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Megathread: President Trump Suggests Delaying 2020 Presidential Election

President Trump on Thursday suggested delaying November’s presidential election.
The dates of federal elections are set by Congress, and the Constitution makes no provisions for a delay to the Jan. 20 inauguration.
Any such move would require a change of federal law, meaning it would need to go through Democrats in the House of Representatives in addition to the Republican-controlled Senate. (The Congressional Research Service actually weighed in on this topic in March, specifically noting that a president has no legal authority to change the date of the election.)

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The city council of Round Rock TX, a suburb of Austin, has voted to delay their own elections by 6 months more than allowed by state law.
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Right-Wing Media Figures Mixed on Trump’s Suggestion of Delaying 2020 Election
Trump’s suggestion to delay the election is the most anti-democratic thing any president ever said
No, Trump Can't Delay the Election
Delay the election? Take Trump seriously. Laws and the Constitution haven't stopped him yet.
Does Trump have power to delay election?
Trump Can’t Delay the Election. He Can Still Do Lasting Harm. - Republicans should condemn the president’s unfounded assertion that this year’s vote will be illegitimate.
Donald Trump Is Terrified of Voters: The president’s call for a delayed election points to his own deep-seated insecurities, not the imminent collapse of our electoral democracy.
President Trump floats delaying the presidential election
Delay the election? That's not what we do here
Sen. John Cornyn Still Won't Push Back at Trump, Even After He Threatens to Delay Election
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Trump's Election Delay Threat Is a Coup in the Making - Trump's tweet was a shocking display of his authoritarian impulses and his very serious consideration of means to de-legitimize the November election in order to maintain his grip on power, no matter what.
Why Trump Has No Power to Delay the 2020 Election — We answer some key questions about holding elections in a crisis. And no, the president cannot cancel an election on his own.
Why Trump cannot delay the election – plus the truth about mail-in voting
In a rare move, Texas Republicans tell President Trump "no" after he calls for delaying the election — something he's not legally allowed to do
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Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., asked whether the president has the right to delay an election, responded: "I'll get back to you."
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Trump defends tweet suggesting delay in 2020 election
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McConnell, other top Republicans say Election Day isn't moving after Trump floated delay
Trump, Who Lacks the Authority to Do So, Suggests Delaying the Election
'I don't want a delay': Trump rows back on delaying election but not on mail-in ballots
Perspective - Trump’s ‘Delay the Election’ tweet checks all 8 rules for fascist propaganda
Trump faces rare rebuke from GOP for floating election delay
Trump faces rare rebuke from GOP for floating election delay
Republicans to Trump: You can't delay election
'End of story': Republicans say US election will not be delayed after Trump tweet
Fox News Editor: Trump Election Delay Idea Is ‘Flagrant Expression Of His Weakness’
Coronavirus Developments: Unemployment Up, Herman Caín Dies From COVID-19, Trump Wants To Delay Election
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Open Letter to Steve Huffman and the Board of Directors of Reddit, Inc– If you believe in standing up to hate and supporting black lives, you need to act

Open Letter to Steve Huffman and the Board of Directors of Reddit, Inc – If you believe in standing up to hate and supporting black lives, you need to act
Dear Steve,
On June 1, you shared a letter on Reddit’s blog “Remember the Human – Black Lives Matter”. In this letter, you claim “as Snoos, we do not tolerate hate, racism, and violence, and while we have work to do to fight these on our platform, our values are clear.”
As of today, neither you nor any other Reddit admins have shared this letter anywhere on However, the response to this message was swift on Twitter, where you were rightfully labeled as hypocritical based on your long and well-recorded history of defending racism and white supremacy on this site.
Among the many responses was this message from former CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao.
I am obligated to call you out: You should have shut down the_donald instead of amplifying it and its hate, racism, and violence. So much of what is happening now lies at your feet. You don't get to say BLM when reddit nurtures and monetizes white supremacy and hate all day long
Many others shared links and screenshots of your past statements saying “Open racism and slurs are fine to post on Reddit”.
The problem of Reddit’s leadership supporting and providing a platform for racist users and hateful communities has long been an issue. Nearly six years ago, dozens of subreddits signed the original open letter to the Reddit admins calling for action. While the Reddit admins acknowledged the letter and said it was a high priority to address this issue, extremely little has been done in the intervening years.
On June 5, you shared this update on /Announcements, Upcoming changes to our content policy, our board, and where we’re going from here. In the post, you stated that there is a need for continued adjustments of Reddit’s content policy to address racism and that this remains a priority. These continued statements that you hear us, that this is a priority, or that you are working on it are not enough. It has been five years since your return as CEO and this still remains Reddit’s most glaring problem.
Steve, if you and Reddit genuinely care about the values of standing up to racism and hate, then you need to back it up with real action. As moderators on this website who have dedicated countless hours to keeping this site running, we call on Reddit to take the following steps:
At /AgainstHateSubreddits, we have laid out the many failures of Steve time and again to stand up to white supremacy on this site time and time and time again.
With a website with the impact of Reddit on the broader conversations being held in communities around the world, this website needs real leadership and real action.
We hope that Reddit will not just share empty platitudes — but will take a meaningful stand against hate, and take these recommendations to heart.
This letter is co-signed by more than 200 300 350 430 550 650 800 communities representing well over 200 hundreds of millions of subscribers:
If your subreddit is not listed and would like to sign on, please leave a comment below
Added as of 6:30 PM US Eastern, June 8, 2020
As of 1:00 PM US Eastern, June 9, 2020
Update as of 1:30 PM US Eastern 6/8/2020
added as of 5:30 PM US Eastern June 9, 2020
Added 10:00 AM US EDT 6/10/20
added 9:00 AM US Eastern 6/9/2020
Latest added
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Match Thread: Everton v Bournemouth

Everton v Bournemouth

Premier League Matchday 38
Date: Sunday 26 July 2020
Kick Off: 16:00 BST
Venue: Goodison Park
Referee: Chris Kavanagh

How to watch:

UK: Sky Sports Golf
View all regions
Listen Live
Live text updates via BBC Sport


Everton: Pickford, Coleman (Sidibe), Keane, Branthwaite, Digne (Baines), Walcott (Gordon), Gomes, Davies (Bernard), Sigurdsson, Richarlison, Kean (Calvert-Lewin)
Subs: Stekelenburg, Virginia, Baines, Calvert-Lewin, Sidibe, Bernard, Baningime, Gordon, Simms
Bournemouth: Ramsdale, Smith, S. Cook, Kelly, Rico, Brooks (Stanislas), Gosling, Lerma, King (H. Wilson), C. Wilson, Solanke (Billing)
Subs: Boruc, Stacey, Ake, L. Cook, Billing, Danjuma, H. Wilson, Stanislas, Surridge
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Match Thread: Everton v Southampton

Everton v Southampton

Premier League Matchday 34
Date: Thursday 9 July 2020
Kick Off: 18:00 BST
Venue: Goodison Park
Referee: Lee Mason

How to watch:

UK: Amazon Prime Video
USA: Peacock or NBC Sports Gold
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Live text updates via BBC Sports


Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Mina, Keane, Digne, Iwobi (Sidibe), Gomes (Sigurdsson), Davies, Gordon (Bernard), Calvert-Lewin (Kean), Richarlison
Subs: Stekelenburg, Baines, Sigurdsson, Walcott, Sidibe, Bernard, Kean, Branthwaite, Baningime
Southampton: McCarthy, Walker-Peters, Stephens, Bednarek, Bertrand, Romeu (Hojbjerg), Ward-Prowse, Armstrong (Smallbone), Redmond, Adams (Long), Ings
Subs: Gunn, Danso, Vokins, Jankewitz, Hojbjerg, Smallbone, Ferry, Obafemi, Long
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Match Thread: Sheffield United v Everton

Sheffield United v Everton

Premier League Matchday 37
Date: Monday 20 July 2020
Kick Off: 18:00 BST
Venue: Bramall Lane
Referee: Stuart Attwell

How to watch:

UK: Amazon Prime Video
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Live text updates via BBC Sport


Sheffield United: Henderson, Baldock, Stevens, O'Connell, Basham (Živković), McBurnie (Sharp), Egan, Norwood (Lundstram), McGoldrick, Osborn (Fleck), Berge
Subs: Fleck, Lundstram, Sharp, Jagielka, K. Freeman, Robinson, Clarke, Moore, Živković
Everton: Pickford, Sidibe, Branthwaite, Keane, Digne, Walcott (Gordon), Gomes, Davies, Sigurdsson (Coleman), Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison
Subs: Stekelenburg, Joao Virginia, Baines, Iwobi, Coleman, Bernard, Baningime, Gordon, Simms
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Match Thread: Everton v Aston Villa

Everton v Aston Villa

Premier League Matchday 36
Date: Wednesday 15 July 2020
Kick Off: 18:00 BST
Venue: Goodison Park
Referee: Anthony Taylor

How to watch:

UK: Sky Sports
USA: Peacock or NBC Sports Gold
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Live text updates via BBC Sport


Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Holgate (Branthwaite), Digne, Iwobi (Walcott), Gomes, Davies (Sigurdsson), Bernard (Gordon), Richarlison (Kean), Calvert-Lewin
Subs: Stekelenburg, Virginia, Baines, Sidibe, Branthwaite, Sigurdsson, Walcott, Gordon, Kean
Aston Villa: Reina, El Mohamady, Konsa, Mings, Taylor, Luiz, McGinn, Hourihane, Trezeguet (El Ghazi), Samatta (Davis), Grealish
Subs: Nyland, Guilbert, Hayden, Nakamba, Lansbury, El Ghazi, Jota, Vassilev, Davis
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Match Thread: Tottenham Hotspur v Everton

Tottenham Hotspur v Everton

Premier League Matchday 33
Date: Monday 6 July 2020
Kick Off: 20:00 BST
Venue: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Referee: Graham Scott

How to watch:

UK: Sky Sports
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Live text updates via BBC Sports


Spurs: Lloris, Aurier, Dier, Alderweireld, Davies, Winks, Sissoko, Lo Celso (Vertonghen), Lucas (Lamela), Son (Bergwijn), Kane
Subs: Gazzaniga, Vertonghen, Sanchez, Cirkin, Skipp, Ndombele, Gedson, Bergwijn, Lamela
Everton: Pickford, Coleman (Sidibe), Keane, Holgate (Mina), Digne, Iwobi (Gordon), Davies (Kean), Gomes, Sigurdsson (Bernard), Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison
Subs: Stekelenburg, Baines, Mina, Sidibe, Bernard, Kean, Branthwaite, Baningime, Gordon
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Match Thread: Wolves v Everton

Wolves v Everton

Premier League Matchday 35
Date: Sunday 11 July 2020
Kick Off: 12:00 BST
Venue: Molineux Stadium
Referee: Anthony Taylor

How to watch:

UK: Sky Sports
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Live text updates via BBC Sport


Wolves: Patricio, Doherty, Boly, Coady, Saiss, Otto, Dendoncker, Neves, Neto (Jota), Podence (Traore), Jimenez (Moutinho)
Subs: Ruddy, Kilman, Vinagre, Burr, Jordao, Gibbs-White, Moutinho, Traore, Jota
Everton: Pickford, Mina (Coleman), Keane, Baines (Branthwaite), Digne, Davies, Sigurdsson, Walcott (Iwobi), Gordon (Bernard), Richarlison (Kean), Calvert-Lewin
Subs: Stekelenburg, Virginia, Iwobi, Sidibe, Bernard, Coleman, Kean, Branthwaite, Baningime
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Match Thread: Everton v Leicester City

Everton v Leicester City

Premier League Matchday 32
Date: Wednesday 1 July 2020
Kick Off: 18:00 BST
Venue: Goodison Park
Referee: David Coote

How to watch:

UK: Sky Sports
USA: NBC Sports Gold or Peacock TV
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Live text updates via BBC Sports


Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Holgate, Digne, Iwobi (Mina), Gomes, Sigurdsson, Gordon (Bernard), Richarlison (Davies), Calvert-Lewin
Subs: Virginia, Stekelenburg, Baines, Branthwaite, Mina, Baningime, Bernard, Davies, Kean
Leicester City: Schmeichel, Justin, Soyuncu, Evans, Chilwell, Ndidi, Praet (Maddison), Tielemans (Pérez), Albrighton (Gray), Barnes (Iheanacho), Vardy
Subs: Ward, Morgan, Fuchs, Choudhury, Mendy, Maddison, Gray, Pérez, Iheanacho
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Match Thread: Everton v Liverpool

Everton v Liverpool

The 236th Merseyside Derby
Premier League Matchday 31
Date: Sunday 21 June 2020
Kick Off: 19:00 GMT
Venue: Goodison Park
Referee: Mike Dean
VAR Official: Chris Kavanagh

How to watch:

UK: Sky Sports
View all regions
Listen Live
Live text updates via Sky Sports


Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Holgate, Digne, Gordon (Sigurdsson), Gomes, Davies, Iwobi (Bernard), Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin (Kean)
Subs: Stekelenburg, Virginia, Baines, Sigurdsson, Bernard, Kean, Martina, Branthwaite, Baningime
Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip (Lovren), Van Dijk, Milner (Gomez), Fabinho, Henderson, Keita (Wijnaldum), Minamino (Oxlade-Chamberlain), Firmino (Origi), Mane
Subs: Adrian, Wijnaldum, Lovren, Salah, Gomez, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Origi, Elliott, Williams

Match Facts and Statistics:

Everton top scorer: Dominic Calvert-Lewin (13)
Everton top assister: Lucas Digne (5)
Liverpool top scorer: Mohamed Salah (16)
Liverpool top assister: Trent Alexander-Arnold (12)
Everton are unbeaten in their past eight home matches in all competitions (won four, drawn four).
Everton’s tally of 18 points under Carlo Ancelotti has only been bettered by Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United during the same period.
Dominic Calvert-Lewin has scored eight goals in 11 Premier League games since Carlo Ancelotti’s appointment as manager.
Anthony Gordon makes his full Premier League debut today.
Jarrad Branthwaite has been named on the bench, making the squad for the first time in his time at Everton.
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Why is the bar so low for men in the states?

