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An analysis on where the Marble Teams would be located in the Human world

Important : Please keep in mind that the references made in the JMR Fandom and RetRollSpectives are meant in a geographical sense, and not at all cultural.
Spoiler Warning : If you believe that the Marble World has no tangible connection to the Human World, and would like to continue with this view please do not continue reading this post.
Everyone should enjoy JMR, and my interest in the sport is only increased by whatever minute connection I can find between the Marble world and the Human world [whether real or imagined], but this may not be true for everyone and I do not wish to spoil anyone's enjoyment of the sport.

It is my understanding that the Marble world is very similar to the Human world in a geographical sense, so I've seen quite a few posts [post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4] on where the Marble Teams would be located if they raced in the Human world.
I've tried to take the best information from these posts and compared them with the data from the Official JMR Fandom, RetRollSpective, as well as official team imagery to create what I think is a slightly improved location list. I've tried to stay with geographic markers as much as possible, but given the limited information that is available about some teams, I've made the assumption that there may be some cultural similarities between the Marble and Human worlds to pinpoint these locations.
The italicized text is the information I've used as reference points to help locate the teams and this information comes from either the JMR Fandom or RetRollSpective.

Balls of Chaos - Shanghai, China
The Balls of Chaos are one of the oldest teams in marble sport history, dating back to the start of the millennium. They come from the city of Hunluen, one of the most populous cities in East Asia and the world. Hunluen was established in the third century when settlers from the Om civilization migrated northeast in search of riches. They found a flat plain in the center of several river tributaries, where they established the city.
A major metropolis in East Asia, that is located on a flat plain at the center of several river tributaries - This sounds a lot like Shanghai, which is is located on an alluvial plain and is bisected by the Huangpu River, a tributary of the Yangtze, and at least four other river tributaries flow through or around the city.

Bumblebees - Baku, Azerbaijan
The Bumblebees come from the city of Buzzpig on the eastern border of Buzznya, a region in Eastern Europe that borders Herbotamia to the south and Galakonur to the east. The city is located on the opposite side of the region to the city of Buzzkill, the hometown of the Hornets, with whom they have had a long-running rivalry since the beginning.
The logic here is not as solid as I would like it to be. I couldn’t find anything that tied directly into Buzzpig. So I used Herbotamia (Mesopotamia - Iraq, see Minty Manians), Galakonour (Baikonur Cosmodrome, see Team Galactic), and that Buzznya is considered to be part of Europe to narrow down the general location as the Caucasus. Buzzpig is said to be to the east of Buzzkill; Baku, Azerbaijan is the only major city in the eastern most region of the Caucasus.

Chocolatiers - Mt. Chimborazo, Ecuador
The Chocolatiers come from villages around Mount Bonsel in South America, which are famous for their chocolate-based confections. In fact, it is the site of the world's biggest chocolate festival, held at the mountaintop village of Bonsel, known by tourists as the "Sweetest Place on Marblearth".
Ecuador is the largest cocoa producing nation in South America, and supplies more than 60% of the human world’s ‘fine-flavour’ cocoa. Mt. Chimborazo is the most significant, and largest mountain peak in Ecuador’s cocoa growing region.

Crazy Cat's Eyes - Casablanca, Morocco
The Crazy Cat's Eyes come from the North African city of Felynia, located between two rivers, known for its prestige in film and entertainment. The sand dunes to the east are nicknamed the "Cat's Dunes".
The only North African city that can claim to actually be located between two rivers is the Sudanese city of Khartoum; this is where the Blue Nile joins the White Nile to form the Nile proper. However, Khartoum isn’t known for it’s prestige in film and entertainment, the best North African city to lay claim to that title is Casablanca, Morocco. There are rivers to the north and south of Casablanca, but that would be true for all major cities if you looked far enough north and south; and few would claim rivers 70km and 90km away from the city as the defining characteristics of that city.
The deciding factor was the sand dunes to the east, most of North Africa’s Ergs (dune seas) are located in Algeria, to the east of Morocco; Sudan’s only notable Erg is located to the west of Khartoum.

