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Future wife here (not dating but it’s complicated) also sorry for the shake at the end it’s hard playing and recording

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INTRODUCTION & IT'S NOT ABOUT MONEY: Rules of Modern Dating & Understanding Women "It's Complicated"

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[Stevens] It’s far from certain but sources say we SHOULD get a return-to-train date tomorrow. A return-to-play date possible, but not as certain. Fixture is so damn complicated it could be a few days away. And it will only be a few rounds. AFL needs to be nimble.

[Stevens] It’s far from certain but sources say we SHOULD get a return-to-train date tomorrow. A return-to-play date possible, but not as certain. Fixture is so damn complicated it could be a few days away. And it will only be a few rounds. AFL needs to be nimble. submitted by Rockstar408 to AFL [link] [comments]

Can someone please help me find what movement this is? I looks like an 82S7 but it has an extra date complication so I’m not sure.

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This whole “exclusive” and “not exclusive” shit in dating these days makes no sense and actually makes dating more complicated and mentally taxing than it should.

I’m 25 and I’ve never ever had a relationship where either me or the guy in question ever thought about asking each other whether we would like to be “exclusive” or not. To me, it’s stupid and useless and makes no difference to the relationship. To me, there’s no such thing as being exclusive. To me, we’re either officially a couple or we’re not. There’s no in between, and there never will be. Being exclusive these days means “well we’re not technically an official couple, but we’re also not seeing other people and not having sex outside of each other.” So what the hell is the point of being exclusive than? If you like each other to not only stop dating other people, and like each other to not want to have sex with other people, then why not call that an official relationship? To me, if someone asks to be exclusive that’s just telling me they want the perks of being in a relationship without having to actually deal with the work that goes into an “official” relationship, and they don’t want me leaving them for someone else. It’s stupid.
But many people these days get all hung up on these relationship talks and not knowing whether the guy or girl wants to be exclusive, and then they have the talk and then they do end up being exclusive, and then over time they start panicking about when they will have the real relationship talk and then they wonder how they’re going to bring up the relationship talk, and if it doesn’t go well they start to feel upset that they’re exclusive but the other person still doesn’t wanna be in a relationship, and so on and so forth.
Make it simple! Go on some dates. After some time simply ask the other person if they wanna be official. Or, if you get asked “wanna be exclusive” you can explain to them that you’d rather be official rather than exclusive. If they say no, you can say no and continue to see that person while also seeing others until you find someone who will actually commit to you.
Being exclusive is more like having a FWB in my opinion.
I’ve also seen posts where one person is upset that the other person did in fact sleep with someone while they were labeled as “exclusive” but I have a hard time determining whether or not that would be classified as cheating or just being an asshole, because how can you cheat on someone if you’re not in an official relationship? So, it’s labeled as cheating even though you’re not official, yet you still don’t wanna be official?
Can you see why this is stupid?
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Gurl I’m just starting to date has a condition that makes sex really, really challenging, and I’m not sure I’m prepared to endure it. But it’s more complicated than that...

