse finals 1989 (Dave notes that the difference between Crockett and McMahon is that McMahon learns from his mistakes).
  • In the ratings, WWF’s syndicated package has placed 3rd with a 10.6 national rating. Crockett’s package is ranked 12th with a 6.5 rating.
  • [NWA] Sting’s catching fire as a young babyface. He’s even surprised Dave with how quickly he’s been rising and that he’s surpassed Barry Windham and Lex Luger. Dave worried Luger would lose steam, but didn’t imagine he would lose it this soon. It’s okay, though, Dave. Luger’s on track to get betrayed by Barry Windham, which should work well for both. Back to Sting, Dave thinks he might still need work on promos, but he does some amazing things in the ring and has a connection to the audience that’s undeniable. In a year or so he could be built to carry the promotion.
  • There looks to be no hope of reconciliation between Crockett and Michael Hayes/Steve Williams/Rock & Roll Express. The Express claim they have a June start date with WWF (Dave’s skeptical) and will be finding independent work until then. Meanwhile people are calling the Crockett offices about them and the official company line is that they aren’t gone, just renegotiating. Hayes looks to be going to World Class, but he has been talking to WWF (as have a couple other folks in JCP). Williams is just going to stay in Japan, but Dave thinks he should get in with World Class for spot duty to help keep his conditioning up in between tours of Japan.
  • Bad news aside, Dave does think Crockett’s booking has been getting back on track. The Road Warriors bench pressing angle was great and Dave thinks it’s going to do well money-wise for Crockett. Anyway, Dave wants to revise his previous assessment that the weights were legit. He has a friend who legit benches 500 lbs, and watching the angle Dave thinks the weights were fudged. He thinks they did the 470 too easily for it to be real, even if they can legit bench in the 550 range. Looking at the plates, Dave ballparks the 470 at 365 and the 600 at 505. Anyway, they’re going to be working ladder matches (with $50,000) on top of a wooden ladder) against Warlord and Barbarian. Dave also tips his hat to whoever came up with saying that Animal broke the orbital bone in his eye. Using technical terms makes things sound legit.
  • Dave decides to revisit Tully Blanchard vs. Barry Windham from several weeks back because it really is a slow week in Crockett news. The match went for 27 minutes and was heavy on limb work and selling injury. Windham and Blanchard know how to work that style, and the match was technically, compared to the wrestling Dave grew up with, a good match. Lots of readers enjoyed it. But the issue is that the fans were not buying into it. 22 minutes in, Tully had Blanchard in a figure four after having worked the leg for 12 minutes, and the crowd’s only response was the call the match boring. This could be a sign of things to come, because if crowds keep reacting like this long matches could go the way of the dodo. Dave remembers a FlaiWindham match in Houston last year that went 30 minutes and which he considers a 4 star match. They did their usual deal - 7 minutes slow start then turn up the heat, but in those first 7 minutes hundreds of fans left the arena. So what Dave thought was a great match (and which those at ringside seemed completely into) was not well received by those in the bleachers who left. Matches with slow builds like this simply may not appeal to the fans of today, and Dave doesn’t want to get into that too much, but he’s seen too many examples of fans not sustaining interest in long matches that he thinks slow, story-focused matches simply may not be viable as entertainment for modern wrestling fans.
Watch: The last 12 minutes of Blanchard vs. Windham
  • In WWF trivia, about 14 months ago the Hart Foundation defeated a jobber team of Owen James and S.D. Jones. Owen James was, of course, Owen Hart. Even then, you could see how much better he was than pretty much anyone in WWF. This would have been the September 14, 1986 Denver house show. I can’t find any video of it, unfortunately.
  • Dave watched the January 25 MSG main event of Hogan/Bigelow vs. DiBiase/Virgil. It was a very good match and DiBiase is the perfect opponent for Hogan. He gets the best out of Hogan, and despite Virgil being abysmal and Bigelow not being in much due to his knee acting up, the match was an easy 3.5 stars for Dave.
