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The pit bull lobby and its satanic cult origins

This submission statement is based off this Youtube video and my own research.
  • Jane Berkey used her wealth to launch the pit bull lobby, pay for studies in favor of pit bulls, and rebrand the pit bull image to the public.
  • Best Friends Animal Society, a popular non-profit and pit bull advocacy group, originated in the 1960s as a satanic cult called the Church of the Final Judgment. It was an off-shoot of scientology that used the same methods of collecting info for blackmailing members. This cult took part in satanic rituals, worshiped dogs (yet contributed to the dog-fighting industry), and was accused of child and animal abuse.

The pit bull lobby was born out of one woman’s inheritance. Her name is Jane Berkey and she’s the founder of a non-profit called Animal Farm Foundation (AFF), which is dedicated to fighting regulations on pit bulls.
Berkey ran a publishing house earlier in her career and was dating a porn producer named Shaun Costello during this time. She helped produce his films, while he helped recruit girls to join her organization and advocate for pit bulls. There are allegations that Costello produced snuff porn…which will make more sense as you read on.
In 2007, AFF bought a private research body (The National Canine Research Council, NCRC) to help produce studies in favor of pit bulls. Berkey is literally paying people to create studies that favor pit bulls and help her organization. The NCRC also takes part in lobbying, thanks to the funds from AFF/Berkey, of course.
Today, Berkey’s goons have gotten platforms to speak on major media, advocating for pit bulls and telling blatant lies. Her organization has also gotten celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Brady, etc. to speak out as pit bull advocates.
The pit bull industry is now enormous, with non-profits receiving huge amounts of funding. From the very top, like Jane Berkey, to the directors of animal shelters, they are all conspiring and profiting of pit bulls.
Recently, the director of the Connecticut Humane Society, Annie Hornish, was involved in a fatal mauling when her pit bull, Dexter, mauled her elderly mother's friend to death. Hornish, who also worked as a Democratic congresswoman, is a super outspoken pit bull advocate, even after her dog attacked and killed the 90+ year old lady. She blamed the deceased woman on the attack and is now putting up a huge legal fight (using her political connections) to prevent her pit bull from being put down. This happened last year and the dog is still alive, because Hornish believes it is owed "due process."
Back to the snuff film Jane Berkey's organization AFF shares many of the same board members and execs as a non-profit called Best Friends Animal Society. The origins of this non-profit are based off the Best Friends cult in the 1960s, which was also called The Process Church and the Church of the Final Judgment. They were an off-shoot of scientology and they used similar methods to gain and retain members, like collecting personal info and using it as blackmail. The cult would guard their properties with vicious dogs and they believed that dogs are more pure than humans. They would also go to soup kitchens to recruit vulnerable people for their cult (similar to Berkey's porn producer boyfriend recruiting girls for her non-profit).
This cult was accused of child and animal abuse. They were known for providing animals for satanic rituals. They('d) worship animals, including a large cat statue. Despite worshiping animals, they contributed to dog-fighting in the UK and US. Over the years, the non-profit had connections with the Mansons and other nefarious characters. Eventually, it turned into the non-profit you see today, which is, unsurprisingly, extremely well-funded and politically connected.
There is a lot of money in dog-fighting, in rescue organizations, in non-profits, and in the pit bull lobby. Jane Berkey seized this opportunity decades ago and has been using her wealth and connections to further her agenda of putting pit bulls above all other animals and even humans.
So, I know this ends abruptly. This is the tip of the iceberg. I first discovered this rabbit hole when I witnessed a pit-on-dog attack in San Francisco. I always thought they were just another breed, but I began reading and researching laws, fatalities, maulings, bites, and started realizing there was more going on than meets the eye. This video unlocked the rest of my suspicions. It's very bizarre, but very interesting to read about. I'd really like to learn more about this cult and the transformation from satanic, murderous cult to benevolent "we love animals" society.
If anyone knows more about this, please share. I'll update this thread as I discover more information.
More reading:
Jane Berkey
Pit Lobby
Process Church
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Party Royale: Diplo's Album Launch Party with Young Thug and Noah Cyrus

Party Royale: Diplo's Album Launch Party with Young Thug and Noah Cyrus

![img](wjbm1tl8h4751 "Diplo returns as part of his Party Royale DJ residency with special guests Young Thug and Noah Cyrus ")
Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco) Central Daylight Time (Houston) Eastern Daylight Time (New York) British Summer Time (London) Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney)
Launch Party (Live!) Thursday, 6pm – 7pm Thursday, 8pm – 9pm Thursday, 9pm – 10pm Friday, 2am – 3am Friday, 11am – 12pm
Rebroadcast Monday, 9pm – 10pm Monday, 11pm – 12pm Monday, 12pm – 1pm Monday, 5pm – 6pm Tuesday, 2am – 3am

How do I tune in?

  1. Ensure your game is up-to-date to the latest version
  2. Check the full schedule for timings in your local timezone
  3. Log into Battle Royale and select the Party Royale playlist

Can I join in halfway?

Yes. If you missed the start, or get disconnected, simply jump back into Party Royale. See the official official Fortnite blog post for more details.

r​/FortniteBR, who are you most looking forward to see an appearance from?

View Poll
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Megathread: Party Royale Premiere Event with Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and deadmau5

Megathread: Party Royale Premiere Event with Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and deadmau5

Get ready for an hour-long celebration marking the start of Party Royale
Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco) Central Daylight Time (Houston) Eastern Daylight Time (New York) British Summer Time (London) Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney)
Premiere (Live!) Friday, 6pm – 7pm Friday, 8pm – 9pm Friday, 9pm – 10pm Saturday, 2am – 3am Saturday, 11am – 12pm
Rebroadcast Saturday, 11am – 12pm Saturday, 1pm – 2pm Saturday, 2pm – 3pm Saturday, 7pm – 8pm Sunday, 4am – 5am

How do I tune in?

  1. Ensure your game is up-to-date to the latest version
  2. Check the table above for a schedule in your local timezone
  3. Select the “Party Royale” playlist from the Battle Royale lobby screen
⚠️ Doors remain open for entire event, even if you miss the start or leave midway
Login before 10am ET on Monday to unlock the reactive Neon Wings backbling for free

Free cosmetic!

  • Show off your Party Royale OG status with the Neon Wings backbling
  • Reacts to emotes from other players, and is being given to everyone that attends
  • Login from 6pm ET today to 10am ET on 11 May to secure yours!
⚠️ Check your Locker if you don’t see the Reward screen appear! You do not need to log out if you’re already playing Fortnite at 6pm
See the official Fortnite Blog Post for more details
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He’s been a suspect in the disappearances of at least five girls, inserted himself into missing-persons investigations, and played mind games with victims’ families and police. Is Timothy Bindner a serial killer, or is he just a creep?

Edited 7/22/2020: Disturbed Podcast recently created an episode about Timothy Bindner featuring the text from this write up. I highly recommend it--you can listen to it here:

Who Is Timothy Bindner?
Timothy Bindner was 43, married, and a working at a sewage treatment plant in 1991 when he first became known to law enforcement in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. While investigating the cases of several missing girls along the I-80 corridor, his name came up multiple times in conjunction with disturbing behaviors toward and regarding young girls.
Parents in the East Bay began reporting that Bindner was sending birthday cards, small gifts, and money to their young daughters, trying to strike up friendships with them. One mother gave police letters that Bindner had sent to her daughter; one was written backward so it could only be read when held up to a mirror, one contained small trinket gifts, and another contained a love poem and Bible verses with certain words underlined: “I have chosen you… be with me where I am.” When asked why he was contacting the girls, Bindner told investigators that he was being kind and that the girls were “lonely.”
During their research into Bindner, investigators discovered that in 1985 he was fired from his job as a Social Security claims processor after his boss caught him collecting the names, addresses, and birth dates of young girls in Colorado. He’d sent approximately 40 girls $50 on their 14th birthdays. When questioned, Bindner said he was mimicking a TV show in which a man surprised strangers with money, saying he thought it was “a touch of magic for the kids.” Parents complained and Bindner was fired. However, he was rehired 16 months later after an arbitrator found that he hadn’t used the records for personal gain and therefore there was no just cause in his firing.
Bindner drove a light-blue Dodge van with a vanity license plate reading “Lov You.” He’d wallpapered the inside of the van with pictures of children, Bible verse quotes, and crayon drawings. He was one arrested for trying to lure two young girls into his van, but the charges were ultimately dropped. His only other arrest and conviction was on a public drunkenness charge.
Bindner had a reputation for spending time in cemeteries and volunteering to repair gravestones, and he once had a job working in a crematorium.
Parents of missing girls reported that Bindner called or visited them to offer help in locating their children. The mothers of Amber Swartz-Garcia and Michaela Garecht (both still missing) have specifically mentioned his interference in their daughters’ cases, including searching on his own, visiting the families, and calling them repeatedly to offer his help. Bindner has downplayed the involvement, describing himself as a good Samaritan. However, families and law enforcement said that Bindner appeared to be playing mind games with them and that he seemed to enjoy taunting families into believing he was involved in their daughters’ abductions.
Angela Bugay was five years old in 1983 when she was abducted from Antioch, California. She was later found, sexually assaulted and strangled to death. Bindner repeatedly visited her grave, often late at night. He was said to have gone there more than 80 times to spend time and talk with her, and he was known to clean and decorate the grave. In an interview with a forensic psychologist, Bindner said that he liked that Angela’s photo was on her gravestone. “I fell in love with her,” he said. “You’re not supposed to be in love with a dead girl.” Investigators never considered Bindner a suspect in her murder; Angela’s mother’s ex-boyfriend was found guilty using DNA evidence. However, some investigators believe that Angela’s abduction and murder could have triggered Bindner. Days after Amber Swartz-Garcia disappeared, Bindner visited Angela’s gravesite, “kissed the gravestone and simulated a sex act,” according to FBI surveillance. Sources also say that search dogs either traced the scents of Amber Swartz-Garcia (disappeared June 1988) and Amanda “Nikki” Cambell (disappeared December 1991), to or indicated their scents at Angela’s grave. Bindner is considered a suspect in both of their disappearances.
At one point, Bindner invited Linda Golston, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, to interview him. He set the time and place for the interview—at 4:30 a.m. at the Oakmont Cemetery, where Angela Bugay was buried. During the interview, Golston said Bindner asked to play his favorite song for her—“Jesus, Here’s Another Child to Hold.” He said he thought of the missing girls as his children. He also offered specifics about how he thought the girls reacted when abducted, outlining that one was submissive while the other fought back, but he claimed that he was just guessing about their reactions. Golston also said that “He had convinced himself that he was rescuing these girls and he was delivering them to Jesus.”
In 1988 Bindner wrote a letter to police saying that he thought the next girl who disappeared would be nine years old. Nine-year-old Michaela Garecht disappeared shortly after the letter arrived. He also sent an FBI profiler a Christmas card with an image of a little girl holding up four fingers. Four-year-old Amanda “Nikki” Campbell disappeared soon after, on December 27, 1991.
He also gave police tips and offered them what he considered his special expertise in crimes against children. This included theorizing who may have taken them, why and how they were taken, and what happened to them. At least once he suggested that the killer may have disposed of the girls’ bodies in open graves at Oakmont Cemetery (the cemetery Angela Bugay is buried). His home was searched by police in late 1992, but nothing of interest was reported to have been found.
After the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, the California State Patrol gave Bindner a heroism award for assisting earthquake victims. Defenders say that this is proof that Bindner is simply a helpful guy.
In 1998, Bindner was featured in the book Stalemate by John Philpin, a forensic psychologist, which detailed Bindner’s strange behavior and the ways he inserted himself into the searches for missing girls and their families’ lives. Philpin says that Bindner willingly spoke with him for “hundreds of hours.”
In a strange twist, a man who was convicted of killing his teenage son in 2009 asked for a new trial because Timothy Bindner was a juror on his case and, according to the man’s lawyers, misrepresented himself in order to be on the jury. Prosecutors argued the guilty verdict should stand because Bindner was required to reveal that he was a person of interest in multiple crimes. One disturbing item from his time on the jury is a statement that while discussing the crime the man on trial for, Bindner gave a long explanation of choking someone and how long it would take to choke a person to death; he said that he knew the information because he’d been choked himself.
A news article covering the request for a new trial stated that Bindner was at the time 61 and living in San Pablo. It also mentioned that he’d previously been removed from a jury in the murder trial of a 17-year-old accused of killing a woman. The article also noted that he was never arrested or charged but had been nationally recognized as a suspect even though he had always maintained his innocence in the cases. In fact, he’d repeatedly said that he’d never harmed or even met any of the missing girls; he was simply “deeply affected when he heard of their disappearances and wanted to do anything he could to help.”