Not certain if this is the appropriate subreddit for this scenario but...
I’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks now. She’s amazing. Our personalities, interests, world views, ambitions are all so aligned. We even work in extremely similar fields. She’s drop dead gorgeous, phenomenal body - if “that home feeling” could be bottled up into a perfume, it would smell like her. always. She makes my stomach feel weird. I’m starting to feel gaga over this girl, ladies and gentlemen.
But there’s two MAJOR obstacles
1) she says she’s pretty set on not wanting kids. I do. She says that that could change if the right man comes along and timing works out though. Honestly, this isn’t that pressing of an issues right now. What is...
2) Sex. After 2 spectacular dates, she invited me over for a 3rd at her place for dinner. Wonderful evening and we had sex! however, right before, during, and after, her demeanor was noticeably different. She seemed distracted, disinterested, like she was just checking a box. I wondered, did I do something wrong? Is sex not important to her? I felt rejected, disrespected, and no, neither of us finished. It was a terrible experience! The next day, I texted her my concerns and asked if everything was ok. She said one aspect was that she wasn’t a fan of the dirty talk/comments I was making. ok, fair! Not for everyone. I can easily work with that. But here’s the real problem... Sex is painful for her during and after intercourse. I’m talking like a week after having sex and she feels bloated, cramping, pain in her lower abdomen. All this pain makes her...not the woman that Im going crazy for. She’s shorter with me, less interested, less jovial, she doesn’t make me feel like I’m on top of the world. She says she’s certain she has endometriosis and it caused problems in her last relationship, and she wants to take steps to get it treated now.
Guys I’m in a tough spot. Endometriosis (if that is truly what it is) is treatable...but how long will that take? Weeks? Months? Sexual compatibility, chemistry, and intimacy are EXTREMELY important to me and I have invested a lot of myself into being a great lover and having a fulfilling sex life. Am I supposed to just accept that each and every time we have sex, not only am I hurting her, but neither of us are enjoying it?! It’s one thing if we had been dating for a few months/years and THEN this came up...but after only 3 dates? I feel like this is a lot to ask of a person you’ve only just started dating. Again, I want to emphasize that her personality changes after sex. She’s not the warm, lovey dovey person for a whole week afterwards... AND ITS NOT HER FAULT!!!! she doesn’t like this anymore than I do.
Guys what are your thoughts? Anyone ever been in a similar situation? On one hand, I want to be supportive of her. She’s not doing this on purpose. I like feeling like her protector and support. On the other hand...I barely know her. Am I not being taking myself into consideration here? Am I truly prepared to cope with this situation for an extended period of time and hope everything will turn out ok? Is this any way to you should start a relationship? It’s like I’d be signing up for an extended anti-vacation. Especially given the first obstacle, I’m not sure if I’m prepared to handle this one as well with a woman I hardly know yet...but the person I knew before sex was
TL;DR - girl I’m just starting to date has a condition that makes sex really, really challenging, and I’m not sure I’m prepared to endure it.
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Discussing wether or not to date this girl that likes me. Don't ask it's too complicated and confusing. Focus on minecraft

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A customer wants us to change the dates of an invoice that is from last year 2018 to 2019. I said I'll think about it. Its for goods transported from one country to another. What complications can arise? I was thinking about what I've declared on vat return or customs, I'm not sure. Please advise?

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I(m24) dating her(f23) for 4 months now. It's complicated and I'm not so sure if I can trust her. I need your advice.

Hey reddit! I need your opinion on this. Sorry it's a long one. TL;DR at the end.
Background: I've met this girl on tinder. That was back in january. We've been dating regulary since then. Seeing each other once or twice a week mostly on weekends (we both have our own healthy but kinda busy lives).
I've had a few long and healthy relationships before (the longest lasted for +4 years). She never had a real bf. She told me about that on our first date and also told me later that she's afraid of commitment (binding fears).
I know. Huge red flags.
Thing is, I really started to like her. She is great. Smart, beautiful, tough and as wild as I am ;) A few weeks back we talked about our feelings and that we both want to try it together and that it should be exclusive with us. Yaay! But. She wants it to take slow. First I was okay with it.
Now: It's getting a little tough for me. We only meet at my place. I've never been invited to hers. Thats mainly because she lives with her mom and her two older brothers. She always says we wouldn't have any privacy there (they know about me tho and that it's romantic).
So far I've met her best friend (f24) but none of her other (mostly male) friends. I know she's had a lot of guys, she told me about that. Basically that wouldn't bother me (I'm no saint either). But given the situation I'm beginning to wonder if I can really trust her.
Lately I have the feeling that she doesn't want to spend as much time with me as before. Personally I would feel better if I knew what the people around her are like, to build more trust towards her. And I would love to meet her family. But she's always blocking off when I suggest things like "lets go out with our friends". And it really hurts me. But I don't want to push her.
So kind redditors. What would you do? Thanks for your time!
TL;DR: Dating a girl with binding fears, for 4 months now and it feels like she doesn't want to spend as much time w me anymore. It's going so slow that I wonder if I can actually trust her.
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Are lume shots back in for the weekend? Alternatively: Fun Fact; it’s not Fri 13th if you nave neither a date, nor a day complication!

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It may not seem like much, but trust me, this Seiko's most complicated mechanical watch to date.

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I'm cooking for a girl next week, and I want to impress her. It's our 3rd or 4th date, and she's coming over to my house to have me cook for her. Can you help me with recipe ideas that are impressive, but not overly complicated, so that even during preparation I can be focused on her

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I'm a straight guy who just found out the woman I'm dating was born a man. I'm not upset, just off balance and honestly bewildered. The: "It's complicated" status is just the beginning. Help? Advice? Encouragement? I'm still falling for her.

