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A Look at the New Series of Summer 2020 from the Perspective of a Harlequin

It’s the last week of July, and I can’t help but feel I should review some of the new series this season. I won’t say that I’ve watched all of them as I might not have heard all of them, and I’m sure there are those who are more than willing to tell me that I missed a few series, if I were to make such a bold claim.
Something else I should note is how I treat the grading scale. 7/10 is not an average, but a show I feel anyone can watch by themselves without a second thought. Nothing fantastic, but overall passable. 5/10 is where I would mark an average. The idea that I know there’s an audience, the audience just isn’t me. Ratings below 5 are series I have dropped at the fourth episode or beforehand or see a serious problem with.
I will admit that some preferential bias may be involved due to preferring some genres over others, but I am doing my best to be as objective as possible.
Now, let’s begin.

The God of Highschool

The premise is simple, when you first look at it. An organized tournament where high school students from all across Korea come together in order to compete with various martial arts and other weapons in order to achieve the title “The God of Highschool” and win the prize of any one wish they desire. As is all too familiar, however, whenever a wish is promised, there’s a dark force at work which may threaten the very peace of the world as it turns out there’s a shadow organization behind the tournament with political pursuits. This is made evident, when a convict is released as a competitor in the qualifying round of the Seoul regionals of the tournament.
Thankfully, Jin Mo-ri is there to fight for his principles and handles the jailbird handily in order to save a more innocent martial artist. While virtuous, though, one might argue that Jin Mo-ri has a few too many virtues. Not in the sense of righteous convictions but that he seems to be the only one anyone has their eyes on. From Park Mu-Jin, the organizer of the tournament who seems to only have eyes for Mo-ri, to Dae-wi and Mi-ra, two local students who find themselves roped into Mo-ri’s group of friends, there’s no denying that Jin is the main character.
Yet, I can’t help but feel that, for a fighting tournament anime, the fighting seems to take a great deal of a backseat. MAPPA is providing beautiful and active animation, but most fights last scarcely more than one attack, once the main characters start getting serious at all, and nothing truly seems to hold weight even with the main characters’ motivations set out.
Granted, Jin Mo-ri’s motivation is the thrill of the fight. A desire to fight stronger and stronger opponents in an honorable battle for the fun that comes with fighting… and not much else. He gets irritable when anyone shows an interest in something that isn’t fighting or food, and he hasn’t had a proper fight since the opening squabble as he first interrupted a fight then dealt with a penalty game against one of the commissioners. As a result, he hasn’t gotten a proper one-on-one fight to display his talents other than that he can overwhelm anyone who gets in the ring with him.
Yu Mi-ra’s motivation is to find a suitable husband to be both student and heir to her father’s Moonlight Sword style of kumdo (Korean sword fighting). She cements her friendship with Mo-ri and Dae-wi by searching for her wooden sword after she dropped it into the river, only to then admit she doesn’t actually use it in the Moonlight Sword style in her first battle and shrug off getting it back after losing it in her failed marriage. While not a terrible character, her character development tends to feel like a constant “one step forward two steps back” as whenever she gets a moment to prove her worth, that worth is thrown out the next scene, in particular in her most recent fight with…
Han Dae-wi, a practitioner of karate who is always working multiple part-time jobs in order to help pay for his terminally ill friend’s medicine. He gets bullied for his benevolent gesture by local thugs and is friends with Mo-ri because… because Mo-ri said so, I guess. His battle with Mi-ra truly makes the point of how hollow the friendship is other than shonen anime having to have a trio of protagonists. He guts her like a fish because his official friend is near dead, and he’s desperate. He’s the only one taking the tournament as a serious means to an end instead of a game.
At the same time, Mi-ra and Dae-wi’s prior fights were curb stomps with little more explanation than “this isn’t even my true power”, despite appearing overwhelmed.
I know it sounds like I’m being unfairly critical of the series, but I’m merely discussing what I’m seeing on screen. It hurts. It genuinely hurts to discuss the anime so cynically, as I’m well aware this is a well-loved webtoon or online novel with a lot of love put into it by the author. At the same time, I can’t see all the love the author put into the writing, when what should be a full episode or two episode battles and events are relegated to having barely seven minutes of screentime. I’ve been informed that the thirteen episode season is supposed to be the first 113 chapters of the manhwa, and I can’t help but gape. What should be Korea’s major strike into the Japanese anime market isn’t getting it’s due, and it can be felt with the character development.
I understand there are those who will say that it’s an awesome action series, and I feel like I want to love it. It’s just empty to me. I want to love the characters, not be told that I should love the characters because they’re “awesome”. Even if the season had simply been expanded to 26 episodes, so the screenplay can help me to appreciate the characters as they should be rather than the quick mock-ups that they are, I could feel something. As it stands, I’m dropping the series.
I want to note, this is not a review of the manhwa. The anime should be able to stand alone without me knowing the source material, and I do plan on reading it to pay the author proper respect. I hope those who enjoy the series as it stands get everything they want from it.


The Misfit of Demon Academy

Again, the premise is simple. An all-powerful demon king from the ancient times is reincarnated 2,000 years after his passing. He has retained full power and can use magics that have been forgotten to time. The problem is that he has also been forgotten to time. Or rather, a mysterious rival has replaced him in time.
In regards to this series, I feel its biggest problem is pacing. It has a good mystery to it, but it’s distracted by trying to prove how overpowered Anos Voldigoad is for the sake of what I can presume is comedy. Why I say “presume” is that a great deal of the jokes take just a little too long for the laughs to properly stick. An issue with timing rather than the jokes not being funny unto themselves. His parents in this life are an absolute delight, after all, with their humor and positive nature.
The other pacing issue is that Anos has placed most of his time and care into two twin girls at his new school. Neither has a particularly outstanding character. A textbook example of a tsundere and kuudere, but I feel unless the viewer is invested in their story as soon as Misha is relevant, Misha and Sasha’s plotline can feel like it drags the series down and distracts from the intrigue of the mystery as to how and why the all-powerful Anos was replaced in time.
After all, there aren’t truly any stakes for Anos losing his reputation as founding father besides Anos attempting to reclaim his birthright. There’s no impending war that the demons need to prepare for with their lackluster magic. The Avos who replaced Anos does not appear to have a headhunter after Anos. At least, none that have been established thus far in the series.
The rules of magic are also not that well-established. No, that’s not right. Rather, Anos is quick to explain how magic works in their world only to then ignore the rules. While the point is that he is all-powerful and his character is a personification of being overpowered, it takes away the stakes once again. If he can just ignore the rules of magic he set in place, then what does the audience have to invest in? He can resurrect whomever he chooses, regardless of circumstance. Thus, character death will mean nothing until a character is permanently gone. Takes away from the intrigue.
Nevertheless, I want to see where the mystery goes, at least, but I may lose that compulsion, if the series continues to be distracted by female characters that do not properly contribute to the plot.



Finally, a series I can be a bit more positive with. I believe I am far and away not the only person to believe that the series might be boring after watching the first episode. Once the second episode hit all I can say is:
“You thought it was ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’, but it was me, ‘Kaiba’.”
Or I suppose “Space Dandy” would be a more appropriate joke for those unfamiliar with the abstract nature of “Kaiba”. Regardless, the human race has been reduced to little more than NPCs for a video game for the rest of the world that has evolved into cyborg-androids to adapt to a resourceless world. The one resource that fuels everything is Oxyone, the soda-like blood of the monstrous Gadoll that seems to have replaced all water and nutrients for humans and cyborgs alike.
The cyborgs use the human continent as a personal video game to harvest Oxyone. They use avatars known as Gears to help humans keep the Gadolls in check while avoiding personal risk, as long as they follow the rules. There is a system named Hugin in place that eliminates problem cyborgs, and in turn, there are cyborgs in place that eliminate “bugs” from the Deca-dence “server”.
Kaburagi is a cyborg who is employed by Hugin to eliminate “bugs” in order to atone for past mistakes. However, Kaburagi finds himself in quite the pickle as he grows fond of both a human and a Godoll that are categorized as “bugs” and can’t bring himself to eliminate them.
With intrigue and mystery in good doses alongside action and humor, I would say this is a series that is the must-watch of the season. What happens next? Will Natsume grow to unite the earth again alongside Kaburagi? Or is Hugin only the bottom rung of a series of threats keeping the world in a false sense of “order”? Only time will tell.


Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out

Uzaki-chan is a sophomore in college who works to keep her old highschool sempai Sakurai company after he made himself a loner in college. By being both a pest and a genuine friend, she frustrates Sakurai as he can’t seem to get rid of her. Of course, while it’s obvious they’re a couple to everyone else, they just can’t see it because they see each other as boorish.
This series isn’t truly anything special, but it is cute. It’s the perfect sort of junk food anime. Something where you know you could watch something better, but you can’t convince yourself to turn it off, so you make popcorn, instant ramen, or whatever frozen microwave food you’ve got to just sit down and have a good time with characters who just make you feel good.


Lapis Re:Lights

If you can recall “Uma Musume”, “Akiba’s Trip: the Animation”, “Love Kome”, and “Zombieland Saga”, this is the newest novelty idol anime on the block. Tiara is a young princess who finds herself attending a magical academy alongside her childhood friend Rosetta. However, she learns she is part of a Lapis group of girls, “Lapis” being the students on the bottom of the pecking order due to their low point scores per campus rules, and Tiara has to help her new friends earn points or risk being expelled at the end of the semester.
What I can appreciate about this series is that it sets proper stakes early on, so it’s not just cute girls doing cute things. It’s cute girls doing cute things in order to achieve a goal: don’t flunk out of school. This will include learning new spells, helping folks both on and off campus, and learning the power of music and magic. Let the shenanigans begin!
True, I’d probably recommend other idol series before this series. It even has a few Japanese jokes that might not be appropriate for the American 8- to 14-year-old demographic, so I can’t quite recommend it in general, but it still has its charms.


I want to preface this next section with the note that I am not above what might be called “trash harem anime”. I would easily score “Noucome”, “When Her Flag Breaks”, “Armed Girls Machiavellism”, “Rosario+Vampire”, “Maburaho”, “My First Girlfriend is a Gal”, “Nyan Koi”, “Sekirei”, and many others a 6/10 or higher if only for entertainment, comedic, or ironic value.
This is not the season for promising harems.

Monster Girl Doctor

So, pretty straightforward. There is a human doctor who works on monster girls. He lives in the first Monster x Human city in his world, so he is important in building up Monster x Human relations with his talents. If it was just that, and the fanservice was cute akin to “Interviews with Monster Girls”, I’d probably just call this a 7/10, you’ll know if you like it or not series and just move on.
However, it’s not just cute and simple. If everything was just as simple as the first episode, where it’s a centaur who is hesitant to get horseshoes because she’s afraid of having nails hammered into her hooves, fine. The problem stems from this being an ecchi series, and she finds the act of having the horseshoes installed arousing… and the mermaid finds it arousing to have her blistered and sore throat and gills toyed with… and the flesh golem finds it arousing to have her skin swabbed out with alcohol and her arteries sutured… and you see what the problem might be?
While one might argue that “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou” had a bit too much groping and fanservice, this is literally including ecchi elements just to say it has ecchi elements. It doesn’t help when “Monster Girl Doctor” seems to be following a similar monster girl quota to “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou”, including having the primary heroine be a lamia snake-woman. Comparisons are going to be constant.
While I admit that it has the appeal of seeing new creature designs like any monster girls series, it’s difficult to say that the actual interactions are worth anything. Thus, while I might continue it out of morbid curiosity, overall it’s not that interesting. I’m sure it’ll probably do something in episode 11 or 12 to make doubters eat their words and set up for a more exciting second season, but that is speculation at best. It just is more awkward than sexy with character design being more appealing than the character writing.