Watch: Chaos in Bigelow and Hogan vs. DiBiase and Virgil
  • Wrestlemania ticket sales are not going as well as Dave had anticipated. As of February 8, only 5,000 tickets had sold, and there are 4,000 remaining. And rather than 2,000 freebies given out, there are almost 9,000 being given away, with a final maximum attendance of 17,800. Dave figures within the week they’ll be sold out then. Wrestlemania 3 sold around 20,000 in the first week, so it makes sense to move away from a big stadium this year. No way they’d fill it. Speaking of Wrestlemania 3, WWF is now claiming they grossed $20.4 million rather than $17.1 million last year. Dave’s worst case projected scenario for Wrestlemania 4 is around $23.5 million, with a likely $25 million. Wrestlemania 4 may be available via closed-circuit in 161 locations in North America, so there you’ll find a lot of profit to be made.
  • The first page of letters this week are largely focused on what was wrong with the Bunkhouse finals and how it proves Dusty needs to go. Another one mentions how the Rumble was a nice surprise as a counterpoint. There is a point about World Class mentioned in one, and Dave gives us the that Kerry and Kevin each own a third and Ken Mantell owns about 30%, according to the latest word Dave has.
  • I’m officially blaming rare book dealer and letter writer Earl Williams for breaking the star rating scale. He wrote a letter about how much he liked the 1987 yearbook (Dave used to do big yearbook special issues covering all the big stories for the year and the results of the annual awards voting, but the only one I have in my files is from 1986 and it’s practically unreadable it’s such low quality) and gives the yearbook 10 stars. Earl, you’re in Oakland. You can’t give ten stars. You’re too far from the Tokyo Dome for that.
  • If you’re wondering about Dark Journey, who was fired by Crockett last year, Dave has an update on her. She had an interview with WWF, but they wanted a wrestler not a valet, so she’s left wrestling and started up a business in Southern California.
  • Last thing from the letters, Dave writes in response to a question about if there are any wrestlers of color on the horizon to win major championships. His response to that part of the letter (and the part about wondering why NWA doesn’t market Ron Simmons) is worth putting in full:
We could probably do an entire book about the plight of minorities in pro wrestling. In an era where Cosby is the most-watched TV show in the country it’s obvious that pro wrestling promoters and bookers are living in the past when it comes to the belief that blacks must play stepin-fetchet characters or pimp roles to get over. Wrestling is way behind most every other sport and entertainment in this regard. [...] In all honesty, I don’t think Simmons is ready for a push yet although at one point there were plans to give him a big push this summer although I’m not certain if those plans have changed or not. He does have potential to be a big star, but then again, I can see them pushing the same old role on him, as every interview they have to continually harp on him coming from the ghetto and all that.
  • Global Wrestling, the one that’s publicly traded, is already showing old tapes for its tv show. That's not a good sign.
  • Roddy Piper’s doing great in Hollywood. Reports indicate he’ll never have to wrestle again unless he wants to.
  • Ken Mantell wants to put together a Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair match for May. If it happens, so long to any pretending the World Class Title is a major title. It doesn’t happen.
  • We ought to know the main event for Wrestlemania 4 for sure by next week, but it’s looking like a clear Hogan/Andre cage match with the title held up from what Dave’s seeing. He's really set on this cage thing.
  • The Main Event drew a 16.1 rating and a 26 share (ratings to be revised next issue). That makes it the most watched wrestling match in U.S. history. More details next time, but the basics are it did an average rating for prime time and did a lot better than Rags to Riches (which usually airs in that time slot). It probably hit around number 25 for the week, though some NBC people were talking top five or top ten. No weekly series will come out of this, but another prime time special is sure to happen. Dave expected better numbers as much as anyone involved, but guess there aren’t as many potential wrestling fans in the U.S. as Dave thought.
  • New Japan’s last prime time show will be on March 28 before they get moved to 4 pm Saturday. Of the remaining 40 weeks this year after the move, New Japan will be pre-empted for golf coverage on 14 of those weeks. That’s gonna hurt New Japan a lot, to the tune of $1.6 million just in rights fees from the network, nevermind exposure, live gates, and ad revenue.
  • Speaking of New Japan, they’re giving Samurai Warrior a push for some reason. Warrior is a Hiro Matsuda trainee and he’s got a singles match with Choshu on March 11. He’s awful and it makes no sense why he’s getting a push.
  • WWF won’t make Wrestlemania 4 available on satellite. They claim some bars and hotels got Survivor Series on dish and charged money to watch it, so there goes the dish market.