Foreword: I'm a straight guy (or at least I thought I was? I don't know how this works for me now.) who believes in equality for everyone. Marriage and unions and whatever any consenting adult or group of adults want(s) is not just OK, IT IS THEIR RIGHT.
So, story time I guess... forgive a little vagueness because I want to retain some anonymity for her sake as she wants to live as a woman and my own just because I'm... well, this is weird for me... and please forgive if I use any "landmine" language I'm really trying hard not trying to. If I do slip up unknowingly please try to realize I'm doing it because I'm stupid and I'm sincerely sorry if I offend. Everybody is awesome no matter what they want, want to be or who they want to love or why and you all deserve a piece of a candy, or even two.
I've been dating a slightly older woman for a little while now. We share tons of interests and as a first for me in any relationship I'm the more socially adept of the pair. While I'm a genius in my field, incredibly multifaceted and well rounded in many, many respects she has an intellect that would intimidate most any being on the planet. She's fluent in three languages and decent in a few more (she reads me poems in other languages that even though I can't understand them they make me tear up with their beauty), has two PhDs, a black belt in a martial art, was a nationally noted fencing champion and plays 5 different instruments at a level that even my 15+ years on my single instrument is completely humbled by. She is a true polymath and even though I'm a published expert in my field her seemingly endless prolific brilliance truly leaves me continuously awestruck. I know I sound like a gushy teenager here, but if you were to meet her you'd likely be just as amazed.
So I found out, not through her or snooping (on my honor, I would never do such a thing) but through a round about way that came to me (which is completely trustworthy and I would willingly bet my life on) that she was not always a she. Suddenly dozens of strange events, secretive medical leaves and other little things made sense. Thousands of tiny points of data that meant nothing alone suddenly became a picture of her becoming a woman more and more over time.
No, we haven't gotten physical at all yet... there's this weird courtship of the minds really when we discuss things where our knowledge and interest overlap that is really what our relationship has been so far, with each of us frozen before daring to take the next step as while I'm the more socially adept of us I'm by no means Mr. Smooth and she's a very delicate flower that seems only able to bloom when unobserved. We both sometimes half step forward but quickly retract before the other even has time to react. It is both the most exceedingly nerdy and cerebral flirtation imaginable.
She doesn't know that I know. I have no idea how to deal with that yet, but as I see it it only changes one thing for me: It makes me want her more. That conviction and dedication and just incredible force combined with such an intellect all pushing to change such a basic element of your own being... That is the most smoldering, amazingly, beautiful thing. The mere idea of the sheer FORCE OF WILL it takes to say "No, I will not accept what is considered immutable. I will change my very being to match my heart with only science and determination." My god, I'm not sure my soul is capable of even witnessing such force, let alone generating it... and to be close to it and falling for her. I have no words except to say it's almost too much joy, respect and awe for a man to bear. Suffice it to say that I look at her as a person who has achieved, survived, persevered and come through every pressure and hurdle society can offer and come out amazingly accomplished, beautiful, generous and an improbably soft heart.
(I know... I'm quite smitten.)
I guess what I to know is what does this make me? Am I gay now? Am I straight still? What is our relationship? If we go further what are we? (Easy answer: lovers) What do I need to know? Will I still be able to please her? Are there things I have no clue about that could get me in tons of trouble?
I've fallen for her mind and her heart before I knew any of this. Tell me lgbt as a completely permissive and rather open straight (or formerly straight? I don't know how this works) what do I do? I don't want to fuck this up. She's amazing and even what she might think of as secret flaws show amazing strength that strikes me with wordless awe and respect.
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03-16 06:45 - 'Complicated topic and as I don't have "a Diesel" I am not really up to date there. If there is a ban you might need a very new diesel car to avoid it but I'd have to look into the specifics for Kiel and what version of e...' by /u/suddenlyic removed from /r/germany within 1148-1158min

Complicated topic and as I don't have "a Diesel" I am not really up to date there. If there is a ban you might need a very new diesel car to avoid it but I'd have to look into the specifics for Kiel and what version of exhaust system (there are things like Euro 4, Euro5, Euro 6 and Euro 6d). So if you get an older diesel now and for some reason they don't ban them in Kiel you'd probably save a lot of money but that seems risky.
Long story short: The whole situation is confusing for me as well and that is why I bought a non-diesel car but if you read up on it or find someone who is well informed it might be an option for you.
Sorry I wrote so much to come to the conclusion that I don't know ;-)
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Me [21F] with my ex [23M]: Together for ~1.5 years, "it's complicated" for ~6mo, been apart for ~1.5 years. Recently started talking again but I'm not interested in dating him again.