Dokyuu Hentai HxEros

It’s a team of perverted rangers who are going to save the lusty Japanese youth from the terrible Kiseichuu who want to consume all the lust energy and decrease the Japanese birth rate even more… or they just want to censor sexy clothes by lengthening skirts? Steal girls’ panties because it’s funny, maybe?
This is the first of many problems I have with this series. Well, second. First is how almost every comment I see regarding this show is people complaining that it’s censored for public consumption. The second problem I have is just the show’s awkward sense of focus. I don’t have a reason to believe that there are stakes, if the villains don’t seem to know what their own motivation is. True, the “censor bugs”, as Kiseichuu translates to literally, are just a catch-all form for trying to take sexy elements out of the Japanese public eye, but how does stealing panties contribute to making Japanese youth less sex driven, if they don’t replace them with granny panties? It just leaves a bunch of girls walking around without panties, which seems like it would spike sexual thoughts rather than remove them…
Then there are the heroes themselves. Retto and Kirara are arguably the only two that matter as they were childhood friends who drifted apart after a Kiseichuu proved that Kirara was sexually excitable even from holding hands as a young child. Rather than just admitting that Retto makes her excited and taking advantage of it as they grew up, she decided to be a stock man-hating tsundere to hide her shame while Retto is employed by his uncle to be the captain of the HEROs, because ecchi = H and erotic = ERO, so I guess Mineta Minoru is the best example of a hero in “Boku no Hero Academia” by that logic. Jokes aside, Retto is part of the team due to his potential for erotic energy to weaponize it against Kiseichuu with the help of special gear.
Thing is, it’s not well-explained why Retto qualifies other than that he does. At least with Jin Mo-ri and friends, I could say that they walloped their opponents in a fight with their own hands and speed. With Retto and his teammates, it’s not like we’re seeing everyone go through an ERO-energy measuring test or anything like that. If anything, it’s weird that they’re keeping it as secretive as they are from other highschool students. One thing to say not everyone qualifies, but why not try out everyone that they can? What are the qualifications? How much energy is needed for an attack? Can a drained person have their sex drive restored, are they forever drained, or does it just build naturally?
The big issue with not establishing rules is that Maihime, Momoka, and Sora are already part of the team but have not contributed to any Kiseichuu battle in a meaningful manner because Kirara being the infinity+1 sword of lust is the series running joke, and the other girls are there because “LOL harem anime antics”.
“Conception”, “Dororon Enma-kun”, “Maken Ki”, “Mahou Sensei Negima”, there are a wide variety of series that cover ‘supernatural combat meets perverted shenanigans’ with greater writing quality and character development. Still, unlike “The God of Highschool”, where I can argue that it’s a good story that has been abridged to leave all the good parts out, I feel there were better approaches to this series. Here is some words of advice, if anyone wants to try to make a series like this:
  • The team members of HxEROS are Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and White. This harkens to the idea that it is based on a sentai series, but it’s not self-aware enough. If they wanted to go with the color scheme, it should have been a team of horny young men with the joke being that Kirara was the first female member with the guys all surprised that a girl is a bigger pervert than them, and her man-hating nature is more justified despite being childhood friends with Retto.
  • If the author wanted to go with an all-female team save for Retto, there should have been five girls, and it should have played out like “Noucome” or “Armed Girls Machiavellism” where Retto and his uncle want to recruit the local highschool’s ‘fetish five’ to be a part of the team, being Saint Chichi (boobs), Saint Shiri (butt and thighs), Saint Megane (glasses and eyes/eye licking), Saint Christmas Cake (mature woman), and Saint Legal Loli (little girl) or ideas to that effect. The first half of the series would be Retto recruiting the ‘fetish five’ while fighting to defend students by himself and only by unlocking his true ERO potential with the girls by his side can he actually slay members of the Kiseichuu alliance.
  • Or how about throwing the sentai angle out? If anything, the Kiseichuu are fun designs. Don’t make them censor bugs and just go full Nyuuchuu (boobie bugs) with them. Why not try to pull an anime variant of “Earth Girls Are Easy” where a team of bug alien princesses go to earth to hook up with guys as the cat race, the rat race, the lizard race, the bird race, and even the octopus race have had success on Earth. Thing is, while the Nyuuchuu have the biggest breasts and best bodies in the Milky Way, they didn’t take into consideration that the other races have an effectively humanoid head while they all have anatomically correct bug heads. Thus begins the Nyuuchuus’ campaign of learning how to seduce earth boys by observing local couples.
The base template is there. It just feels like the author put all their creativity into the idea of Ecchi (H) + lust (EROS) = HEROS and then relied on stock plot elements from there. It’s not even the correct spelling of ‘heroes’.
I can’t really fault anyone for watching it, but there are definitely better series to spend your time with. I dropped it at episode 3.



Kazuya is a college student who was recently dumped by his girlfriend. He uses a rental girlfriend service to try to nurture his wounded pride and broken heart. He gets mad when he learns that Chizuru, the girl he rented for the day, uses the same routine with every date, and he leaves her a one star review because he feels scorned. Still, he rents her again, and he tries to confront her about the falseness of her behavior only to have her remind him that of course the service is an act as that’s the point of a rental girlfriend. Kazuya apologizes.
Now, does the story go with:
  1. Kazuya tries to make a concerted effort to act as an adult and admit his romantic troubles to Chizuru as they bond over prior failed relationships for the rest of the day?
  2. Chizuru realizes that Kazuya is hurt, and that she might have been spoiled by constant 5-star reviews that she has failed to care about the customer’s feelings, so she uses Kazuya in her off time to experiment with different date formulas, so she doesn’t stagnate with love blossoming from their developed chemistry?
  3. Kazuya admits that Chizuru might just not be his type but does his best to make the rest of the date enjoyable for her. He goes onto a dating site the next day where he accidentally hooks up with Chizuru again?
  4. Kazuya and Chizuru are caught up in a family incident where their feelings don’t matter and they have to lie about being a couple to preserve the feelings of the family members?
If you said "4", that’s exactly why I dropped this series halfway through the first episode. That is the wrong route to take with this story, especially as it was Kazuya’s family. At least if it was Chizuru’s parents, Kazuya would be acting as the cover story to hide Chizuru’s career with compensated dating. As it is just a matter of Kazuya’s grandmother wanting to live long enough to see great-grandchildren, you don’t need to be watching a season of anime for that plotline. Go watch a Hallmark channel movie. Go watch a Christmas rom-com with the liar revealed trope. Get your fix in 90 minutes, not 5 hours.
It’s not as if the series lacked stakes. Kazuya has a budget of a million yen that his grandfather will not contribute any further to. It could have been as simple as Chizuru making Kazuya sign up as a rental boyfriend to see that it’s not all roses and handholding but a serious career as the boy finds his funds lacking after his failed relationship.
It could have been something as simple as Kazuya’s college girlfriend tricking Kazuya into using the service as she wanted to be sure that her boyfriend is truly desirable or she just has an NTR kink and gets more excited to kiss him whenever she sees him kissing another girl.
And this is the problem with this series. I can suggest so many alternate routes that only change the plot just slightly and it makes for a more unique series. It could have been a unique series as it stands, if they hadn’t gotten Kazuya’s parents and grandmother involved. So many options and opportunities. This is about the anime equivalent to saying the idiom “threw the baby out with the bathwater”. The fact that most testimonies I received boil down to an ironic enjoyment as none of the characters truly grow or develop just makes a point of the failed premise.


Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time


No, I’m not joking. I’m not even wasting the time to watch a single episode of this anime because I know the source material is trash. Like, not cute trashy anime trash. Just trash. Nothing redeemable. Not even the character designs.
Basic synopsis is this: Peter Grill has just proven himself the strongest man in the world, and royalty of all races want to have his babies. Thing is, he only loves his childhood sweetheart Luvelia Sanctus who promised to marry him if he won the tournament. Luvelia’s father, Peter’s guild master, is something of a daughter-con who keeps trying to trick Peter into a situation where he can be executed or must break off his engagement with Luvelia.
The idea doesn’t sound that terrible. It’d just be “Rosario+Vampire” if Moka's father was aware of Tsukune playing with his daughter early on, right? If that was the case, then fine.
But no. No one is likable in this series. It’s not just a case of Peter not being likable because he is knowingly cheating on Luvelia. Every monster girl is raping Peter, even when he doesn’t want to have sex or is in a situation where he shouldn’t be having sex, they are forcing themselves onto him. Vegan, the elf, even curses him to be effectively castrated if he doesn’t have sex with her within 24 hours. It’s not a matter of him cheating on Luvelia. It’s a matter that he’s a sex toy for the entire world but Luvelia.
And it’s not like Luvelia is truly innocent of the matter. Rather, as a result of her innocence and not seeming to know what sex is, she’s almost encouraging the other girls to take advantage of Peter, even if it would mean the death of Peter if her father ever found out. Except for the fact that Luvelia probably would be accepting of a polyamorous relationship if her father hadn’t kept her in the dark for so long.
It feels like the author went out of their way to make the characters unlikable. They could have had a funny story, if they just didn’t make everyone in the story either mean-spirited, mindlessly selfish, or both. Well, I guess Peter doesn’t fall into those categories, but only because he needs to be the straight man to everyone else’s cruelty, but he’s still framed as supposedly selfish because he keeps letting everyone take advantage of him, by his own admittance.
If you’re that desperate to be sexually aroused by monster girls, go watch “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou” or “Ishuzoku Reviewers”. At least something where sexuality is portrayed positively. Don’t get suckered into this callousness. Just wait until “Elf Can’t on a Diet” gets an anime or go read its manga, if you need new monster girls. Even “Monster Girl Doctor” is a better alternative as it’s more awkward than mean-spirited.
Just, whatever you do, avoid this series.


So, there are a few series I will try to catch up on and review a little later this week: “Ninja Collection”, “Gibiate”, “Koi to Producer: EVOL x LOVE”. Perhaps a couple more. There is one other series I can’t convince myself to watch, though:

“Kyojinzoku no Hanayome” or “The Titan’s Bride”


I’m not going to be unfair and rate what I don’t watch or haven’t read. This just isn’t the series for me. I’m getting too many “365 Days” or “Fifty Shades of Gray” or other ewie feelings from the synopsis of an individual being confiscated from their home and being made to act in the role of a bride or lover until they learn to love their new life with a seemingly false promise of being returned to their normal life if they’re still resentful at the end of a period. I know those movies/books were popular, but there’s just something that makes me want to take a shower after learning about this series.
Anyways, I wish everyone the best with their watching this summer. I’m sure things will be more fun with more options in the fall. Best of luck.
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A comment for the Girl With Polka Dots that was way too long, Character Count, and also Berry Seinfeld; Hey, Did you know that Jerry Seinfeild can afford a Gotland Class Submarine? He should do a Captain Nemo Routine; 𝔚𝔥𝔞𝔱 𝔦𝔰 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖑 𝔚𝔦𝔱𝔥 𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔰𝔢 𝕷𝖊𝖆𝖌𝖚𝖊𝖘 𝔟𝔢