Green Ducks - Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Green Ducks are a British team [...] hometown of Bermenghank to [...]. Their name honors Hank Green, who helped Jelle's Marble Runs regain monetization.
The Fandom lists the team as British. Birmingham was selected not only because of its similarity to Bermenghank, but also because Hank Green was born in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hazers - Tianzi Mountains, China
The Hazers come from an unspecified region within East Asia.[...] although in early 2019, a journalist discovered a Hazers souvenir shop south of Hunluen. [..] The only available hint for their place of origin so far is the fact that they do their training on a mountain top within an East Asian mountain range, beside Mount Huaze.
Lots of guesswork here, given the mysterious nature of the team. The Tianzi Mountains lie south of Beijing (Hunluen) and are known for being covered in a sea of fog during certain months of the year.

Hornets - Batumi, Georgia
The Hornets come from the Eastern European city of Buzzkill, the westernmost city within the Buzznya region.
I‘ve already decided the human world equivalent for the Buzzill region is the Caucasus (see Bumblebees), the westernmost city of that region is Batumi, Georgia.

Indigo Stars - Rameswaram, India
The Indigo Stars, previously known as the Purple Stars, come from South Asia, particularly the southern tip of the Indian peninsula and the nearby island of Isle Hyu, a tropical island known for its array of colored stars, a phenomenon unique to the island. [...] They all live in Bright Hyu City, a metropolis across from the island.
Isle Hyu seems to be the Marble world equivalent of Sri Lanka, the island immediately south of the Indian peninsula, which is known for its Star Sapphires. Bright Hyu City, located in India, across from the island would then be Rameswaram.

Jawbreakers - Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Jawbreakers, or at least their current team captain Candy, come from the city of Jawnair, a South American city located on the southeastern coast. The four original members of the Jawbreakers,[...], were involved in professional marble wrestling. They competed in lucha marbre leagues, including the popular Extreme Lucha Marbre Championship.
Southeastern coast of South America narrows it down to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, or Chile. But the phrase “Lucha Marbre'' is Spanish, so that rules out Portugese speaking Brazil. Buenos Aires was selected because it’s name can be translated to “fair winds'' or “good airs”, and I’m linking the air portion of Jawair to the Aires portion of Buenos Aires.

Jungle Jumpers - Amazon Rainforest
The Jungle Jumpers come from Lewara, a village hidden beyond the South American rainforest, bordered by the Lewara River with a lush basin.
South American rainforest was easy, the Amazon. Unfortunately, I have no way to narrow down the location more precisely; at no point is the Rainforest referred to as “Lewara” so the river Lewara could very well be not the Amazon River and could be one of the myriad of other rivers and tributaries flowing through the Amazon Rainforest. If anyone knows of a river and a village that share a name and are located in the general region of the Amazon Rainforest, please let me know in the comments.

Kobalts - Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
The Kobalts come from the Central African city of Zuro [...]. They all studied chemistry [...], where they were experimenting on cobalt(II) oxide and alumina, which produces blue pigment.
The Central African country of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the human world’s largest cobalt producing nation, accounting for roughly 60% of global output (no other Central African nation makes the top 10 in Cobalt production).
The name of the city, Zuro, seems to be the Marble world version of Zaire ( which was the name of the DRC from 1971 to 1997), so if we follow the Zuro=Zaire=Congo thread, we are looking for a a city with Congo in its name, the closest we get is the province of Kongo Central. However, none of the three major universities of the DRC are located in this region, the closest city with a university to the Kongo Central region is the capital of Kinshasa. Kinshasa used to be part of the same region as Kongo Central before it was separated into its own province, and the University of Kinshasa used to be part of the University of Zaire. There seem to be enough connections between Kinshasa and the name Zaire to suggest that Kinshasa is the human world equivalent of Zuro.

Limers - Athens, Greece
The Limers come from the Adriatic Coast in the south of Europe. To be exact, they come from Sotsevsa, a coastal city across the sea to the southeast of the Gulf of Tartufo, which is renowned for its ancient philosophical teachings, and for hosting the annual ancient marble racing tournament, the Syndesmarble.
A city southeast of the Gulf of Tartufo (human world equivalent would be Gulf of Taranto) and on the Adriatic coast, that is renowned for its philosophical teachings, and for hosting an ancient sporting event. Sotseva seems to be the Marble world equivalent to Athens, Greece.