  • The last words of the issue, handwritten right before being sent out in the mail, are “Flash: WWF Title Vacated”
THURSDAY: Wrestlemania tournament announced, The Main Event revised rating and fallout business wise, Memphis gets weekly tv, AWA restructuring, and more
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[TEASER] ASEUL (formerly known as YUKARI) - New Pop (Release Date May 9, 2016)

[TEASER] ASEUL (formerly known as YUKARI) - New Pop (Release Date May 9, 2016) submitted by Nokel to kpop [link] [comments]

The Yuri in Pretty Cure (Part 3) [repost]

Original post got removed due to having an iffy term in it as a joke in regards to the position change of Emiru and Ruru during the Hugtto finale. I thought it was fine and I wasn't even the first to make that joke. Still, for sake of having this post up when I eventually do a Part 4, that line is gone.
To make up for the repeated post, I'm gonna add a part I forgot as well as talk about the little ships in Kirakira that I left out.
Happiness Charge
I really do not remember any yuri moments here. Maybe some of Hime and Megumi’s interactions, though I didn’t see it and them having/developing a thing for Seiji doesn’t help. Maybe some yuri in the manga version.
Go! Princess
Haruka x Minami. Haruka declares herself Minami’s Knight while comforting her of her fear of Ghosts. After that fight, they share a dance together with Minami already deciding that her first dance with Haruka. There is also the episode where Minami's so-called fiancée tries to keep Haruka away from Minami, to which Minami has none of it. Other than those two eps, not much else.
Kirara x Towa. Some nice bonding when Towa first joins the school. Kirara tickling her and them gazing into each others’ eyes. Again, I don’t remember many other examples though I am aware of this being on of the ships that the mangaka just loves to draw art of so I’m guessing more moments are in the manga.
Maho Girls
Mirai x Liko (Riko). A yuri couple raising a baby…basically Fate and Nanoha in Pretty Cure (haven’t seen Nanoha yet just know a bit of the yuri).
Another Cure series about the relationship between the two main cures. Liko initially acts a bit like a Tsundere to Mirai before softening up. Plenty of handholding where even ep 21 has a montage of it. There is also the promise/desire of the two to always be together
Two very emotional separations and reunions of the two (especially the second reunion).
Of course, the two of them raise Haa-chan together and are referred to as mothers. Even when Haa-chan grows up she still refers to them at several points as her moms. Both Mirai and Liko obviously view this family they have with Haa-chan (And Mofurun) as serious (just look at their concern when Haa-chan went missing after the fight against the first big bad).
While there is no explicit confession, it is quite clear that they love each other (they take the family thing seriously which mean they take their role as being married seriously even if they don’t say it). This also goes along with the Fate and Nanoha comparison as (to my knowledge) they too are never explicitly stated to be a couple in the series proper but have so many hints and are confirmed outside the series.
So, I think it is fair to say that Mirai x Liko is canon.
This is flat out a yuri manga.
- Several drawings of flirty eyes/faces or being with each other
- Mirai hugging Liko while in Cure form and then whispered a spell to Liko (that Liko couldn’t hear) while giving flirty eyes. This causes Liko to chase Mirai who refuses to say what the spell was while the classmates think the Pretty Cure “get along a little too well” and “make a lovely pair”.
- Slept together
- Liko got Jealous of Mirai’s friends (with Mofurun acurratelly stating that Liko wanted to be “someone special” to Mirai and describing the whole thing like a jealous girlfriend. Mirai also gets jealous when Liko starts getting along with said friends). Mirai admits she loved Liko so much that she just wanted her to be friends with Mirai’s friends. This causes Liko to move the stars themselves to ask Mirai on a date, which she accepts.
- Haa-chan announces to the entire class that Mirai and Liko are her moms.
- Mirai and Liko acting like parents in their talk with Haa-chan after she overexerted herself. Mirai calls herself a bad parent and Liko commenting that parents want the best future for their child.
- When Mirai gets worried about the Mundane and Magical worlds separating her and her family. Liko hugs her and states that is the worlds themselves separated she would change the world itself just to see Mirai again.
- Mirai flat out says the family situation with her, Liko, Haa-chan, and Mofurun is not a game.