A Comment to this post, by, girlwithpolkadots
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apropos of which, also, but in general, and I wrote the sentence below earlier so wtf am I to do I didn't go to editing school I'm a graduate of my streets my friends I'm skrewed, but, I think that the as-if-it-were-from-person-in-line-at-grocery, casualness, of commentary, makes it casual to dismiss or censor all of them; that, anybody, with a lot to say has valuable things to say, even or especially, in, small amounts but that; Letters to Milena?
It's probably rude to read that book, or, something, but look up some excerpts from it and remember that Milena was killed by the Nazis
That's why Nazis are Bad, A, B?
What are they, what is Kafka saying to her that doesn't sound Edgy?
My love for you is the knife I drive into my heart; I want to read books that read like a suicide, this is very, Edgy, but it's very true and very true contrary to conventions we know to be false; defense of those conventions by an ommission unnoticed, it's....Not Gonna Work,
Goofies, You Dumb Bolognas; this is Russian Peasant Emma Goldman,
Puritanism, in whatever expression, is a poisonous germ. On the surface everything may look strong and vigorous; yet the poison works its way persistently, until the entire fabric is doomed.
Read the Rest, PLEASE
From well before there were talkies, the talkies pictures.
...and it might be worth considering if this might not be a better way to comment; you know?
Like, it's difficult to disambiguate the,
"I'm at the literal grocery store, so, here's my thoughts right quick"
"I'mat the desk I would write letters on, if it weren't 2020, and I've got the time to write as long as I want but it's an awkward proposition amidst a lot of people at the grocery store," or, a waiting room; have you guys every noticed that the standard-american-dialect-of-self, somwhat, is, null, at, Eye Doctor Waiting Room?
That, glances and smirks and chit-chats appropriate all add up, on facebook, I think, to eye doctor waiting room and it's odd because nobody likes that place/shrrugemoticon,
Here's where the comment starts:
I'm the Grandson of one of these, and I say this because I'm interested in talking to you in regards to these things and you just wrote this big long schpiel like I would and it makes me want to know you; anyway, I'm 100% sure it's where the term Vampire comes from; Ostrobothnia, in the Helsing Forest, and it's,
There's this tendency, as an American, to use British points of reference, and, in paradoxical and insane sort of ways when it comes to our Language Itself, do this, without thinking about it;
Like, and I think especially, due to, the, idiot decision to use English as an international scientific language while dropping basically any distinction as to whether a Formal Statement by an expert counts as an contribution to the discourse the same as an argument published through a paper and I think we know I think we know that the papers know this and it's why rent seek like terrible while experts consider their expertise in and of itself a disqualification from interaction with the real world, or, at least in that field it's because we live in a society that Strictly, Strictly, Adheres to a Formal Hierarchy, which, quite simply, does not exist and inasmuch as it does anymore there are no claims to the Christ God giving it authority over some or another dominion and there is not any,
Biological or Entmogical or Anarcho-Collectivist Rational to any, anymore, anyway, so, That's Pretty Gefickt but Double Here's the thing,
Look at sexual consent laws in Finland; they, are not based on astrological superstition, e.g. years; it's really, very, obvious if you're looking at it through this, my, lense, whatever you would characterize mine as that,
A. lacking any traditional stories of significance B. Because Henry Ford Did not Like Adults C. Literally, an adult isn't afraid of anything, that's an adult D. Afraid of Nothing because they lack the luxury, "adult" E. Make it numerical, an entropy number, bye bye...rights. F. This is obvious to me but it's also obvious that the thing a person has ever had which has allowed them to assert anything of consequence as an American and that's it, is,
My Number of Years; not my, "cycle of seasons," or anything like that, "my stopwatch counting s/m/h to 24 and in the mode of the Mediterranean Catholic Church but in an ideal of an equatorial day, 365 times.
Now, I am pretty sure that the true or historical nature of sexuality is utterly alien from the medieval proscriptive nonsense as it's practiced; for an example to give some credible context:
Bathing, for 1000 years adults avoided all immersion in water, at all, under any circumstances due to the concerns they had that this was going to get them sick; the reality wasn't anything like that, at all, so much as the Hierarchical Authorities of
Animals that Don't Need That, they do not need Instruction
....had to come up with some shit like that of some kind and this was a useful paradigm for as many reasons as there are pictures through a window; the Vikings looked Pretty, it made the layfolk envious,
"Yah it's also proof they savage, tho," husbands, "it's disgusting, how pretty they are, so full of disease," grimly, geile.
That is real; notice that the medieval catholic church came up with the idea that sexuality was for reproduction; this wasn't biological science, this was medieval hierarchical instruction.
Notice that the Bee uses it's Egg Laying Parts to Inject Mammals with Poison and Die, as a result of this, that's a far cry from,
"only using them for babies," the fact is that if nothing designed this on purpose, comma, nothing with a direct line to a middle aged white man, comma, designed this on purpose, explicit period and implicit exclamation mark, then,
Nothing is true everything is permitted by natural law, healthfulness is determined by destiny, which is not known, lives can not be saved in advance though they can be killed and death can be attributed if you want to play the grimmest duck duck goose although it's a volitional choice to do so; nothing matters and it can not matter that matters and so Important and Significance is a Personal and The Personal Choice of Significance, at all, and that we are made of ash, only, and what we love, may be, if we are lucky, and if we make it so, the only, at all, thing which we are made of is utterly, 100% true.
It's insane to say that 18 astral cycles makes an adult, it's, a sham and an especially gross one to shame-cycle and artificial environment and poorly educate an child into an 18 year old body, and it's super gross to do so as a means of making her into someone's property, in, an economic adjacency, that's, hardly, at all hidden; my, Very Good and Very Interesting Friend Meetra has a lot more on that then I do but I can tell you this:
It's like the pornhub incest thing; it's like americans are literally, non-figuratively taught to fetishize age and British People too, and, in much the same way that I suspect half of Britain was like,
Woe this destiny, Woe That I must Resist My Urges to Touch the Dongles at Privy les I be Burned Upon the Faggot for Buggering Mineself with them orbish nobules, and these, splonge-shaped oblongs, Woe is my fate indeed what woe
While, like; it's not liberation, so much as, an abstraction, from that, which allows a person to chill the fuck out; honestly, it's like:
Some people seem to think that Shame Makes Sex Way Better; look around reddit, look at hotwife, it's, I think, the same phenomenon and in addition to all of this,.
Sex and Society, Middle 1950's, pelican, blue and cream cover
They're Right
They were like, "Yo. Medical Science thinks that people aren't sexually mature until they're 25 or 30 but these new studies are saying that's not true, and if that's not true, we are fucking people up so hard that they are pretending like it's true, they might not even know that they suppressed their adulthood and pretended to be catfish lolitas and loliters for ten years, and that, that is very fucked up, and we've got to do something about this, like, Motherfucking Yesterday,
Which, and here you're going to see the complexity, the,
Fucking Recursion of it: there is nothing more, at all, in the conceivable world, fucked up, than placing a person who has to fake pre-pubescent for a decade and that is what they used to consider suppressing all speech and behavior that would indicate to other people that you have sexual interests or ideas or any desire for partnership, which you do, and pretend you don't and accept that you will not have until an political adulthood, an not-ever in any way recognized adulthood, no ceremonies, no sacred games, not fucking nothing, so good luck shedding the trappings of a childhood you've been faking and even more-good-luck ever talking about this with anyone else do you see how bad this is, how awful and it's worse, it is the worst thing when that is all true, and then,
You Are Forced to Share A Third Identity, Reality with a Rapist
What do I mean by, "third idenity," I mean,
There is the one which is you, most truly, including all sexual thoughts and feelings and those where sex and love overlap, very most especially; is there a difference between sexual and non-sexual love?
I am not so sure, and it is very fucking sad as an adult who knows that the best part of love is sleeping in someone else's lap, holding hands and being in the spiritual and existential present with another person and that kids with no sense of sin or shame attached to sexuality, well, what's going to end up; I, Jonathan, have not been a virgin and a teenager at the same time I grew up in a rich nook of an extremely poor city with only a few peers on earth and arguably the most violent place outside of a warzone; my friend Abdul says it's a mile more fucked up than anything he's ever seen in sub-saharran Africa and he is seen a lot and he is from Somalia, so,
I have be theoretical when I'm talking,
"Virgin Teenager," it's something I can empathize with but only through my imagination, not my memories; but I do know this:
I know that Muggings are not different than panhandling and not taking no for an answer; I've won a fair number, I'm very brave, and I've pulled a Juul on a Gun before; while trying to discharge the gun into my belly, on the wrong side, I would have died I would have shot me in the liver but it worked; look:
We Miss the opportunities for agency, in, cinema and other narrative artwork the same as we miss the flicker of the still images and the considerable difference in tense, from, reality; everything we just saw is a shorthand, as we see it, for this-has-happened, and then this has happened, it's cutting out the now and going straight to it's happened, is my, point, and so we miss the real horror of real attempts to abrogate agency, if, we're judging reality, by, an extremely, heavy, lean on this form.
Incels, that things they, talk about?
That's real, that's how they, used to breed; no, literally, where the fuck did Hapsburg Jaw Come From, in terms of, consent to sexual activity, resulting in a certainty, of, Hapsburg Jawed Babies?
You ever seen eraserhead?
Fucking Mild, my, I hope, Friend; fucking mild by,
Hapsburg-Wife-life-reality, you know; now, in a society,
Exactly, To a T, Like I've Described Up Earlier?
There are I'm Supposing,
The Shame People, the Odd Me who Makes Marla Singer Jokes about themselves and Imma be real with you: I also smoked Angel Dust, Crack, uh, what else all of the things at stupid young ages to prove I wasn't a pussy; to myself, my 16th birthday, was,
At a Nightclub in Firenze and Basically, the, Plot to that One Birthday, party, themed episode of Girls Except for I was 15 turning 16 and I was in Italy, with, drugs I'd smuggled from swtizerland and my parents were not in Italy, also.
So Shame People, Me, however many, Alienated Dreamers, I guess, I mean a lot of odd people but all alike and all for their own and often weird reasons (mine isn't entirely unrelated to the Baroness, technically, from the Helsing Forest I hung out with all the time, frowing up, NOR the literal Bleeding Disorder of an Czarovitch'n't, get it, that my, Sister had and I understand a lot more about the Romanovs than most people: Contemplate with empathy, what, it means to have that and know that a child will die from that; I talked to a very, $300 an hour mourning counselor with a Columbia M.D. more than my literal parents for the decade before I was 20; I don't begrudge them: they knew they crazy a.f. and everything was last-even-though-she-hadn't-first-everything, you know, and everything I did that wasn't wholly, like, making last polaroid with sister was an Angel Agnostic Deep Sin, on their end, emotionally, and,
I mean: things which bruise or cut, that this will be the way, that it's statistically, medically, very unlikely not to be and soon, but,
Whooooo Knows Fun Game
It's an especial crazy making like you have no idea, and it's also an extreme super-power when it comes to petty, burgomasters and patriarchs with an ideology of Holy Youth and it's like:
I have none of your memories, except, as things used a bludgeon against me; also I didn't do them, also I did do literally, all of the sex and drugs I could manage and also took as many AP classes as would fit in my schedule and also got A's in them with no parental help but also skipped all of my gym and typing and other such classes so bad that they thought I was failing out of school; so, my general inclination has been, like,
Negotiate, Try, On This Ratio?
No, Hole, I want Hole and also try no reward all scared no happy,
PLEASE, that's what I want; it really, truly, does do for you what money and privelege is supposed to: it makes you strong, and,
Look at these Fucking Billionaires
This Woman I feel, I am Insulting, if, I call her a Woman
She's a Fucking VValkyrie, why, praytell, doth her light shine so bright despite having so many fewer tokens?
I think it's because the tokens don't work; not really, they, do work at the game of tokens; Saint Louis City, Women are like that here, and I am so fucking,
Proud of Us for that; it's not everywhere in Christendom that has a Matriarchal Warrior Culture the Men of White Power are Afraid of; they, are, it's obvious.
You know who the Maenad Were, what Attica Was, Is, it's not a Prison; it was never a prison, that's a branding like Kafka is an Enterprise Server or Nikolai Tesla is a Car, you know?
These People Live like a mile away, from, Guessing Here
That's the Hospital, later in the video; I think, not sure but I think it's Barnes Jewish; anyway,
Remember that Margaret Meade was Slurred as a Liar
No no: that guy who did it knew he was lying; my point is that he thought that no one know the difference once he had tied up the loose end on that, the, woman who said women are ever assertive, you feel me?
Listen to Side b, the transition into Trigger Happy is the fucking best my favorite; that bish made of dirt, man, she's the real thing she's not kidding; side A is very good too and I don't know who has control of my g-mail account but it's not me. Anyway,
Listen to this for an oblique take on some of these themes,
...and then consider that allowing sexuality, to, remain something which, not only,
Not only do youths not talk about honestly, or, ever, they, Have No Baseline Healthy-them dialogue to deviate from when they aren't; now, luckily, for me, I grew up with parents consumed with a tragedy, while, also having scandavian values and not so much interest in anything not sad those years so I was just allowed to have friends spend the night and I know my mother would really, really, really dissaprove of my treating a, "dating," as not a Friend, primarily, which it is, which is somewhat what I was getting to:
I will be celibate as required by society, is, also,
Not realizing that 99% of a relationship is composed of time spent together, speaking together and hearing their voice in your head is so much more of it than learning what a footjob is from your Puerto Rican Dancer girlfriend who learned it from her dead boyfriend whomst your jealous of but know you shouldn't be and now you're thankful for her mom being so good; I mean, she recognized that once the drug dealer neighbor wasn't among the living, the right thing to do was to allow her daughter to own being sad about his being dead, not embarassed or ashamed that she knew him or not trying to make her that way, anyway,
It taught me a good lesson that I felt and knew to be true but also didn't expect an adult to be living like in the world, which:
My point exactly, the thing about Medieval:
At a Baseline, the Instruction Justifies the whole shebang; shebang'n't but replaced with an elected Calvinism, like,
As if that's not how the pope lets the God Vote, like; well, it's causing nearly, all of the problems:
Diarrhea kills 2,195 children every day—more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined. Diarrheal diseases account for 1 in 9 child deaths worldwide, making diarrhea the second leading cause of death among children under the age of 5.
This is because, for the first time since Pliny the elder, though for a hundred years-ish, start the clock whenever our drug fever caught them on up to now,
But, and I'm going to repeat this,
Since Ancient Times, if you had Urban Water, Aquaducts, Urban River, Anything Like that, You had Paregoric; paregoric makes the nerves in your intestines numb, and so you don't die from the immune reaction that's your-intestines version of a cytokine storm of covid; that keeps you from breathing, this keeps you from letting water into you; if your intestines are so sensitive that they get-it-out with NOTHING in them, then, the water can't stay long enough to get in you and you can't keep it out long enough to get calmed-down before you die of dehydration; it's not,
"too sick, " it's, "fucked up stasis," so no amount of cleaning water is going to make it anything less than SOME, a lot, actually, that this happens to and,
Here's the thing,
On an individual basis?
Enslaving a young, usually, woman, by, means of protocol:
I know that you're not a pre-pubescent child and I know that you're acting like one anyway and now you can't pretend around me but you have to hope I don't feel like it; that fucking sucks, anybody, who, Could Possibly, At All Mistake That For Love?
Is Fucked Up In Such a Way I'll Also Draw From Finnoscandia
Something something killed something something
Hunting, Hunted
They're Not People; not, Really, they, look like people but they, are very, dangerous if they, do not know that they, are a slave or a servant; this,
Her Grandson will translate into:
White people who think that the game is real, and the not-game is fake; it's the opposite, there is not Real Mortgage, that's a Game, there are real Loves.
Those aren't people; those aren't people and they used to cull the serfskies in cold places; how do you kick someone out of a cold place, in the winter, if there isn't enough food but more likely because of something that they have done?
I've kicked someone out of a house for hitting a woman, once, in the middle of winter in the middle of a city and even though I had a gun and I can be horrifying and I was and I wrote 'fucktard' on a bullet, the caliber of which the Taliban use to shoot down helicopters, and threw it as his face: he still came back and banged on the door and tried to pry it off of the hinges
Non-Americans: the central part of america has really high and low temperatures for the same reason aas Siberia; big amount of land, that does this; it was definitely, I think, below 0 farenheit; that's -18 or so celsius.
My Point is: why are they still afraid of a butterfly, lieben?
Why isn't my friend Lamja afraid of Butterfly?
What used to happen in that watermill, what did the mommies tell the baby serfskies where the daddy serfskies went to?
That and I know a little bit of old world magic because I taught myself because I'm fucking dope, that's why, but I'll tell you this:
You induce Uppgivenhetssyndrom in yourself your blood pools like you are actually dead it is so fucking odd; for one, it's odd, for two, everything looks different, especially by the roadway,
Bigger, Dirtier, uglier, farther apart, for three you see what cats see, for real, for sure, more or less....a very slow to dissipate semi-particulate distressance at the source of an sound; is it a mouse?
Almost certainly, though you can stop and consider it and it feels as if you can choose what it's going to be, the same way that you can, somewhat, though, not ReAllly, choose how you're going to feel; you're in conversation with it, and I'm not sure what the implications are.
I do know that it's in the same place where violence lives, heavy, wet, cold, warm, frission like fucking crazy, heavy, heavy, time are silverly; I do know this: I'm brahmin, of Europe, that's where this stuff comes from; the serfskies can not tell me that it's more mundane than I think it is if they don't understand that patriline is a lie to slave them, that Cowardice is a Sin, and that Women are not like men; women live forever, you are your mother's mother's mother, no death between you, not ever, that's you; men die in this life; what we do matters, our life?
In the continuance, sense, peretuity?
No, it doesn't; Calvinism and the Gotta Go Business work to, what, Make the Oil Death of Everything Faster?
Or the Plastics Death, or, the Debt Enslavement, or, the Banking?
That's a lie.
These hands are ash, these arms are ash, these eyes, this mind, these thoughts, all Ash, and that is it that is all they ever were
In circa Resignation Syndrome on Purpose, my pupils are gigantic perfect circles: the right brain sees in the peripheries, it's blind in the light, and I look like a Little Boy who needs a space blanket; for real, a little boy who needs a space blanket, but when I smile?
Even I think it's fucking scary; like something Very Badly Hurt, smiling; I had this idiot fucking roommate-for-free it was charity, named Bret, and I know exactly, exactly, what it would like it were,
Come To the Watermill To Mill His Grains,
It Got Me, the Butterfly, lieben, it got me and all of this, all of this life you've led has been a prayer to me all of those prayers those selfish prayers they don't go to your god darling they go to, they go to, they go to
Look in the BBC world service archives and you can here a 12 year old who sounds like a 45 year old mom talking about being an airline stewardess while her heart is literally, literally, for real stopped; she's dead, and she's speaking more calmly than most people can muster, about how she wants to be an airline stewardess and can't find people, she's at the wrong time as them, where are they?
You Know Why?
What's an Anchoress?
The product of Atheism, that's what; our idea of Not Fun, or Punishment, it's something that Julian of Norwych was correct about, her Shewings, which I love, that's an adorable words; I love her, she was right: nobody, not anybody, can take or give you anything; no one.
Alchohol is an binding of yourself to the chemical totem, that's how it works, study, any, alcoholic you'll see that and how it induces an ant-groundhogs day, in them; observe what it does to a free animal, see?
The Girl is Free, the Mans are Not; the mans in costume are free, the mans who are American Contractors are not, and they, have been taught such a simple, simple, fragile story, to, replace all of the meaning that was created not-so-hard-just-play, you know?
Oh and also:
This is the couple counter this lady, say, re: light
(I kindadon't like to read what I've just written)
Also u/Berry_Seinfeld is right; also: I'm sure she's got more money, her parents own a really, super nice restaurant
Your Friend,
Jonathan Fox
I agree with Foucault Regarding Discourse and Discursive Contributions, that, it's a lot more nuanced than we think, what's appropriate, and a lot more oppressive; I'm trying to do the most-useful contribution that I can with what I've written, and I think that it's probably this; as a post, I'm not sure about whether it's more of a premise or a discussion but Shrug Emoticon I'm doing my best
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Some encouragement from a past DB sufferer