Why is the bar so LOW when it comes to men in the states?
I’m from east asia and i’m very aware that career and masculinity is main factors of the standards of men when it comes to dating in any culture. But i feel like especially in nyc, the bar is so low for men here. I’ve had men living in astoria and bronx wanting to date me while i live in manhattan. And guys who ask me out with mediocre jobs in late 30s to 40s. Men who thinks they are chad just because they have uneven abs.
So many gym pics when i use to use tinder here in nyc while other parts of the world, guys put photos of them doing things in the nature and more natural pics. I know ratio is skewed towards men in the esst coast but basic grooming and beauty standards are so low for men. Even if you compare actors from UK vs the states, their difference is huge when it comes to the style and manner. I know nyc has full of expats so i always chose expats over local new yorkers who doesnt have any sense of style.
I know people are blinded when they fall in love but i saw one of my neighbor girl dating a guy who looks like hobbit.
Its not that they excel in other departments while they lack in grooming part. Guys are less traveled, less cultured and very very entitled here.
What i do like men here is they can be more traditional in a sense that they’ll be willing to pay 100%.
But since the USA is full of people with different race, and its acknowledged that caucasian men are the top of the totem pole, i feel like they’re entitled to be lazy.
Why? Because even lowest of the low LVM white male could date asian girl from third world country.
I’ve had a friend who did sex tourism in thailand and dated prosttitute. He openly stated he only seriously dates east asian. I knew the exact reason why. Despite going to ivy league and making tons of $$ working as consultant, he was divorced short and chubby. Also he looked too young with no hobbies.
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[FIGHT THREAD] Joe Joyce vs Michael Wallisch & Live Round-by-Round Updates

DATE Saturday 25th July 2020
LOCATION BT Sport Studio, London, UK
TIME 7:15pm (London), 12:15pm (LA), 3:15pm (NYC), 6:15am Sunday (Sydney)

Joe Joyce vs Michael Wallisch

10 Rounds

Heavyweight Division

Joe Joyce vs Michael Wallisch
10(9)-0-0 RECORD 20(13)-3-0
34 AGE 34
6'6" HEIGHT 6'5.5"
270 lbs WEIGHT 261 lbs
80" REACH 77"
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox
London, UK HOMETOWN Munich, Germany
5(4)-0-0 LAST FIVE 2(2)-3-0

Undercard Fights

  • Chris Bourke vs Ramez Mahmood
  • Denzel Bentley vs Mick Hall
  • Louie Lynn vs Monty Ogilvie
  • Henry Turner vs Chris Adaway

Live Round-By-Round Coverage

Joe Joyce vs Michael Wallisch

Round 1

Joyce gets to the centre of the ring first, but Wallisch lands a decent one-two. More good work from Wallisch. Joyce with a nice hook around the guard. JJ jabs to the body. Wallisch works the body then lands a right over the top. Joyce to the body, but he gets caught on the counter. Wallisch covers up, and Joyce scores with a couple of hooks. Wallisch lands with a couple of rights. Good body work from the Brit. Joyce jabs. Wallisch catches Joyce on the counter. This is an open round. Joyce jabs to the body. Joyce puts a big combo together. A couple of hard body shots from the Londoner. That was a close round, but Joyce's late work gets him the nod.
Joyce 10-9 Wallisch

Round 2

Joyce to the body. They exchange body shots. It's getting a bit wild now, but Wallisch appears to have taken the worst, and he's covering up as Joyce tees off. More good body work from JJ. Left hook lands from the German. Joyce jabs to the body. Joyce comes in and gets caught with a counter right on the chin. He leaves himself so wide open, but Wallisch doesn't appear to have much power left on his punches. Two hard body shots from Joyce. Joyce snaps his opponent's head back with a jab. Double jab from Joyce is followed by a hard jab to the body. Hook to the ribs from Joyce. Big right to the body, and WALLISCH IS DOWN! He's up, but he's had nothing since about 30 seconds into this round. This fight will be over in the next round.
Joyce 10-8 Wallisch - Joyce 20-17 Wallisch

Round 3

Joyce gets Wallisch into the corner, and the German is just covering up now. Joyce landing multiple power punches. Left hook from Joyce, AND WALLISCH IS DOWN AGAIN! He gets up, but he's a dead man walking in that ring. Big right from Joyce followed with a horrible left to the ribs. WALLISCH TAKES A KNEE AGAIN, AND THE REFEREE STOPS THE FIGHT WITHOUT A COUNT!


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Match Thread: Norwich City v Everton

Norwich City v Everton

Premier League Matchday 31
Date: Wednesday 23 June 2020
Kick Off: 18:00 BST
Venue: Carrow Road
Referee: Andy Madley

How to watch:

USA: NBC Sports Gold or Peacock TV
View all regions
Listen Live
Live text updates via Sky Sports


Norwich City: Krul, Aarons, Godfrey, Klose, Lewis (Cantwell), McLean, Tettey, Rupp (Buendia), Duda (Pukki), Hernández (Idah), Drmic
Subs: McGovern, Vrancic, Leitner, Cantwell, Buendia, Stiepermann, Trybull, Pukki, Idah
Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Holgate, Digne, Iwobi (Gordon), Gomes, Davies (Sigurdsson), Bernard (Baines), Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison (Kean)
Subs: Stekelenburg, Virginia, Baines, Sigurdsson, Kean, Martina, Baningime, Branthwaite, Gordon
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Former third party member for a decade voting for POTUS Donald J. Trump