- MIRAI KISSING LIKO!!!!! Yes, it was to snap Liko back to normal but it is treated differently from how she did it with Haa-chan and Mofurun. It is a full page kiss with reflections of their relationship in the background. So yeah, it counts.
If there was any doubt about them being canon in the anime, they are most definitely canon in the manga.
I know what you are expecting in this section.
Yukari x Akira.
Akira called Yukari’s hair beautiful. Normally Yukari doesn’t really care about compliments as she constantly gets them but actually smiled and liked Akira’s compliment.
An old lady mistook Akira as Yukari boyfriend. She said that Yukari’s boyfriend was great and Yukari simply agreed.
When rumors spread about the KiraPati, the example of the rumor of “Your lover will leave you” is an image of Yukari leaving Akira.
In the first vocal album, Macaronage of Love and Excitement is a duet of Akira and Yukari. It has Akira trying to get Yukari to open up, the reasons for protecting each other, and Akira declaring her love for Yukari.
-Yukari was happy when Akira stopped the Prince from taking her away but was disappointed when the reason was because Yukari had responsibilities at the KiraPati.
-Akira is once again mistaken as a boy. Yukari gets Akira and the Prince to compete for her.
-Akira and Yukari dancing romantically.
-Yukari was disappointed that Akira still didn’t get it yet.
-Yukari opens up about her vulnerabilities to Akira. Akira says to her to share it.
-Akira flat out says she loves Yukari and doesn’t need a reason to protect her.
-the monster they face is a lily (yuri) monster. Akira and Yukari have some nice teamwork.
-The Prince says Akira will bring Yukari happiness.
-a produce stated that Akira and Yukari’s relationship “will evolve” after this episode
Ep 29 has Yukari realize that the world became interesting thanks to the Kirakira cures. She then leaps into Akira’s arms and then they both ballroom dancing in midair.
There is official art of Akira and Yukari recreating the poses of Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus), aka possibly the most iconic lesbian couple in anime.
The timeskip shows them doing their own things, separate. This doesn’t mean they can’t get together as we do see a post timeskip reunion in Hugtto and there is nothing about their dreams that would keep them apart. There is one aspect that does point towards them getting together in this open ending of the two, but that will come later.
-Akira and Yukari are introduced together and have the words “flirt flirt” above them
- Yukari rubs her head against Akira while saying Akira should keep up her efforts to get closer to cats.
-Ciel thought Yukari and Akira were a couple due to how lovey dovey they are.
-Yukari has never had something that she doesn’t want anyone else to have. When Salty Pepper takes Akira away (wanting to become one with Akira and wanting Akira to only love her), Yukari comes to realize that she’s become attached to Akira.
-Once Akira is rescued, Yukari wants to leave her own “sweet mark” on Akira which is all but stated to be a kiss.
-Yukari can be seen feeding the “love” chocolate to Akira.
-heavily implied if not flat out fact that Yukari and Akira spent the timeskip together.
-the mangaka’s twitter has drawn the two is several romantic settings. The two most notable ones being “The June Bride” where Akira is the groom and Yukari is said June Bride and the second is a drawing of Akira and Yukari with wedding rings.
In regard to the wedding ring drawing, Akira’s voice actress actually replied to the tweet practically squeeing. While only the voice actress, this is an indication that maybe the anime ended with the same result.
  1. Do Akira and Yukari love each other? In both the anime and manga: YES!!!
  2. Are they together? In the anime: Very Likely Yes. In the manga: THEY’RE MARRIED!!!
They are canon.
Other ships:
Ichika in both anime and manga had a crush on Akira as she thought Akira was a girl. She is crushed when she finds out the truth but both anime and manga suggest she still might have those feels.
Ciel and Bibury, had some nice bonding in the island episode and eventually Bibury came to work with Ciel.
In two crossovers, Akira unintentionally gets Saaya and Yui to blush.
Aoi and Himari. Nice bonding in the mansion party episode. In the manga Himari's (placebo) love chocolate was going to make her go after Aoi so she ran away. When Yukari comes to comfort her, Himari basically says she loves Aoi and didn't want the effects of the chocolate to ruin their relationship.
Emiru x Ruru (Lulu). They are the Pretty Cure of Love and they live up to it. Plenty of interactions, declarations of love to each other, Ruru showing her “chest” to Emiru, helping each other achieve their dreams, finding the Heart in music, and more. A chapter from the manga is even about them coming to understand what being the Pretty Cure of Love meant and of course it strengthened their bond.