So I just discovered this community. I wish I would have found it years ago. I have been separated from my husband since August. Listen y'all, Ive never been happier. Here is my story, hope it helps.
I am now 35. When I was a young woman in my 20s, I was definitely LL. I liked sex. It was OK. But, I could take it or leave it. I would never initiate with my partners. But, If prompted, I always felt like it was something I was expected to do. Crazy. I know.
I met my future husband when I was 25. We dated for 5 years before we got married. Our sex life was never that great. Maybe once a month. I was ok with it at the time. We were never that passionate, so I thought, maybe this is what a "grown up, mature" relationship feels like. He is a type 1 diabetic and suffered from ED. I have GAD and the meds did me no favors. I just assumed all this was normal. Like on TV when married people complain about not getting laid. I thought every married couple dealt with this. We had an open dialogue. He got Cialis and Viagra.
With the pills involved sex seemed scheduled and like a chore. We worked together at the same company and traveled for work together 24/7 365. I thought maybe hes just tired of seeing my face all day. We got an opportunity to go home and work permanently. We bought a house and settled down. Thats when the sex stopped completely.
As I approached my 30s my sex drive increased dramatically. Some women dont hit their sexual peak until their 30s. I wanted it so bad, but was rejected constantly.
I stopped working for that company and started my own business. I was succeeding. He was not. Some days he didnt even get dressed. Just sat around in his underwear. What a turn on....I gained about 20lbs since we got married, but still looked damn good.
He left me. He waited until I was dog sitting for a friend and packed up and left. He left me a note. He couldnt even face me. I was devastated for about a month until a friend said something to me
"He did you a favor by leaving. No matter how unhappy you were, you never would have left. You are too loyal and forgiving"(Turns out he had 50K in credit card debt he wouldnt tell me about, among other things).
I now have a boyfriend and sex is awesome! I honestly couldn't be happier. I learned, that I like to be wanted. I forgot what being wanted was like. It's amazing. You all deserve to feel the same way. Get out. Leave. If you want more than a roommate. Do it for yourself.
(Didnt mean to brag about my sex life, just wanted to give you guys hope)
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Winter Wedding Rundown- Alexandria, Va

Savings- $10,000 J opened a 1 year CD (certificate of deposit). I did 1 year and a 6 month CD with our credit union/bank. All three CDs had interest rates between 1.5-3.5%and we each contributed an average of $175/paycheck for a little over a year. We purchased a lot of items on our credit card for points, then paid the debt off once the CD’s matured. Paying in cash saved us money when vendors had a cash discount. We paid cash for centerpieces, wedding dress, alterations, cake and photographer.
Guest list We invited 60 people and 50 people RSVP’d-45 adults, 3 children, and 2 infants. When we strayed from our small wedding vision we always turned back to one focal point: the purpose of a wedding for strangers to become family. There would be absolutely no guilt invites- we all have that embarrassing uncle and no, he does NOT need an invite.
Invites, RVSPs & Thank you cards – $60 I automatically yeeted the concept of an invitation suite as soon as I realized how wasteful it seemed. We sent the wedding invites out with our Christmas cards in late November for our late January wedding; the timing was perfect. The Wilton print-at-home invites were gifted from a friend who had an extra pack leftover from her wedding. If I needed more than 40 invites I wouldn’t have been able to use this gift. I customized the classic white invites by adding an inlay of lilac and pale yellow for a pop of color. I didn’t need to do save the dates since my engagement was only 5 months.
Office depot printed seating chart poster ($15)50 postcard—style RSVPS ($30)regular and postcard stamps ($15)
Venue-$4,650.00 Union Street Public House, Old Town Alexandria, VA Cost includes food, cake cutting fee, 3 hour premium open bar, linens, décor setup, audio equipment, personal waitress, 12% tax, and 20% tip.
One day we were out for lunch and he turned to me and said, “This is the place!” We had the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception at Union Street Public House, a historic waterfront restaurant in Alexandria, Va.
We rented the venue from 11-4:30 including setup and cleanup. The ceremony was sweet and simple. A 45 min cocktail ‘hour’ immediately followed (2 passed apps and open bar). We even had our own waiter for the sweetheart table. She was amazing and came to us with a plate of apps and drinks while we mixed and mingled. The passed apps were great! The crab cake sliders were larger than expected and the caprese skewers were flavorful. After taking pics with family and chowing down on crab cake sliders, we sat down for brunch. It started off with a choice of soup/salad and our meal options were shrimp & grits, gumbo, Belgian waffles, omelets and impossible burger kebobs. We did speeches, a hot cocoa toast and cake cutting to wrap up the day. We exited the restaurant to ‘We are Family’ then headed over to the hotel to change for the after party at a local game room-style bar.
Officiant- $190 I found Susan in my county’s clerk’s office directory. There was a $50 State fee for the ceremony, $30 license, and $40 for travel/parking. The readings were perfect in every way and she helped calm our nerves!
Hotel rooms- $1,325 The Alexandrian We splurged in the most unexpected place. We understood the financial difficulties of our bridal party (pregnant 2nd time mother, broke students, poor parents, etc.) and took on costs or chose affordable alternates to make things easier for everyone involved. We reserved a 2 night stay at the 600+sqft Eleonore Suite for $1,000 including parking. We also covered 2 rooms and parking for bridesmaids at $325 to make getting ready at 8am easier.
Dress/veil/jewelry- $1,400 I covered the cost of 1 bridesmaid dress ($60 from The necklace and watch were gifted by a groomsman. I wore his mom’s broche on my $30 ‘fur’ shawl from Amazon.
· Wedding dress, headband, and veil from a local shop - $1,300+. · After party dress from JCPenneys-$12 · ‘rose gold’ gauges from Hot Topic- $18. · 2 pair of shoes for the day for $85. One sophisticated pair to match my dress and a pair to show my fun personality for the after party.
Alterations- $500 My dress had 3 layers of scalloped lace, satin, tulle and a train! I knew alterations would be costly but didn’t expect it to be that high. I needed a 2.5 inch hem, a bustle and for the side to be taken in .25 inches. I saved $100 by paying in cash
Tux and shoes- $1,495 My husband rented the tuxes online for himself and 4 groomsmen for $1200. My dad didn’t have a nice fitting tux so we bought him one from JCPenneys for $210 with a 15% coupon.
Decorations- $365 & Flowers- $30 I opted for a pretty venue so that I didn’t need to go heavy on DIY décor or stress over coordinating the setup/breakdown/transportation of decorations. I found the sola wood centerpieces on weddingswap for $250 for 8 centerpieces and 3 signs (no phones, gifts, & cake). It’s a valuable resource for buying and selling wedding items
A Ring Security backpack and sunglasses for the 2yr old ring bearer with decoy ring box was $25. I went a bit crazy at the Hobby Lobby 50% off wedding and floral sale. I spent $105 for 2 lavender bouquets, 1 accent flower, 8 lavender boutonnieres, card box, guest book, lace and bell wands for the flower girl, cake cutting set, gold paint
I went to Wegmans (grocery store) to buy glittered baby breath for $12. The MOH gifted me burlap lace ribbon to wrap the bouquets in, a photo wall with white curtains and 3 flower wreaths from my mom’s wedding as a backdrop. I borrowed a coworkers hot glue gun to complete projects.
Hair and nails - $35 Since photos started at 10:30am, having our hair done professionally didn’t really fit with the schedule. We all did a hainails trial run during our bachelorettes party- loose curls then a low side bun as a backup. I did a simple curly up do with lots of hairspray. Everyone brought their hair tools and makeup pallets so we could take turns helping each other with hair and makeup. With 8 women in one room, one of us HAD to of known what to do. It worked out wonderfully and was so fun!
The bridesmaids and I all coordinated our nails. We used short nails Kiss Brand nails for $8 from Walgreens. The medium nails popped off of my bridesmaids on our test run, so stick with short nails. We each bought new mascara, eyeliner and lip tint for around $25.
**Cakes- $25 ($85 gifted)** Harris Teeter ($65/sheet) - they’re all moist and not overly sweet. The Harris Teeter cake for the guests was marble with whipped cream topping. As for our cake, we chose a decadent 8-inch triple layer chocolate with cocoa shavings and buttercream frosting for $20. The gold painted cake topper said Married AF (Always and Forever for the Boomers) was bought from Esty for $25. My sister-in-law picked up the cakes that morning and also was gracious enough to cover that cost.
Birdseed Ornament Favors- $5 The heart cookie cutters were $5 at Michaels. The MOH and MOB bought the birdseed, suet, 'Thank you' tags, twine, and cellophane bags. We did an assembly line to make 50 ornaments that day.
Music- free on Pandora Plus I did most of the wedding planning, but my husband really ran with the baton on this one. He signed up for a Pandora Plus free trial 3 weeks before the wedding. The free trial lasts a month and we cancelled the before the month was over. He made 3 custom playlists for the day. We had our outgoing best man control the music and moderated the speeches. The A/V equipment was provided by the venue.
Photography- $1900 The photographer started photos at 10:30am and our last shots at were around sunset at 5:30. The price included travel, tip, a custom coffee table album, a online album, a USB drive, and 1 large stretch canvas of our favorite image. The venue was walking distance from Captain’s row, an iconic cobblestone street, and Wales Alley, a brick street with ivy laced historic buildings. Having the water right behind us and huge stable doors really set the mood for the photoshoots.
Ring for Husband- $390 My ring price in unknown and not included in the total. It’s a rose gold Charles & Colvard Moissanite engagement and wedding ring set with channel stones. I bought my husband a thick rose gold band to match my rings. JCPennys had a coupon that could be used on jewelry.
Bridal Party gift baskets- $150 I did a mix of beauty/health items, Black History flash cards(very timely), and leggings for the four bridesmaids. The flower girl had a butterfly shaped basket with Frozen branded stuff and a unicorn headband.
Website- Free I used the Knot for their website and included all of our RSVP’s, registry, pre-engagement pics, the party info along with travel and lodging.
After party- Free Since we got married on a Monday night of a MLK Day, we didn’t have to reserve space at a hip hangout spot in the city. We did karaoke and bowling for about 3 hours between heavy drinks and light apps. The after party attendees paid for our food/drinks/games.
Total $12,600 We paid for the wedding using $10,000 saved and used almost $3,000 of savings that was earmarked for our house (We closed and moved in March!). We splurged on tuxes and the hotel.
Things we didn’t do: - We chose not to do engagement photos since we already have cute photos together. - We got married during off season on a Monday. It worked out to be a holiday that wasn’t busy in the day time so the venue cost was more affordable. Looking forward to having more anniversaries off work/on a holiday!! - We opted not to do the awkward dances. - We did not have a videographer, DJ, Day of Coordinator, or florist. - We came to the restaurant to rehearse the night before, but didn’t do a formal dinner.
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190830 [Full Translation] IZ*ONE X IZE Magazine