Mellow Yellow - Atlanta, USA
Mellow Yellow come from the North American city of Amalanta. The four original members of the team [...] first met while working for The Non-Descript Soda Company within the city's metropolitan area.
Atlanta, Georgia is home to the headquarters of the Coca-Cola Company.

Midnight Wisps - Helsinki, Finland
The Midnight Wisps come from the Scandinavian taiga, east of the city of Helarve.
Helarve is a city in Scandinavia in the region of Harva.[...] The city's most renowned landmark is the Helarve Clock Tower.
The Scandinavian Taiga is an eco region situated in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia; of these countries, only Norway and Sweden are part of Scandinavia and I was initially going to place the team in Oslo because of the Aker Brygge Clock Tower.
However, after comparing pictures of the Midnight Wisps’ Marbula One poster and pictures of the Helsinki Central Railway Station Clock Tower, I decided that the Clock Tower in the Midnight Wisps’ poster was too similar to the one in Helsinki to ignore the connection.

Minty Maniacs - Iraq
The Minty Maniacs are a marble sports team from Herbotamia, a region within Western Asia known for growing herbs and spices. It has also gained a reputation for being the "freshest" place in the world according to Atlas Marbura, an acclaimed travel guide.
Some of the earliest recorded mentions of spice are from Sumerian clay tablets dating from the 3rd millennium BC. Sumer was a civilization in southern mesopotamia (Herbotamia) that is now part of Iraq.

O'rangers - Orlando, United States
The O'rangers are a team of five siblings from the southeast of North America. The O’Marbles run an orange farm on the southeast tip of North America, close to the city of Orlango, that also specializes in bull-wrangling and, notably, off-road racing.
This was a real doozy, the O’rangers are always depicted wearing cowboy hats and using lassos. Their poster from Marbula One depicts them in a desert setting. None of this connects with Florida, but the text description from the Fandom and RetRollSpective clearly points towards Orlando, Florida; I flipped a coin and went with Orlando.
Southeastern tip of North America points towards Florida, which also is largest Orange growing state in the US. Narrowed it down to Orlando based on the similarity in names and Daytona International Speedway being located just outside of Orlando.

Oceanics - Dunedin, New Zealand
The Oceanics come from the city of Dunduei in Oceania.
...they had been known as "Team Moana" (which means ocean in Maori)...
The Maori language is spoken mainly in New Zealand. Picked Dunedin, mainly for the similarities in names.

Pinkies - Osaka, Japan
The Pinkies come from the city of Rosaka, located on an island off the coast of East Asia. It is home to one of the most advanced economies in the world, and is rich in both historical and natural significance. The city is named for the cherry blossom trees that turn rose-colored at the start of spring. They can be found across the island, including in the park surrounding Rosaka Castle and in the fields surrounding the Ampinktheater, the Pinkies' stadium.
Everything points to Osaka, Japan. Island off the coast of East Asia - Taiwan or Japan. However, Japan is the nation known for its Cherry Blossom Festival. Osaka Castle (Rosaka Castle) is one of Japan’s most famous landmarks.

Raspberry Racers - Arlije, Serbia
The Raspberry Racers come from the city of Rubow in Central Europe, which is renowned as the raspberry capital of the world, as seen with the many raspberry farms within its vicinity.
[...] they developed a rivalry with the Limers, who hail from the city of Sotsevsa, which is in fact not quite far away from Rubow.
Poland is the human world’s second largest grower of Raspberries and the largest in Central Europe, so at first glance that would seem to place the Raspberry Racers in Poland, but the fact Rubow is stated to be not far from Sotsevsa (Athens) made me look for a location that fit the description and was closer to Athens.
Serbia is the largest raspberry growing nation after Poland in Europe, and is fairly close to Athens. Arlije is the epicenter of Raspberry growing in Serbia.

Rojo Rollers - Mexico City, Mexico
The Rojo Rollers come from the outskirts of Numerun, located exactly in the middle of Central America. It is known as the “newest old” city in the world, having been settled for over a millennium before settlers from across the ocean rediscovered it about five hundred years ago. The settlers shared goods from their side of the world, which led to growth for the city. It is now one of the most diverse, economically advanced, and intellectual cities in the world.
We’re looking for a diverse and economically advanced city in the middle of Central America which predates Columbus. Mexico City fits this description best.