Yep, they love each other. What about the final result? Our Ruru returns to the future so the one that Emiru post-timeskip gets is different, no romance right? Nope, it is suggested that those characters from the bad future do get to mix in with the good future and more on point, this new Ruru joined in perfectly with Emiru singing their song, indicating that part of the original Ruru is with this new one. YURI TRANSCENDS TIME.
So, Emiru x Ruru is canon.
Aki and Junna are also nice together. Not much other than their specific episode though they do grow up to be comedians together. Not enough info to say much else.
Hana and Homare. Hana swoons over Homare early on though that’s about it. Homare pursues a romance with Harry which ultimately ends with a rejection. That’s all unless you believe the theory that since the timeskip is vague about who Hana is with, the fact that Homare was the only one to come to her side during her giving birth (Saaya was the doctor so that doesn’t count) means that they got married. Its so vague that it could go either way.
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Some more varied and funny responses from the P6 Protagonist.

Since you guys (surprisingly) liked my first batch of responses, I thought I'd maybe add in a few more. And since there weren't as many flirty options as in the last one, I'll be happy to address that here.
(Male Protagonist) Vulgar Boy (Ryuji): "...What do you want? You plannin' on rattin' me out to Kamoshida?"
  • "Kamoshida?"
  • "I just got here, asshole."
  • "Slow your roll, dude. Who are you talking about?"
  • *Roll your eyes*
(Female Protagonist) Vulgar Boy (Ryuji): "...What do you want? You plannin' on rattin' me out to Kamoshida?"
  • "Who?"
  • "My lips are sealed."
  • *blushes* "Uhhh... hi."
  • *sighs and smiles* "I love Shujin already."
(Male Protagonist) Rise: "So who are you looking forward to seeing in a swimsuit, senpai?"
  • "You, of course."
  • "Chie. Part of me wonders if her swimsuit'll be as green as her jacket."
  • "Yukiko. I don't think I need to explain why."
  • "Neither of you. I'm still pissed about the shit they (Chie and Yukiko) pulled at the camping trip."
(Female Protagonist) Rise: "So who are you looking forward to seeing in a swimsuit, senpai?"
  • "Yosuke for sure."
  • "Kanji. No questions asked."
  • "Yukiko. She can be my princess any day."
  • "Not telling." *winks*
(Male Protagonist) Ryuji: "Blast him away... CAPTAIN KIDD!!!"
  • "Oh, HELL YEAH!!!"
  • "Way to go, Ryuji!"
(Female Protagonist) Ryuji: "Blast him away... CAPTAIN KIDD!!!"
  • "I think I'm in love..."
  • "Let's overthrow this tyrant."
(Female Protagonist only) Rise: "Oh, it'll be fine as long as we keep quiet about it! This'll be between us girls!"
  • "If you say so."
  • "Bull. Shit. That was COMPLETELY uncalled for!"
  • "Uh-uh. We're apologizing first thing in the morning."
  • (If you're dating any [or all] of the guys) *Punch her in the face* "This is for my boyfriend, then."
(Female Protagonist only) Mitsuru: "SILENCE! I'm going to execute you all!"
  • "Better brace yourselves, boys."
  • "Oh, for God's sake. Hold on a minute."
  • "Jumping to conclusions, are we?"
  • (If you're dating any [or all] of the guys) "Yeah... if anyone's getting executed here, it's gonna be you, Mitsuru-san. Armage-"
(Female Protagonist only) Ann: (To Ryuji) "By the way, I saw you peeking at me while we were in the Mona car!"
  • "Dude..."
  • " was the view?"
  • "Yusuke looked like he was staring at Makoto-senpai, too."
  • (If you're dating Ryuji at this point) *AHEM.*
(Both Protagonists) Yusuke: "And any tension that was in the air just flew out the window..."
  • "Ya think?"
  • "Morgana, you little sack of-"
  • "Cut her some slack, she's new to this."
  • "Not bad for a Beauty Thief. Love the costume, too."
(Both Protagonists) Morgana: "Let's settle this with our fists, then!"
  • "...but you don't have any to speak of."