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You are doing a photoshoot in a suit. Isn’t it strange?
Wonyoung: I think I look more mature than usual. I do shopping a lot because I’m very interested in fashion, but I don’t have any kind of suits so it’s new. Unnies really pulled it off. Today, I’m most excited to see Chayeon unnie in a suit. She usually wears casual clothes so I feel like she is good in a suit.
I think you’re very interested about clothes
Wonyoung: I tend to care a lot about it when I go to the airport. I have a chance to wear casual clothes only when I go to the airport, so I would like to coordinate my own clothes every time I bought clothes. I have been shopping a lot through overseas sites, so at every chance, I‘m trying to prepare it.
Idol is a job that keeps taking picture.
Wonyoung: Fortunately, I have enjoyed taking pictures since I was young. I think it’s a little bit different from when singing on stage and when taking pictures. It’s similar in terms of showing what you want to express, but it’s different from what you are showing. When I go on stage, I want to show you the performance of IZ*ONe’s song. Bu on the photoshoot, I want to show you about “me”.
What are the most memorable moment on the stage.
Wonyoung: When we had our first solo concert in Korea, I was surprised that we already hold our first solo concert like this. I never imagined that a lot of people came to see us so it was very surprised.
You must been more nervous to meet a lot of people on the stage than you were on Produce48.
Wonyoung: I have been like this since Produce48. When I was on stage for the first time in my life, I was a nobody so I thought that no one would come to support me. But there are fans who came and hold slogans to cheer me. I can’t help but feel immense strength when I see them. So every time I go on stage, I find slogans with my name on it. When I find them, I greet them and say thank you.
Sometimes I can’t believe my popularity.
Wonyoung: Recently, I feel like I’m being rewarded for my handwork. When I go on the stage, It spends 3 to 4 minutes and then go back down of stage. IZ*ONe is working overtime in a month. We are doing practice by making time that we don’t have. It was really hard before but when I heard the cheers at the end before the stage was over, I’m hearing that while thinking “Ah! I have tried to do it for this moment”
You have been praised a lot, but is there anything else you want to hear?
Wonyoung: “You are doing well”. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing well. I wish someone would tell me “You are doing well in you own standards, and you are doing your best in the situation you are given.” Sometimes I want to hear comforting words rather than being praised.
You are already doing well. You are always calm and nat on the stage, your facial expression isn’t shaky either.
Wonyoung: At first the fans are cheering for us. I felt like I had a magnificent view. But when I get so excited about it, basically I wanted to show everything but sometimes I can’t show it. When I start to get excited, I will sometimes make mistakes. I try to control myself for more perfect look.
Is there anything difficult about idol life when you get off the stage? I thick you missed your parent so much.
Wonyoung: My home is in Seoul, so I’m close to home. So it’s to too hard if I don’t see my parents. I don’t go out often when I go home. Not long ago, when I had 4 days off, I stayed at home all time. I used to love playing outside, but during trainee years I have been out there all the time so I love being inside having become my personality. I have fun watching TV programs that I didn’t watch because of activities. Recently, I like cooking show programs. It’s fun to watch, so I watch it at the dorm and also a theme.
Seem like you also enjoy cooking.
Wonyoung: But I still haven’t had many chances yet to try to cook. At dorm, we eat all food from delivery order. Then when I’m bored, I often turn on the delivery app and see all the menu there, and thinking about what I want to eat tomorrow and pick it up beforehand. Even though I’m hungry, I’m looking at food pictures on the delivery app.
You think it would be fun to choose the foods that you want to eat go ether with IZ*ONE’s members.
Wonyoung: Tonight, I’m going to have party with unnies and together ordering menu that each of us want to eat. I think it’s the best time for me to have fun. If everyone is not in activity or not on a schedule, we will gather and say “Let’s eat today!” If I have some times later, I want to try to cook some foods with the recipes from Kang Sikdong and eat it with unnies. Chaeyeon unnie is really good a cooking, so I think it’s something that she really loves. When I was on day off, I went home and bought hotteok mix with my older sister. At home, the two of us would think about what we are going dow with everything from the market. I made the dough myself and let it ripe in for a day. I put some sugar and bake it. I ate it deliciously and had fun.
I think it would be safe/secure to have your older sister and also IZ*ONE unnies.
Wonyoung: My older sister is so busy because she is in the 3rd year of high school now. I”m also busy with activities so we don’t fight anymore. I really like it every time I get to meet her. But now, I have been with IZ*ONE unnies for almost 365 days. There is a lot of moments when I”m being comforted by IZ*ONE unnies.
What do you feel like IZ*ONE unnies really take good care of you?
Wonyoung: Eunbi unnie is so considerate when I told her my worries, she is kind of person who thinks she is senior in life and telling me realistic answer. Chayeone unnie takes care of me really meticulously from big to small things. There was a new ramen that came out at the convenience store. I went to buy it after hearing that it was delicious. But, because the convenience store in front of our house didn’t have that ramen so I sol her that I was about it. One day, Chaeyeon unnie bought it for me when she was at the convenience store. Later on, when I come to the position of being unnie. I think I will remember all the good moments I had when I’m being the youngest like now.
What kind of younger do you want to be remembered by IZ*ONE unnies?
Wonyoung: I want to be a younger who doesn’t make it hard for unnies. I’m not good enough but at least I will be younger who doesn’t make it hard for unnies. Even when we are practicing. I will be creating a strong atmosphere.
You look very happy though there is a lot of hard times or happy moments. What will you remember about your teenerager years?
Wonyoung: I think IZ*ONE will be the first one. The biggest part of it is the members. I don’t think I would have done anything if I was lone. And there is WIZ*ONE inside. The next is sense of responsibility.
If you counted about three things, what is the other one?
Wonyoung: I would decided that one thing when I”m 19 years old, I will let you know when I have decided it then.