Potential Victims
Amber Swartz-Garcia, 7, disappeared from her front yard around 4:30 p.m. on June 3, 1988. She had been playing unattended for about 15 minutes; when her mother checked on her, she was gone. She was playing with an adult-sized leather jump rope with wooden handles that has never been located. The day after her disappearance, investigators found a pair of pink socks near a baseball diamond by the creek behind her home. The socks were found in an area that had already been searched, so investigators believe they were left there after the initial search.
The day after she was last seen, a witness claimed to have seen a white man throwing a girl that matched Amber’s description into a tan four-door car. Investigators have never been able to verify that the girl was Amber. In 1991, three years after Amber’s disappearance, a man claimed to have witnessed a bearded man force a girl into a vehicle on the day Amber disappeared. He believed the girl matched Amber’s description. Investigators said Bindner did not have a beard at the time, and they traced the reported vehicle’s license plate to an impound lot in Los Angeles. They have never said whether the child seen that day was Amber or if the vehicle is related to her case.
Bindner has been accused of being “obsessed” with Amber’s disappearance. Three days after Amber disappeared, he approached her mother, Kim, and told her that he’d been searching for her daughter. In one interview, Kim quoted Bindner as saying, “I wanted to be the one to save her. I wanted to be the one to bring her home to you.” Kim reported the contact, and investigators believed that Bindner looked like the man reported to have been seen throwing a girl into a vehicle on the day Amber went missing. Investigators asked Kim to befriend with Bindner in hopes of discovering whether he was involved in Amber’s disappearance or those of other missing children. Nothing definitive was discovered, but Bindner reportedly continued to contact Kim for years, offering his help searching for Amber.
Scent dogs traced or found Amber’s scent to/at the grave of Angela Bugay, a place Bindner was known to frequent. Investigators have never had enough information to prove Bindner was involved in Amber’s disappearance, but it is believed that he remains a suspect. The FBI extensively questioned Bindner after Amber’s abduction, including polygraph testing that was inconclusive (disclaimer that polygraph testing is not considered reliable).
In 2009, investigators said Curtis Dean Anderson, a convicted pedophile, was responsible for Amber’s kidnapping and murder. Anderson confessed in 2007 while already in prison and a month before his death. He claimed to have taken her to Arizona, murdered her, and left her body beside a highway. However, her remains have never been located, and Anderson was known to have confessed to many other crimes. He signed a statement in Amber’s case and police say they were unable to refute it, but many people, including Amber’s mother, are skeptical of Anderson’s confession.
Michaela Garecht, 9, was abducted from a parking lot in Hayward, California, on November 19, 1988. She and a friend had ridden scooters to the store to buy candy. Upon leaving, Michaela noticed that her friend’s scooter had been moved. When she went to get the scooter, an unknown white male forced her into a vehicle and drove away. Her friend reported the kidnapping right away, but the vehicle, the perpetrator, and Michaela were never located. Investigators have said that Bindner had a possible connection to her case, but no further information was ever given.
Ilene Misheloff, 13, disappeared while walking home from school in Dublin, California, on January 30, 1989. Classmates saw her taking a shortcut through John Mape Park along a dry creek bed. She was carrying a dark blue backpack and a black plastic flute case. After her disappearance, the backpack was found in the creek bed in an area that had already been searched. Investigators believe it was placed there after the search.
Tara Cossey, 12, walked to the store to buy a bag of sugar for her mother in San Pablo, California, on June 6, 1979. She was last seen inside the shopping center and never returned home. Investigators have said that Bindner had a possible connection to her case, but no further information was ever given.
Amanda “Nikki” Campbell, 4, was last seen near her home in Fairfield, California, on December 27, 1991 between 4:30 and 5 p.m. She had been playing at a friend’s house four doors down from her own home and left to ride her bike around the corner to a different friend’s house. Her brother and a friend were outside and saw her bike away. Her bike was found that evening, abandoned a few blocks from her home. Authorities searched the area but were unable to find anything other than a pair of blue children’s socks; however, they could not be confirmed to be Nikki’s.
Scent dogs traced Nikki down the street where she was last seen, through a drive-through at a local fast food restaurant, and then to the westbound I-80 onramp. Investigators believed she was pulled into a vehicle and taken. Search dogs also either traced Nikki’s scent to or indicated upon her scent at the grave of Angela Bugay, a place Bindner was known to visit. However, investigators have never had enough information to prove Bindner was involved, but it is believed that he remains a suspect. Investigators publicly named Bindner as a suspect. In 1997, Bindner won a $90,000 defamation suit against the city of Fairfield, claiming that they’d harassed him and ruined his reputation.

*It is important to note that Bindner is not the only suspect in these and other local disappearances of young girls. Several others are also suspects in many of these cases, including convicted rapists and murderers and child predators like James Daveggio and Michelle Michaud, Phillip and Nancy Garrido, Wesley Shermantine an Loren Herzog (the “Speed Freak Killers”).

Theories and Discussion
While there was never enough evidence against Bindner for his arrest, there are a lot of creepy details and actions that make him look guilty. It seems that police were never able to conclusively rule him in or out with the actual evidence available despite seriously investigating him for years and in connection to several crimes. In one article, John Philpin, the criminal psychologist who interviewed and researched Bindner for his book Stalemate, said, “This kind of accumulation of coincidence is not anything that I've ever encountered in 25 years of investigative work.”
There’s a lot about Bindner that is unsettling at best. The description of his van is disturbing, as is his obsession with Angela Bugay and her death. Writing letters to children he didn’t know and sending them money is strange behavior, and the way he inserted himself into investigations and sought out interactions with missing girls’ families is something other known killers have done. His jobs, including working at a crematorium and sewage treatment plant, also could have given him access to locations that would have easily allowed him dispose of remains.
It’s clear that someone or someones were kidnapping little girls in the area where Bindner lived in the late 1970s through early 1990s. While multiple other individuals have been arrested and found guilty of similar crimes and some disappearances have been solved, there are also many unsolved cases and girls who remain missing.
It’s possible Bindner is responsible for the disappearances of these girls and potentially others. Then again, it’s also possible that he’s psychologically off and simply has too much of a fascination with missing children. Those of us on this sub share an interest in unsolved crimes, missing people, and similar happenings, and there are individuals here and on other true crime subs that get over-involved and too passionate about certain cases (I’m specifically thinking of people who get overly passionate about learning personal details about recently identified individuals like Buckskin Girl/Marcia King or Lyle Stevik, demanding information and harassing their families and investigators). Is it possible that Bindner is simply too fixated on missing children and really does just want to help find them? Or is there a darker truth?
Let’s discuss.

ABC News story from 2006 about the missing girls and Bindner’s involvement:

Amber Swartz-Garcia’s Charley Project profile:
Michaela Garecht’s Charley Project profile:
Ilene Misheloff’s Charley Project profile:
Tara Cossey’s Charley Project profile:
Amanda “Nikki” Cambell’s Charley Project profile:

Blog post about Bindner and his connection to Bay Area cases:
News article from 2009 detailing Bindner’s controversial presence on a jury, including information about his past as a suspect in kidnappings:
Former post on this sub (from 2016) about the four missing girls Bindner has been connected to:
Link to Stalemate by John Philpin, the 1997 book about Bindner and the missing girls:
A thread with content from news articles about the missing girls (few articles on these cases are still available online; this source includes copy of articles no longer available):
Lyric video for “Jesus, Here’s Another Child to Hold,” Bindner’s favorite song that he played for a journalist:
Unsolved Mysteries featuring Amber Swartz-Garcia’s case and mentioning Bindner and the other missing girls (from 2002): (Thanks to u/Tighthead613 for finding and posting the link in the comments below)

Disturbed Podcast (from 7/16/2020) featuring the content of this write up:
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The Rey Rivera note, found during the investigation of his death, reads like the minutes of a Masonic meeting he attended...