Hey Trump fans, I wanted to share my views as a US citizen that was a former third party member of the current US political climate and global events witnessed. If you liked the message please share it! Thanks for having me!
(You can skip to the most important sections in bold if you need to read through it quickly.)
My time following politics began some time ago around 2000 in my early teenage years. I was seeing the presidential candidates Bush vs Al Gore and I was hearing him talk about global warming and at the time I could see that there was a real environmental concern in the world. He did not win and we saw that Bush won instead then the 9/11 attacks hit our country and years of war started from there.
Next up we had the 2004 term of Bush’s re-election, he won of course. Around 2006 is when I started to research the alternative media coverage and ran into libertarian ideals and the presidential candidate Ron Paul, along with that we had the whole wikileaks and Chelsea Manning whistleblowers fiasco showing us the dangers of the patriot act brought by Bush, the falsified wars for oil and the sweeping dragnet of communications surveillance on American citizens that ensued. Ron Paul had me with his opposition to war declarations being unconstitutional without congress approval with the example of multiple invasions in the Middle East. He was the first presidential candidate I donated money to. He also proposed isolationism or something closer to anti-globalization which made sense to me in terms of helping to curb global trade which caused unnecessary excess emissions in our atmosphere, for the aristocratic tastes of a nation to ship a Fuji apple from Japan to the USA because some rich person really wanted to eat it. Ron Paul ran in 2008 and I was seeing a big support for him online, through alternative media, but in reality it was a different story. The establishment candidates pushed him out of his miniscule spotlight that the Mainstream Media offered him. During Bush’s presidency the libertarians, whose main voice was Ron Paul, were causing a lot of attention online causing the start of the Tea Party. This is where alternative media like Alex Jones (Infowars) and Abovetopsecret (dot) com started to cover things that the mainstream media would not. Ron Paul also wanted to end the federal reserve and that also caused a large online international movement to end central banks and in the usa it was called end the fed, which would bring us back to the gold standard and remove the inflated price of the dollar, I think this would have not worked in our large economy so it was not a popular aspect with me. I still voted for Ron Paul in a swing state instead of voting for McCain or Obama.
2008- McCain and Obama faced off. Obama had won, I heard a lot about the birther movement stuff that Trump had pushed out in the online community. I did not buy it as I saw it was a weak blow, instead I saw that this man (Obama) was willing to sell out the American taxpayers by effectively throwng all the stolen money at the big banks which should not have been bailed out. I joined in the Occupy movement at this time. I saw the way Obama was treating those who were protesting, when he was visiting NYC he made sure to put protestors in “protest zones” making sure they do not get caught in the media coverage, he did not care about his voting base. The occupy movement was crushed as I saw on livestreaming the finance treasurer called for a general meeting of the occupy Wall Street movement asked for a fake vote which somehow made sure the finances raised for the movement go towards Egyptian revolutionaries which were trying to overthrow the Mubarak government and instead put in the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi in office who was far worse, (this was precluding the Arab spring events in Northern Africa and ME countries). He created a new constitution with Sharia law into effect. During the occupy movement, the alternative right wing online media started to say that the movement was being funded by George Soros (wait for that name to come up again later). During these years some other groups started to be created, such as, sovereign citizens, and oath keepers. The views of these groups were too much for the average person and it did not help in gaining much support for the right wing side of politics.
2012- Obama was going for his second term and I saw that he made no plans on fixing the environment as he pushed through the keystone pipeline construction and was not really focusing on green energy. Sarah Palin had co-opted the Tea Party into the Republican party which was a terrible thing as the Tea Party just turned into some offshoot of Alex Jones followers mixed with racist elements, which totally destroyed the initial message of bringing constitutionalism back as much as possible. I saw the whole FEMA camps thing as total hogwash, Alex Jones would have done better convincing the right wing about the real dangers developing in East Asia, but it was just about clickbait and profits for him. Snowden also appeared to show us the massive surveillance being used again by the Obama administration through the NSA. For voting in this election I instead saw that the better candidate was Jill Stein of the green party as I wanted her environmental stance to take priority in policy making. She also wanted to pull us out of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars which Mitt Romney and Obama both wanted to continue. Obama had won and then all the videos showing police violence against blacks started to come online after the Trayvon Martin shooting and I was affected and took sympathy towards this. Along with that we had the BP oil rig disaster which Obama did as little as possible to BP, mostly a slap on the wrist, even though it destroyed so much of the Gulf of Mexico’s wildlife. I started to look at his whole presidency with cynicism and dismay. He had Hilary conduct proxy wars in Libya and carried out more bombings of countries than Bush did. The Obamacare act actually helped me as a private citizen get overpriced medical care coverage when I had a few serious physical ailments. I can say that was the only silver lining I saw in his presidency. The Black lives matter movement had spawned during these four years as more videos of police brutality came online, I was not really interested in the Black Lives Matter movement only trying to see the police brutality ending or reduced.
Bernie Sanders
Black Lives Matter makes a comeback, Bernie Sanders appeared to me around December of 2014 on Reddit, he made a huge wave with the online community and he had what seemed to be a flawless record in terms of standing up for social issues, against the Iraq and Afghanistan war, opposed the tough on crime act but voted for the crime bill in 1994 (Written by Joe Biden, signed by Bill Clinton) as it also included violence against women act (cracked down on domestic violence & rape) which he supported. He was the first Presidential candidate I reached the donation limit with. In the races he practically tied in Iowa and it seemed that then it was too much for Clinton she was already planning her attack dogs as she saw the threat he posed. She mainly used Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) for her control of primary votes, we saw through online media (like The Young Turks) that in most of the primary voting locations in Nevada, counts were not being done properly in favour of Clinton. Bernie was having a huge surge in donations throughout most of the campaign as many people were giving the federal donation limit, while at the same time Clinton was doing non-stop events at millionaire charity fundraisers for them to sponsor checks for her campaign (as Citizens United has passed into law previously). After Nevada we saw a down surge in Bernie’s chances, for the cherry on top moment Bill Clinton would (illegally walk into voting precincts as a political statement essentially breaking voting laws, but he would get a pass as the former president with little fuss from a majority of Democrats). Not only did I donate the maximum amount possible to Bernie’s campaign but I also joined as an activist and campaign volunteer locally, it was infuriating to see how Hilary, the media, and the DNC piled against him to ensure he loses, in August 2015 we saw Black Lives Matter protestors take the microphone away from Bernie (which they never did to Hilary who supported the crime the 94’ crime bill and called African-american kids superpredators, with “no conscience, no empathy”) and hijack his campaign event which made them lose all credibility as an grassroots organization, and showed they were being directed by outside interests. I remember how many times Hilary would flip-flop on the debates vs Bernie. At first she was for fracking, then his policies against fracking won and she changed her stance, the same regarding medicare for all through a single payer system, she flipped once again and started to say that we can move towards that. Then after one of the primaries around March or April 2016 we were seeing Bernie’s momentum increasing still and then all of a sudden we saw Bernie’s stance in his candidacy waning on by his own doing. At one debate or speech we could see that Bernie was looking very pale white and it was around this time that we suspected death threats were made to his family members by the Clinton family (there were rumors she had a body count), I don’t really know whether that was true but I do know there was a sudden change in his demeanor and how much of a motivational speaker he was despite having a close tie in the states. He went downhill after that and he had a huge following behind him, he didn’t split the Dem party even though he could have easily done it at the time and made a huge boost as an independent party nominee (as he was an independent before joining Democrats) and he endorsed Clinton as the Democratic primary nominee. I stopped following the primaries after that from disgust. He brought up a lof of policy issues that I still wanted to see go through, such as, ending Citizens united, a living wage (this would have destroyed Wal-mart earlier on and stopped so much Chinese imports), and overturning the Glass-Steagle act which destroyed the housing market. Bill Clinton did a lot of horrible things, Brought China into the WTO, enacted the Glass-Steagle act, also the 1994 Crime Bill he signed into law (Written by Joe Biden) which put so many African-American’s into the prison system. I was not willing to support his wife who defended all these decisions as well while she was FLOTUS. Bill Clinton signing NAFTA as well ushered China into US markets and crippling businesses across the united states and causing the Chinese economy to surge much higher at a very rapid pace, it was essentially a looting. China was not following 100 years of progress made in the United States in terms of child labor laws, environmental law, and health and safety workspace conditions laws which allowed them to produce goods in a much larger way along with the Chinese currency being manipulated as well, this put American businesses 2ndin terms of priority for those decades.