Throwaway because he could probably figure out my main account's username if he wanted.
My ex (henceforth called A) and I met when we were 17 and 19, respectively. We dated for about a year and a half before we completely stopped talking to each other for several months. We officially broke it off around October 2014 and have not spoken with each other since then.
Couple days ago, I got a text from A asking if I knew about his friend (henceforth called B). I was pretty good friends with all of A's friends, including B, when we were dating, but had not spoken to any of them in ages. As it turned out, B committed suicide on New Years.
So we began talking again--originally just because we both didn't know who else to talk to about it. I can't speak for A, but none of my friends would know who I was talking about if I started rambling on about A and B, so it's just much more comforting to talk to someone who was also friends with B. We decided to call a truce, and we're more or less friends again.
The only issue is with some little things. Things that you would probably miss if you weren't paying attention. They seem to indicate that A still likes me and wants to get back together. For example, we were poking each other back and forth on Facebook when he suggested using a trick that would make him poke me back faster. I called him out and said that was cheating. He responded that he would "promise to abide by the rules [I] set."
I don't want to date A again. Period. It's not because of anything either of us did, and it's not because I'm currently in a relationship (because I'm not), it's just that I moved on a long time ago. I do care about him a lot, but like how you would care for a longtime friend. I don't love him in a romantic way.
So my question is, how can I tell him I'm not interested in a relationship with him while being nice about it? It terrifies me to think how this will affect him. Tbh, I'm a little scared he might hurt himself, even though AFAIK he's never done so in the past. I should mention that right before we stopped talking (the first time), I was going through similar issues--then everything worked itself out.
TL;DR - Me [21F] & my ex [23M] started talking again and we seem to have different ideas of where this is going. How do I tell him I'm not interested in a relationship with him?
*edited for clarity
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Why I'm not on OKCupid or dating sites anymore. Hooking up in real life might be more complicated, but it's also just better.

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27M 21F have had gone through crazy times together and now broke up but still live together... and now we are moving out of state together... but not dating or a couple. All this within a year. I am so confused and it's so complicated. Can we still be together and happy?

We met at a show through a mutual friend around July. It was cute and almost like love at first sight. Sometimes you can just tell by the way they look at you they are attracted, amirite?
So I discovered she was having housing problems and offered a room. Within two months we were spending every single moment together. Everyone knew us as a happy couple and we made lots of friends in the nightlife scene as a couple. People saw us as extensions of each other at times because we were always out together.
Then around January/February she got pregnant and I convinced her to abort. She was against it at first but then she agreed it was for the best and she was too young, not to mention financially a wreck. Although the next month was hard, I thought we were doing ok. She had ups and downs emotionally and it was difficult but she was still laughing and smiling. Sex was still happening! But she did get on the pill again like clockwork.
Then 4 months later, I really overreacted and broke up with her because she got black out drunk at work (lol, cocktail waitresses). Alcoholism runs in her family and a new bartender sorta talked her into being dumb. This break up was a build up of her destructive habits testing me(we are both doing way way better on this, pretty much sober now) and an overreaction after patience wore thin. This was coincidentally on Father's Day (WOOPS!)
Her super christian conservative family (She's super liberal) found out about the abortion when she visited them after I broke up with her. She was pissed and didn't come home the next two days. She called and asked for my help when her car broke down and she had no one to go to. She confessed she might have been raped and got blackout drunk with a guy who is a nightlife photographer with a bit of a shady reputation. Feeling terrible about this, I went on a vacation with her for a week. Professional poker has it's pluses in flexibility.
We tried to mend things, but the week following, she said she doesn't want to be with me. The next two weeks consisted of me being out of the apartment, avoiding her, our mutual friends, and just shutting myself in at a friend's. I was new in town and had gotten into a relationship with a rather popular girl without knowing. Everyone pretty much knew the news and at least some version of the story or other. Not liking the limelight, I decided to kill my lease and move out of town, I was only here for shits and giggles, no real obligations anyways. I didn't want the drama.
As I'm talking about this with her, since she has to sign off the lease too, she somehow convinces me, or I convince her... that we should move out of town together... Yeah... and since then, we have been back into our usual groove of always being together but with no sex and still sharing a bed. We have one roommate who moved into a room and am getting ready to rent this one out and move.
She says she's no longer attracted to me sexually and feelings have changed but that I am still her best friend, her greatest friend ever, and she still says I love you... simply that she isn't "in love" with me. She says sexually she has been distraught since the abortion (or maybe the bc pills?). She already had depression which she thinks was getting better til the abortion.We pretty much haven't spent more than 2 weeks apart our whole year together now. I really do love this girl, and if I was richer and a bit more stable myself would have popped out a ring. However, this can't happen the way things are now. So I ask ye wise reddit, can we ever get back together and be happy?
TL:DR - Stupid Drama Lama. Broke up, together, broke up, now moving out of town together... as singles... living under one roof in a new town... can we ever get back together and be happy?
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[Request] High brand with a steel bracelet, a chronograph and a date complication. GMT would be awsome if it does not make the dial too busy. $10k depending on the brand would be the limit.