The note
If you're not aware of what this is about, it is in reference to the first episode of the new series of "Unsolved Mysteries" on Netflix.
No Netflix / TL;DW : Rey Rivera received a phone call one night that seemed to surprise him. He finished by saying something like "What, Now?", as over heard by his lodger in another room. He then ran out of the house (evening time) never to be seen alive again. This was LA Baltimore, and he was found in the conference room of the Belverdere hotel/apartment building 8 days later, having been dead all that time. He got there by falling from a great height, likely somewhere from the nearby 11 story main building, and crashing through the thin roof of the extension. It's exactly like the end of the movie "the Game" with Michael Douglas... well, almost.
This note was found during an investigation into his death, folded up and taped to the back of a desk in his office. It mentions Rey's friend and boss, Porter, and Porter's boss and CEO of the company they both worked for, by name. The day after Rey was reported missing, employees at the company were made sign NDAs preventing them from talking to anyone about Rey or his disappearance. This was before his body was found. To this day, Porter nor his boss Bill Bonner have talked publically, to police or anyone else about Rey's death or the note
Transcription of the note, courtesy of Zestyclose_Run850:
Brothers and sisters,
Right now, around the world volcanoes are erupting, what an awesome sight.
Virtue (?)jandt mores non seperable(?) "Whom virtue unites, death will not seperate."
That was a well-played game. Congratulations to all who participated, I hope you enjoyed it. But, it was time to wake up. So, here I am.
I'd like to welcome those who accepted our invitations for membership during the game. We/I(?) couldn't have done it without you.
I look on this endeavor to find the truth. But, for it's own sake, in accepting this quest for the truth, I hoped to awake myself with the help of others, into a man ready and worthy to recieve it.
Members of The Council, please note, that I will lend peaceful(?) concentration(?) to the traditional responsibilities, in light of these proceedings, and I will saddy/gladly(?) the standard request of this council, within the appropriate time.
Again, well done to all who participated. I accept/expect(?) the council has invted all(?) the players who gave their lives to this pursuit back(?) so they might join us hence/here/there.(?) Tom/Don Hidding(?), Rayburn, Blackholder(?), John Tr----(?), Stanley Kubrick.
Fare thee well, Rob/Bob Rosenberg.

Before I continue with my instructions for the council, and dates/taken(?) the prize for my service. I'd like to allow(?) Porter Stansberry to choose/ch---(?) his prize. Now, Porter won't/dont/??(?) wadre Evese (??) words by claiming something I'll just take/bite(?) back.

Now that the game is finished, I expect the council to recompensate(?) those who have given --- and ---- (?) to this venture. Along with myself, these players should be made 5 years younger by the council. _____ Rivera, Alison Jones (----)(?), Elena(?) Rivera, Angel Rivera (my dad), Angel Rivera (my brother), Brad Hogg-- (skipping the name part for now)
Porter Stansberry (he didn't do it himself)
Brothers and sisters, our land(?) of achievements has seen many ideas become new innovations since my game begun/began(?).
Radio-frequency identification
Digital music players (portable and otherwise)
[blotted out by water damage]
The [blotted out by water damage] symphony
[blotted out by water damage]ing systems
[blotted out by water damage] tanta(?)

[blotted out by water damage] to drill in shale
[water damage], VCD(?), DVD, HDVD/HDVO(?)
[water damage]rV
The Human Genome
Genetic Engineering
[water damage]Cloning(?)
[water damage]Suddoku(?)
[water damage]ca
The Ford Cell(???)
Overnight Express Shipping
[water damage]odly
The De[???] [water damage] Robot
Maude(?) Milk
The rights, patents and proceeds for all of them should've been transferred to me by now. I know that our B---(?), Porter Stansberry has created a way for you to do so.
[water damage]ence for future transactions you should ---- ---- [fuzzy] if any of the properties that I will resume control of:
My primary residence which includes a beautiful piece of property in northern Argentina, and I'm told, [water damage] pigged(?) mansion Buenos Ares. Well done, Porter.
In Europe you can't visit(?) me at the flat in Mice/Hice/Venice(?) or Madrid. Although if I'm in Spain, I'll probably be at the ooobe(?). In Asia, you will be able to find me in Thailand. Another job well done, Porter.
I will keep the bad houses(?) in Las Feliz, California, and This(!) one house in San Francisco. Although I'll be looking for a new place in Baltimore and perhaps some other cities(?).
I'd like to breifly mention some movies, books and music I found very inspired and compelling. I'd like to meet any of you who helped contribute to these works.
The Matrix 1, 2 & 3
The Family Man
National Treasure
The DaVinci Code
Eyes Wide Shut
Confessions on a Dance Floor
Demon Days
Ten(?) Someone's/Emporers(?) Tales
November Rain
Horse/Home by Nov - The Anbelocos(?)
Meet Joe Black
Minority Report
Star Wars 1-3
Lord of the Rings 1-3
Fight Club
The Game
And specifically let me say that I expect M. Night Shamalan to conitnue coming up with great ideas and ---ing(?) great movies. I certainly(?) enjoyed his movies:
The Sixth Sense
The Village
The Others
[FInal Section could barely read]
u/BobbyBarz says
Ok hear me out here on this theory. The note that was taped on the computer is CHAPTER MINUTES OF A MASONIC MEETING. Porter recruited Rey to join. Another member is Bill Bonner. Who is that? The founder of Agora Inc which is the parent company to Stansberry and Associates.
How do I know Bill is a part of it? In the cryptic note, one line states “My primary residence in northern Argentina”. That is Bill speaking, it makes everything else make sense. Bill is nearly a billionaire and has places all over the world. But where is his primary residence?? NORTHERN ARGENTINA. He still posts to his diary (blog) online on this site. He is there to this day.
This has to have something to do with it.
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The Appalling History of Kamala Harris - An Effortpost

The Appalling History of Kamala Harris
California Attorney General is abbreviated as CA AG. San Francisco District Attorney is abbreviated as SF DA. Assembly Bill is abbreviated as AB.
  • November I994. Harris (then age 29) dated Willie Brown (then age 60), whose domination of California politics for decades as Speaker of the California State Assembly nearly single-handedly led to term limits in the California legislature. While dating Brown, "Brown appointed Harris to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and then to the Medical Assistance Commission – positions that paid her more than $400,000 over five years, according to SF Weekly. Brown also gave Harris a BMW."
January 4, 2003. Kamala Harris begins her term as District Attorney of San Francisco.
January 3, 2011. Kamala Harris begins her term as Attorney General of California.
January 3, 2017. Kamala Harris begins her term as Senator of California.
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Megathread: Party Royale Trailer Premiere Event - "TENET"

Megathread: Party Royale Trailer Premiere Event -
ʇnO sunᴚ ǝɯı⊥ ǝɹoɟǝq ʇı ǝǝS
Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco) Central Daylight Time (Houston) Eastern Daylight Time (New York) British Summer Time (London) Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney)
Premiere (Live!) Thursday 5/21, 5pm Thursday 5/21, 7pm Thursday 5/21, 8pm Friday 5/22, 1am Friday 5/22, 10am
Rebroadcast Top of every hour until 5pm on 5/22 Top of every hour until 7pm on 5/22 Top of every hour until 8pm on 5/22 Top of every hour until 1am on 5/23 Top of every hour until 10am on 5/23

How do I tune in?

  1. Ensure your game is up-to-date to the latest version
  2. Check the table above for a schedule in your local timezone
  3. Select the “Party Royale” playlist from the Battle Royale lobby screen
⚠️ Doors remain open for entire event, even if you miss the start or leave midway
Live from Party Royale’s Big Screen

Live from Party Royale’s Big Screen, see the world premiere of a new movie trailer for TENET, the upcoming film from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. Starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, the trailer will first air in Fortnite

See the official Fortnite Blog Post for more details:
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“Charity” Accused of Sex Abuse Coordinating ID2020’s Pilot Program For Refugee Newborns

If the networks of the U.S. military, the U.S. intelligence community and a slew of other U.S. federal agencies were running the software of a company with deep ties, not only to foreign companies with a history of espionage against the U.S. but also foreign military intelligence, it would — at the very least — garner substantial media attention. Yet, no media reports to date have noted that such a scenario exists on a massive scale and that the company making such software recently simulated the cancellation of the 2020 election and the declaration of martial law in the United States.
Earlier this month, MintPress News reported on the simulations for the U.S. 2020 election organized by the company Cybereason, a firm led by former members of Israel’s military intelligence Unit 8200 and advised by former top and current officials in both Israeli military intelligence and the CIA. Those simulations, attended by federal officials from the FBI, DHS and the U.S. Secret Service, ended in disaster, with the elections ultimately canceled and martial law declared due to the chaos created by a group of hackers led by Cybereason employees.
The first installment of this three part series delved deeply into Cybereason’s ties to the intelligence community of Israel and also other agencies, including the CIA, as well as the fact that Cybereason stood to gain little financially from the simulations given that their software could not have prevented the attacks waged against the U.S.’ electoral infrastructure in the exercise.
Also noted was the fact that Cybereason software could be potentially used as a backdoor by unauthorized actors, a possibility strengthened by the fact that the company’s co-founders all previously worked for firms that have a history of placing backdoors into U.S. telecommunications and electronic infrastructure as well as aggressive espionage targeting U.S. federal agencies.
The latter issue is crucial in the context of this installment of this exclusive MintPress series, as Cybereason’s main investors turned partners have integrated Cybereason’s software into their product offerings. This means that the clients of these Cybereason partner companies, the U.S. intelligence community and military among them, are now part of Cybereason’s network of more than 6 million endpoints that this private company constantly monitors using a combination of staff comprised largely of former intelligence operatives and an AI algorithm first developed by Israeli military intelligence.
Cybereason, thus far, has disclosed the following groups as lead investors in the company: Charles River Ventures (CRV), Spark Capital, Lockheed Martin and SoftBank. Charles River Ventures (CRV) was among the first to invest in Cybereason and has been frequently investing in other Israeli tech start-upsthat were founded by former members of the elite Israeli military intelligence Unit 8200 over the last few years. Spark Capital, based in California, appears to have followed CRV’s interest in Cybereason since the venture capitalist who co-founded Spark and led its investment in Cybereason is a former CRV partnerwho still has close ties to the firm.
While CRV and Spark Capital seem like just the type of investors a company like Cybereason would attract given their clear interest in similar tech start-ups coming out of Israel’s cyber sector, Cybereason’s other lead investors — Lockheed Martin and SoftBank — deserve much more attention and scrutiny.