Savage Speeders - Marseille, France
The Savage Speeders come from three Western European cities – Accellaise on the southern coast, Pace on the same coastline to the east, and the capital city of Vellis, each of which is individually known for its cultural, artistic, and economic significance.
Vellis is a capital city in Europe known for its cultural, artistic and economical significance. [...] It is also the home of Le Tour de Vellis, a marble marathon that goes through the city and across the nation.
They purchased a stadium in Accellaise and named it Le Course de Sauvage.
Tour de Vellis seems to be the Marble world version of the Tour de France, suggesting Vellis is Paris, the capital of France. Looking for a pair of major cities on the southern coast of France then suggests Accellaise and Pace are Marseille and Nice respectively.

Shining Swarm - Freetown, Sierra Leone
The Shining Swarm come from the city of Galeem on the West African coast. It is located on a peninsula that juts out from the mountainous mainland, at the mouth of the Silver River. The city is named for the shining waters that surround the city.
The West African countries of Senegal, Nigeria,Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and Guinea all have inhabited peninsulas. But only Freetown Peninsula in Sierra Leone has mountains in the region and sits at the mouth of a river.

Snowballs - Halifax, Canada
The Snowballs come from the small city of Hailfern in the northeast of North America. When the Snowballs' team members were young, Hailfern was but a village known for its ski slopes, and nothing else.[...] It remains a tourist destination for marbles who live in the southeast of North America.
Halifax isn’t renowned for its ski slopes; but the names of the cities in this region of the Marble world seem to be extremely similar to the human world’s Canadian cities, for example Snoronto/Toronto and BlancouveVancouver. Following this pattern in names suggests that Halifern’s human world equivalent would have a very similar name, so Halifax it is.

Team Galactic - Baikonur, Kazhakstan
Team Galactic come from the Western Asian city of Galakonur, renowned for its scientific advancement, especially in astronomy. The four original members of the team met while working at the Galactic National Space Center, the world's largest space center, located in the heart of the city.
Baikonur Cosmodrome is the human world's largest operational space launch facility and matches the description of Galakonur.

Team Momo - Kathmandu, Nepal
Team Momo come from the mountainous region of Om in Southeast Asia. The four original members of the team, Mo, Momo, Momomo, and Momomomo, all hail from villages around the region's capital city of Om, one of the oldest cities in the world.
In the human world momos are native to Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, the north Indian region of Ladakh, and northeast Indian regions of Sikkim, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh, and the east Indian region of Darjeeling.
Of these regions, only Nepal’s capital Kathmandu was established as a major settlement prior to 0 CE in the human world.

Team Primary - Nijmegan, Netherlands
Team Primary come from the cities of Van Gotterdam and Knikkegen in Central Europe. Siblings Prim and Mary grew up in the center of Van Gotterdam, which has the reputation as the art capital of the world.
Rima grew up in Knikkegen, a city southeast of Van Gotterdam [...].
Knikkegen is a city in Central Europe, southeast of Van Gotterdam. It is the hometown of Rima from Team Primary. It is also the city where brothers Jelle and Dion Bakker are based.
It is widely considered by fans that Van Gotterdam and Knikkegen are the Marble world versions of Rotterdam and Nijmegen, respectively. The human world’s Jelle Baker currently resides in Nijmegen.

Thunderbolts - Northern Europe
The Thunderbolts come from the city of Thorston, maybe in the north of Europe. Arguably the most mysterious of all Marble League teams [...].
Another mysterious team with very little info. All we know is that they are from the north of Europe and somewhere with Viking influences given the name of their city “Thorston”. After a few days of research I couldn’t find anything more conclusive.

Turtle Sliders - Sydney, Australia
The Turtle Sliders started their marble racing career in the Seven Seas Circuit, racing against other teams from Oceania such as the Oceanics.
The Seven Seas Circuit is a marble sports competition based in Oceania.
The Turtle Sliders began training that fall in Aslipi, [...]
Crush, who was recruited from Aslipi [...]. Dash, who was recruited from Jamarbla [...]. Splint, [...] was living in Mellacai [...].
I couldn’t find anything in the current fandom or retrollspective pages to narrow down the location, but a previous edit of the Fandom page mentions their base city of Aslipi as being the marble world equivalent to Sydney.
submitted by ms21993 to JellesMarbleRuns [link] [comments]