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Chaeyeon told a TMI about sakura. You ordered Yukhoe and bubble tea deliverya lot. (Laughs)
Sakura: I like a lot.(laughs) I didn’t eat yukhoe while i was living in japan but i’ve been eating it after coming to korea. I ate it yesterday too. It’s nice that I can order food delivery every day. Since there are many bubble tea shop in Korea, if you order delivery, it will come immediately. Since there are not much that can be delivered in Japan, I keep ordering in Korea.
I think you are very close with chaeyeon, At a award ceremony that was held in japan last years, only two of you did opening.
Sakura: Since Pd48, I am close to Chaeyeon the most. I wanted to debut with her together. Then we debuted as izone and the moment that I am dancing with Chaeyon alone on stage, it feel like a dream.
Did u get a lot of korean friends too? You said you have no friends on Everyone’s Kitchen.
Sakura: My friends are still 12 people. IZ*ONE friends, and Kang HoDong Sunbaenim! I could have 12 friends thanks to Kang HoDong Sunbaenim
Is there any time that you can’t communicate fully what you wanted to, with members or celebrity who appear on shows together, how do u try to communicate your thoughts?
Sakura: When “Everyone’s Kitchen” Started, I really can’t speak korean, but sunbaenims help me a lot. I think it’s oaky if I work hard with action as much as I can’t speak Korean. Even though I can’t talk well, I want to show that I have the desire that want to shine together with everyone by practicing hard like this. By keep practicing hard, I hope my image to be “Sakura have grown up a lot”
You want to show the image of you keep trying hard to the fans too?
Sakura: I am amazed and thankful that they like me out of many idols. To be able deliver that mind, i try to talk like a friend and listen to their story/talk too since they are people who like IZ*ONE and Sakura, I try to feel their feelings and answer those too.
There is a radio for the fans. Fans said “seem like sakura like to do a lot of things” there.
Sakura: There are a lot. But the thing I like the most is Game. I play game as soon as I get at dorm, even at the company, i keep playing games whenever i can play, I really like online games. I am really loud while play games. I keep talking in voice chatting endlessly and focus on game. I really like nintendo too. There are a lot of characters i like.
Attacking style or defending style?
Sakura: I’m attacking style. I go out to attack a lot more than quietly defend.
You know there is a dating story corner on the radio, what is the most memorable topic among them?
Sakura: I talked about “There is no just friend between men and women” on Everyone’s Kitchen. I think a man and woman could never be friends. But Kang HoDong Sunbaenim is just friend.
You are so adamant (laughs).Do you normally tell about yourself honestly too?
Sakura: I show my honest image on radio a lot and talk to listeners a lot. I like radio very much. Even though we can’t see faces, I like that feeling of being able to communicate with fans together.
Q: You’ve been an idol for 10 yrs but u debuted again as izone, while being together with izone members, what things do u think u learn?
Sakura: I am lack of skills in both dancing and singing, but I didn’t mean I don’t have confidence in bad way. I mean since I can’t do well, I have thoughts of working harder in the future. The dance I did in Japan and the dance from IZ*ONE are different in difficulty. IZ*ONE’s dance is more difficult. But since I did musical while I was young, I like singing and now I it’s really fun while practicing dancing. I can do it enjoyably because the members help me a lot and teach me.
You help Korean members when u go to Japan.
Sakura: It’s because I know a bit more things in japan. I tell ‘i think it’s would be better if u do like this one stage’. In japan, i am more like an unnie than i am in Korea
Is there anyone you especially want to take care of when u go to japan?
Sakura: It’s Yena. Her Japanese is really cute. I like Yena as she is right now, coz it’s hard if she don’t talk much. Eunbi unnie too, she is a unnie-like person in Korea but when we go to japan she is not yet in fluent in Japanese, there are times when I want to take care of her. I think I want to take care of all because we are promoting together after having a hard time during PD48. I think our team work is great because we all think like that.
Seems like there are some difference between Japan and Korea promotion.
Sakura: promoting in Korea can go abroad a lot. Because we went to America and did asia tour too. Advantages in japan is there are a lot of people i know. I am try hard to know korean celebrities these days since there are a lot of artists I don’t know, I’m trying to know them all one by one.
Especially you think of members a lot right? In the private mail written to fans, you said you imagine a lot things with izone members, if the magic hat divide the house in , who will be in which house?
Sakura: For Hufflepuff, i will choose Minjoo and Chaewon who are brave, for Ravenclaw it would be Wonyoung and Hitomi who are dart. I will add Yena, Yujin, Chaeyeon, Nako, and Yuri in Gryffindor. Reaseon is I feel like these people are in main characters. I thing Hyewon, Eunbi, and me would sit in Slitherin.
You’re researching members’ characters
Sakura: Coz I like books.Horror genres that ghosts come out are too much but I really like mystery novels. I like to imagine lots of thing while reading. Among the things I imagined recently, the most interesting one is who would I date among IZ*ONE members if I am a man.
You said Boy & Girl can’t be friends?
Sakura: Because they are not!. For Minjoo, I want to date her and for Chaeyeon, I want to marry her. Minjoo is cute and have charm that I want to keep looking at her. And when i am with chaeyeon she is reliable and since we get along, it would be nice to marry her. In IZ*ONE, she’s the best at coking too.
In reverse,if all IZ*ONE members are men and only u are a woman
Sakura: I will choose Yujin. But for marriage it’s not yujinie..if marriage, should I marry Yena...It’s very difficult. I won’t just marry with all of them. I’m fine with marriage
Beside IZ*ONE, is there anything sakura want to do?
Sakura: i want to make songs. Coz i think i am lacking a lot in singing and dancing, i want to do one specialty that i could think of myself i am good at it. Even tho i still don’t have skill to make songs it’s a thing i want to try hard the most in future.
Seem like you have many things you want to do.
Sakura: I am someone with many dreams.
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When you go on shoots with Yena, do you talk much about the pair of you?
Yuri: The two of us go to shoots very often, but normally there’s no time to talk about much.
Jo Yuriz are called the JoYuriz right? On PD48, didn’t Yena once said, “Yuri is only for dating”?
Yuri: Yeah, and it made much more impact than I had imagined. We were only joking, but then everywhere we went people were like, “Just dating? Just dating?” I mean, is this something I have to accept? Or should I be doing something about it I’m not sure…
Even though you guys are called the Jo Yuriz, Yuri doesn’t seem to be the leader?
Yuri: I don’t care~ I am the leader! I think Chaewon would probably be the best as a leader, but I’ve already decided that I’m the leader.
Wonyoung and you are close to the point of being attached with the name “jangjorimz”. You’ve also talked about Wonyon’gs puberty didn’t you… How is Wonyoung’s puberty going?
Yuri: To be honest, Wonyoung is a very nice kid. I’ve said in the past that Wonyoung can be annoying during her puberty, but it was only a joke. Since then in every other interview, I’ve said good things about Wonyoung. In reality, she’s a really nice kid and she is handling her puberty well.
I heard there’s a joke that Yuri is last in IZ*ONE
Yuri: I think it’s because I keep running into things. I’m really clumsy so if people like Chaeyeon unnie don’t take care of me I leave something around. But I don’t think I”m last.”
You’ve never won any games. Why do you think this is? Because you are bad at games? Or have you just been unlucky?
Yuri: It’s definitely my luck! Everytime I’m about to get a win, something bad happens. So yeah…
But don’t you think you’re actually a very lucky person to be loved by so many?
Yuri: Of course I do. I was so upset when I couldn’t debut from Idol School, but thank to that I got in to a new company which lead to me debuting on PD48. I have been very lucky indeed.
Did the experience in Idol School help in PD48 at all?
Yuri: Of course. I still remember when I had to travel from Busan to Seoul for the audition, I had to pay for everything myself. I hd to sell clothes to my friends and save up as much pocket money as I could. And my mom was like, “When are you going to stop trying to save up money like this? Do you actually think you can do it?”. “I’m telling you to give up if it doesn’t work out this time.” So I was so happy when I found out I got selected for Idol School. And yes, the experience was very useful. I learned the importance of practicing even during night time/sleep time.
In PD48, didn’t you say you were willing to give up anything just to debut?
Yuri: Yeah, because I wanted to debut so bad. I also became a little too sensitive. One time, my mom was just trying to take some pressure off me and told me “If it’s too tough, you don’t have to cary on.” But then I overreacted and said “Why? Because you don’t want me to do this?” And argument would often get escalated unnecessarily. I’ve always believed I was born to sing, and the opportunity to debut wa right in front of me, and if I miss it I might never get another chance ever again! So I thought, it had to be this time. That’s why I said I was willing to give up anything just to debut.
It must feel special now to be able to stand on stage right?
Yuri: I think it feels special for every IZ*ONE member. But it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve failed at something I want to do. When I was young, I was planning to get into an art school with my piano skills, but the tuition fees were so expensive so I had to give up. Then I joined the choir, originally to play the piano, but then I found out singing was a lot of fun too. Then puberty came, but things were pretty tough back at home, so I could never really express myself, and I had to bottle it all up. Singing was the only way out for me, and if I fail at at that too, I think I’ll probably collapse from fatigue.
You’re really showing another side of yourself right now.
Yuri: Yeah, but that is what I used to be like. The Yuri in PD48 doesn’t even seem like me anymore, but it’s all thanks to the other members that I’ve become more tame. We’ve all been through a lot.
Did you want to really show yourself through singing in IZ*ONE?
Yuri: Yeah, but I mainly do the high notes in IZ*ONE’s songs, even though my voice is of the deeper variety. For example, I really like Amy Winehouse, so if I sang some of her songs, it owuuld probably bring out another side of me.
Have you ever been told that your voice isn't a typical idol’s voice>
Yuri: A lot of idols’ vocal cords are closed but mine are open. Past vocal coaches have told me that if I carried on singing like this, I will easily damage my vocal cords. That put a lot of pressure on me, but I think I’ve been improving. During La Vie en Rose and Violeta promotions. I did feel a lot of pressure, and every time the high note part comes, I think to myself “I mustn’t crafk here”. Also, during promotion it’s really hard to properly condition my voice, so sometimes my voice does crack. Anyway, it all comes down to my vocal cord’s condition. After those experiences, I don’t feel as much pressure nowadays.
Didn’t you bring up something about composing a song in Enozi Cam?
Yuri: Yeah, in fact i did compose one in the end, but it was more of a depressing song so I thought it probably wouldn’t match IZ*ONE image. But now that we’ve been singing so many cutesy and upbeat songs, fans will probably be able to appreciate a depressing song right? Most importantly. I compose songs that I feel represents me the most.
Are you the kind of person that commits to an ideal really easily?
Yuri: I’d say so. Whenever an idea pops into mind, I mediately put my mind in it. But not like really big things. Things like “Oh today I’m going to stay in the hotel room all day” or “Let’s go to Busan today”, stuff like that.
When has been the most recent thing that you’ve put your mind to?
Yuri: Playing the guitar! I’ve only started seriously learning it for about a month or so, but I was greedy and skipped all the basics, and I’m now practicing H.E.R’s ‘Best Part.” I should’ve really gotten the basics down first before learning a whole song, because I realized I can’t actually play it well. Also I’ve regained interest in the piano again, I think it’s probably because there’s no pressure to do well in it anymore, and it’s more of a hobby now. I used to play a lot of Chopin and Beethovan when I was learning to play piano, and recently I’ve been playing Chopin’s “Fantaisie-Impromptu”
What does singing as a career mean to Yuri?
Yuri: A ray of light. Encountering singing after having to give up piano was like a savior’s ray of light to me.
Processing img zeso28esriu41...
Yena, you said “Only dating with Yuri”
Yena: The aftermath was more than I thought. We were just messing around but everywhere we went, they kept bringing up so I wasn’t sure if I needed to seriously think about it or do something about so I’m not sure.
Have you ever felt like you had talent in dancing?
Yena: I think talent is for people gifted like Chaeyeon. Since I was young, if I didn’t try to mold myself as I went on I didn’t think I’d make it. There’s those evaluations when you join a company. At first, I was an average trainee that didn’t catch your eye but I kept trying and even placed 1st at an evaluation. I learned then, that if I try I’ll be recognized.
Recently you cross dressed in Younger Boyfriend. How was that?
Yena: I have an older brother so when I cross dressed I looked too similar to him. I didn’t like it but as soon as we started filming, I because immersed in acting like a boyfriend. It was fun.
You’re not in the same dorm as Yuri, any regrets?
Yena: We’re always stuck to each other. Even when we sleep?”, I think. It’s okay. we can be apart at least when we sleep.
Amongst monsters like vampires, werewolves etc. What’s your favorite?
Yena: I’m not sure if they’re monsters but, I like minions! Even if you don’t know what they’re saying, their thought are obvious; because they’re like me.
However, you’re not so good at winking.
Yena: No but, I’m not good at winking but I practiced so I improved a lot! On La Vie en Rose, there’s a part that I winked during the last part, was really good tho?
What does JoYuriz’ member Chaewon, Yuri means to you?
Yena: Yuri is my sister or twins. As if there’s something happenedin our past life, as far I can think, we match really well so she’s like my real sister. Chaewon is really really cute and like an angel so I want to steal her as my sister. I don’t know h how to express this kind of feelings.
The members who have the most similar living pattern and the member who have a different one with you?
Yena: The most similar is Yuri. Our dorms are different but when I’m awake, Yuri is awake too. There’s many times like that. The difference is probably Eunbi unnie. Our personality match well but our living pattern is really different. When Eunbi has a lot of thoughts she cleans up well. While I sleep when I have lot of thoughts and unnie wake up really early too, while I can’t do that so i’m really thankful to unnie. Thank you for cleaning up and waking me up in the morning.
During PD48, you showed the opening cola bottle skill. It seems like you prepared a lot to show unusual things.
Yena: That time, there were many contestant who have outstanding dance or singing skills. Even though it’s just a little but I have to do something more special but I felt like I wouldn’t be able to stand out with my skill. So “how should I do” since I was worried, some people told me “You should try opening cola bottle too!” so I prepared it. If I showed it in front of my friends, they laughed a lot.
On Prison Life of Fools, the casts adore you a lot but you still call them “Sunbaenim”
Yena: I’m a rookie, even though its a variety show I don’t think its a right manner to call people “unnie, oppa” from the start so I use “sunbaenim” to call them these days. If they’re comfortable and say ‘it’s okay” then I’ll call them ‘unnie or oppa’. I met good seniors from y first fixed variety show so I’m really happy.
JoYuriz leader is Chaewon, and Yuris said she’s the center. What is Yena in Jo Yuriz?
Yena: Originally I was the center and Cahewon is the leader. She said she’s the center? I’m Jo Yuriz… Do we have to choose things like this? She really said she’s the center? Then there’s nothing I can do. I’ll be Jo Yuriz’s Jo Yuri.
Dance, sing, rap, even variety shows, you worked in various filed these days. The most thing you have greed on?
Yena: I died my best on all but, these days variety show is really fun.
Seems like the members got closer through living together.
Yena: During holidays, I went out with friends or went home but I miss the members too. Its like “I miss my mom” when we’re out. If I eat something delicious or I see something that they like, I think of the members again. I think everyone feel the same.
When you did concert with the members. How was it?
Yena: We did concert for 3 days and it’s different each days. At first, it hasn’t hit me yet so I was just happy but I was nervous so I was worried if I would be able to perform well or not. The second day I thought “lets do well more.” and to focus a bit more but I was too fccused so I think I didn’t feel the excitement of the concert. The third day was the wrap up so it was a bummepity/regret/.
When you were in high school, you majored dancing.
Yena: Since I was little, my dream was to be an idol so I applied to an art high school but I was worried at what I’m good at. That time, I never lean red how to sing, so I received help from my brother, I learned the choreo and passed.
On Enozi Cam you said “Whenever I went up to the stage, I make a promise with myself”. What kind of promise?
Yena: It’s not something special. “Let’s do well without mistake”. This kind of promise. Idols have to make the people who see them be able to feel something, to make theirm old change, to gain strength thus they come to find us. That’s why I’m determined that I have to be able to deliver my energy.
What is the stage to Yena?
Yena: The reason I’m living. The reason of my choice and effort until now. Even though I’m still lacking and have to make more efforts.
On PD48, you said your worries are “everyone only think of my cute and bright image so I hide my feelings”. Who’s the member who you can talk about that kind of feelings?
Yena: I’m the type who don’t talk/tell when I have worries even though I want to tell, I feel like it’s impolite to that someone so I just keep it to myself. However, the members know by just seeing my face “Anything wrong today?”, “You don’t look good?” the members ask first so I gradually let it out and loosened up.
Processing img sy7gid3triu41...
Aren’t you very busy these days?
Yujin: I’ve been resting the last few days, so I’m okay. Due to the nature of the team, we have to prepare for our activities in Japan as soon as we finish our activities in Korea. As you know, there are a lot of things we have to do for the first time like concert.s That’s where I get a little tired from.
You always look energetic when you do V-APP LIVE
Yujin: I get really tired from working, especially when I’m filming for a music video. I try to be energetic on purpose, bud doing V-APP Live really makes me feel really good, especially when I”m with the members. When I first started V-APP Live, I was careful not to make any mistakes but because I was too cautious, there were moments where my talkative friends were too quiet. That’s why I started talking to them to make things easier, even for the fans. Nowadays, everyone, including myself, feels comfortable doing it.
You think about the needs of your fans
Yujin: Everyone, including myself and our fans, like idols. We tend to think from their point of view. We don’t have to worry about whether a concert overlaps with school dams or not but our student fans worry about the date and all. Sometimes, we wonder about why or picture frames or files are so precious to them But watching our fans carrying them as an accessory on their bags or feeling sad for not being able to find them really teach us something.
Have you ever been in a club at school?
Yujin: I liked physical activities when I was in middle school, so I joined the jump rope and walking club. The goal of the jump rope club was to participate in a competition. I didn’t do very well in the competition, but I started practicing double under real hard. As for walking, I simply went out and picked up some trash.
You couldn’t at ten the graduation ceremony because of your schedule. Do you regret it?
Yujin: I transferred from Daejeon to Seoul. My friends were fascinated at first because I was an idol trainee and appeared in a lens commercial but still treated me the same way and I was really thankful. At the graduation ceremony, I wanted to hang out and eat with my friends but I was so sad that I couldn’t. The importance of school exams is different from my friends and I feel. I felts sorry when I was late for an exam or had an excuse myself in the middle of an exam. One day, I couldn’t participate in a group project, but my friends gave me an easy assignment and included my name during the presentation. I was really sorry but also thankful
How is high school now?
Yujin: I’m happy to be with Minjoo. We can split the taxi fare
I heard you two wake each other up.
Yujin: I can’t hear the morning alarm well in the morning, so the alarm continues to ring for a long time before I fully wake up. I feel sorry when other members wake up because of me. But I feel comfortable with Minjoo because we share the same room and leave early together. Minjoo is really diligent. Whenever I hear my alarm in the morning and wonder, “Should I go to school today or not?” Minjoo answers, “Let’s go today. We have to go today.” I feel like the president of the school council.
A lot of members are older than you in the team, yet you get along with them easily.
Yujin: I have always liked to have a talk with my teachers and hug them. When I was in school, I was very timid and fought with my friends a lot. But when I was an idol trainee, I didn’t have much chance to talk to someone in my age so I talked to adults. It really changed myself as they listened to my worries and talk about them. I’m a shy person so it takes a long time before I can talk to someone about my worries.
I’m surprised that you’re shy
Yujin: There are a lot of people who thinks I have many friends and acquaintances. I don’t have a lot of friends. I like to lie down in bed to rest. Then whenever I feel rust rated, I go out for a while and my eyes are more relaxed than when I”m in activities
When is the moment when your eyes shine the most?
Yujin: There are moments where my eyes shine the most when I watch the performances. Recently, I really liked the performance at KCON New York
In the music video of Violeta, the solo dance was really cool
Yujin: A lot of fans said that the scene on the waster was awesome. After seeing the results, I was proud that my dance alone in a music video. When I first became an idol trainee, I was very stiff. I think many things have changed after our debut. I learned a lot from Chaeyeon unnie.
I heard that you decided to become a singer after watching the end of the year awards ceremony
Yujin: I was lucky to get front row standing. There are special performances at the end of the year awards ceremony. It was really cool. I was able to experience what the audiences were like from the singer’s point of view, and the glowing light sticks were so pretty and I envied the heat. I applied for an audition the next day because I wanted to be on that stage. When I went to Busan with my family recently, my older sister said, “I can’t believe you became a singer,” “I think you are someone else.” Sometimes, I get confused too if that person on the music video is actually myself
Especially when?
Yujin: During a concert, I really wanted to perform in a concert even before I became an idol trainee. I thought it would be too much if fans gather, sing along with our songs, and watch us perform. However, when I got up the stage, it doesn’t feel real. I can’t tell if I”m dreaming or not.
I heard that you felt lonely when you got off the stage and were alone, you realized this is how the fans felt when the concert was over.
Yujin: We’re always loved by our fans so much. It is not a relationship like family or friends. Instead , it is something that’s invisible and far away from each other but it exists. At the concert, I received so much love from the fans. When the concert ends and I lay down on my bed, I ask myself, “What happened?” I’m pretty sure everyone thinks like this after the concert, but I hope everyone doesn’t feel lonely. I just wanted to mention it.
Fans are not depressed because the concert is over, but because they feel the same way. They call if “Ahn Yujin’s Disease.”
Yujin: If that’s the case, I’m glad. “Disease” sounds bad, so I was worried at first. When we talk about our feelings of loneliness, our fans get worried. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with our fans, but it makes them so worried that sometimes I think I shouldn’t have said it. I wanted to be more open about my feelings but at the same time I should be more careful in the future. My role as an idol needs to be cautious.
Is there anything you’d like to say to people with Ahn Yujin’s Disease?
Yujin: It’s amazing that fans care about how I feel. We’re merely doing what we wanted to do, and talked to people who love us. I felt that our fans were thankful for every little thing. Whenever I look up the reviews for the concert, you can tell that our fans are touched by ever word we said. I’ll be expressing my feelings a lot more. I learned a lot thanks to my fans.
Source: Friend

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I went no contact with my mom a year ago in a very mature way. I wish I hadn’t.