Cybereason widely used by US Government, thanks to Lockheed

“A match made in heaven,” trumpeted Forbes at the news of the Lockheed Martin-Cybereason partnership, first forged in 2015. The partnership involved not only Lockheed Martin becoming a major investor in the cybersecurity company but also in Lockheed Martin becoming the largest conduit providing Cybereason’s software to U.S. federal and military agencies.
Indeed, as Forbes noted at the time, not only did Lockheed invest in the company, it decided to integrate Cybereason’s software completely into its product portfolio, resulting in a “model of both using Cybereason internally, and selling it to both public and private customers.”
Cybereason CEO and former offensive hacker for Israeli military intelligence — Lior Div — said the following of the partnership:
Lockheed Martin invested in Cybereason’s protection system after they compared our solution against a dozen others from the top industry players. The US firm was so impressed with the results they got from Cybereason that they began offering it to their own customers – among them most of the top Fortune 100 companies, and the US federal government. Cybereason is now the security system recommended by LM to its customers for protection from a wide (sic) malware and hack attacks.”
Rich Mahler, then-director of Commercial Cyber Services at Lockheed Martin,told Defense Daily that the company’s decision to invest in Cybereason, internally use its software, and include the technology as part of Lockheed Martin’s cyber solutions portfolio were all “independent business decisions but were all coordinated and timed with the transaction.”
How independent each of those decisions actually was is unclear, especially given the timing of Lockheed Martin’s investment in Cybereason, whose close and troubling ties to Israeli intelligence as well as the CIA were noted in the previous installment of this investigative series. Indeed, about a year prior to their investment in the Israeli military intelligence-linked Cybereason, Lockheed Martin opened an office in Beersheba, Israel, where the IDF has its “cyberhub”. The office is focused not on the sales of armaments, but instead on technology.
Marilyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin’s CEO, said the following during her speechthat inaugurated the company’s Beersheba office:
The consolidation of IDF Technical Units to new bases in the Negev Desert region is an important transformation of Israel’s information technology capability…We understand the challenges of this move. Which is why we are investing in the facilities and people that will ensure we are prepared to support for these critical projects. By locating our new office in the capital of the Negev we are well positioned to work closely with our Israeli partners and stand ready to: accelerate project execution, reduce program risk and share our technical expertise by training and developing in-country talent.”
Beersheba not only houses the IDF’s technology campus, but also the Israel National Cyber Directorate, which reports directly to Israel’s Prime Minister, as well as a high-tech corporate park that mostly houses tech companies with ties to Israel’s military intelligence apparatus. The area has been cited in several media reports as a visible indicator of the public-private merger between Israeli technology companies, many of them started by Unit 8200 alumni, and the Israeli government and its intelligence services. Lockheed Martin quickly became a key fixture in the Beersheba-based cyberhub.
Not long before Lockheed began exploring the possibility of opening an office in Beersheba, the company was hacked by individuals who used tokens tied to the company, RSA Security, whose founders have ties to Israel’s defense establishment and which is now owned by Dell, a company also deeply tied to the Israeli government and tech sector. The hack, perpetrated by still unknown actors, may have sparked Lockheed’s subsequent interest in Israel’s cybersecurity sector.
Soon after opening its Beersheba office, Lockheed Martin created its Israel subsidiary, Lockheed Martin Israel. Unlike many of the company’s other subsidiaries, this one is focused exclusively on “cybersecurity, enterprise information technology, data centers, mobile, analytics and cloud” as opposed to the manufacture and design of armaments.
Haden Land, then-vice president of research and technology for Lockheed Martin, told the Wall Street Journal that the creation of the subsidiary was largely aimed at securing contracts with the IDF and that the company’s Israel subsidiary would soon be seeking partnership and investments in pursuit of that end. Land oversaw the local roll-out of the company’s Israel subsidiary while concurrently meeting with Israeli government officials. According to the Journal, Land “oversees all of Lockheed Martin’s information-systems businesses, including defense and civilian commercial units” for the United States and elsewhere.
Just a few months later, Lockheed Martin partnered and invested in Cybereason, suggesting that Lockheed’s decision to do so was aimed at securing closer ties with the IDF. This further suggests that Cybereason still maintains close ties to Israeli military intelligence, a point expounded upon in great detail in the previous installment of this series.
Thus, it appears that not only does Lockheed Martin use Cybereason’s software on its own devices and on those it manages for its private and public sector clients, but it also decided to use the company’s software in this way out of a desire to more closely collaborate with the Israeli military in matters related to technology and cybersecurity.
The cozy ties between Lockheed Martin, one of the U.S. government’s largest private contractors, and the IDF set off alarm bells, then and now, for those concerned with U.S. national security. Such concern makes it important to look at the extent of Cybereason’s use by federal and military agencies in the United States through their contracting of Lockheed Martin’s Information Technology (IT) division. This is especially important considering Israeli military intelligence’s history of using espionage, blackmail and private tech companies against the U.S. government, as detailed here.
While the exact number of U.S. federal and military agencies using Cybereason’s software is unknown, it is widespread, with Lockheed Martin’s IT division as the conduit. Indeed, Lockheed Martin was the number one IT solutions provider to the U.S. federal government up until its IT division was spun off and merged with Leidos Holdings. As a consequence, Leidos is now the largest IT provider to the U.S. government and is also directly partnered with Cybereason in the same way Lockheed Martin was. Even after its IT division was spun off, Lockheed Martin continues to use Cybereason’s software in its cybersecurity work for the Pentagon and still maintains a stake in the company.
The Leidos-Lockheed Martin IT hybrid provides a litany of services to the U.S. military and U.S. intelligence. As investigative journalist Tim Shorrock noted for The Nation, the company does “everything from analyzing signals for the NSA to tracking down suspected enemy fighters for US Special Forces in the Middle East and Africa” and, following its merger with Lockheed and consequential partnership with Cybereason, became “the largest of five corporations that together employ nearly 80 percent of the private-sector employees contracted to work for US spy and surveillance agencies.” Shorrock also notes that these private-sector contractors now dominate the mammoth U.S. surveillance apparatus, many of them working for Leidos and — by extension — using Cybereason’s software.
Leidos’ exclusive use of Cybereason software for cybersecurity is also relevant for the U.S. military since Leidos runs a number of sensitive systems for the Pentagon, including its recently inked contract to manage the entire military telecommunications infrastructure for Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). In addition to maintaining the military telecom network, Cybereason is also directly partnered with World Wide Technologies (WWT) as of this past October. WWT manages cybersecurity for the U.S. Army, maintains DISA’s firewalls and data storage as well as the U.S. Air Force’s biometric identification system. WWT also manages contracts for NASA, itself a frequent target of Israeli government espionage, and the U.S. Navy. WWT’s partnership is similar to the Lockheed/Leidos partnership in that Cybereason’s software is now completely integrated into its portfolio, giving the company full access to the devices on all of these highly classified networks.
Many of these new partnerships with Cybereason, including its partnership with WWT, followed claims made by members of Israel’s Unit 8200 in 2017 that the popular antivirus software of Kaspersky Labs contained a backdoor for Russian intelligence, thereby compromising U.S. systems. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on the alleged backdoor but did not mention the involvement of Unit 8200 in identifying it, a fact revealed by the New York Times a week later.
Notably, none of the evidence Unit 8200 used to blame Kaspersky has been made public and Kaspersky noted that it was actually Israeli hackers that had been discovered planting backdoors into its platform prior to the accusation levied against Kaspersky by Unit 8200. As the New York Times noted:
Investigators later discovered that the Israeli hackers had implanted multiple back doors into Kaspersky’s systems, employing sophisticated tools to steal passwords, take screenshots, and vacuum up emails and documents.”
Unit 8200’s claims ultimately led the U.S. government to abandon Kaspersky’s products entirely in 2018, allowing companies like Cybereason (with its own close ties to Unit 8200) to fill the void. Indeed, the very agencies that banned Kaspersky now use cybersecurity software that employs Cybereason’s EDR system. No flags have been raised about Cybereason’s own collaboration with the very foreign intelligence service that first pointed the finger at Kaspersky and that previously sold software with backdoors to sensitive U.S. facilities.