I guess all is said in the title ... But I am willing to give it a try to discover some interesting time piece I would not be aware of.
So i am looking for a watch with a 12 hours chronograph and being able to give the date. I know that the Omega speed master does this. But well, I just don't like how it looks. The Dark side of the moon looks nice to me, but I don't like the strap anyway. I want a folding clasp to secure it when I put it on on sleepy mornings.
The rolex daytona doesn't have the date complication. I was taking a look at the Zenith vph 36000, but some of them have the date complication with a leather bracelet while some other have a steel bracelet without the date complication.
I know Tudor may have some watch feeting what I am looking for, but I don't feel like getting some Tudor.
No roman numerals, a dial not to busy.
This is where I am stuck at.
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20/m in love with 21/f, ex fiance, dated for 3 years (engaged last 5 months), its complicated! Need to be told if I'm a moron or not.

TLDR: broke up, left me for another man (honestly), discussed our problems, agreed to try again later if it doesn't work out.
So here's the deal. A few days ago my Fiance breaks up with me for another man she felt she loved. A few important notes about it: she was completely honest with me, she told me before she did anything with him (even go on a date or hang out). To be honest, our relationship was breaking down, we had serious issues. In our conversations we acknowledged both our faults. I had gotten to the point where I relied on her for my only human contact, which was not fair, and this smothered her.
As for the breakup, this is definitely not as I would like it. However I love this woman, so much so that I could tell she tried to get me to hate her.. but I don't.
Fast forward to today, had another long conversation with her. She said she is not so sure now. I essentially told her that we cannot be back together now. She must resolve her issues with this other person before we could ever hope to have a relationship again. I told her that I am not getting over her anytime soon, and that I'm willing to wait a year. TBH this is something I need anyhow... to make sure I don't rush into something for the wrong reasons. If she resolves her emotions she can try again, we start from scratch.
I should say as a final note, this has been, while painful, a great learning experience for me... I've learned I need to get out more, I'm planning on changing my habits over this time period, I've found a new passion, tutoring, which I want to take up. (Ironically, I was in really bad shape and literally, helping some one took me out of that stupor completely, it made me happy).
I'm not typically an emotional person, but am I really being a moron here? Am I setting myself up for heart break again?
EDIT: Thank you everyone for the replies! I probably should add, she's my first kiss, and my first real date, this is making this whole thing extremely hard for me. I couldn't even walk after the first day this happened. It is not my way to just drop something like this, I'm a fighter, but I suppose many of you are right because right now she doesn't know what or how she feels. She said she didn't know if she loved him or not at this point. I told her she needs to go off and date him, but now she doesn't want to. This whole thing is so confusing.
EDIT2: I should say the serious issues in this relationship aren't compatibility, at least to me, they are situational, severe stress (financial aid..). Before this, every time we had a rough patch, we would come out of it even closer. I hope that this will be the final step in that. As for her, she did not treat me like crap. If she did, I'm just as guilty of that from my stress as well.
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Its complicated when she's not allowed to date. [17/M] [15/F]