I took the time to translate the message I sent my mom, as I am not a native English speaker.
Hey mom. You should know that this message is gonna be long and heavy for the both of us, but necessary for us to move on with our lives. This message might make you sad, maybe even angry, but I’m doing this for me. I need to be on my own. I’m gonna make friends, create a family and start on a fresh. I have decided to put my past behind me, but by doing so I need to get rid of everything that reminds me of that. I will no longer have any contact with anyone from my family, including you. I acknowledge that it might be hard to accept, but I feel like I’m entitled to live life as I want to now. Our conversations are very one sided. You show little interest in what I have to say when I call, yet you expect me to have a huge interest in you life. You don’t show me any attention when we talk, and that has been a repetitive thing in our relationship. I have listened to you and your dating issues, yet you don’t show me the same respect. It is only at big events as when I graduated where you will pretend I am your daughter. You make it seem as if my accomplishments are to your credit on those days. Invalidating everything I work and fight hard for. The rest of the time you treat me more like a friend than a daughter, but not even a good friend. I no longer want to be a part of that. I wish you all the best mom, but this will be the last conversation we’ll have. I hope you can accept my decision, as I am doing this for me. Take care of yourself.
Now the thing is: I was sexually abused by her ex husband, my father, along with many of his friends (and my older brother once we got older) from ages 4 (probably earlier, but that’s as far back as I remember) to 16. I told her so after ever weekend I had spent at his place. Not only did she ignore the bruises, she added more. She let her new partners do whatever they want with me, violently and sexually. She adored my brothers though, especially my little brother. Growing up watching you mom love someone else and not you is heart-aching. I still cry a lot when I think about all the affection and love I’ve missed out on. I think a lot of it comes from jealousy since my father wanted me and not her. Which is so messed up. I could list all of her wrongdoings here, but frankly I’m tired. Tired of her and everything she did and didn’t do.
I’ve been told for a long time that I couldn’t hold a grudge against my mom. She was an abused woman as well. She grew up with an abusive mother, but an adoring father. He was the only man I met in my childhood that didn’t abuse me. They divorced shortly after my mom was born. She was removed from home at age 5 and went to live with a nice foster family on a lovely farm. She herself described that experience as being one of the best. Somehow she ended up back at her moms when she turned 15 and met my dad when she was 16, my dad was 18. They got my big brother when my mom was 17, me at 19 and my little brother at 21. Now I for one know that we all experience trauma in different ways and we all deal with it differently too. But I am sick and tired of hearing that I should forgive her for doing something far worse to me, than what happened to her. Honestly. Her mom was a bad woman I’ll admit, but I always found her to be kinder than my own and my grandmother wasn’t exactly nice to me either.
I was removed and put into a children’s home at age 12. Since then our contact was forced upon me from ages 12-22. At age 14 I finally had the guts to tell the children’s home that I didn’t want to visit my mom anymore, and thus I became what they called a 365-child. I was still forced to call her every other day and for the past 10 years our contact was mainly through call or as I mentioned; at big events where I’d rather she wasn’t there.
As I’ve grown older and gone through therapy I’ve learned that I’m not an just an object that can be used to fill other peoples needs. I am my own damn person and I can do what I want. It’s taken a while. I chose to lay it down on my mother via text, as I didn’t care much for calling her to be honest. I especially didn’t want to be screamed at. I chose a mature approach where I again took the role as the adult in our relationship. I wish I had torn into her like a bear on meth though. The entire year after I’ve gone no contact has been filled with frustration, anger and uncontrollable sadness. I’m family-less and it’s for my own good. I wanted to tell her exactly how she ruined my entire life, how much of a hypocrite she is, and maybe even have given her a tiny epiphany on how terrible of a person she is. Younger me told myself that being mature would help our growth, but older me strongly disagrees on that. Younger me felt for her, as I thought about what she had been through, but older me knows that you can experience abuse without abusing people yourself. I have so much anger inside of me and no outlet for it. I’ll confess that I have often thought about how I would hurt her if I had the chance. The answer is; verbally, as I am not my mom. God I wish I could.
Also I know my username has a tendency to make people confused as to whether or not I’m serious. I thought it was a funny name when I made my reddit and it doesn’t say my mom - it says yours. Humour is my greatest coping mechanism.
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In-Depth Analysis and Valuation on Zoom Video Communications (ZM)

In-Depth Analysis and Valuation on Zoom Video Communications (ZM)
***If you hate reading then skim through and only look at the bolded//All Analysis conducted on 4/20 closing prices**\*
Section I: Executive Summary Investment Thesis (Valuation as of 4/20)
  • Zoom provides a ‘video-first’ cloud-native scalable communications platform that changes how people interact through frictionless video, voice, chat, and content sharing
    • It primarily serves enterprises in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, but also caters to individuals as well
  • Zoom’s (ZM) share price (as of 4/20/2020) is $148.99
    • I believe that they are overvalued and should be priced around $70-$85
      • While the market went down 30%, ZM shares have climbed 17% since the market peak on Feb. 19 (ZM was at $104) and peaked at $164.94 on March 23 (the day the market reached its current low)
  • I think the rise in Zoom shares is unwarranted, regardless of stay at home circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus.
    • Management noted materially higher usage from free users but saw no significant revenue uplift from the pandemic. Users have spiked from 10 million in December to 200 million in March, and just recently 300 million.
    • The company’s funnel is increasing, as so many users are having a trial by fire on Zoom’s video calling application. However, I am skeptical that Zoom will be able to convert enough of these free users within a reasonable time frame to justify the current valuation.
  • I want to clarify that I see Zoom growing tremendously over the next five years, but the price is way ahead of itself
    • I attribute the growth to its Y/Y revenue growth being 88.4% over the past year, 118% the year prior, and 149% two years prior.
    • With a SaaS business model, Zoom will enjoy a low CapEx due to third-party hosting (mostly Amazon Web Services) which eliminates the costs of self-managed servers, and as such is positioned against significant depreciation costs
    • I point to the PEG (appropriate for high growth/speculative stocks) and P/E ratios to expected favorable future earnings, but also an indication that the stock is highly overvalued
      • NTM (next twelve months) PEG is 10x which means that the stock is overvalued when taking into account both current earnings and the expected growth rate for these earnings in the future
      • LTM P/E ratio of 1489.9x and a NTM P/E ratio of 346.5x which both indicate the stock is trading high relative to earnings but offers little insight into the company’s EPS growth prospects
List of Key Drivers
  • Zoom was actually profitable on a GAAP basis in fiscal 2019
    • Unlike many young software companies, I expect profitability to continue as SaaS business models generally have consistent costs
  • Strong balance sheet with $0 debt and approximately $850 million in total cash and short term investments
  • Long runway for growth with continued market penetration through leveraging their cloud-based solution's ease of use and innovative features
    • Gaining traction with its Zoom Phones VoIP solutions with more than 2,900 customers
    • Pricing tiers are based on a per user per month basis and include Basic (free), Pro ($15), Business ($20), and Enterprise for $20 (more features with a volume discount).
    • Zoom Rooms enables conference rooms with Zoom Meetings functionality and is $49 per room per month.
    • Zoom Conference Room Connector allows organizations using legacy providers (such as Cisco) to join Zoom meetings and is priced at $49 per port per month.
  • In its S-1 filing, the company sized the unified communications and collaboration market at $43.1 billion by 2022, with a 3% annual market growth rate and a clear shift toward cloud-based solutions
    • It is clear that cloud-based software is an emerging market within communications that has tremendous growth potential
  • The unprecedented circumstances surrounding academics and work has given Zoom the ability to place its service in the hands of millions of people and the opportunity to retain some of these customers
***List of Key Risks **\*
  • Strong competition from a variety of technology providers
    • Cisco (Webex) and Microsoft (Teams and Skype) dominate the video conferencing market and can bundle a broad array of solutions in response to a competitive threat from Zoom.
    • The industry has considerable intellectual property development which exposes Zoom to adverse rulings in patent infringement cases that could force the company to pay confiscatory license fees or abandon technology altogether
  • Zoom offers a freemium model and caters to companies of all sizes which means revenue is concentrated among the largest customers.
    • Smaller customers typically have higher churn, which could be exacerbated in Zoom’s case, where the number of free users far outpaces the number of paid users. I believe the nature of the model would dictate a higher churn than fully paid enterprise software models.
    • It remains unclear whether we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way people work that enables Zoom to convert a substantial proportion of the new free users into paying subscribers or whether these users will simply abandon the service when the current restrictions are lifted
  • Although expected to produce revenue growth at the high end of peers, this higher valuation offers less room for missteps and therefore carries greater inherent risks
    • Zoom faces several lawsuits surrounding privacy concerns
    • Risks of customer data breaches and service outages especially with 80% of Zoom’s R&D staff is based in China which poses a significant risk due to trade relations, data sensitivity, and the significant rise of intellectual property and trade secret theft present in China
    • Zoom completed its IPO in April 2019, so it has a limited operating history as a public company to scrutinize
    • At high valuation levels, companies can often become momentum stocks that are punished severely if they do not deliver against expectations, which are regularly higher than consensus
  • Executing across so many different aspects of growth simultaneously in their product portfolio.
    • Zoom Phone (VoIP product) is a more complex sale, the company is moving from smaller to larger customers, and there is a new head of sales.
Section II: Intrinsic Value
  • Three Stage Growth
    • Zoom is currently in its early-high growth stage and will continue to benefit from high revenue growth for several years to come
      • I expect this growth to significantly fade in FYE 2026 to relatively lower and stable rates
    • There is a strong indication that revenue will grow as a result of customers increasing 20-fold from 10 million in December 2019 to 300 million in March 2020
      • I expect that most of the revenue will result in businesses allowing more employees to work from home due to the obvious viability of the platform for online meetings and work, which presents the opportunity to downsize offices to cut costs
      • I still expect the number of customers to go down tremendously from its current high once schools and businesses return to normal operations
    • Free Cash Flow to Equity approach
Fundamental Drivers

Terminal Value: $48,612.20; Intrinsic Value of Equity: $35,781; Intrinsic Share Price: $128.24
Intrinsic Valuation Drivers
Section III: Relative Valuation
Comparable Companies
  • Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of Internet Protocol based networking products and services related to the communications and IT industry. Enterprise Value = $170,416
    • Its SaaS product, Webex Meetings, is a cloud-based web and video conferencing service that enables global and virtual teams to collaborate on mobile devices and standards-based video systems in real time. Webex Meetings includes features such as screen sharing, meeting recording, customizable layouts and meeting broadcasting.
    • Current market leader in line with Microsoft’s platforms Teams and Skype
  • Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) provides communications, information and entertainment products and services to consumers, businesses and governmental agencies. Its Consumer segment provides wireless and wireline communications services. Enterprise Value = $373,424 million
    • Verizon recently agreed to purchase Blue Jeans Network, Zoom competitor, for $400M
  • Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Enterprise Value = $1,284,431 million
    • Its SaaS product, Teams, is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration (Office 365). Microsoft also owns and markets another SaaS product, Skype and Skype Business, which they purchased for $8.5 Billion in 2011
    • Current market leader in line with Cisco’s Webex platform
  • LogMeIn (LOGM) is a provider of software as a service and cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement. Enterprise Value = $4,301 million
    • GoToMeeting (including GoToWebinar) is a web-hosted service created and marketed by LogMeIn. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software package that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via the Internet in real time.
    • Direct competitor with Zoom and is a veteran of the industry
  • VMware (VMW) provides cloud computing and virtualization software and services and engages in the provision of cloud infrastructure and business mobility. Enterprise Value = $59,183 million
    • Its products include Software-Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud Computing, and End-User Computing. It supports modernizing data centers, integrating public clouds, empowering digital workspaces and transforming security
    • Similar business plan to Zoom as it operates as a SaaS, but it also helps in scaling businesses into digitalizing its services, which is similar to Zoom’s ability to assist businesses with learning how to operate and adapt to its online platform
  • 8x8 Inc. (EGHT) is a provider of Voice over IP products. Enterprise Value = $1,981 million
    • 8x8 products include cloud-based voice, contact center, video, mobile and unified communications for businesses. Zoom directly competes in the VoIP market segment with 8x8
    • Company has a struggling financial situation but provides insights into how this specific segment of the communications industry (that is VoIP) is oversaturated with competition and offers little to no opportunity for growth
      • This may be the reason Zoom only offers its VoIP product in a package with other products
  • Adobe Inc. (ADBE) is a software company. Enterprise Value = $159,048 million
    • The Company offers products and services used by professionals, marketers, knowledge workers, application developers, enterprises, and consumers for creating, managing, measuring, optimizing, and engaging with compelling content and experiences.
    • Adobe is a mature state software company that offers insights into what a successful SaaS business with a diversified portfolio of quality products looks like, which is helpful to compare to a young company like Zoom.

Zoom is astronomically higher than its peers in every multiple except for NTM EPS
Benchmark Analysis: Profitability Margins

ZM is in line with its peers in terms of gross profit, but severely lags behind in all of the other benchmarks
Putting these multiples to work:
My favorite part^
TLDR: Although Zoom should be trading at multiples higher than its peers as it is a relatively new company and only IPO'd in 2019, the current share price (as of 4/20/2020) is way ahead of itself. With speculative high-growth stocks one should pay closer attention to the PEG Ratio rather than the P/E ratio (PEG of 1 indicates it is neither overvalued or undervalued; <1 is undervalued; >1 is overvalued) In conclusion, I feel that ZM is highly overvalued when compared to its peers, the DCF yields a stock range that shows Zoom is overvalued as well, but that it justifies higher multiples and ratios. I want to emphasize that given the current market situation, a likely bear market cycle for the greater part of the year, Zoom is trading significantly higher than it should be. On top of this, its PEG ratio (over 1 is considered overvalued) shows that the stock is significantly higher than its projected EPS growth as well as that it has a high P/E ratio to begin with.
TLDR; TLDR: Appropriate range according to peers: $70-$85 More appropriate range would be $85-$100 taking into account my FCFE model (which is very difficult to conduct with only four years of financial information)
Strike and Date: 8/21 $85p - $100p range ... to be even safer: 11/20 $100p
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I watched it so you don't have to: Paul and Morgan's new video, "Questions Girls Are Too Afraid to Ask Guys".