SoftBank, Cybereason and the Vision Fund

While its entry into the U.S. market and U.S. government networks is substantial, Cybereason’s software is also run throughout the world on a massive scale through partnerships that have seen it enter into Latin American and European markets in major ways in just the last few months. It has also seen its software become prominent in Asia following a partnership with the company Trustwave. Much of this rapid expansion followed a major injection of cash courtesy of one of the company’s biggest clients and now its largest investor, Japan’s SoftBank.
SoftBank first invested in Cybereason in 2015, the same year Lockheed Martin initially invested and partnered with the firm. It was also the year that SoftBank announced its intention to invest in Israeli tech start-ups. SoftBank first injected $50 million into Cybereason, followed by an additional $100 million in 2017 and $200 million last August. SoftBank’s investments account for most of the moneyraised by the company since it was founded in 2012 ($350 million out of $400 million total).
Prior to investing, Softbank was a client of Cybereason, which Ken Miyauchi, president of SoftBank, noted when making the following statement after Softbank’s initial investment in Cybereason:
SoftBank works to obtain cutting edge technology and outstanding business models to lead the Information Revolution. Our deployment of the Cybereason platform internally gave us firsthand knowledge of the value it provides, and led to our decision to invest. I’m confident Cybereason and SoftBank’s new product offering will bring a new level of security to Japanese organizations.”
SoftBank — one of Japan’s largest telecommunications companies — not only began to deploy Cybereason internally but directly partnered with it after investing, much like Lockheed Martin had done around the same time. This partnership resulted in SoftBank and Cybereason creating a joint venture in Japan and Cybereason creating partnerships with other tech companies acquired by SoftBank, including the U.K.’s Arm, which specializes in making chips and management platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
SoftBank’s interest in Cybereason is significant, particularly in light of Cybereason’s interest in the 2020 U.S. election, given that SoftBank has significant ties to key allies of President Trump and even the president himself.
Indeed, SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son was among the first wave of international business leaders who sought to woo then-president-elect Trump soon after the 2016 election. Son first visited Trump Tower in December 2016 and announced, with Trump by his side in the building’s lobby, that SoftBank would invest $50 billion in the U.S. and create 50,000 jobs. Trump subsequently claimed on Twitter that Son had only decided to make this investment because Trump had won the election.
Son told reporters at the time that the investment would come from a $100 billion fund that would be created in partnership with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund as well as other investors. “I just came to celebrate his new job. I said, ‘This is great. The US will become great again,’” Son said, according to reports.
Then, in March of 2017, Son sent top SoftBank executives to meet with senior members of Trump’s economic team and, according to the New York Times, “the SoftBank executives said that because of a lack of advanced digital investments, the competitiveness of the United States economy was at risk. And the executives made the case, quite strongly, that Mr. Son was committed to playing a major role in addressing this issue through a spate of job-creating investments.” Many of SoftBank’s investments and acquisitions in the U.S. since then have focused mainly on artificial intelligence and technology with military applications, such as “killer robot” firm Boston Dynamics, suggesting Son’s interest lies more in dominating futuristic military-industrial technologies than creating jobs for the average American.
After their initial meeting, Trump and Son met again a year later in June 2018, with Trump stating that “His [Son’s] $50 billion turned out to be $72 billion so far, he’s not finished yet.” Several media reports have claimed that Son’s moves since Trump’s election have sought to “curry favor” with the President.
Through the creation of this fund alongside the Saudis, SoftBank has since become increasingly intertwined with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS), a key ally of President Trump in the Middle East known for his authoritarian crackdowns on Saudi elites and dissidents alike. The ties between Saudi Arabia and SoftBank became ever tighter when MBS took the reins in the oil kingdom and after SoftBank announced the launch of the Vision Fund in 2016. SoftBank’s Vision Fund is a vehicle for investing in hi-tech companies and start-ups and its largest shareholder is the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. Notably, Son decided to launch the Vision Fund in Riyadh during President Trump’s first official visit to the Gulf Kingdom.
In addition, the Mubadala Investment Company, a government fund of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), gave $15 billion to the Vision Fund. UAE leadership also share close ties to the Trump administration and MBS in Saudi Arabia.
As a consequence, SoftBank’s Vision Fund is majority funded by two Middle Eastern authoritarian governments with close ties to the U.S. government, specifically the Trump administration. In addition, both countries have enjoyed the rapid growth and normalization of ties with the state of Israel in recent years, particularly following the rise of current Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and Jared Kushner’s rise to prominence in his father-in-law’s administration. Other investments in the Vision Fund have come from Apple, Qualcomm and Oracle’s Larry Ellison, all tech companies with strong ties to Israel’s government.
The Saudi and Emirati governments’ links to the Vision Fund are so obvious that even mainstream outlets like the New York Times have described them as a “front for Saudi Arabia and perhaps other countries in the Middle East.”
SoftBank also enjoys close ties to Jared Kushner, with Fortress Investment Group lending $57 million to Kushner Companies in October 2017 while it was under contract to be acquired by SoftBank. As Barron’s noted at the time:
When SoftBank Group bought Fortress Investment Group last year, the Japanese company was buying access to a corps of seasoned investors. What SoftBank also got is a financial tie to the family of President Donald Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner.”
According to The Real Deal, Kushner Companies obtained the financing from Fortress only after its attempts to obtain funding through the EB-5 visa programfor a specific real estate venture were abandoned after the U.S. Attorney and the Securities and Exchange Commission began to investigate how Kushner Companies used the EB-5 investor visa program. A key factor in the opening of that investigation was Kushner Companies’ representatives touting Jared Kushner’s position at the White House when talking to prospective investors and lenders.
SoftBank also recently came to the aid of a friend of Jared Kushner, former CEO of WeWork Adam Neumann. Neumann made shocking claims about his ties to both Kushner and Saudi Arabia’s MBS, even asserting that he had worked with both in creating Kushner’s long-awaited and controversial Middle East “peace plan” and claimed that he, Kushner and MBS would together “save the world.” Neumann previously called Kushner his “mentor.” MBS has also discussed on several occasions his close ties with Kushner and U.S. media reports have noted the frequent correspondence between the two “princelings.”
Notably, SoftBank invested in Neumann’s WeWork using money from the Saudi-dominated Vision Fund and later went on to essentially bail the company out after its IPO collapse and Neumann was pushed out. SoftBank’s founder, Masayoshi Son, had an odd yet very close relationship with Neumann, perhaps explaining why Neumann was allowed to walk with $1.7 billion after bringing WeWork to the brink of collapse. Notably, nearly half of SoftBank’s approximately $47 billion investments in the U.S. economy since Trump’s election, went to acquiring and then bailing out WeWork. It is unlikely that such a disastrous investment resulted in the level of job creation that Son had promised Trump in 2016.
Given that it is Cybereason’s top investor and shareholder by a large margin, SoftBank’s ties to the Trump administration and key allies of that administration are significant in light of Cybereason’s odd interest in 2020 U.S. election scenarios that end with the cancellation of this year’s upcoming presidential election. It goes without saying that the cancellation of the election would mean a continuation of the Trump administration until new elections would take place.
Furthermore, with Cybereason’s close and enduring ties to Israeli military intelligence now well-documented, it is worth asking if Israeli military intelligence would consider intervening in 2020 if the still-to-be-decided Democratic contender was strongly opposed to Israeli government policy, particularly Israel’s military occupation of Palestine. This is especially worth considering given revelations that sexual blackmailer and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who targeted prominent U.S. politicians, mostly Democrats, was in the employ of Israeli military intelligence.
Notably, Cybereason’s doomsday election scenarios involved the weaponization of deep fakes, self-driving cars and the hacking Internet of Things devices, with all of those technologies being pioneered and perfected — not by Russia, China or Iran — but by companies directly tied to Israeli intelligence, much like Cybereason itself. These companies, their technology and Cybereason’s own work creating the narrative that U.S. rival states seek to undermine the U.S. election in this way, will all be discussed in the conclusion of MintPress’ series on Cybereason and its outsized interest in the U.S. democratic process.
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Help fact-checking a list of well known Childfree people

I'm compiling a list of childfree people for a blog. I have found a few lists online (which have been helpful). But in some cases they were not up-to-date. A person may have had children since being added to their list (example: I had to remove George Clooney who appeared on a number of lists). Or there might be some people missing who should be on the list.
If you have a moment to scan the list and let me know of any other errors or omissions it would be appreciated.
It has been fun working on this list. A few people on it surprised me. Thanks again for any help.
\Edit for clarification: the term "childfree", in the sense of this list, will be in regards to people who never had a child from a live birth, fostered a child, adopted a child, or was a step-parent.*