Hilary vs Trump
I had lost motivation in the races after Bernie was defeated and we were coming to two people I believed were corrupt. Once it came to voting for the next president I wrote in Bernie Sanders name (in a swing state) as a protest vote, even though I wanted Clinton to lose no matter what for her and the DNC parties reputation. Before trump Fox was a giant that was not able to taken down and the entire left-wing media was controlled by Soros and other globalists. We were stuck with bad politicians and filtered/controlled media coverage, it was a desperate time in America and people were looking for something to bring us out of the nonsense. Trump had won.
I had gone through these years seeing President Trump in office and did not despise him nor did I like him. I noticed how much the left wing media could not drop the whole supposed Russia collaboration with the election while the media completely stayed quiet before he was elected regarding Hilary’s missing emails. I left from the USA to India at the end of 2017 and did not look back as I was focused on Volunteer activities for a non-profit organization.
While in India from the end of 2017 I did not focus on anything related to politics and was enjoying my life as a volunteer, and still I am. Towards the beginning of the year Covid-19 makes an appearance in the world originating from China, now we saw a change in the way China is viewed in the world, the floodgates were opening following this timeline of events:
14-01-2020 WHO investigations on Covid-19 suggest no sign of human-to-human transmission
01-04-2020 Bloomberg puts an article that China concealed the extent of the virus
29-03-2020 China enforces an extradition bill in Hong Kong (a tool to crush freedom and democracy of the Hong Kong people)
10-04-2020 Japan plans move to pay manufacturers to leave China
15-04-2020 Ambassador Sam Brownback mentions Uyghir mistreatment on twitter
18-04-2020 Trump drafts a WHO resolution to investigate the origin and WHO response to Covid-19 (India supported this resolution, Australia was the first to ask for the investigation in April)
20-04-2020 Nepal draws a new map showing parts of India as within its border to promote conflict (with the backing of Chinese government.)
21-04-2020 border tensions between China and India begin
23-05-2020 China focuses more troops along the China-India border
26-05-2020 protests start in Minneapolis after George Floyd death
04-06-2020 on the anniversary of Tiananmen square I read the cable which mentions that students gathered in protest of the Chinese government at the time(1989) were bulldozed and turned into "PIE" then hosed down drains the government then is the same government still in power today.
06-06-2020 Mike Pompeo sends a press statement regarding China's exploitation of George Floyd protest to justify abuse of human rights domestically and in Hong Kong
07-06-2020 Minneapolis police force disbanded
08-06-2020 Seattle capitol hill goes into riots and turns into CHAZ/CHOP no police zone until July, one member of Seattle city council Kshama Sawant (Communist [not really a socialist] from India) praises the effort as a protest against oppression.
12-06-2020 read an article describing how ActBlue is a front money funnelling operation for the DNC and BLM, they do not allow Republican's to use the ActBlue donation platform.
13-06-2020 video of an Ex-KGB member, from 36 years ago, describes how a nation can be subverted over time to become anti-democry and anti-nationalist , full documentary can be searched for also.
14-06-2020 (Important) Watched a very important Youtube video clearly showing that the US and India riots are identical and being brought on by Soros and CIA Ford foundation "Answer These Questions [PowerPacked Challenge] Link[Delhi/US]Riots - Part 2" (String) Youtube video channel
14-06-2020 read Forbes opinion article clearly disclosing the ties between media and billionares who influence it "Billionares battle over media influence Koch bros murdoch vs soros buffett ge"
14-06-2020 Read an article how Apple allowed encryption keys to China under pressure from the CCP as they were threatening closing off local supply chains, they never gave the encryption keys to us government.
16-06-2020 First Ladakh border casualties between India-China in 45 years, this shows a new level of desperation, one Commanding officer and a few others were killed by the Chinese army.
17-06-2020 Wached the documentary Death By China: How America lost it's manufacturing base
19-06-2020 State-sponsored Chinese cyber hackers starts nationwide hacking of Australia
20-06-2020 Trump retweets news source that Soros-Affiliated Anti-deportation group part of defund police movement
22-06-2020 Watched PBS undercover documentary China's Vanishing Muslims
23-06-2020 - India makes plans to reduce its trade deficit with China by $8.4 billion or 17.3% of its deficit with that country over fiscal 2022
27-06-2020 - Watched FRONTLINE Trump's Trade War
29-06-2020 - Watched FRONTLINE China Undercover Documentary
29-06-2020 - China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population by The Associated PressJune 29, 2020 GMT
1-07-2020 - China enforces their Extradition policy on Hong Kong which would cause any protesting citizens to be able to try in a kangaroo court in mainland China.
01-07-2020 - read an article describing the CCP to restore their position as the world’s supreme power by the year 2049, which is the centennial of the founding of the People’s Republic of China
02-07-2020 -Unlicensed Assault weapons coming from China caught by U.S. customs dept.
03-07-2020 - Antifa members start to try to destroy the Portland federal office
06-07-2020 Black Panther militia march in Georgia, almost all of them appear to have the same assault weapons, it is entirely possible the weapons are being supplied by outside forces (China).
07-07-2020 FBI director Christopher Wray mentions of the nearly 5,000 active FBI counterintelligence cases currently underway across the country, about half are all related to China FBI opened a new Chinese counterintelligence investigation “about every 10 hours.”
07-07-2020 Ilhan Omar (Democratic party representative of Minneapolis) calls for dismantilng of the U.S. economy and political systems, what would replace capitalism? Marxist Communism of course.
10-07-2020 California expected to release a total of 18,000 prisoners (including rapists and murders) back into the state due to Corona a decision made by Democratic governor Gary Newsom.
While living in India for over two years I had no idea how China was a neighbor, slowly they were creeping into democratic nations to subdue them with cultural subversion, they use Pakistan as a puppet government, they are pushing Nepal (a long time ally of India) into conflict by having them draw a new border map. The Chinese government works to ensure the world focuses on George Floyd protests while they quickly retake Hong Kong under communist rule. While Trump drafts the WHO bill to investigate the source of the virus in China with other countries backing it, attempts to subdue countries backing the resolution starts to happen.
It is clear that based on these things we can see how China manipulated the world for many years, while I was in the USA we never imagined what they were capable of. Now living outside the USA I have an outside perspective of the situation with China as a neighbor to India. China had established itself as an innocent giant supermarket and that is how they appeared to be for most Americans that would shop for Chinese products for decades not knowing they were really feeding an authoritarian regime.
With the Trump presidency, this point has been highlighted and many countries have felt the wrath of China from speaking out against their actions. They have influenced many nations through economic warfare (if countries speak out the CCP tells Chinese citizens to boycott opposing countries products) and have been committing planned cultural subversion to take away democracy and freedom of other nations by funding/supporting these anti-national groups around the world with the help of billionaires like Soros. Even our corporations are afraid to speak out against China for fear of suddenly losing their supply chains, the pressure than can only come from a government and people which the Trump administration has been doing for some time.
I originally had believed that climate change needed to be the top thing to be tackled and that nothing else should take priority, but it appears that we have an emergency on our hands as Communism/Marxism seems to be altering world affairs. We need to support Nationalism in countries that practice Democracy (Like the USA and India) at all costs. These riots and protests are being controlled and coerced by outside forces as I witnessed with the whole Occupy Wall Street movement, in the Occupy movement we saw a fair share of black-bloc terrorists hijacking the movement and painting a bad media image.
With the case of Black Lives Matter, they were originally started to radically change the democratic party in a Marxist fashion by announcing defunding the police and giving illegal immigrants the right to vote. BLM has been found to be donating to the democratic party and receiving money from outside countries (kind of similar to how Russia was influencing US elections in 2016 but worse). Along with that they are affiliated with George Soros' Open Society Foundation (on their webpage under the partners section).
The financial head of BLM is Susan Rosenberg who is a communist that blew up sections of the U.S. capitol building (she was pardoned by Bill Clinton). She is the finance chair head of Thousand Currents which is receiving funds from Give Lively, Give lively is owned by Jonathan Soros (son of George Soros), contributions are coming into thousand currents from Soros and from Thousand currents to BLM.
It is clear the democratic party is trying everything possible to make Trump and the police look bad. Obviously, BLM will not be endorsing Trump, they will endorse Biden and they have a lot of financial power as well. They and the democratic party want to destroy the cities, destroy democracy, destroy capitalism (which goes against communism) all to make sure that Trump does not win again, they are acting on behalf of Communism (China) and billionaires that profit off of this (Soros),
This question needs to be seriously thought about: Would it have made sense for us to give Soviet Russia in the 1980's all our technology blueprints, Intellectual property, manufacturing base, and owing debt to them? Absolutely not. This is why we need to decouple from China immediately. Communism plans to take over the country and they are running out of time as the world has opened their eyes to seeing China as a threat after the Coronavirus appeared. My final thoughts are we need to vote for Trump more than ever.
*Edit to fix the publish date of the ex-KGB video. *Edit fixed FBI Director's name from Michael to Christhoper Wray.
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Megathread: U.S. House will draft Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, Speaker Pelosi announces