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Math Speed Da-ting

Math Speed Da-ting
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Baby Speed Dating Be at One Speed Dating Birmingham Black Speed Dating in Maryland Black Speed Dating Nj Book Speed Dating Template Borat Speed Dating C2e2 Speed Dating Cambridge Ma Speed Dating Chinese Speed Dating London Chq Speed Dating Christian Speed Dating Calgary Christian Speed Dating in Dc Christian Speed Dating Nj Christian Speed Dating San Francisco Click to Asia Speed Dating College Speed Dating Event Cost of Speed Dating Dbz Speed Dating Dc Singles Speed Dating Eventbrite Speed Dating Los Angeles Fdny Speed Dating Ferris Wheel Speed Dating Filipino Chinese Speed Dating Gay Speed Dating Dublin Gay Speed Dating in Charlotte Nc Gay Speed Dating Orange County Geek Speed Dating Meme How to Arrange a Speed Dating Event How to Go Speed Dating How to Host a Successful Speed Dating Event How to Throw a Speed Dating Event Howl at the Moon Speed Dating Iheartradio Speed Dating Impractical Jokers Speed Dating Indian Speed Dating Birmingham Interracial Speed Dating Dc Irish Speed 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What's Another Dat-ing Si-te Like P-of ?

What's Another Dat-ing Si-te Like P-of ?
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Pof Dating Apple Pof Dating Application Pof Dating Approval Clearance Pof Dating Apps Australia Pof Dating Apps Windows Pof Dating Arnaque Pof Dating Barrie on Pof Dating Bath Pof Dating Bath Ny Pof Dating Birmingham Poonam Pof Dating Birmingham Ramgarhia Pof Dating Blackberry App Pof Dating Boise Idaho Pof Dating Bots Pof Dating Brookville Indiana Pof Dating Buffalo Ny Pof Dating by City Ocala Pof Dating Cairns Pof Dating Campagnes Pof Dating Campaign Pof Dating Campaigns Pof Dating Campbell Ny Pof Dating Co Uk Pof Dating Coffs Pof Dating Colchester Pof Dating Combo List Pof Dating Comox Bc Pof Dating Corning Ny Pof Dating Cornwall on Pof Dating Coupons Pof Dating Cummi Gs Ga Pof Dating Customer Service Number Get Human Pof Dating Derby Pof Dating Derry Pof Dating Description Pof Dating Disasters Pof Dating Dundee Uk Pof Dating Elmira Pof Dating Elmira Corning Pof Dating Experiences Pof Dating Feedback Pof Dating France Pof Dating Free Apk App Pof Dating Full Site Pof Dating Guernsey Pof Dating Horror Stories Pof Dating Horseheads Ny Pof Dating Houston Tx Pof Dating Icons Pof Dating in Decatur Ga Pof Dating in Ga Pof Dating in Itunes Pof Dating in Lawrenceville Ga Pof Dating in Lithia Springs Ga Pof Dating Ithaca Pof Dating Ithaca Ny Pof Dating Katie Moquin Pof Dating Killer Pof Dating Kingston on Pof Dating Kingston Ont Pof Dating Lancaster Pa Pof Dating Lancaster Uk Pof Dating Lindley Pof Dating Locals Pof Dating Meaning Pof Dating Medway Pof Dating Melbourne Australia Pof Dating Mobile App Pof Dating Montreal Pof Dating Nanaimo Bc Pof Dating Near Smyrna Ga Pof Dating New Zealand Pof Dating Nightmares Pof Dating Not So Good Pof Dating Not Working Pof Dating Nz Pof Dating on Window Pof Dating on Window 7 32bit Pof Dating or Hang Out Pof Dating Orange Nsw Pof Dating Painted Post Ny Pof Dating Payant Pof Dating Pegging Pof Dating Peterborough on Pof Dating Pictures Pof Dating Pregnant Pof Dating Profile Example Pof Dating Profile Headlines Pof Dating Profile Pua Pof Dating Profile Template Pof Dating Profile Tips Pof Dating Questions Pof Dating Quotes Pof Dating Review Uk Pof Dating Rockhampton Pof Dating Russia Pof Dating Scams Ireland Pof Dating Search Engine Pof Dating Security Verification Scam Pof Dating Site Affiliate Sites Pof Dating Site Affiliated Sites Pof Dating Site America Pof Dating Site Cleveland Ohio Pof Dating Site