Herbert Samuel Adams – Sculptor
Charles Addams – Cartoonist (The New Yorker)
Jane Addams - Social Worker, Political Activist, Co-Founder of the ACLU, & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Nancy Addison – Actress
Louisa May Alcott – Author
Cynthia May Westover Alden – Author, Philanthropist
Grover Cleveland Alexander – Baseball Player
Suzy Allegra – Author
Marty Allen – Comedian
John Murray Anderson – Musical Theatre Producer
Laurie Anderson – Performance Artist
Marian Anderson – Concert Singer
Louis Andriessen – Composer
Jennifer Aniston – Actress
Susan B. Anthony – Womans’ Suffragist
Samuel Appleton – Politician, Philanthropist
Geoffrey Arend - Actor
Louis Armstrong – Musician (Contested: The Louis Armstrong Museum states he had no children, but in 2012 Sharon Preston-Folta has claimed to be his daughter from Lucille “Sweets” Preston, a dancer at the New York Cotton Club)
Boris Artzybasheff – Artist
Dorothy Arzner – Film Director
Dr. Robert C. Atkins – Diet Doctor, Author, Creator of the Atkins Diet
V.C. Andrews – Author
Jane Austen – Author
Max Baer Jr. – Actor
Francis Bacon – Politician, Philosopher, Scientist
Florence Bailey – Author, Naturalist, Ornithologist
Tallulah Bankhead – Actress
Abdullah al-Baradouni – Yemeni Poet
Bob Barker – Game Show Host
Joe Barr – Canadian Politician
Lynda Barry – Cartoonist
Clara Barton - Nurse, Humanitarian, Founder and First President of the American Red Cross
Kathy Bates – Actress
Jaya Battacharya – Actress
King Baudouin – King of Belgium
Samuel Beckett – Author, Playwright, Poet
Ludwig Van Beethoven – Composer
Joe Besser – Actor
Isabella Bird – Author
Jacqueline Bisset – Actress
Lewis Black – Comedian
Eubie Blake – Musician, Composer
William Blake – Artist
Brenda Blethyn – Actress
Marc Blitzstein – Composer, Dramatist
Baroness Karen Blixen – Author
Rosa Bonheur – French Painter and Sculptor
Pierre Bonnard – Artist
William Edgar Borah – Politician
Lara Flynn Boyle – Actress
Georges Brassens – Singer
Alison Brie – Actress
Joe Bob Briggs aka John Bloom – Author, Movie Critic
Raymond Briggs – Children’s Book Author
Poppy Z. Brite – Author
Anne Bronte – Author
Louise Brooks – Actress
Helen Gurley Brown – Feminist, Editor
Reno Browne – Actress, Equestrian
Delta Burke – Actress
Kathy Burke - Actress, Comedian
James Buchanan – 15th U.S. President
Pat Buchanan – Politician, Presidential Candidate
James Burke – Creator of the PBS Series “Connections”, Scientific American columnist
Raymond Burr – Actor
Caryl Lee Burroughs – Hollywood Animal Trainer
Leo Buscaglia – Author
Brett Butler – Actress, Comedian
Julia Cameron – Director
Phyllis Carlyle – Film Producer
Dora Carrington – Bloomsbury Artist
Laura Carroll – Author
Mary Casatt – Artist
Roger Casement – Irish Patriot
Nina Cassian – Poet
Barbara Castle – British Politician
Kim Cattrall – Actress
Mary Chapin Carpenter – Singer, Songwriter
Rosamond Halsey Carr – Founder of Rwanda’s Imbabazi Orphanage, Author, Fashion Designer
Richard Chamberlain – Actor
Coco Chanel – Fashion Designer (Contested: Following her elder sister’s suicide, she looked after her son)
Stockard Channing – Actress
RuPaul Andre Charles - Drag Performer, TV Personality
Judy Chicago – Artist
Margaret Cho – Comedian
Julia Child – Professional Chef, Cookbook Author
Helen Clark – New Zealand Prime Minister
Patricia Clarkson – Actress
Dorothy Clewes – Children’s Book Author
Imogene Coca – Actress
Claudette Colbert – Actress
Billy Collins – U.S. Poet Laureate
C. Collodi – Author
William Conrad – Actor
Frances Conroy – Actress
Storm Constantine – Fantasy Writer
Jill Ker Conway – Author, first woman President of Smith College
Anne Cool – Canadian Senator
Pat Coombs – Actress
Copernicus – Scientist
John Corbett – Actor
Joseph Cornell – Artist and Creator of the Cornell Box
Ann Coulter – Political Commentator
Alec Sadler Craig – Australian Politician, Philanthropist
Quentin Crisp – Author, Actor
Tim Curry – Actor
Charlotte Curtis – First woman on the masthead of The New York Times
Patrika Darbo – Actress
Simone de Beauvoir – Author
Mahmoud Darwish – Palestinian Poet
Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist
Gray Davis – Governor of California
Ellen Degeneres – Comedian
Jeffery Deaver – Author
Eugene Victor Debs – Activist
Bessie and Sadie Delaney – Authors
Dana Delany – Actress
Don DeLillo – Author
Del Rubio Triplets – Musical Group
Bo Derek – Actress
Rene Descartes – Philosopher
Portia De Rossi – Actress
Emily Dickinson – Poet
Benjamin Disraeli – Politician, Author
Steve Ditko – Cartoonist, co-creator of the Spider-Man Comics
Dorothea Dix – Educator, writer, philanthropist
Hannah Dobryn – Author
Tamara Dobson – Actress
Richard Donner – Film Director
Lauren Shuler Donner – Film Producer
Lizzie Douglas aka Memphis Minnie- Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Marjory Stoneman Douglas – Environmentalist, Founder of Friends of the Everglades
Maureen Dowd – Columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner
Sir George Downing – Founder of Downing College, Cambridge, England
Gabriel Dumont – Native American Tribal Leader
Lena Dunham - Actress, Director, Producer
Francis Drake – Explorer
Fran Drescher – Actress
Esther Dyson – Author, Internet Expert
Amelia Earhart – Aviator
Deborah Eisenberg – Author
Liubov Egorova – Dancer
Anita Ekberg – Actress
T.S. Eliot – Poet
Havelock Ellis – Psychologist, Author
Tracee Ellis Ross – Actress
Harlan Ellison – Author
Elizabeth I – Queen of England
Joan Elm – Canadian Politician, Community Activist
Bonnie Erbé – PBS Commentator and Columnist
Dame Edith Evans – British Film and Stage Actress
Linda Evans – Actress
Rupert Everett – Actor
Anne Ewers – CEO of the Utah Symphony & Opera
Jane Fallon – Author
Chow Yun-Fat – Actor
Barbara Feldon – Actress
Pamelyn Ferdin – Actress
Ralph Fiennes – Actor
Lynn Fontanne – Actress
Margot Fonteyn – British Ballerina
Juliana Rieser Force – Whitney Museum Director
Richard Ford – Author, Editor of Granta
Margaretta Forten – Abolitionist
Dian Fossey – Anthropologist
Janet Frame – Poet
Felix Frankfurter – Supreme Court Justice
Tanya Franks – Actress
William Frawley – Actor
Frank Frazetta – Artist
Alice Freeman – First woman to be President of a liberal arts college, (Wellesley), helped establish the University of Chicago.
Elsie Freund – Artist, Jewelry Designer
Louis Freund – Artist
Robert Fripp – Composer, Musician
Stephen Fry - Actor, Comedian
Eva Gabor – Actress
Magda Gabor – Actress
Maxwell Gage – Noted New Zealand Geologist
Diamanda Galas – Singer
Tess Gallagher – Author
Paul William Gallico – Author
Janeane Garofalo – Actress, Comedian
Greta Garbo – Actress
Ava Gardner – Actress
Henry Garfiled aka Henry Rollins - Musician (Black Flag, Rollins Band)
Greer Garson – Actress
Gloria Gaynor – Singer
Anthony Geary – Soap Opera Actor
Ricky Gervais – Comedian
William Schwenck Gilbert – Composer for Gilbert & Sullivan
Althea Gibson – Athlete
Dorothy Gish – Actress
Lillian Gish – Actress
Katharine Bruce Glasier – Author
Susan Glaspell – Playwright
Sharon Gless – Actress
Crispin Glover – Actor
Christoph Willibald Gluck – Composer
Paulette Goddard – Actress
Robert Hutchings Goddard – Physicist
Kurt Godel – Author
Alexander Godunov – Actor, Dancer
Stephen Goldin – Author
Emma Goldman – Activist, Feminist
Valeria Golino – Actress
Jan Goodwin – Author, Travel Writer
Edward Gorey – Artist
Lotte Goslar – Dancer
Lauren Graham - Actress (Contested - Her long-term partner has a child.)
Martha Graham – Choreographer
Cecil Green – Former CEO of Texas Instruments, Philanthropist
Johnny Green – Musician
Gael Greene – Food Critic, Author
Baroness Susan Greenfield – Director of the Royal Institution, Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology at Oxford University, Neurologist
John Robert Gregg – Inventor of the Gregg Shorthand Method, Publisher
Joyce Grenfell – British Actress
Nanci Griffith – Singer, Songwriter
Martha Griffiths – First Female Michigan Lieutenant Governor
Terry Gross – NPR Host
James Grout – Actor
Mabel Dole Haden – Former President of NABWA
Catherine Hakim – British Sociologist
Daryl Hall – Singer, Musician (Hall & Oates)
Jon Hamm - Actor
Celia Hammond – Former Model and Animal Activist
Lionel Hampton – Musician
Georg Friedrich Handel – Composer
Chelsea Handler - Comedian
Howard Harold Hanson – Pulitzer-Prize Winning Composer
Setsuko Hara – Japanese Actress
Warren Gamaliel Harding – 29th U.S. President
E Chambré Hardman – Photographer
Jean Harlow - Actress
Debbie Harry – Singer (Blondie)
Alex Heard – Author
Sir Edward Heath - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Susan Helms – Astronaut
Christina Hendricks - Actress, Model
Adrian Henri – Poet, Painter
Marguerite Henry – Children’s Book Author
Katherine Hepburn – Actress
Milton S. Hershey – Founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company
Lorena Hickok – AP Political Reporter
Taiko Hirabayashi – Author
Nicole Hollander – Cartoonist
Thelma Holt – Actress, Theatre Producer
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (USA)
Grace Murray Hopper – Computer Scientist
Rima Horton - Politician
Soad Hosni – Egyptian Actress
Lila Kedrova Howard – Actress
Mick Hucknall – Singer
Howard Hughes - American Business Magnate, Investor, Pilot, Engineer, Film Director, Philanthropist
Bonnie Hunt – Actress
Kristin Hunter – Children’s Book Author
Lauren Hutton – Actress, Model
Patricia Ireland – President of the National Organization for Women, NOW
George J. Irbe – Creator of the Great Lakes water temperature climatology
John A. “Jack” Jackson – Philanthropist, Oilman
Tove Jansson – Children’s Book Author
Randall Jarrell – Poet
Anna Jarvis – the “Founder of Mother’s Day”
Joan of Arc – Christian Saint
Jack Johnson – First African-American to win the heavyweight boxing championship of the world.
Margaret Johnston – Actress
Martin and Osa Johnson – Authors, Photographers, explorers, and naturalists.
Richard Mentor Johnson – U.S. Vice-President
Samuel Johnson – Author, Editor
William Hugh Johnston – Labor Leader
Carolyn Jones – Actress
Renee Jones – Actress
Spike Jonze – Film Director
Ashley Judd – Actress, Activist
Madeline Kahn – Actress
Immanuel Kant – Philosopher
Julie Kavner – Actress
Nikos Kazantzakis – Author
Odette Keene – Musician
Helen Keller – Author
Joyce Kennard – Judge
Joe Kernan – Politician
Maynard Keynes – Economist, Founder of the Vic-Wells Ballet, Financed the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, England
King Louis XVI – King of France
William Lyon MacKenzie King – Former Canadian Prime Minister
William Rufus King – U.S. Vice-President
Robert Kiyosaki – Author
Caroline Knapp – Author
Aleksandra Kollontai – Author
Dean Koontz – Author
Tadeusz Kościuszko – Polish Patriot
Jerzy Kosinski – Author
Jonathan Kozol – Author, Activist
Lee Krasner – Artist
Albert Kroc – Co-Developer of McDonald’s Fast Food Chain
Henry Richardson Labouisse – Diplomat, Former Head of UNICEF
Karl Lagerfeld - Fashion Designer
Princess Lakshmi – Indian Princess
Elsa Lanchester – Actress
Philip Larkin – Author, Poet
Charles Laughton – Actor, Director
Dan Lauria – Actor
Frank John Lausche – Politician
Tom Lehrer – Singer, Musician
Jay Leno – TV Host
Richard Lewis – Comedian
Lyn Lifshin – Poet
Queen Liliuokalani – Queen of Hawaii
Siân Lloyd – Weather Broadcaster
Carole Lombard – Actress
Jack Lord – Actor
Pauline Lord – Actress
Patty Loveless – Singer
Alfred Lunt – Actor
John Lyon – Philanthropist, Regarded as the Founder of The Great Public School Of Harrow
Rose McClendon – Actress
Robert McCormick – Former Owner of the Chicago Tribune
Mary Jackson McCrorey – Politician, Activist
Hattie McDaniel – Actress
Roddy McDowall – Actor, Photographer
Odd McIntyre – Newspaper Columnist
Ian McKellen – Actor
Kristy McNichol – Actress
Janet McTeer – Actress
Christine McVie – Singer, Songwriter (Fleetwood Mac)
Dora Maar – Photographer
René Magritte – Artist
Bill Maher – TV Personality
Katherine Mansfield – Author
Shirley Manson – Singer
Vito Anthony Marcantonio – Politician
Francesca Marciano – Actress
Miriam Margoyles – Actress
Mary Ellen Mark – Award-Winning Photographer
William III & Mary II of England – King & Queen of England, Ireland, and Scotland
Bobbie Ann Mason – Children’s Book Author
Mari Matsunaga – Creator of i-mode, Named One of the Top 25 Tech Women of the Web
Theresa May - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Giuseppe Mazzini – Italian Patriot
Fradique de Menezes – President of Sao Tome and Principe
Melina Mercouri – Greek Actress
Freddie Mercury – Musician
Angela Merkel – German Chancellor
George Michael – Musician
Oscar Micheaux – Film Director, Producer, Author
Edna St. Vincent Millay – Poet
Alley Mills – Actress
Brenda Milner – Renowned Professor of Neuro-Psychology: Mcgill’s Faculty Of Medicine And At The Montreal Neurological Institute
Kylie Minogue - Singer
Helen Mirren – Actress
Margaret Mitchell – Author
Eugenio Montale – Nobel Prize Winner, Poet, Author, Editor, Translator
Vicki Moore – Spanish Animal Rights Philanthropist
John Morgan – Founder of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and Medical Director of the Continental Army
Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson) – Author
Morrissey – Musician
Rob Morse – Columnist (San Francisco Chronicle)
Marjorie “Mo” Mowlam – Britain’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
John Mulaney – Comedian
Annamarie Tendler Mulaney – Artist
Diana Muldaur – Actress
Megan Mullally - Actress
Ona Munson – Actress
Haruki Murakami – Author
Iris Murdoch – Author
Mikayil Mushfig – Poet
Modest Mussorgsky – Composer
Kanagarajah Muthiah – Tamil Activist
Ralph Nader – Activist
Taslima Nasrin – Author
Alla Nazimova – Actress
Noel Neill – Actress
Bebe Neuwirth – Actress
Sir Isaac Newton – Scientist
Stevie Nicks – Singer (Fleetwood Mac)
Friedrich Nietzsche – Philosopher
Florence Nightingale – Nurse
Ursula Nordstrom – Children’s Book Editor
Jessye Norman – Opera Singer
Kim Novak – Actress
Rudolph Nureyev – Dancer
Anita O’Day – Jazz Singer
Georgia O’Keeffe – Artist
Frederick D. O’Neal – Actor, Playwright
Joyce Carol Oates – Author
Nick Offerman - Actor
Sandra Oh - Actress
Claire Parker – Director, Animator
Dorothy Parker – Author
Suzanne-Lori Parks – Playwright
Rosa Parks – Activist
Dolly Parton – Singer, Actress
Julia Pascal – Playwright
Ann Patchett – Author
Alicia Patterson – Editor
Wolfgang Pauli – Physicist
Linus Pauling – Winner of Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Peace
Sarah Paulson – Actress
Michelle Paver – Author
Anna Pavlova – Dancer
Molly Peacock – Poet, President Emerita of the Poetry Society of America
Minnie Pearl – Singer
Samuel Pepys – Author
Matthew Perry - Actor
Bernadette Peters – Actress
Jean Peters - Actress
Arthur Phillip – First British Administrator Sent to Australia
Wendell Phillips – Orator and Reformer
William Phillips – Co-founder and Editor of Partisan Review , Writer, Critic
Marge Piercy – Author, Poet
Plato – Philosopher
Martha Plimpton - Actress
Edgar Allan Poe – Author
Jackson Pollock – Artist
Katherine Ann Porter – Author
Parker Posey – Actress
Beatrix Potter – Children’s Book Author
Charles Edward Potter – Politician, Philanthropist, Administrator of the Cheboygan County Bureau of Social Aid
Joyce Purnick – Former New York Times Metro Editor, Journalist
Edna Purviance – Silent Movie Actress
Colin Quinn – Comedian
Robin Quivers – Radio Host
Raffi – Children’s Musician
Bonnie Raitt – Singer, Songwriter
Joey Ramone – Musician
Ayn Rand – Writer, Philosopher, Author
A. Philip Randolph – Politician
Jeanette Rankin – 1st Female US Representative
Man Ray – Artist
Rachel Ray – Celebrity Chef
Lou Reed – Singer, Musician
George Reeves – Actor
Frances Reid – Actress
Leni Riefenstahl – Filmmaker
Janet Reno – Former U.S. Attorney-General
Judith Resnick – Astronaut
Jennifer Rhodes – Actress
Condoleezza Rice – National Security Advisor
Cliff Richards – Musician
Miranda Richardson – Actress
Alan Rickman – Actor, Director
Elizabeth Riddell – Journalist
Sally Ride – First American Female Astronaut
Bridget Riley – Artist
John Ringling – Founder of Ringling Brothers Circus
Mary Roach - Author
Morgan Andrew Robertson – Author
Debbie Rochon – Actress
Norman Perceval Rockwell – Illustrator
Eric Rohmann – Author, Winner of the 2003 Caldecott Medal for Best Illustrated Children’s Book
Ginger Rogers – Actress
Richard Roeper – Film Reviewer, Chicago Sun-Times
Wilhelm Rontgen – Awarded the first Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901, discoverer of X-Rays
William Bruce Rose Jr. aka Axl Rose - Musician (Guns N' Roses)
Mickey Rourke – Actor, Boxer
Patricia Routledge – Actress
Joan Ruddock – Activist
John Ruskin – Author
Winona Ryder – Actress
Yves Saint-Laurent - Fashion Designer
Dr. Lee Salk – Child Psychologist
Renu Saluja – Indian Film Editor
Diana Sands – Actress
Aligi Sassu – Artist
John Sayles – Director
Jean-Paul Sartre – Existential Philosopher
Diane Sawyer – TV News Anchor
Rosika Schwimmer – Author, Activist
Ed and Thelma Schoenberger – Co-founders of the Indiana Flower & Patio Show
Ellen Browning Scripps – Newspaper Columnist, Philanthropist
Joel Schumacher – Film Director
Maurice Sendak – Children’s Book Author
George Bernard Shaw – Playwright
Lionel Shriver – Author
Sarah Silverman – Comedian, Actress
Michael Sinelnikoff – Actor
Siouxsie – Singer, Musician (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
Robert Smith – Singer, Musician (The Cure)
David Shogren – Bassist (Doobie Brothers)
Betty Smith – Author
Dodie Smith – Playwright, Author of The Hundred and One Dalmatians
Gladys Louise Smith aka Mary Pickford - Actress, Producer, Screenwriter, Businesswoman
Howard Worth Smith – Politician
Kate Smith – Singer
Lemony Snicket (Real Name: Daniel Handler) – Children’s Book Author
David Souter – Supreme Court Justice
Jill St. John – Actress
Mabel Stark – Female Tiger Trainer
Gertrude Stein – Author, Patron of the Arts
Victor Strauss – WWII Journalist
Gloria Steinem – Activist, Writer
Maria W. Stewart – Author, Activist
Lily Strickland – Composer, Writer, Artist
Patrick Swayze – Actor
Loretta Swit – Actress
Henrietta Szold – Holocaust Heroine
Wislawa Szymborska – Nobel Prize Winning Poet
Amy Tan - Writer, Author
Sara Teasdale – Poet
Toni Tennille – Singer (Captain and Tennille)
Princess María Teresa of Bourbon-Parma – French-Spanish Political Activist and Academic
Nikola Tesla – Scientist, Inventor
Theodora – Empress and wife of Justinian I
Susanna Thompson – Actress
Georgianne Thon – Actress
M. Carey Thomas – President of Bryn Mawr College
Willie Mae Thornton – Singer, Songwriter
Jennifer Tilly – Actress
Wendy Tokunaga – Author
Lily Tomlin – Actress, Playwright
Ann Turkel – Model
Randy Travis – Singer
Edward Tylor – Anthropologist
Names "U - Z" will be in a comment below (the new additions put the list over the character limit).
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Fantasy One-Hit Wonders, Quantified