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Thursday that the House of Representatives would begin drafting impeachment articles against President Trump.

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The House Should Go Big in Framing Impeachment Articles Against Trump
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“Don’t Mess With Me”: Nancy Pelosi Fires Back at Reporter’s Question After Impeachment Announcement
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Democrats consider bribery, obstruction for impeachment articles against Trump
Pelosi calls out 'hypocrisy' during Clinton impeachment
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Rudy Giuliani Poses for Photo in Ukraine as Pelosi Orders Articles of Impeachment
Ken Starr says Pelosi engaging in 'abuse of power' and Senate may have to dismiss impeachment case
This Democrat says he plans to vote against all articles of impeachment
House Democrat says he plans to vote against all articles of impeachment
‘The president gave us no choice’: Pelosi resisted Trump’s impeachment, now she’s the public face
Some Senate Democrats Want Mueller Report Included In Impeachment Articles -- "How can he be innocent now, if there’s all this evidence of how he’s acted to obstruct justice then?" asked Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
White House adopts confident tone after Pelosi signals go on impeachment
Factbox: What Are The Articles Of Impeachment Trump May Face ?
Nancy Pelosi is bungling the impeachment inquiry into Trump: By rushing the impeachment process – and keeping the focus narrow – Pelosi may be making a grave political miscalculation
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Pre-Match Thread: Everton v Aston Villa

Everton v Aston Villa
Premier League Matchday 36
Date: Thursday 16 July 2020
Kick Off: 18:00 GMT
Venue: Goodison Park
Referee: Anthony Taylor
VAR Official: Chris Kavanagh
How to watch:
UK: Sky Sports Main Event
USA: NBC Gold; Peacock
View all regions
Listen Live
Everton: Yerry Mina (muscle injury), Jean-Phillipe Gbamin (achilles), Cenk Tosun (ACL), Fabian Delph (muscle injury), Muhamed Bešić (unregistered)
Aston Villa: Kortney Hause (rib), Neil Taylor (hamstring)
Match Facts and Statistics:
Everton top scorer: Dominic Calvert-Lewin (13)
Everton top assister: Lucas Digne (7)
Aston Villa top scorer: Jack Grealish (7)
Aston Villa top assister: Jack Grealish (6)
Everton remain unbeaten in their past ten home matches in all competitions (won five, drawn five).
Everton v Aston Villa is the most-played league fixture in English football.
Today could mark the first start of Jarrad Branthwaite's Everton career.

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[OC] Are you horribly bored? Are your weekends now hollow without football? Are you fed up with angrily debating what might happen to football leagues across the world? Perhaps this could help a little – I made a list of over 100 football documentaries to help pass the time.

Looks like we’ve got quite a few weekends coming up without football. We’ve had recent posts about the best old games to watch, but now we’re getting a little bit into mindless shitpost territory. Well, here’s a big list of documentaries to hopefully help us pass the time. Everything in blue is a clickable link, but please let me know if any of the links don’t work. Aside from the last two documentaries in the “From around the Globe” section, every documentary is either linked, available on Netflix, available on Amazon Prime for free, or for no more than $5. Please also comment your favorite documentaries and I will do my best to add them to the list.

13-part series on the history of football

1: Origins
2: Football Cultures
3: Evolution of the European game
4: European Superpowers
5: Brazil
6: South American Superpowers
7: For Club and Country
8: The Dark Side
9: Superstars
10: Media
11: Africa
12: A Game for All
13: Future

”Football’s Greatest” Series

Before the 2010 World Cup there was a series called Football's Greatest. A bunch of 30-minute episodes about the 20 or so greatest players ever. Richard Keys, who isn’t exactly the most popular figure these days, is the narrator, but he sticks to the script and doesn’t detract from the episodes. Here are the ones I can find on Youtube. Since this was made in 2010 both Messi and Ronaldo appear in “The Contenders” episode – basically an episode on all the players who narrowly missed the cut. Also, if you just enter “Football’s greatest” into youtube you’ll see videos for more players than are covered in this list.
The Contenders: The great players who didn't quite make the cut of top 25 best ever
Ronaldo Luiz Nazario
Zinedine Zidane
Roberto Rivelino
Gerd Muller
Michael Laudrup
Raul Gonzalez
Marco van Basten
Ruud Gullit
Franz Beckenbauer
Paulo Maldini
George Best
Bobby Charlton
Alfredo di Stefano
Michel Platini
Johan Cruyff.
Football’s Greatest International Teams
Hungary 1950-56
Brazil 1958-62
Brazil 1970.
Netherlands 1974.
West Germany 1972-74.
Brazil 1982.
France 1984.
Netherlands 1988.
France 1998-2000.
Spain 2008-12.

The World Cup

North Korea: The Game of their Lives – Superb documentary on the 1966 North Korea team and their incredible upset over Italy.
Kevin Allen’s World Cup Video Diary – An excellent fly-on-the-wall documentary showing the fans side of Italia 90. Allen is an England fan and this traces his experience in Italy during the tournament and captures what it was like to follow England in a major tournament during a time when English teams were banned from European competitions.
One Night in Turin - Follows England's fairytale run to the semi-finals of Italia 90 and the problems between English fans and Italian police whilst abroad. Available on UK Netlfix. I live in the US currently and it is difficult to find online. If someone finds on online version I would be grateful.
Les Bleus - Wonderful documentary that parallels the turbulence of both French football and French society between 1996 and 2016. Available on US Netflix.
Becoming Champions - Very detailed 8-part series on each of the nations to have won a World Cup. Available on US Netflix.
G’ole, Official Movie of the 1982 World Cup - Narrated by Sean Connery. Available for free on US Amazon Prime.
Hero, Official Movie of the 1986 World Cup - Narrated by Michael Caine. Available for free US Amazon Prime.
BBC review of Italia 90
BBC review of USA 94.
All goals of France 98.
Ronaldo’s Redemption – Four years on from the heartbreak of France 98, the world’s best player made an extraordinary comeback.
World Cup Heaven and Hell - Fun documentary on some of the worst scandals to have ever hit the World Cup.
World Cup Goals Galore - Goofy BBC show narrated by comedian Sean Lock on some of the best goals ever scored at the World Cup.
ITV's Top 50 World Cup Goals.

Four 'Top 20' documentaries made by ITV in the early 2010s.

These are a little Anglo-centric but good watches to familiarize yourself with football's biggest events.
20 Goals that Shook the World
20 Managerial Appointments that Shook the World
20 Transfers that Shook the World
20 Refereeing Decisions that Shook the World
ITV's top 50 Champions League Goals - This was made around 2011/12 so it's a bit dated, but still an easy watch.