  • "Really?! We're doing this now?"
  • "Ann, do something."
  • "How about I settle it by bitch slapping the both of you? Knock it off!"
(Both Protagonists) Morgana: "Well... this is goodbye!"
  • "Come on... let's talk this out."
  • "Need a hug? You're in awful need of one by now."
  • "You're not going anywhere while I still have a say in it!"
  • "Do it, then. YOU need us and you know it. You won't last otherwise."
(Both Protagonists - Self-explanatory Boss Fight) Adachi: "I thought I could just leave you be, but you're like a plague... I'll have to get rid of all of you!"
  • "Congratulations - you've gone and made this personal."
  • "You're gonna pay for what you did to Yamano and Saki-san, you sick bastard."
  • "Let's hope you've gotten your vaccine, then."
  • (If you've maxed out Nanko's and Dojima's Social Links) *Activate Persona's Willpower (Orgia Mode)* "ADACHI!!!"
(Both Protagonists - Again, self-explanatory Boss Fight) Akechi: "All I care about is killing you... to prove I'm better than you!"
  • "Bring it."
  • "I won't let you finish the job."
(Both Protagonists - Shadow Shido Boss Fight) *Thinking* "Fine, I'll do it myself."
  • "Damn politician, I'll sue!"
  • "You will NEVER become prime minister."
(Female Protagonist only) *Thinking* "I have to choose my words carefully (...I'm already in a relationship with another boy)..."
Ryuji: *Nervous and Flustered* "U-um... w-well, [Player]? Do you w-want to be my g-g-girlfriend?"
  • "YES! A thousand times YES!!!"
  • "I-I can't. I hope you understand."
  • (If you're already in a relationship) *voice breaking* "I'm so sorry, Ryuji..."
(Female Protagonist only) Yusuke: "Hm? Is something on your mind, [Player]?"
  • "I... I want to be your girlfriend, Yusuke-kun."
  • "Oh, uh... it's nothing! Sorry."
  • (If you're already in a relationship) "I'm proud of you, Yusuke. I think it's a beautiful painting."
(Male Protagonist - Deciding Ann's Codename) Ryuji: "Whadda you think, [Player]?"
  • "I'll let Ann decide for herself."
  • "Selina."
  • "Kitty Litter."
  • "Poison."
(Female Protagonist - Deciding Ann's Codename) Ryuji: "Whadda you think, [Player]?"
  • "Ann-chan, why don't you decide?"
  • "Felicia."
  • "Red Panther."
  • "Celestine."
(Female Protagonist only) Morgana: "She's a cougar...!"
  • "I don't think you know what that means, Mona-kun..."
  • "What are you, a suck-up?"
  • "Down, kitty. Down."
  • "Can we focus on the task at hand, please?"
(Male Protagonist) Ann: "What about you, [Player]? C'mon, spill the beans. What kind of girl is your type?"
  • "Yeah, I'm not falling for that one."
  • "Why, Ann? Why?"
  • "What kind of guy's YOUR type?"
  • "Don't have one."
  • (If you're dating another girl by this point) "I already have a type. And she's the best thing that's ever happened to me."
  • (If you're dating Ann at this point) "I think you and I both know who that is by now..."
(Female Protagonist) Ann: "What about you, [Player]? C'mon, spill the beans. What kind of guy is your type?"
  • "Shush! I'm not telling!"
  • "Really, Ann? We're doing this right now?"
  • "Hawaii is a gorgeous place, honestly."
  • "Can't say I have one."
  • (If you're dating another guy by this point) "The type that's the best damn thing that's ever happened to me, of course."
  • (If you're dating Ryuji at this point) "The cute boy with the blond hair that's lying down on the floor, of course!"
(Both Protagonists) Yukari: "Ace Detective? ...Are you stupid or something? (Beat) More like Stupei, Ace Defective."
  • *giggles* "Good one."
  • "That's nice coming from the Yuka-tan Peninsula herself."
  • "What a buzzkill. Let the guy have his fun."
  • "That was harsh, don't you think?"
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Ryuji/Ann Ship no longer canon, checkmate!

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My thoughts of The Answer

I just finished "The Answer" yesterday, and I liked it a lot more than I expected, although I still have some problems (4 in particular). But at least it didn't left me divided with mixed feelings, unlike P5R's Epilogue or the P3 Movies (specially the 2nd one).