Y'all, we are BACK with another summary post! Quarantine is already frying my brain cells, so what's another P&M cringe watch?
Alright, let's set the scene. So these two decided to film this video in their car with their dog. I saw that Morgan posted on her Instagram story a couple days ago asking women for their questions, so this wasn't pre-filmed, and they definitely have nowhere to go right now, so they're just voluntarily hanging out in their car for no reason. They even say later in the video that they folded down their back seat and put pillows in blankets in there. Extra? Yes. But a harmless choice and for that, I will just let them be. We have bigger fish to fry here. Also, before we get into this, just wanted to acknowledge any users reading this who might happen to fall outside of the gender binary. Paul and Morgan may not acknowledge your existence but I do, and you are loved. (Spoiler: this video very much enforces traditional gender roles. But did we really expect anything else?)
This video is sponsored by Pray! A Christian app that, I assume, helps you pray.
The first question is, "does a girl's height matter?" My answer is: it doesn't. Paul's immediate reaction is to chuckle and say, "alright we're just gonna get real honest here..." (As a taller woman, I'm shaking in my boots. Is there a chance that Paul - gasp - might not want to date women who are taller than him?! I'm devastated.) He then proceeds to basically puts all the onus on the ladies by saying that women care more about height than men and it's actually way worse for men. Sure, he would prefer a shorter woman, but it wasn't a necessity to him. After dancing around it for a it, he eventually admits, "if a girl was significantly taller than me, I would be, like... wow, um. Hmm." Then he makes this face. Morgan reassures the audience that Paul likes her in heels. Thanks for your input, Morgan. Duly noted.
The next question is: "How are guys able to remain so calm when talking to girls?" Paul: "It's in a guy's DNA. We gotta be cool and calm when talking to the ladies." "Morgan: "You have to prove that you're man enough to date us." Me: "Because we live in a patriarchal society, men are conditioned from an early age to be strong, dominant, and devoid of emotion, often at the expense of their female counterparts. This societal attitude, which is drilled into young boys at an early age and often left unchecked, promotes toxic masculinity and is rooted in the oppression of women. Men, just be yourselves."
I'm going to skip forward to a particularly spicy question, which is, "how do you expect me to be groomed down there on the wedding night?" I'm honestly surprised these two are even answering this. In typical Paul and Morgan fashion, they giggle awkwardly like a pair of seventh graders, but then ultimately keep their answer short and sweet. Here's the exact transcript: Paul: "I think the majority of guys would prefer that it's not too crazy." Morgan: "No wooly mammoths down there." Paul: "Okay, I'm just gonna leave it at that."
The next question is about whether guys are shy to eat around girls. Paul says no, and asks Morgan if girls are shy about eating around guys. Morgan lowkey pours her heart out about how she's been really insecure about eating in front of guys in the past, so much so that she's even avoiding it for several dates with previous men she's dated. Rather than validating or even acknowledging her struggle, Paul comes back at her with a backhanded comment about how she wasn't so shy about the waffles she ate on their second date. Morgan laughs. In my mind I access the teenage version of myself who struggled with an ED for years and mentally squeeze her hand.
"What's the first thing guys notice about girls?" Paul talks about how they answered this in one of their most popular videos (four hundred thousand views, he reminds us with an unbelievably bravado) and got comments that their answers (their eyes and their smiles!) were too modest. He says that the truth is that men do notice "curves" (Paul pointedly uses the term "curves" but Morgan is mouthing, "boobs! Butts!" while he says it) but that women shouldn't accentuate their curves and a Godly man isn't going to be looking there anyway. Then Morgan goes on about how it's a woman's responsibility to be modest and blah blah blah. I kind of tune out - it's the same shit we hear every day on this sub. I do have to laugh a little when Morgan asserts that "these are your all's [sic, lmao] questions, so you can't get mad!"
Skipping forward again: "Other than prayer, how can we be supportive of men struggling with porn?" Paul stressed the severity of the situation and his two pointers are as follows: 1) Check what you're posting to social media. He's incredibly vague about it so I don't know what he means exactly, but thanks Paul, I'll try to be mindful of my brothers in Christ next time I post a hardcore porn video on my Instagram. 2) Make sure when you go out, you look pretty, but not s e n s u a l . Thanks for that super helpful tip, Paul. My tip for supporting men who watch porn: 1) That's their personal choice, stay out of it.
"How often do men think about sex?" Paul says that when he was single, he used to be able to repress those feelings a bit because he knew he wanted to wait until marriage, but now he thinks about sex a lot more often. Nothing else about his answer is particularly interesting. He's just dripping in that weird fundie sexual shame obsession complex.
The next question is pretty interesting, in my opinion. "When you notice a pretty girl who's not your girlfriend or wife what are your thoughts in that moment?" You guys. He literally jumps to the commandment about NOT COVETING YOUR NEIGHBOR'S WIFE. This fool literally said that noticing other women, especially if they're romantically involved with another man, is a slippery slope that can literally be equivalent to coveting your neighbor's wife. They think that if you see an attractive person and dwell on it for more than two seconds, it can lead to resentment in your relationship, you might fantasize about someone else, blah blah blah. You have to set boundaries! You have to shut tempting images out! You guys, deadass, can you imagine being so insecure and jealous in your relationship and so full of religious guilt that if you so much as look at another person in that way, it's SO serious that it might lead to mental adultery? I'm so fucking done with these two right now. Also, sidebar, healthy polyamorous relationships are a thing, but that's a whole other conversation.
"Are guys actually 100% okay with being 'just friends?'" Paul and Morgan both laugh and Paul just straight up says no. Unlikely. It's risky waters. One is going to end up developing feelings for the other. The worst part of this question is the condescending tone with which they address the question. This pissed me off so much.
"Why do guys ghost us when things seems to be going well?" Things were not going well. "Do guys cry when they are heartbroken?" Yes. Not as much as girls, but they feel the anguish. "Do braids and hairstyles put guys off? I've heard that boys like it better when girls have their hair down." Paul is initially scared to answer this question but Morgan cuts in and goes on a whole thing about how Paul wants her hair to be down 24/7, 365 days a year, all the time. Paul says she's giving ammunition to the haters to call him "the worst". I, a certified Hater (at least in Paul's eyes), already have plenty of evidence that he is the worst, thank you very much, so this does not surprise me.
"Is it intimidating knowing you're called to be the leader in a relationship?" I already fucking hate this question, but okay. Morgan prattles on for a while about judgment day and all that garbage, but Paul answers in one sentence: "There are certain elements in our relationship where I do feel a heaviness and I don't know if I'm doing a good job, so yeah, I think there can be some pressure." Interesting indeed.
"If guys are such visual beings, how come they can never tell when something is different with their girl?" Morgan does her trademark annoying shriek. This is kind off a shitty question and they talk a whole lot about nothing, so nothing of note here.
"What do guys do at sleepovers?" Video games. Poker. Sports. Basketball. Talking about girls we like. (Typical guy stuff.) Morgan flashes a bit off her internalized misogyny when she says that if two girls like the same guy they would probably get really upset and cry and end the friendship but that men would maturely work through it. Sure, Morgan. Morgan also reveals that Paul and his brother have dated the same girls. That, to me, is weird. (Sorry if you've dated a sibling's ex.)
And that ends the video. All of these questions sound like they came from middle schoolers, and Paul and Morgan's answers were no better. Here's a concept: if you're actually a mature fucking adult, you can have friends who are dudes and you can ask them these things! Well, half of these things, because most of these questions wouldn't even apply if you were a mature adult. You guys. Just do you. Be friends with who you want to be friends with, don't act like people of different genders are untouchable aliens, and if you have an innocent question, just ask. Normalize healthy friendships between men and women. Not everything is sexual. That's all. I'm done. Goodnight and godspeed.
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Hoo Option Will Launch Quantitative Financial Products on July 24

Hoo Option Will Launch Quantitative Financial Products on July 24
Dear Hoo users,

To provide users with a better asset management environment, Hoo Option will launch quantitative financial products(Spot/Future deposit and CTA deposit) on July 24.

1. Fixed income + Floating income financial products: Spot/Future deposit

Accepted price: 1 USDT = 1 QXGS
*QXGS represents the proof of ownership of the quantitative financial products "Spot/Future deposit".
Time: 10:00 on July 24 - 18:00 on July 24, 2020 (UTC+8)
Accepted coin: USDT (wallet account)
Total subscription: 300,000 USDT
Minimum invest: 100 USDT
Requirement: Complete KYC
Locking period: Starting from July 27, the lock-up period is 45 days and expires on September 10.
QXGS distribution: It will be distributed within 3 hours after the end of the subscription, and QXGS will not open the secondary market for trading.
Settlement rules: 1 QXGS = 1 +(ARR at maturity * 45 / 365)USDT
Estimated income: 6% - 20% ARR
(The base interest rate is guaranteed at 6%, and the estimated ARR fluctuates between 6% and 20%. Finally, the actual fund performance will prevail. If less than 6% is guaranteed, it will be made up to 6% by the issuer.)

Product information
Attribute: quantitative financial products
Support: Principle68 Capital
Fund custody: Hoo
Date of origin: July 27, 2020
Quantitative strategy: spot/future arbitrage
The principle of spot/future arbitrage: refers to a kind of futures contract, when there is a price gap between the futures market and the spot market, so as to make a profit by taking advantage of the price gap between the two markets to buy low and sell high.
In theory, the futures price is the future price of the commodity, and the spot price is the current price of the commodity. According to the same price theory in economics, the gap between the two, that is, the "basis" (basis = spot price-futures price) should be equal to the holding cost of the commodity. Once the basis deviates greatly from the holding cost, there is an opportunity for spot/future arbitrage.
Arbitrage varieties: BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, BNB, XLM, XRP, BCH

Income Record:
Since February 1, 2020, the net value of the quantitative arbitrage strategy for this period has increased steadily.

2. Floating High-income Financial products: CTA deposit

Accepted price: 1 USDT = 1 CTAFY
*CTAFY represents the proof of ownership of the quantitative financial products "CTA deposit".
Time: 10:00 on July 24 - 18:00 on July 26, 2020 (UTC+8)
Accepted coin: USDT (wallet account)
Total subscription: 300,000 USDT
Minimum invest: 100 USDT
Requirement: Complete KYC
Locking period: Starting from July 27, the lock-up period is 90 days and expires on October 25.
CTAFY distribution: It will be distributed within 3 hours after the end of the subscription, and CTAFY will not open the secondary market for trading.
Settlement rules: 1 CTAFY = 1 +(ARR at maturity * 90 / 365)USDT
Estimated income: 30% ARR
(Historical backtest of quantitative model estimated ARR is 30%, but final income will be based on the actual performance. A warning will be given when the net value falls to 0.97, and when the net value falls to 0.95, the financial products will be liquidated.)

Product information
Attribute: quantitative financial products
Support: Principle68 Capital
Fund custody: Hoo
Date of origin: July 27, 2020
Quantitative strategy: Trend tracking
Trend tracking principle: use a large number of different technical indicators to find the current market trend, and make directional investment based on the trend. The strategy is intraday high frequency, and the position is managed according to the strength of the trend signal. The strategy can be long or short, and both bull and bear markets can be profitable.
Tracking targets: BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, BNB, XLM, XRP, BCH

Income Record:
Since April 30, 2018, the highest net worth of this trend tracking quantification strategy has reached 1.596. From December 31, 2019 to May 31, 2020, the net value of the strategy rose from 1.39 to 1.595, an increase of 14.7%, equivalent to ARR of 29.5%

3. Team Introduction

PRINCIPLE68 CAPITAL is a professional institution specializing in cryptocurrency quantitative trading and ETF index fund compilation. It has a world-class investment R & D and management team, the team members used to work in Europe's third largest hedge fund and served as partners, the team members are PhD graduates from prestigious universities in the UK, and have a top team of mathematicians and scientists.
The PRINCIPLE68 CAPITAL team has a wealth of experience in the field of computer quantitative model design, research and development, application and ETF index fund development.
The team specializes in quantitative trading and ETF index funds for more than 20 years, and currently has 40 strategies trading in multiple markets around the world.
PRINCIPLE68 CAPITAL team has close cooperation with domestic and foreign head exchanges, including: Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Bitmex, Upbit and so on. The company's two flagship quantitative products maintain stable annual returns, with an average annual return of 25% for trend CTA products and 30% for statistical arbitrage strategies, ranking among the top five products in the industry. The team's strategic style continues the pedigree of Europe's third-largest hedge fund, its risk control system is fully embedded in the trading system, and machine learning is used to optimize the strategy.

4. Risk Alert:

  1. The quantitative financial product launched in cooperation with Principle68 Capital is different from the previous rules of the Hoo Options project. The secondary market transaction is not open after the subscription of the quantitative financial product is completed.
  2. Floating high-yield financial management CTA Fuyingbao is a non-capital preservation financial product. Due to market fluctuations, investors may lose all interest or even part of the principal, please carefully assess the risk and participate.
  3. Spot/Future deposit + CTA deposit are fixed financing products and do not support redemption in advance. The financial product will automatically expire and settle after the end of the lock-up period, and the settlement amount will be returned to the wallet balance within 3 working days.
  4. Any digital assets investment is risky. Please evaluate your risk tolerance before getting involved. Hoo only provides platform participation. The final interpretation of the project is subject to the PRINCIPLE68 CAPITAL official.
  5. The relevant rules of the quantitative financial products are officially formulated by PRINCIPLE68 CAPITAL, and the rules on will be adjusted based on the changes of PRINCIPLE68 CAPITAL official.

Hoo Team
July 23, 2020
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