Complaints Pof Dating Site Delete Pof Dating Site Email Address Pof Dating Site Emails Pof Dating Site Extension Pof Dating Site Hacked Pof Dating Site Have Viruses Pof Dating Site Have Viruses Today Pof Dating Site Headlines Pof Dating Site in El Paso Pof Dating Site in Los Banos Area Pof Dating Site Ireland Pof Dating Site Leaumont Pof Dating Site Meaning Pof Dating Site Men Pof Dating Site Mobile App Pof Dating Site Mobile App Download Pof Dating Site Mobile Application Pof Dating Site Molalla Pof Dating Site No One Responds Pof Dating Site Noone Responds Pof Dating Site Ottawa Pof Dating Site Page Pof Dating Site 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Dating Forums Pof Free Dating Apk App Pof Free Dating Apkpure Pof Free Dating App 3.83 Pof Free Dating App Apk4fun Pof Free Dating App Apkpure Pof Free Dating App App Store Pof Free Dating App Apple Pof Free Dating App Free Download Pof Free Dating App Google Play Pof Free Dating App Icon Pof Free Dating App Latest Version Pof Free Dating App Nedir Pof Free Dating App V5.40 Unlimited Premium Pof Free Dating Dating Premium Apk Download Pof Free Dating Uptodown Pof Free Online Dating Itunes Pof Free Online Dating Old Versions Android Pof Free Online Dating Review Pof Good Dating Profile Examples for Guys Pof Images Dating Pof Knoxville Women Dating Pof Leading Free Online Dating Site Singles Personals Pof Like Dating Site for 30's and 40's Pof Login Shepparton Dating Personals Pof Madison Wi Dating Pof Mature Dating Pof Meaning Casual Dating Without Commitment Pof Milf Dating Stes Pof Mobile Dating Site Pof Msf Dating Pof Muslim Dating App Pof on Line Dating Site Pof Online Dating Apk 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Dating City Bossier City 24 Year Old Female Dating Dating Website Female 49 Palatine Dating Free Dating Site Sign Up Free Online Dating Service for Singles Plenty of Fish My Hair Grows Fast Dating My Hair Grows Very Fast Dating Tm the Leading Free Online Dating Site for Singles Viewprofile City Bakersfield Ca 54 Year Old Female Dating Pof.comcom Free Online Dating Service for Singles Pof.comtm Free Dating Site Sign Up Pof.marure Dating Pof.mature Dating Port Macquarie Dating Pof Pregnant Pof Dating Quiceno Dating Miami Pof Raregem 2014 Dating Site Pof Raregem 2014 Online Dating Site Pof Raregem2014 Online Dating Site Pof Real Similar Aduld Dating Sites to Pof Reviews on Dating Site Pof Rita Williams Pof Dating Rock Music Dating Pof Ronnie Pof Dating Site Donaldsonville Rules of Dating Websites on Pof Meme Russian Pof Dating Scam Safe Dating Life Pof Safe Dating Meet Pof Safe Dating Services Pof Scam Salem Il Dating Pof Salisbury Dating Pof Sample Pof Dating Profile Sandra Pof Salinas 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Absolute disgusting over hundreds of pedophilia cases on asian countries done by whites.

Federal Cybersecurity Director Found Guilty on Child Porn ...

Massive child webcam sex bust in Philippines reveals rising abuse worldwide | The Japan Times

A known pedophile with kids is engaged to a woman from the Philippines. Runs for politics as a self described: “Red pilled libertarian.” – an aggregate website devoted to exploring the darker, sociological implications of the world's greatest imbalance of interracial and intercultural relationships.

Mt. Holly man wanted in child sex assaults, wife charged

Convicted Pedophile Still Actively Involved With Children’s NGO - The Cambodia Daily

Tennessee man pleads to charges of abusing his family:

Teacher who claimed he molested his daughter after mistaking her for his wife jailed | South China Morning Post:

Gammy ' s Australian parents were ' hiding in their home ' all ...