My problems are:
  1. It's even more highlighted how the Battle system and gameplay mechanics are kind of dated. I didn't have much problems with not being able to control the party members in "The Journey", but in "The Answer" I relied on a Controlable Party Mod as a handicap to make up for the Infernal difficulty it has. Also no Compendium.
  2. The pacing. Most of the story is only either at the Prologue or the Climax, and the only cool down we get after finishing an Area are the flashbacks and the party members' reactions, Metis was amusing, and Yukari was heartbreaking (in a good sense).
  3. This is a very subjective one, I don't like Aigis as the Protagonist. I'm sorry, I just can't connect nor relate to her. I tried to like her, but I just can't. Also, I don't like to sound like a Yukari fanboy, but I think she was by far more worthy of being the Protagonist (or at least Junpei or Mitsuru if not her). I'm ready to get decimated by Aigis' stans, but I'd be lying myself if I said otherwise.
  4. Although the "Civil War" part was actually my favorite one, I found a missed opportunity there: To have multiple Ending depending on who Aigis sides with, pretty much like the SMT alignments.
About anything I didn't mention, just assume that liked it, or ask me about it in case I accidentally let it slide.
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In P5R, who did you romance and why?

Having trouble. Picked Yukari in P3 and Chie in P4G.
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Paradise Kiss ~ George & Hikari Love persona 3 dating yukari - YouTube PERSONA 3 PORTABLE  Mitsuru Max Social Link - Empress Arcana [1080p] Persona 3 FES: Yukari's Broken Social Link & Reconciliation Yukari x George

How Do i Date Yukari? Pls help. User Info: Phant0m_N3xus. Phant0m_N3xus - 9 years ago. Top Voted Answer. You can start her Social Link on July 25th, but you need to have maxed out Charm. Assuming you're playing as the male main character, that is. User Info: KyonFumo. Social Link Guide 3 dating yukari internet dating A portable version with an optional female protagonist and visual novel type cutscenes was released dating Persona 3 Portable for Play. I yukari currently in the early stages yukari Persona 4 and just got Persona 3 portable and have questions on romances. Who is she dating right now? According to our records, Yukari Tamura is possibly single. Relationships. We have no records of past relationships for Yukari Tamura.. About. Yukari Tamura is a member of the following lists: 1976 births, Japanese female singers and Japanese voice actors. Who is she dating right now? According to our records, Yukari Kuzuya is possibly single. Relationships. We have no records of past relationships for Yukari Kuzuya.. About. Yukari Kuzuya is a 36 year old Japanese Model born on 29th September, 1983 in Aichi, Japan. Her zodiac sign is Libra Yukari is the first main cast member players are introduced to, but those interested in starting her Social Link have to wait a decent while until being able to access it. Yukari represents the Lovers Arcana and is available from July 24 th onwards. Players wanting to date Yukari will have to max out their charm beforehand. 1 Mitsuru Kirijo

[index] [48] [60] [40] [39] [39] [72] [38] [27] [51] [72]

Paradise Kiss ~ George & Hikari Love

2:47 Social Rank 2: Yukari's Favorite Music 7:38 Social Rank 3: Forgettable Archery Club 10:45 Social Rank 4: Yukari's Growth 16:09 Social Rank 5: Best Friends 18:37 Social Rank 6: The Definition ... Persona 3 Portable english ending with Yukari/Fuuka/Mitsuru - Duration: 4:01. Hanif 126,593 views. 4:01. Unapologetic - Sonic & Knuckles - Duration: 18:26. Game Apologist Recommended for you. Anime: Paradise Kiss Personajes: George & HIkari (Caroline) Song: "Lonely In Gorgeus" By Tommy February6 (Opening Paradise Kiss) 50+ videos Play all Mix - Yukari x George YouTube; Yukari George Lonely In Gorgeous HQ - Duration: 4:01. nana black 454,577 views. 4:01. Paradise kiss // George and Caroline . We Found ... Persona 3 FES: Yukari's Reverse Social Link & Reconciliation - Duration: 6:41. DismArchus 58,067 views. 6:41. Persona 3 Dancing In Moonlight Smelling Yukari's Room - Duration: 3:16.