Using Pro Football Reference data I sought out to mathematically quantify the biggest fantasy “One-Hit Wonders” of the last twenty years. The results give us a trip down memory lane to some of the “what if” players in recent memory.
TL;DR – scroll down to see the One-Hit Wonder charts, player names, and their stories.


  1. Scrape all fantasy game data from PFR for players who had game debuts in 2000-2019
  2. Quantify each game’s contribution to the player’s career fantasy total (e.g., in the game the player accrued 1% of their career fantasy points)
  3. Quantify each game performance’s “Z-Score” by comparing the game against all games in the last twenty years at their position, a method of showing how dominant the performance was. For more detail on Z-scores and how they can be applied to fantasy football, please consider revisiting my historical “FF GOAT” series for QB, RB, WR, TE; also visit NBA Math from whom I drew this method and inspiration).
  4. Scatterplot the results of #2 and #3 to find outliers: games where the player not only dominated, but also amassed a bulk of their entire career’s fantasy output.
Generally I was looking for high Z-Scores (dominant games) and high game FPTS percent contributions to career totals. I set a threshold of 2.0 Z-score, which means the player’s game performance was 2 standard deviations above the average performance in the last twenty years – at this level you begin to see excellent fantasy games. For percent contribution, I was looking for anything large – 10%, 20%, 50%, 100%. If this is all too esoteric, ELI5: if a running back had a single game of 300 yards and 5 TD’s, but he never earned a single fantasy point ever again in his career, that’s a “One-Hit Wonder” in a nutshell. His game might be Z-score = 7.00 and percent contribution = 100%. Let’s get to the results.


There weren’t many QB One-Hit Wonders identified. Only two players had a single game in which they amassed over 20% of their FPTS career.

TODD BOUMAN – MIN – 09 DEC 2001 vs. TEN – 21/31, 348YD, 4TD, 1INT, 4 RUSH/27YD

Z-Score: 2.06
% of Career FPTS: 29.0%
Bouman joined the Vikings in 1997 as UDFA and basically rode pine until 2001 when Daunte Culpepper was injured late in the season. At the time he earned his first NFL start, he only had 17 career attempts, completing 12 for 204YD/2TD/1INT. Bouman’s statline (above) earned the Vikings their final win of the 2001 season en route to a 5-11 record. As reported by ESPN, Minnesota Head Coach Dennis Green didn’t announce Bouman as the starter until mid-1st Quarter of the game, when the Vikings earned their first possession. Bouman later hopped between several franchises, starting only six more games in his career, but none as sexy as his breakout debut.

MATT FLYNN – GB – 01 JAN 2012 vs. DET – 31/44, 480YD, 6TD, 1INT

Z-Score: 3.07
% of Career FPTS: 26.8%
The Packers had a 14-1 record going into the final week and opted to inactivate Aaron Rodgers for safety, having already secured a 1st Round playoff bye. In stepped Matt Flynn, who in his first four seasons as a Packer only had one start under his belt. It’s New Year’s Day. Flynn set (and still owns) Packers single-game records for passing yards and passing TDs (statline above), no biggie! Aaron Rodgers has subsequently tied each record in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Flynn jumped around to a few other franchises and later returned to do some starting work for the Packers, but his NYD 2012 performance is his magnum opus.


Tight ends are tricky, because the average fantasy game performance is significantly weaker than those of their RB/WR counterparts. It’s necessary to increase the threshold of Z-Scores to at least 3.0, and even still, there are not many players upon whom to remark. Both players are still “too soon to call” but I’ll highlight them:

TJ HOCKENSON – DET – 08 SEP 2019 @ ARI – 6/131YD/1TD

Z-Score: 3.25
% of Career FPTS: 39.2%
Obviously “too soon to call” for a player of his draft capital, this tantalizing breakout performance (statline above) had people cementing him as a #1 TE dynasty asset. His production crumbled for the rest of the 2019 season, and questions remain. If he stopped playing football today, I’d call him a shoo-in for the “One-Hit Wonder” TE hall of fame.

BLAKE JARWIN – DAL – 30 DEC 2018 @ NYG – 7/119YD/3TD

Z-Score: 5.64
% of Career FPTS: 29.0%
Also “too soon to call”, but this is an obvious outlier performance from Jarwin. In the Week 17 division matchup, Jarwin’s heroics (statline above) helped lift the Cowboys to a victory, elevating them to the 4th seed in the NFC playoff race, allowing for a home matchup in the following week’s Wild Card round.


There were a dozen WR who earned 30%+ of their career FPTS totals in a single game. None was outright mind-blowing, but there are some interesting nuggets. First is “too soon to call” Miami Dolphin Preston Williams, whose 5/72YD/2TD line during the 2019 Week 9 matchup against the Jets racked up a Z-Score of 2.26 and amassed 32.7% of his career-to-date FPTS. The others, sorted by the percent of career FPTS amassed in the game:

DAVID GETTIS – CAR – 24 OCT 2010 vs. SF – 8/125YD/2TD

Z-Score: 3.17
% of Career FPTS 35.0%
The track star coming out of high school in California, and via Baylor, was a 2010 rookie for the Panthers. He was involved essentially immediately, having 5-6 targets in each of his first four games played. Then in Week 7 he dusted the San Francisco defense (statline above). After that, he was only really fantasy-relevant in Week 11 in which he caught a deep ball up the left side and outran a defender for an 88-yard score. While the speedster had promise, an ACL tear in 2011 was his NFL downfall, and he played his last snaps in 2012.

FRISMAN JACKSON – CLE – 11 SEP 2005 vs. CIN – 8/128YD/1TD

Z-Score: 2.19
% of Career FPTS: 35.2%
Frisman was a 2002 UDFA pickup by the Cleveland Browns. For three seasons, he was fantasy irrelevant. Then in 2005 Week 1, a home opener against Cincinnati, he put up the statline above which included a 68-yard TD catch and run. It was his first, and last, NFL touchdown.