From Around the Globe

Next Goal Wins - If you ask me to recommend only one documentary from this list, I would choose this one. This film looks at the plight of the infamous American Samoan football team during the 2000s and their quest to no longer be the worst team on the planet. One of the most heartwarming documentaries I’ve ever seen. Available in HD on Amazon Prime for $5 too.
The Other Final - On the same day as the 2002 World Cup final is taking place "The Other Final" is also played. An exhibition game set up by a couple of Dutch film makers between the World's two lowest ranked sides, Bhutan and Montserrat. Very heartwarming and uplifting.
A Fragile Dream: Football and Hope on the Streets of Rio – An intimate look into Rio’s favelas and how football is used as a social tool.
Tragedy to Triumph: The Story of Zambian Football. In 1993 a plane carrying the Zambian national football team crashed into the Atlantic, killing all on board. In 2012, Zambia won the African Cup of Nations. This brilliant watch traces Zambian football from disaster to triumph.
Socrates and the Corinthians Democracy - The story of Socrates, the intellectual Brazilian genius of a footballer who helped implement a democracy at Corinthians in the 1980's, a stark contrast to the military regime in Brazil at the time.
Faces of Africa: King George Serves his Country – The story of George Weah, from poverty to football superstar to Liberian presidency.
Asia’s Notorious Match Fixers – Indonesia and the Philippines are not the first place one thinks of when thinking about football. But this thorough documentary goes undercover into the shady and bizarre world of match fixing across these nation’s leagues, and how certain authorities have a firm vice on the outcome of football here.
Maradona by Kusturica – Pioneering look into the life of Diego Maradona.
Johan Cruyff - En Un Momento Dado - Documentary on the influence and genius of Johan Cruyff in Barcelona during the 70s. An excellent in depth look into one of football's most unique men.
Coach Zoran and his African Tigers - Fantastic documentary equal parts tragic and comedic that follows the national team of South Sudan after their independence in 2011 following the longest civil war in African history. Not just a movie about the birth of a new national football team, but also about the birth of a new nation.
Once in a Lifetime: The extraordinary story of the New York Cosmos - Great documentary that follows the rise and fall of the New York Cosmos, the superstar heavy NASL team in America during the 70's and 80's who of course featured the legendary Pele.
A Nation’s Glory – Behind the scenes look at the US Women’s Team run to the 2019 World Cup trophy.
Planet FIFA - Corruption, scandal, deceit. An in-depth look into the origins and growth of FIFA and their intertwining with Swiss banks. A concerning feature into football’s governing body. Available for free on US Amazon Prime.
Take The Ball Pass the Ball - A brilliant piece from Copa 90 about the team that changed football for good in the 21st century: Pep Guardiola's 2008-13 Barcelona side. Featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with players, it is a great watch. Available on Amazon Prime.
Puskas Hungary - Biographical documentary about one of football's greatest players, the brilliant Hungarian Ferenc Puskas. Wonderful look into a man who achieved near god-like status in 1950s Hungary. This used to be on Dailymotion but I can no longer find it. It’s a brilliant watch and I’d be grateful if anyone found an online link.
Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait - A dozen or so camera's focus solely on ZInedine Zidane for 90 minutes. A very intriguing watch. This used to be on youtube. I am struggling to currently find it. Many thanks to u/Cloudy_Customer, who linked the documentary, Click here.

ESPN 30 for 30 Documentaries

ESPN’s “30 for 30” series have largely been outstanding documentaries.
The Two Escobars - In my opinion the best 30 for 30 ESPN have ever done and perhaps the best football documentary period. Award winning and critically praised it chronicles the intertwining stories of Andres and Pablo Escobar; One a humble footballer, one a notorious Colombian drug lord. Pablo Escobar's grip over Colombian culture during the 1980s extended all the way into football, and this film reveals the often tricky situation Colombia found themselves in during this time. Andres Escobar infamously scored an own goal to knock Colombia out of the 1994 World Cup, and was murdered a few weeks later in Colombia at a bar in cartel related activity. I have linked to a youtube link that allows you to buy the documentary. It is also available for $1.99 on Amazon Prime. Search “ESPN 30 for 30” and select Season 1, Episode 27. It won numerous awards and is a truly extraordinary film.
Hillsborough – Outstanding and utterly harrowing documentary on the Hillsborough disaster. The best I’ve seen recounting those tragic events.
White, Blue and White - The story of Ossie Ardilles and Ricky Villa, two Argentines who played in England during the Falklands war of 1982.
Maradona 86 - The heroics of Diego Maradona at the 86 World Cup.
The Oppostion - Chronicles the scenes that took place in 1973 Chile after Augusto Pinochet took power. Chile, the Soviet Union and FIFA are all involved in one of football's darkest moments.
Ceasfire Massacre - Set to the backdrop of The Troubles in Northern and the Republic of Ireland. There was a horrifying massacre at a pub in Ireland where fans were watching the Republic in the 94 World Cup. Another great watch.
The Myth of Garrincha - Very moving story of Brazilian hero Garrincha, football's most flawed genius, and arguably football's most intriguing figure. u/MarcoshLA is also the director!
Mysteries of the Jules Rimet trophy - The story of football's holy grail, the Jules Rimet trophy, is an incredible one. FIFA, the Nazis, a dog, Bobby Moore, and thieves in Rio all play roles in this story.
Barbosa: The man who made Brazil cry - The sad story of Brazilian 1950 goalkeeper Barbosa, who was blamed for Brazil's shock loss to Uruguay in Rio de Janerio that year.