I've been talking with this girl for months and have had too little self confidence to ask her out. I finally get confident enough to ask her to the prom and she said yes x1000 (seemed super excited.) A day later I try asking her out on a date but she says that her parents don't allow her to date, but she likes what we have and doesn't wanna ruin it because of that. Now I don't know what we have. Backtracking a little (my organization is bad in this sry but) we were on a 5 day class trip to Quebec, and the entire time we were by eachother's side talking. She became more personal and (hard to explain) but makes more physical contact and sometimes rests her head on my shoulder. The last day of the Quebec trip we spent an 8 hour long bus drive together and the entire time shared music, talked, watched a movie, and napped. These all seem like things one might do if they were dating, but again, she is not allowed to date. Then during this vacation she said that she missed me and wished she could see me, but I don't know if in a romantic way or in a 'just friends' sort of way. FYI she also has social anxiety, but I think its less sever then mine(not to say mine is crippling) So my question is what are we as a couple, should we be considered boyfriend and girlfriend that cannot date, and should I try to be more romantic and confident in a way, or should I remain friends and try to not make it weird. I have been wracking my brain about this and I'm too shy to ask, as just asking her to prom took a lot of thought due to my social anxiety.
TL/DR: She isn't allowed to date but seems to be flirting with me and wants us to be a couple, it just isn't clear. Should a proceed romantically or platonically?
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AITA for not donating my liver due to a lawsuit and the person died?

My (24M) partner's (23F) close friend and boss (50'sM) at the mechanic shop needed a liver transplant. They had been on the list for a while and getting nowhere. Lots of us got tested and I was a match. We were all happy and thrilled that this direct donation could take place.
A week before the surgery date, police showed up at our house to arrest my partner as her boss (person who was getting a piece of my liver) had accused her of theft. Claimed she'd stolen thousands from his bank account and stolen from the cash box. The police showed us the Cctv in which she reaches into the box, takes money and walks out of frame. 15 times, 15 days, 15 accusations. The police admitted they had no proof it was theft and no clue on the amounts taken as she used the box to take customers money and change. The police also said they didn't see how she accessed the bank accounts, and that they felt this was some sort of insurance fraud and they needed a scape goat.
I immediately rang the hospital and my transplant coordinator and backed out of the surgery. We got on with our lives, partner found a new job and attended the court date where the case was thrown out 6 months later.
A week after the case was dismissed, we got word boss had died. No one else had been a match or willing to get tested after news got out, and they never found a match in the transplant system in time.
I feel so guilty. I allowed someone to die, pretty much murdered them. I let pettiness get in the way of saving a life. Partner and friends feel I did the right thing, none of this is on me and not giving a piece of me to the person possibly putting my partner in prison for a long time, a week before surgery, is my choice and the right choice.
Bosses friends and family have been ringing non-stop, harassing us at our jobs and posting online a lot how I'm a murderer and killed boss. That I should have given the liver anyway and been a good person.
I feel I should have given it, but who bites the hand that feeds? I didn't want to get cut open, risk dying and other complications for someone who didn't care for me and mine, but now someone is dead from something I could have prevented. I'm conflicted and losing sleep over this.
AITA for not giving my liver to the person accusing partner of theft and them later dying?
Edit: thank you for all the positive and informative feedback. I think seeing the outside, impartial view on this has helped me put it in perspective. I've only been focusing on my selfishness causing his death, as opposed to his actions contributing too. I'll be getting some counselling, as suggested, to help deal with the constant what ifs in my brain and to help me move past this and to stop shouldering the burden.
Edit: Well, this blew up. Thanks for the awards and positive vibes everyone, much appreciated. Clearing up a few things - gf didn't steal, she was just doing her job getting change/paying invoices. The wife (who admitted to stealing later) simply used footage of her accessing the cash box to try to make it seem like she stole. I didn't state she was innocent as its innocent until proven guilty, and she wasn't found guilty, my mistake. - it's been pointed out that with boss so unwell, perhaps it wasn't him doing this, but his wife. That's a great point I never considered, and now makes me feel even more guilty. I should have checked. - we are in the UK so I guess our legal system works differently to the States in that I didn't have to pay a bail, just simply take her home and take her to the court dates. This could be why the policemen told us straight it seemed like bull and were very candid and kind to us; they even bought us lunch when one went to Subway. - also as said, the surgery would have probably been cancelled anyway as I did have another welfare check (or two) scheduled for that week with the transplant team at the hospital and I was hugely stressed out. My work gave me that week and the following off anyway for being such a good sport. - thanks for the dm's calling me a murderer, appreciated....
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AITA for telling my wife to cut off her disrespectful best friend?