Paso Robles man allegedly molested multiple children:

‘It’s been a disaster’: Man suing Surrey Creep Catchers speaks out | CTV Vancouver News

Photographer documents American fathers and their adopted Chinese children: Shanghaiist

Thai police expand hunt for suspected Western paedophiles:

English-school operator 'sexually abused 40 girls'

Thai police arrest paedophile suspect | UK news | The Guardian

American pedophile who molested 9-year-old arrested in the Philippines | New York Post

British paedophile Richard William Fruin caught in Cambodia | Daily Mail Online

Cambodia Netherlands: Fugitive paedophile Pieter Ceulen arrested - BBC News:

US Man Gets 25 Years For Molesting Boys In China | The Nanfang:

American man held from Kathmandu on paedophilia charge ...

Nepal Police intensifies vigilance against potential paedophiles

Another foreign teacher accused of sexual abuse - Lost …

Disgraced B.C. teacher employed by Beijing school | Vancouver Sun

Man sentenced to 70 years in prison for molesting kids in Cambodia |

Jakarta International School Employed US American Child ...

Pedophile's jail sentence cut - World -

Jared Fogle ‘craved’ 14-year-old Asian girls: text messages | New York Post:

Wanted alleged UK child rapist found to be working in ...

Brit teacher arrested on child sex allegations in Cambodia | Daily Mail Online

British paedophile who jumped bail finally held in Thailand | London Evening Standard

Fugitive 'who had unprotected sex with men and women to spread his HIV' is caught in holiday resort - Mirror Online

Singaporeans outraged over American pedophile's jail term | Daily Mail Online

Philippines to deport American pedophile |

Australians the worst child sex offenders in Thailand

Father who raped his gay daughter to prove ‘sex was better with men’ jailed for 21 years | The Independent

Dad Who Raped Daughter: 'Was Fun While It Lasted':

Big Stone Gap Police officer facing rape, incest, grooming, and indecent liberties charges | WSET:

Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ – Theresa May — RT UK:

More than 70 UK sex offenders refused entry to South East Asia

Pedophile profile: Young, white, wealthy

More than 200 children identified and rescued in worldwide police operation | Europol:

One of the most disturbing coffee breaks of my life': Halting 'child rape' holidays in Asia

1,400 investigated in child sex abuse inquiry, including politicians | UK news | The Guardian:

Richard Huckle faces life sentences for Malaysia child abuse - BBC News:

US child porn suspect flees to South Korea:

Bombshell documentary about Hollywood pedophile ring preying on child actors that's been linked to X-Men director Bryan Singer premieres in New York | Daily Mail Online:

Kids 'Sitting Ducks' for Pedophile Teachers - ABC News

UN slams Vatican for 'efforts to cover up' pedophile priests in sex abuse scandal - World News:

Danish man charged with ordering the sexual abuse of 346 Filipino children - The Local:

Rolf Harris guilty: but what has Operation Yewtree really taught us about sexual abuse?

Pedophiles drawn to ESL jobs, groups warn

Ex USC professor named FBI s Top 10 Most Wanted list pleads guilty traveling Asia sex young boys met online

UK police arrest 660 suspected pedophiles -

British Pedophile Successfully Changes His Name and Continues Teaching Kids in Thailand:

386 Kids Rescued in Worldwide Child Porn Bust. Hundreds ...

Organizer of child sex ring in Thailand sentenced to 25 years -

For today's pedophiles, it's all too easy - The Globe and Mail

British paedo running kids charity in Cambodia - Mirror Online

Mark Frost admits 45 sex crimes | Daily Mail Online

New Jersey actor gets nearly 20 years in child sex case |

Midland paedophile enjoys holiday in child sex resort thanks to loophole in law - Birmingham Mail

Elijah Wood Speaks Out on Child Abuse in Hollywood :

Petition · Steven Burn, child-porn cardiologist, should be struck off. ·

Couple Charged With Child Abuse | Seattle Times Newspaper

Harvard man charged with sexual assault of child - Lake County News-Sun:

Australian Cardinal and Aide to Pope Is Charged With Sexual Assault - The New York Times

Police Arrest Alleged American Pedophile Who Fled to Thailand to Work as a Teacher

Norwalk man gets 22 years in prison for crimes against children in Cambodia – Whittier Daily News

Delhi Police focus on 23 chats recovered from Murray Dennis Ward’s phone | The Indian Express

Michael Gerson - No More Pedophile Tourists

Southeast Asia a Haven for Pedophiles - ABC News:

Karl Joseph Kraus, 90-year-old Australian ... - NY Daily News

Arizona Man Who Photographed Sexual Abuse of Young Boys while Working in China Sentenced to 25 Years in Federal Prison | USAO-CDCA | Department of Justice:

World Briefing | Asia: Indonesia: Pedophile Found Hanged - The New York Times

Raleigh church youth director accused of having child porn ::

Native English teacher accused of kissing students

British Pedophile Arrested in Cambodia For Allegedly Raping Four Minors

U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children - NBC News

Justice Denied: Metropolitan Police cover up VIP ...