English/Scottish Football

Orient for a Fiver“You, you little cunt, when I tell you to do something, and you, you fucking big cunt, when I tell you to do something, do it. And if you come back at me, we'll have a fucking right sort-out in here. All right? And you can pair up if you like, and you can fucking pick someone else to help you, and you can bring your fucking dinner. 'Cos by the time I've finished with you, you'll fucking need it." - The now classic fly-on-the-wall documentary following Leyton Orient during their disastrous 1994-95 campaign in England’s Second Division. The Club, dealing with severe financial difficulties hired John Sitton as manager the previous season, and this charts Sitton’s descent into Orient hell as his now legendary half-time rants get increasingly more bizarre, funny, and bleak.
Liverpool vs Manchester United: Us and Them – Fans on both sides of the divide of English football’s biggest rivalry take you through just what this match means.
Sheffield United: Promoted. I watched this recently and was pleasantly surprised by this excellent NBC look into what Sheffield United’s promotion meant to its supporters.
Football’s Fight Club – Hooliganism: the dark side of English football during the 1980s. This looks at the rise of this culture and how it culminated in the tragedy of Heysel 1985. An important and harrowing watch.
Heysel 1985: Requiem for a Cup Final – English football’s biggest scourge – hooliganism – comes to a tragic head with the events of May 25, 1985.
The Class of 92 – The still famous documentary charting Manchester United's youth prospects of 1992 who went on to establish a period of United domination.
Keane and Vieira: Best of Enemies – Chronicles the heated rivalry between two of the Premier League's greatest players, Man Utd's Roy Keane and Arsenal's Patrick Vieira.
An Impossible Job – A remarkable fly-on-the-wall documentary following England’s ill-fated qualification for the 1994 World Cup under Graham Taylor. Equal parts darkly funny as it is tragic, this documentary has an enduring legacy in English football, and some would argue has unfairly tarnished the reputation of a great man.
Busby, Stein, and Shankly – A provocative look at the lives of three legendary scots, whose managerial achievements changed English football forever.
The Crazy Gang – The infamous 1987-88 Wimbledon team, known as much for their brutal challenges as for their football. This goes behind the scenes for a personal look into the lives of the players of this infamous team.
Clough: The Greatest Manager England Never Had. Fabulous BBC documentary on British football’s most intriguing character – the enigmatic and legendary Brian Clough.
Lord of the Wing - 30 minute BBC documentary on Jimmy Johnstone, one of Scottish footballs greatest players. Features interviews with Brian Clough, Dennis Law, and Alex Ferguson.
Football’s Most Dangerous Rivalry. Vice documentary on the passions and hatred ignited by the Rangers-Celtic rivalry.
The Invincibles. Win the league without losing a match, a feat only done once in England since 1900. This is the story of Arsenal's legendary 2003/04 season. Must watch for all Arsenal fans.
The Four Year Plan – Can you take a club from near bankruptcy to the Premier League in four years. That was the plan for QPR’s new owners in 2007. Award winning documentary.
Bobby Robson: More than a Manager - The legendary Sir Bobby Robson. Diagnosed with cancer in 1995 he lived another 14 years, managing the whole time right at the pinnacle of football. His influence is still felt today in the dozens of managers currently coaching who all got their start under Sir Bobby. A gentle, kind, and funny man, this takes you behind the scenes into Robson's life, featuring never-before-seen footage and interviews with his family. Available on Netflix.
All or Nothing: Manchester City - A high production behind-the-scenes eight episode series looking at Manchester City's record breaking 100 point Premier League season in 2017/18. Narrated by Ben Kingsley and widely acclaimed, it is available on Amazon Prime.
Sunderland Till I Die - The classic eight part award winning series following Sunderland behind the scenes during their relegation from the Championship in 2017-18. Available on US Netflix.
89 – Interviews with former players and managers, this documentary relives the unbelievable end of the 1988-89 season between Liverpool and Arsenal. Available on US Netflix.


Mike Bassett: England Manager – It’s quite simply the greatest football story ever told. Also available for free in HD on Amazon Prime.
Looking For Eric – A down on his luck Mancunian named Eric can’t catch a break in life. When things begin to go really awry for him he begins hallucinating the one man who could potentially help him – his idol, Eric Cantona. Moving, well acted, bleakly funny, even the hardest Scouser would enjoy this one.
The Firm - An actually good version of Green Street Hooligans. Starring Gary Oldman, this is the most in-depth movie depiction of football hooliganism during the 1980s. Has since become a cult classic.
Bend it Like Beckham - The timeless classic. Teenage hormones, cultural commentary, good laughs. Available on Amazon Prime for $3.99.
The Damned United - Based on David Peace’s famous novel, Michael Sheen is excellent as Brian Clough, English football’s legendary manager. This movie charts his rise with Derby County in the early 70s to his disaster with Leeds in 1974, along with his long time rivalry with Don Revie, and his long time friendship with Peter Taylor, excellently portrayed by Timothy Spall. On Amazon Prime for $3.99.
United - Television Film on the tragedy on the 1958 Munich Air Disaster which killed 23 passengers, including 8 members of the Manchester United first team. Starring David Tennant, this movie charts United’s rise from tragedy following 1958. Available for free on Amazon Prime.
Fever Pitch - Based on the best-selling novel of the same name Colin Firth takes us through the life of an Arsenal fan in the late 1980s. I cannot find this on Netflix or Amazon Prime but it's a great movie.
Escape to Victory - Michael Caine, Pele, and Sylvester Stallone team up as Allied POWs in a French prison during WW2 to beat their Nazi guards at footy and plan an elaborated scheme to escape. Available on Amazon Prime for $2.99
Goal – A poor Mexican kid risks it all to fulfill his dream of playing footy with a bunch of Geordies. Available for free on US Amazon Prime.
And lastly, don’t forget about that one time where Frodo inexplicably finds himself befriending West Ham Hooligans
Enjoy: If anyone is looking for recommendations, my top 5 personal recommendations are Next Goal Wins, The Two Escobars, Les Blues, Coach Zoran and his African Tigers, and Mike Bassett: England Manager.
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Pre-Match Thread: Everton v Liverpool

Everton v Liverpool

The 236th Merseyside Derby
Premier League Matchday 31
Date: Sunday 21 June 2020
Kick Off: 19:00 GMT
Venue: Goodison Park
Referee: Mike Dean
VAR Official: Chris Kavanagh

How to watch:

UK: Sky Sports
View all regions
Listen Live


Everton: Yerry Mina (muscle injury), Jean-Phillipe Gbamin (achilles), Morgan Schneiderlin (knee), Fabian Delph (muscle injury), Theo Walcott (abdominal surgery), Muhamed Bešić (unregistered)
Liverpool: None

Match Facts and Statistics:

Everton top scorer: Dominic Calvert-Lewin (13)
Everton top assister: Lucas Digne (5)
Liverpool top scorer: Mohamed Salah (16)
Liverpool top assister: Trent Alexander-Arnold (12)
Everton are unbeaten in their past eight home matches in all competitions (won four, drawn four).
Everton’s tally of 18 points under Carlo Ancelotti has only been bettered by Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United during the same period.
Dominic Calvert-Lewin has scored eight goals in 11 Premier League games since Carlo Ancelotti’s appointment as manager.
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DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LIVING IN THE US VS. UK BRITISH vs AMERICAN CULTURE (UK vs USA) Estelle on Difference Between Blackness in UK vs. USA Being black in the US vs the UK: There's a big difference  Alvin Hall gives you the opportunity to socialize with like minded people across the pond, but also in the next City or State. is a niche dating site where Americans and others seek to date British Men. Log In or Sign Up For Free. King. Crosslaa01, 26. Queen. JR541, 25 FORGOT PASSWORD? Enter your email address below and we'll send you your password reset link. Send If you are reading this, chances are you are an American who fell in love with a Brit, or a Brit who fell in love with an American. This post will focus on couples who plan to get married and settle in the United States, and wish for the British citizen to obtain permanent residency in the US with a green card.. If you are looking to settle in the UK, you will need to contact a UK based attorney.. Drinking culture is alive and well in both the United States and the United Kingdom. However, according to BBC America, going on a date in the UK without having a drink is simply not done — and getting hammered is a common occurrence. Although many Americans opt for some liquid courage on the dating scene, it’s not considered a requisite. United States of America and the United Kingdom have always had their differences and the way they go about dating is just one of those differences. In the US, not every date ends in marriage, while in the UK, people who date mean business and want to find someone to marry.

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New videos DAILY: Join Big Think Edge for exclusive video lessons from top thinkers and doers: ----- Author Alvin Hall is a huge award-winning financial ... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Estelle on Difference Between Blackness in UK vs. USA YouTube REVERSE CULTURE SHOCK: FROM LONDON TO USA, DESIRABILITY AS BLACK WOMEN - Duration: 7:32. It's Kells 121,051 ... Today I'm going to be comparing the differences between UK and USA culture, stereotypes and things we do in our day to day lives. Second Channel- https://www... THANKS FOR WATCHING GUYS STAY CONNECTED WITH ME ! SNAPCHAT : raliaaminu INSTAGRAM : @ralia__ EMAIL : [email protected]