My wife (31F) (fake name) Sherry, has been best friends with (fake name) Amanda (31F) since they were in highschool. Sherry considers Amanda “the sister she never had” ( Sherry has a very complicated family dynamic that Amanda helped her with ).
Sherry and I met and started dating in college, she’s the love of my life, she’s beautiful, kind, caring, and intelligent. We are in the process of trying for a baby (which sparked this conflict). Amanda never liked me all that much, I don’t know why, she was always very cold to me, but my wife always said she was “just protective of her”.
Amanda is also a total rich snob, her dad is some big shot at a tech company, so she lives lavishly even though she’s just a assistant professor. She got her degrees from Ivy’s (which she always brings up when we get into arguments about politics...), always wears super expensive stuff, and gifts my wife luxurious things. For example, she took my wife on a two week trip to Paris for her 30th birthday....which is very generous of her, but Paris is for couples, and I think it was rude of her to not extend the offer to me, because we’re married. For my 30th birthday, she gave me a bottle of 30 year aged whiskey...which was nice but Paris????
Anyways, Amanda and Sherry were talking about baby stuff, and they started talking about the cost of children, like college fund, extracurriculars, etc. I popped in and joked “How much are you putting into the baby’s college fund since you’re acting like the third parent Amanda?” and she just laughed it off, which made me kinda pissed, because I think that since she’s always calling herself auntie and inserting herself into our business, acting like a parent, she should contribute since she’s completely capable of it.... So I pushed it a little, and she completely overreacted and said “Weird how you always rail at me for being raised as a spoiled princess, but you were the one who grew up to be an entitled prick.” which is COMPLTELY unacceptable and incredibly rude. I told her to get out and never come back and that if she wasn’t going to contribute to my child’s future, she didn’t need to be a part of it. I think Sherry needs to cut her off, we’re husband and wife first, and Amanda has been completely disrespectful to me, but Sherry disagrees and thinks IM the asshole because she needs Amanda in her life as a friend. I think I need to come first as her husband and that Amanda needs to stay the fuck away from our lives now. What do you think reddit
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Newest AT&T Commercials All In One It's Not Complicated Werewolf Dating, It's Complicated: The Lake House Dating, It's Complicated: Golf With Grandpa Biracial Dating Is Complicated - Key & Peele

And if dating exists as the pathway to marriage, then the process is probably pretty important. The first step of this process is to focus on the only thing we can actually change: ourselves. Let’s imagine our lives as a house for a moment. Building a house is not complicated if you have the blueprints. It’s challenging, sure. But complicated? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dating, It's Not Complicated at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Not this summer, said Kenji Yamazaki, co-founder of EastMeetEast, an Asian American dating app, whose users continued to engage on livestreaming at a high level since that trend picked up in March. Still, there’s a limit to video dates, said Khadijah Diaz, 28, who has been using Bumble, Tinder, Hinge and a few Facebook dating groups for Black It’s (Not) Complicated: Facebook Dating Arrives. By B&T Magazine. SHARE THIS. Facebook wants to help you find love, launching a brand new dating app that will no doubt put the likes of Tinder Facebook And Dating: It’s (Not) Complicated. By Karen Webster. Posted on May 7, 2018 May 7, 2018 7:03 divorced, in a relationship, “it’s complicated” and many more. Users can also opt

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Newest AT&T Commercials All In One "It's Not Complicated"

50+ videos Play all Mix - Dating, It's Complicated: The Lake House YouTube Dating, It's Complicated: Golf With Grandpa - Duration: 2:03. CollegeHumor 2,763,710 views What is the Biggest Lie People Are being Told about Love? Q&A with Jason Evert - ACYF15 - Duration: 8:37. Xt3dotcom 3,391 views Dating: It's Complicated - The Great Condom Hunt - Duration: 2:01. CollegeHumor 8,158,375 views. 2:01. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Dating, It's Complicated: Golf With Grandpa YouTube; Dating ... East Meet East Dating App: Submit Your Questions: Watch Bonus Content! AT&T TV Commercial Its Not Complicated My Dog Sadie - Duration: 0:31. Brad Erickson 7,138 views. 0:31. Carson Can’t Keep Up with Rodney Dangerfield’s Non-Stop One-Liners ...