Pedophiles find cover in parts of Asia - World news - Asia-Pacific | NBC News

Empowering pedophiles | New York Post:

The Catholic Church’s Latest Abuse Scandals | Foreign Policy:

National Review Online:

National Review Online

Australia plans to ban pedophiles from traveling overseas - ABC News

Philippines' Duterte asks head of human rights agency: 'Are you a pedophile?'

120 child sex traffickers arrested, 84 kids rescued in FBI sting (VIDEO) — RT US News

The pedophile tentacles that stretch from the Philippines into Australian homes : Preda Foundation, Inc.

American ALT at Tokyo high school nabbed over alleged molestation - The Mainichi

American paedophile planned to reenact movie Fifty Shades of Grey with Filipino victims - ASEAN/East Asia | The Star Online

Deluge of Child Abuse Allegations Shocks China

The Impact of Pedophilia Crisis on the Church in Asia

Catholic officials threaten to sue ex-altar boys

‘It’s been a disaster’: Man suing Surrey Creep Catchers speaks out : vancouver

Orlando man accused of adopting Filipino girl for sex | Daily Mail Online

The man with the naked piano -

White male serial killer Arthur Shawcross is a psychopath, guilty of killing 2 children and 11 prostitutes, has an Asian partner and a half-Asian daughter – an aggregate website devoted to exploring the darker, sociological implications of the world's greatest imbalance of interracial and intercultural relationships.

White guy fantasises about raping his Eurasian daughter : hapas:

Convicted Australian paedophile Peter Dundas Walbran is arrested after being caught working in a SCHOOL in Thailand | Daily Mail Online

Former teacher jailed for molesting seven-year-old at learning centre, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories - The Straits Times:

Dutch Pedophile Sebastian Reuyl Sentenced to Five Years Prison in Cambodia |

American Brian Naswall gets 10 years for buying child sex in Cambodia | Daily Mail Online:

Paedophile, 77, jailed 18 months for sexually abusing three boys | general-news | news:

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81-Year-Old Serial American Paedophile Gets 10 Years Sentence For Molesting Young Boys In Cambodia | Doy News

Robert Fiddes Ellis: Australian paedophile says molesting girls ‘not serious’

Police arrest dozens in international pedophile ring swoop | News | DW | 18.04.2017

Indian orphans sexually abused by western paedophile ring -- New Internationalist:

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Foreign teachers facing heightened scrutiny after recent ...

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Police arrest 870 suspected paedophiles and rescue hundreds of ...

Father of little girl killed in one of Australia’s ‘most evil’ crimes speaks ten years after murder - Yahoo7:

Peter Scully accused of masterminding paedophile ring shrugs off charges | Daily Mail Online:
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Vancouver's WORST TINDER Profiles

"Vancouver Talks" is a series where I'm on the streets asking the people of Vancouver questions. Vancouver Talks: Do You Have A Racial Preference? Please S.L.S. (Share. Like. Subscribe.) Subscribe ... A perfect example of the beautiful women in the beautiful city that I live in...Oh and don't mind the palm trees in the background….Everything else is quite accurate tho lol! Special thanks to ... "Vancouver Talks" is a series where I'm on the streets asking the people of Vancouver questions. Vancouver Talks goes to UBC asking students is it difficult to meet girls or guys on campus. Heather and Marla go through, Vancouver's the TOP 3 WORST Tinder Profiles of the week, and one SUPERSTAR who's wins Tinder!! Single & Dating In Vancouver Season 1 Official Teaser Official Selection Vancouver Web Fest 2015 Best Actress Nominee Vancouver Web Fest 2015 Best Ensemble Comedy ISA 2015 Nominee Best Directing ...