SYLVESTER MORRIS – KC – 17 SEP 2000 vs. SD – 6/112YD/3TD

Z-Score: 3.98
% of Career FPTS: 36.0%
“Sly-Mo” was the 21st overall selection in the 2000 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. His rookie season was full of targets (105), but he only totaled 48 receptions and 3TD. His first start at Arrowhead Stadium was a blockbuster, in which he posted the above statline. Regrettably, Morris suffered a string of knee injuries that left him unable to play any NFL games after his first year. Morris briefly discusses his amazing day in Kansas City on this podcast.

SEYI AJIROTUTU – SD – 07 NOV 2010 @ HOU – 4/111YD/2TD

Z-Score: 2.93
% of Career FPTS: 38.2%
The 2010 UDFA out of Fresno State was picked up by the Chargers and began his career in Week 7, catching a few balls, and continuing that pace into Week 8. In Week 9, Seyi balled out, posting the above statline which included a 1st Quarter 55-yard TD reception, and a 4th Quarter go-ahead 28-yard TD reception. In the TV highlights of this game, Rich Eisen and Deion Sanders crack wise about his name – “tutu”. That was Seyi's 3rd career game. His 4 receptions that day was his career high, ever. PFR lists an additional 69 regular and post-season games for Seyi over that remaining season and an additional five seasons, in which he totaled only an additional 16/239YD/1TD. A truly spectacular early-career “One-Hit Wonder”.

TAVARRES KING – NYG – 17 DEC 2017 vs. PHI – 2/70YD/2TD

Z-Score: 2.22
% of Career FPTS: 38.5%
“…Save the Best for Last”. Tavarres was kinda a journeyman receiver trying to make an impression, ultimately landing on the Giants. His 2017 season was the only one in which he had any meaningful impact. The Giants were trash in 2017, and it’s Week 15 at home, a 2-11 record in hand. It’s Tavarres King’s last NFL game. He puts up the statline above. The first TD is a nice inside fake double move to the outside. The second TD is a short slant/in, a catch and run showing great speed and vision. Facing two defenders he dives headlong toward the pylon from five yards out, barely scraping the pylon for a second TD. However, he concussed himself on impact, and was visibly wobbly. In the following moments, the Giants attempted a 2-point conversion to tie and Eli Manning was sacked. Later in the game the Giants attempted a field goal to take the lead, and the kick was blocked. NYG lost, despite King’s valiant effort. He was placed on IR, and never played in the NFL again.

SAMMIE COATES – PIT – 09 OCT 2016 vs. NYJ – 6/139YD/2TD

Z-Score: 3.41
% of Career FPTS: 39.1%
Sammie was drafted by the Steelers in the 3rd Round of the 2015 NFL draft and spent his first season as a depth piece. His first reception, for 11 yards, was thrown by Michael Vick in what would be Vick’s 3rd-to-last NFL game (did anyone else forget Vick was a Steeler???). When the 2016 season started, Coates saw more action, racking up 13 receptions in the first four games. Then came his big Week 5 performance (statline above), which included a 72-yard bomb from Ben Roethlisberger while the Steelers wore the atrocious bumblebee uniforms. Unfortunately, Coates injured his finger during the game which significantly limited his ability for the rest of the season. In his subsequent 36 career regular and post-season games listed on PFR, he only caught 11 passes and 0 touchdowns.

JONATHAN CARTER – NYJ – 16 NOV 2003 @ IND – 1/62YD/1TD (*also, technically had a KRTD!)

Z-Score: 2.09
% of Career FPTS: 42.7*%
Carter sneaks onto this list with an interesting performance. In this, his 9th career game, he had one catch. It was his first career catch. It was a 62-yard TD, amazing! Over his NFL career that spanned four partial seasons, he tallied only 14 receptions, never having more than two in any game. *As we’ll see again later, PFR sometimes “forgets” KRTD/PRTD in the fantasy statistics, and Carter also had a 90 yard KRTD in his breakout game’s 3rd Quarter. If we give him fantasy credit, technically he accrued 49.8% of his career FPTS output in this game. Well done!

JERREL JERNIGAN – NYG – 29 DEC 2013 vs. WAS – 6/90YD/1TD + 2RUSH/57YD/1TD

Z-Score: 3.55
% of Career FPTS 43.6%
Jernigan was a 3rd Round NFL Draft selection by the Giants in 2011. Through 2011, 2012, and deep into 2013, his most fantasy-relevant game was 3 receptions for 29YD. Just to give perspective on how hot this guy was. Victor Cruz was dealing with some sort of injury later in 2013, so in steps Jernigan. In Week 15 he posts 7/67YD, not bad! In Week 16 he posts 6/80YD/1TD – fantastic! This was all just appetizer for the main dish he was about to serve – Week 17, in a drizzling cold rain – he posts the above statline, notably which included a 49-yard TD rush on an end-around. A fitting end to a rough season for Jernigan and the Giants. He only played two subsequent games in his career, the first two weeks of 2014, for a grand total of another 38 scrimmage yards.

QUENTIN McCORD – ATL – 22 DEC 2002 vs. DET – 7/182YD/1TD

Z-Score: 3.12
% of Career FPTS: 48.4%
Mr. McCord was a young receiver going into his 15th career NFL game in Week 16 of the 2002 season. He was still green, with only 4 career receptions for 59 yards. But with a young Michael Vick slinging the ball, you never know what will happen. The above statline happened – which included a TD reception, and receptions of 41YD and 60YD among others. It would be the only touchdown of McCord’s NFL career. He stuck around for another 12 regular and post-season games afterwards, only putting up a total of 251 scrimmage yards in those games.

DA’RICK ROGERS – IND – 08 DEC 2013 @ CIN – 6/107YD/2TD

Z-Score: 2.86
% of Career FPTS: 72.8%
Da’Rick was a highly touted high school athlete, and had some success in college despite a suspension from the team in Tennessee, ostensibly due to failed drug tests. As a 2013 UDFA he found his way onto the Colts’ 53-man roster to see his first action in Week 13, despite not being targeted. In Week 14, he set the field on fire, including a 69-yard touchdown in which he broke two tackles and sprinted into open space (statline above). After that? In his final three regular season games and two playoff games he totaled 9 receptions for 131 yards. In the 2014 pre-season he caught a (ultimately meaningless) touchdown, punted the ball into the stands, and was reprimanded by Head Coach Chuck Pagano. A month later he was arrested for DUI and immediately cut.

JAYDON MICKENS – JAX – 17 DEC 2017 vs. HOU – 4/61YD/2TD

Z-Score: 2.07
% of Career FPTS: 115.3*%
Mickens was a special teamer as he began his NFL career, working KPR duties. When the 2017 Week 15 rolled around, he was given more offensive opportunities than he had ever before – until that point, he had exactly 1 offensive reception for 11YD. By putting up the statline above, including two back-to-back touchdowns in the 2nd Quarter, he earned more FPTS than PFR credits him for his entire career, due to subsequent game fumbles/muffs as a return specialist. *This 115.3% statistical oddity can be questioned, though, because PFR fantasy data sometimes “ignores” KRTD/PRTD. If we give Mickens fantasy credit for his PRTD in 2017 Week 9, this statline above would still represent 83.4% of his career FPTS total. In the ten regular season and post-season games he played afterwards, Mickens would record only 1 reception for 5YD.


Here things get interesting. There are two major camps: blockbuster RB performances that contributed a smaller amount of career FPTS totals…and “pretty-good” performances that contributed a major bulk of career FPTS. Some are players young in their careers, where it’s "too soon to make a call" about being a “One-Hit Wonder” (for example, 2019’s Boston Scott 54YD/3TD + 4REC/84YD/0TD, Derrius Guice 129YD/2TD + 2REC/8YD/0TD, Mike Boone 148YD/1TD + 2REC/12YD/0TD, Chase Edmonds 126YD/3TD + 2REC/24YD/0TD). I’ll list some of these other so-so One-Hit Wonders who had games with 20%+ of their career FPTS output: Brock Forsey, Andre Hall, Ricky Williams (Colt), Quentin Griffin, Kenton Keith, David Wilson, Kolby Smith, Rod Smith, Mike Karney, Patrick Cobbs, Keiland Williams, Arlen Harris, Quinton Ganther, Ryan Moats, Tre Mason, Travis Prentice, Branden Oliver, Maurice Smith, Cedric Houston, Karlos Williams, Lee Suggs, Trung Canidate.
But there is only one TRUE KING, who was the inspiration for this entire research project.

JONAS GRAY – NE – 16 NOV 2014 @ IND – 201YD/4TD

Z-Score: 5.29
% of Career FPTS: 45.4%
Gray was a highly touted high school athlete, and rose through the ranks at Notre Dame. He suffered a major knee injury in his senior year which hurt his draft stock, going UDFA to Miami and subsequently to Baltimore, never getting an NFL snap. Until New England. It’s Week 11 of the 2014 season and Gray has 32 rush attempts to his name. You know what happens next (statline above). Gray’s masterpiece earned him a Sports Illustrated cover! The following week in practice Gray overslept, missing practice. Belichick doesn’t fuck around – Jonas did not have a carry the following week, and in the four subsequent games only got 20 carries. His time as a Patriot over, he was a role player in Miami in 2015, a Jaguars reservist in 2015/2016, and never played in the NFL again.
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WHAT DATING IN SAN FRANCISCO HAS TAUGHT ME My Tinder Experiences (Living in SF) (Being Black) ETC Dating in San Francisco Dating in the bay: Sunday brunch on the San Francisco pier Speed Dating in San Francisco  Singles Event

Florian Meissner / EyeEm/Getty Images For news about San Francisco's Mission neighborhood—from the tastiest burritos to the latest in tech—you can’t beat Mission Local, the go-to source for all things “Mission” since 2008. The site originally began as a project of UC Berkeley Journal School, though went rogue in 2014 and since 2018 has been a sponsored site of the non-profit San Blog Affiliates Sign up Log in pre-op trans · Single San Francisco, CA (United States) MyTranssexualDate is the first decent dating site for transsexual women. Made with love, San Francisco & Sydney About Blog Stitch is the world's leading social community for anyone over 50. It covers Companionship, Activities, Events, Travel & more. Follow the Avenues dating blog, we are an exclusive dating agency for those over 50 and are looking for high-quality matchmaking services. The person you’re dating? They’re going to move soon. Definitely don’t get attached to anyone you date in San Francisco because no one who moves to San Francisco actually stays in San Francisco. Bart Hatler, MFT. Bart Hatler, MFT is a San Francisco’s resident Relationship & Dating Therapist helping successful singles create the love and life they want!

[index] [8] [50] [89] [45] [54] [87] [27] [90] [88] [88]


This is what it's like to date in San Francisco. Want to see more comedy about startups, entrepreneurs, and investors? Check out and follow @bymelisabeth on Instagram. I am going to share with you what dating is like in San Francisco. You will find out what I learned from all my experiences while dating in San Francisco. You will also find out what it taught me ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search This video was uploaded from an Android phone. San Francisco Speed Dating Singles Events Matchmaking